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My Journey part 1.

My Journey part 1.

This is a rewrite of “my Journey” as I was not happy with how I had written it before so hopefully this will be easier to read.

As I sat in a small bar in a pub I thought back on my life and how it had brought me a Fifty + year old crossdresser to this place and time.

Back in the late 70s and early 80s many the top shelf magazines were full of “lipstick lesbians” dressed in sexy satin and lace lingerie in various poses so when I got hold of some of those magazines the connection was made between feminine beauty, kissing, tongues, sex, satin and same... Continue»
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Teeny Lust for Black Dick gone too far!

We needed a baby sitter again at our house as i was going out with the girls again to find some nice dicks for the night! Sue was still looking out for her mother, so we had to ask teeny Anne-Marie.She had sat for my black baby boy Junior before and realised that I had fallen on with black spunk, knocking me up! She was surprised, but intrigued as she had a teeny crush on Big Black Dicks!
Since she was a best friend of Sue the young slutty girl who normally sits for us and she too has a young black stud boyfriend who fucks her in our lounge!
Sue introduced Anne-Marie, the very pretty and sli... Continue»
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Fun with Bengali Hijabi

It was a beautiful summer evening; I had arranged a date with a young Bengali girl I met on a dating app. We had started talking 4 months prior but this was our first meeting.
I made a booking at a well-known restaurant in central London, I put on my best suit and made my way there, I got there 8pm and got seated, my date had texted me and said she was running late so I sat there looking over the menu, 10 mins had past and I thought I was stood up, was just about to leave when in she walks a 5’6 slightly chubby, wearing tight jeans and a khaki long shirt, with peep toe heels that showed of he... Continue»
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‘Whored Out to his In-Laws’ Pt 4

STORY – ‘Whored Out to his In-Laws’ Pt 4

.....Stephen tried to get out of his sexual-high promise, but knew he would agree to anything to keep Lisa, she was becoming his world and his world was becoming filled with more and more sexual experiences. Experiences that Stephen could only have dreamt of before Lisa, dreamt of and fantasised about while spending so many hours alone viewing porn on the internet. But now things were happening for real and Stephen would do anything Lisa asked.....

Lisa already knew she would get Stephen to where she had wanted him from their first meeting,... Continue»
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Moving back home

I moved back home after being gone for almost 20 years. I joined the military right after high-school and didn't come back home until I'd fuck edge up my life pretty good. I'm an average looking guy. Nothing special. A little chubby but I kept my military haircut just because I liked the fact it was low maintainence.
My f****y and I moved back to our hometown and fell into a normal routine. While cruising Facebook one day I came across my step s****rs Tori's page. I clicked on the profile and I was stunned by her pictures. She had dyed her hair black and was looking great. She still looked t... Continue»
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My Husband Cheated on Me PT 2 Gay

Several weeks had gone by since that one revealing episode in the gym. Many sl**pless nights had been spent trying to wrap my head around what I had seen. The shock of seeing my husband intimate with another man still had not worn off. Every night I would lie in bed, slowly bringing myself to climax to the memory of Kevin and Mike naked together. I definitely felt hurt, but I couldn't ignore just how thrilled and naughty the whole scene made me feel.

Kevin and I had just finished showering together after a quick fuck before work the morning the second ordeal started. Brushing my teeth at... Continue»
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The Policewoman Part 3.

Arriving at Chinyere's house, I took a deep breath before ringing the doorbell. Inside this house, a woman I knew well was living out my worst nightmare. The door opened, and there she stood, eyes red from crying. She was dressed, but just barely, having received the bad news while still in bed. As soon as she saw me, she collapsed, and I caught her under the arms, then scooped her up. I kicked the door shut, and carried her inside.

Heading to the sofa, I looked down at the light load weeping in my arms. In the process of catching her, her night shirt had come askew, and now was pulled up ... Continue»
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An old widowed lady milked my balls dry

If you're targeting significantly older women, free online dating-sites can be quite depressing. I was ready to give 'em up. I just didn't seem to be able to get any replies when answering profiles. I knew I didn't fit the description of what most of the elderly ladies was looking for. A simple, Hello my name is and a short description of me just didn't cut it. I knew I had to come up with something better. An opening line that was intriguing and funny enough to make an answer more interesting. I decided to go with, .Hi, I just wanted to warn you...if you were planning to ask me out....you mu... Continue»
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Swimming with Jazzy

I had moved into a new housing development a few months back. It's a quiet peaceful area with most of the houses backing up to hundreds of acres of State woodlands. As I was returning home from a morning of hiking in the woods my neighbor, Janie, was heading to her car with her daughter Jazzy. Jane is a good looking woman with a banging little ass. but it's Jazzy that always got my attention. She's a half dozen years old with hair so blonde it almost looks white, beautiful pale blue eyes and a smoking little bubble butt. This morning, she was wearing little blue shorts, a white spaghetti strap... Continue»
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My Husband Cheated on Me Gay

My husband and I are both strong confident successful thirty year olds who pride ourselves on diligence and hard work. My husband Kevin was an aspiring fitness model when we met nearly ten years ago and over the last decade I've been right at his side as his career in the industry took off. After our wedding, Kevin and I decided to branch out and open a small fitness/tanning studio. With the help of Mike, Kevin's best friend and business partner, our studio took off and eventually grew to a small chain of four studios.

