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My Second Time Sucking Cock Gay

For three days I had avoided him and told myself that I was such an idiot to let myself get talked into sucking his cock; that was how I felt most of the time, although there were other times I found myself getting turned on when I thought about his hard cock in my mouth. Still, I kept telling myself that I wasn't turned on by his cock and I wasn't going to every do that again.

At eighteen I had established my independence from my strict – and sometimes cruel father – and I wasn't going to get caught up with this older guy that was just an extension of my father. I wasn't turned on by guys ... Continue»
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Ava, Grant and Troy

I was so irritated. My Mom and stepdad were heading to Italy for vacation and had called my stepb*****r Troy to stay with me.
“It’s so completely ridiculous that you won’t let me stay alone. I’m going to college next year for Christ sake.”
“Watch your tongue young lady,” my mother snapped.
“It’s still so fucking ridiculous.”
“Ava Marie,” my mother said silencing me, “you know damn well why we can’t let you stay alone, after the last time, you’ll be lucky if we let you go away to college next year.”
“I fucking hate you,” I shouted and pounded up the stairs to my room.
As I slammed the do... Continue»
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[CM//CF] How my beautiful first cousin seduced me.

I've been wanting to tell this story for almost 2 decades. I've never told a soul about this in all these years & I figured this community would appreciate a real story with all the gory details.

Immediately after our foray into the realms of the undoable, the reality of the situation becomes apparent to me. I crossed a line and can't take this back even if I wanted to. The complicated nature of bl**d relations is sobering and real.

As much as I want to call in sick and just lay in bed all day continuing our forbidden fun, I am desperately needed at work for part 2 of an incredibly ... Continue»
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Wife And Best Friend After Our Party

Wife And Friend After Our Party
When I decided to tell the stories about my wife fucking my best friend, I naturally chose to start with the first time they fucked each other, as the first story, and then continue adding new stories, until the last time they fucked. That's the reason I wrote the six different stories about my wife Ann, and my best friend Bob. If you have read them, this little story will make perfect sense to you. If you haven't read them, I hope you enjoy it anyway.
In my first story, Wife and Friend Fuck For The First Time #1of 6, I tell about how Ann and I went to San Die... Continue»
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The Thrill of the Wait

I woke up early, around 4 am, my cock still hard from the talk that we had had the night before. About you, wanting to break in the new house, as you kissed and licked my neck, causing chills to flow up and down my body, as my cock grew hard against my sweatpants. I shook my head at the memory as I carefully walked around the bed and gave you a light kiss on your forehead, as you rolled over in bed with a groan. My movement stopped, just slightly over your face as you got situated with all the extra room on the bed now that I was out of it. I smiled lightly and bent down again for a kiss on th... Continue»
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Sweet Girls Lesson.

She had no choice to stay cuffed to the pole. She had not made him happy and this was what she deserved. It was a hard lesson, but one that she needed. She could either sit there and wait it out or not get anything at all. In nothing but nylons and the plug she did not want to wear she could feel the cool air on her skin adding to her goose bumps already growing because of what might come.

When the door finally opened she looked up and smiled has he walked in. This might be the moment of relief for her. As he walked over she knew better than to speak and just moved to her knees. “That’s whe... Continue»
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I'm Not a Faggot I just Like Cock

"Damn Bob, I didn't know you were a faggot."

It was Jim. I had known Jim for a long time, 7th grade I think. We had never really gotten along. He was more of a jock type while I had always been a regular guy. Regular guy? It almost made me laugh. Here I was kneeling on the floor with my face covered in cum, my fingers still in my mouth licking off the cum from this man that had just used me, and my own cock dripping cum that no touch, only sucking cock had caused to erupt.

I felt the shame overwhelm me. A minute ago I hadn't cared who knew I was nothing more than a cocksucking slut, but ... Continue»
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My Faggot Training PT1

About ten years ago, I ended a pretty serious, 1-year relationship with a woman I had met while working at a bar. She was this classic beauty: elegant, dirty-blonde hair, thin frame, striking facial features, an amazing ass and set of perky, small tits. I was incredibly attracted to her, but we quarreled constantly. The separation was pretty painless, and the break-up was fairly mutual. Our lives were moving in separate directions, and it was obvious to both of us. But the direction in which mine drifted, neither of us could have ever imagined.

I've always been good with the ladies. By the ... Continue»
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The Widow (Part 4).

Dozie and I had sex two more times, the first times for me since my husband had passed two years before. I loved it. It was great, I felt so alive again, and now I knew I was fully recovered from my grief. I would never forget, but I was now ready to return to a full life. I also knew I didn't want to stay with Dozie permanently. As nice as he was, as good as he had been to me, and as much as I had liked having sex with him, he wasn't the person I wanted to settle down with. Perhaps no-one was. That was something I was still unsure about.

I also started to realize I wasn't a prude. I had a... Continue»
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Wife Help me Suck my First Cock PT2

It had been three months since the last semen reward I received from that beautiful 27 year old cock. My wife had seen the lust in my eyes for the cock and knew this would become a staple to my diet. That's how I ended up here...on my knees with a cock in each hand.

My beautiful fitness instructor wife and I had attended a lifestyle party at a beautiful home in northern Massachusetts, all the while my wife had the intention of seeing her husband swallow multiple loads. I was game. We socialized for a while with a few of the single males, all the time my wife was recruiting feeders for me. A... Continue»
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Wife Teach's Me How to Suck Cock

Dave's dick twitched as he waited for what he knew was going to happen. He thought back to how this whole thing had started and knew that deep down, he did want this. In the dark recesses of his mind, these thoughts had made themselves known and he had started everything with his question.

His wife Sharon was sucking on him in that slow and deliberate way she did, taking her time to get him hard, his balls swelling as she delayed his release. He watched as her head bobbed up and down, her lips sliding easily over his saliva-covered cock.

"What would you say if you saw me doing that?" he ... Continue»
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Wife Help me Suck my First Cock

Finally, my years of frustration, desire and wanton lust to have a cock between my lips was at hand. Here I kneeled, the dripping pre cum just inches from my lips. It was made all the better by my beautiful wife gently rubbing my asshole with one hand and stroking my cock with her other.

She whispered in my ear, is it as yummy to you as it looks to me? Yes, I responded. Does the cum dripping off the end of it just give you the desire to stuff it in your mouth? Yes, I agreed with a soft moan as her finger rubbed up against my tight clean hole. She knew exactly what to say and exactly how to ... Continue»
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I'm Suck Cock Gay

I'm sitting here in my hotel room waiting for you. I am waiting for you to come and dominate my mouth. My cock slowly grows inside my pants. I rub it as it swells and gets stiffer in anticipation.

The door opens and you walk in. I stand up quickly. My cock throbs with anticipation as I wait for you to tell me what to do next.

You command me to take my clothes off and I obey. I throw my shirt off and then unzip pants and let them fall to the floor. I then slowly slip off my briefs exposing my large, hard cock to you. I now stand here, completely naked and totally exposed before you.

Y... Continue»
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Now a CockSucker PT3

I walked into the house and saw my wife at the kitchen table checking her small duffel bag. She was wearing a short, tight one-piece green dress that showed off her figure perfectly. I could see the hard nipples on her large breasts through the dress. I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra. As she bent over to check her bag, her tight dress raised up and I could see the bottom of her round, supple bare ass. She wasn't wearing panties either. I smiled.

"The car's warming up, dear," I said.

"Good, it looks like I'm ready to go," she said as she zipped her little bag shut.

As we walked ou... Continue»
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Now a CockSucker PT1

I was driving down a deserted country road after a two-day business trip. My job is to drive around the region and make presentations, so this wasn't unusual. I usually get the weekends off to spend with my wife so it's not a bad thing to be gone a couple days at a time. It was a Friday and I was half an hour from home so I was starting to feel the anticipation of seeing my wife again. There is road in front of me and fields around me as far as the eye can see.

Then I saw him. There was a big guy on the side of the rode thumbing for a ride. He had on blue sweat shorts and a tight tank top... Continue»
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Now a CockSucker PT2

I'm sitting on a couch watching a porn video. A blonde with a tanned, tight body and large breasts is on her knees with a dick in her mouth. She slowly bobs her head back and forth on the massive cock in her mouth. Another man on her left rubs his long semi-erect cock against her check and one on her right strokes his thick, rock hard erection just inches from her face. The little whore goes from cock to cock with glee enjoying the massive dick being shoved down her throat. I've watched videos like this before but they've never turned me on this much because I'm not thinking about what it feel... Continue»
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cuckold forever!

i was reading a post in here about a guy eating his first creampie from his gf..and i wrote such a long reply that it felt better to cut it short in there and made a full post in here.i've been there and it's such an amazing experience.it's the greatest gift women can give to betas like us..as i said in the reply comment.the shivers of lust and self realisation while we kiss their pussies only to find the juice of an alpha man inside them it's a gift that shocks us and that,no matter what, bind us to our real self of cuckolds forever!
[image]https://ep8.xhcdn.com/000/155/868/975_1000.gif[/ima... Continue»
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The Party: Encountering Jazmine

It's the middle of the Fall season, and what better way for a celebration in college than a Halloween Party! The combination of students dressing up as either their favorite heroes or better yet, a couple of their favorite characters from different games and series! Having started the party pretty early, there's no way that someone could just find their way in and not recognize any of their friends if they were dressed differently. However: There's a major few who, for lack of better terms, stand out withing the rooms. And there's the chance one lucky person could be sl**ping with a select amo... Continue»
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CockSucker RestRoom Black

After discovery that upstairs restroom in the student union, I found another smaller restroom in the basement which turned out to be another good spot to look for some action. It had four stalls and two urinals. One morning, I decided to take advantage of the peep holes and see where it would lead. This particular men's room was rarely used, and therefore afforded the most privacy should anyone else show up to participate with me. 

When I entered the empty restroom I decided to sit in the first stall. It had two peep holes, one looking into the toilet stall to my right, and the other afford... Continue»
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211 A young Soldier returns

211 A young Soldier returns
At eight the next day he was feeding calves, pigs and hens, collecting eggs and finally fetching the dog, a border colley named ‘Eric.’
Together they walked the old familiar fields, where he had played as a young boy, the sun shone, the birds sang, he had achieved some of the fantasies of his adolescent years, had a good leave so far and all was right in the world.
Eric, having a right old time chasing rabbits, butterflies and any other creature that dared to move, by eleven they returned to the house, Ellie greeted the dog as an old friend, he sniffed at he... Continue»
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