We had the world in our hands. With all the money coming in, Kevin and... Continue»
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The little admin girl

An account of my attempts to bed a little hotty who works in the admin office

I won't detail the whole time it took to convince this little admin girl that what I was chasing was what she needed so I'll only do a brief account of events dropping the boring uneventful bits -

I was in my mid 40's - she was a single, plain, skinny little thing, 26, 5'5" 85lbs with what I considered to be a nice, tight little body with a cute peachy arse, probably from her favourite exercise - running. She was what could be termed as being plain, not even a pretty or popular girl, perhaps even a butterface,... Continue»
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His Birthday Treat and Mine Too Creampie

It was after dinner while we were out of town at a ski resort. After several bottles of wine and plenty of sex themed chit chat, Tommy confessed to me that he had always wanted to experiment with tasting and eating his own cum. Initially I was speechless, I always considered myself a very open minded person but the thought of my strong manly husband tasting his own seed seemed somehow gay or weird to me.

Tom sensed my shock and immediately blushed with embarrassment. He became very awkward and tried to quickly change the subject. As he attempted to wave down the waitress for our cheque I re... Continue»
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Wife Trains Me Creampie

"I meant what I said," Joanie sternly said to her new husband. She looked stunning lying on the bed in her wedding dress, the hem pulled up above her bare knees, her hands on her hips. Her dark brown eyes gleamed with excitement, teasing arousal, and a touch of dominance.

The groom was naked, on his knees between her feet. His member jutted out impatiently. He had waited months for this moment. Although Joanie had not let him penetrate her yet, she had come to appreciate the skill he developed in pleasuring her with his mouth on her pussy. She had reciprocated by giving him exquisite ejacul... Continue»
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The Voyeur watching his Exhibitionist Wife #4 of

The Voyeur watching his Exhibitionist Wife #4 of 6

For those of you who are unfamiliar with my stories, I will provide a short recap of the characters involved in a couple of past events. My wife Ann was a 25-year-old, Sexy blonde. She had a high sex drive by nature and had been with multiple partners. She preferred older men because she found them to be more experienced and therefore better at satisfying her desires. Her close friends Bob and Kim we're at the Extreme opposite end of that spectrum. They had been high school sweethearts that married after graduation and quickly had tw... Continue»
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His Proud Pig

......i feel that long desired warmth...that sweet yet salty and soooo yummy.....He has decided to reward His whore with a treat....i want so bad to suck every last drop and quickly swallow as if to secure my prize....but i know better....i keep every drop in my mouth, i look up, longing for Him to allow me to finish the treat in my mouth. "Hmm open up slut"...i open and show my prize. "Okay...go ahead greedy bitch.....i quickly swallow and lick my lips, wishing there was more. "Don't you worry black slut....you will get all the white cock you crave and be rewarded with all that cum you crave.... Continue»
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Not a Traditional Gift

It is probably not very traditional to receive a sex toy as a present from a man. But that is how this all started. Out of the blue, and without batting an eye. He put the little egg shaped object on the desk in front of me. It was around two inches long, and, around an inch in diameter. At the base was a loop of what looked like soft wire. It looked warm, and velvety soft to the touch. Without thinking, I reached out and picked it up. What is it? I asked. I noticed a very soft, blinking light near the base of the egg. And I turned it in my hand o get a better look, suddenly, the little object... Continue»
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The Masseuse

The MasseuseHe was very specific with his instructions.

The scenario he gave me was tantalizing, erotic. It wasn't like anything I had heard before, and that's what turned me on in the first place, so I figured I'd give it a try.

After parking the car, I turned the engine off, pulled the keys from the ignition and put them in my purse. I was nervous, my hand trembling as I tilted the rear-view mirror to check my makeup.

Here goes nothing, I thought to myself.

It was warm out, and the breeze swirling up my skirt was refreshing as I ste... Continue»
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Sissysub, just a slut

Once I am in your motel and I have shown you several different outfits you ask me to don the little girls purple dress which starts to send my clitty into a tingling fit. I am now realizing I am fulfilling a lifelong dream to have my boi pussy taken by a real man and I am in such a state that I have become almost hypnotized by your every command. You don't even tell me but I drop to me knees and crawl over to your larger than usual cock and anxiously cover it with my lipstick covered mouth. I hear you send a txt with your mobile phone but it seems unimportant to me and soon after I hear the un... Continue»
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Down The Shore Under The Boardwalk

I sometimes get the notion into my head to take a drive down the shore and listen to music, walk along the beach and enjoy the sound and "feel" of the waves crashing on shore at high tide just about any time of the year. Well, with the temps today in the 50's I jumped at the chance since the roads were clear and traffic was minimal. I stopped at Starbucks, got myself a latte and put in a CD (the Black album..) and off I drove with the window down. Yup, I love being outdoors whenever I can.

I work from my home so rides are very soothing and cathartic as is music..my first love!

Anyway, my... Continue»
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GF Special Surprise Pegged

After dating a few months they had great chemistry in and out of bed. A few weeks ago he told her about his anal play fantasy hoping she would be interested but didn't want to press the subject. It never came up again yet he was hoping something might happen. 

Dining out on a Friday evening they shared good conversation, great food and almost two bottles of wine. Soon it was time to go and a good thing that her place was only a few blocks away. The night was warm and with their arms around each other they steadied themselves and walked to her house enjoying the closeness of their bodies pre... Continue»
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