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Snoozer2000 bimbo daughter Cindy

I've been going to the gym regularly for years to help keep fit and get some cardio. It's sometimes boring and frankly at times I just don't feel like going there again. That feeling came over me one day last week and I almost didn't go. Boy and I glad I did!!

There's a girl that works out there regularly that I've chatted up a couple times. I know her name is Cindy and I also know she is drop dead fucking gorgeous and literally oozes sexuality. Every swinging dick in the place can't take their eyes off her, including me. She's that fucking sexy and slutty wrapped in a perfect package.

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My Wife and the Hung Wallpaper Man

My Wife and the Hung Wallpaper Man

In the first four stories, I told the tails of Bob and my hot wife Ann. They had hooked up on six different occasions. Their first time was when the two of them ended up in his bed, with me sneaking into his room, and hiding at the foot of that bed. Peeking over the end of my friends bed, I watched my wife get fucked bareback, and then get her cunt filled to overflowing with an enormous creampie. That was my first time to ever see my sexy wife with another man. When I got over the initial shock, of what I watched from 30 inches away, I was so incredibly ... Continue»
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Hero Mom

Hero Mom
by Pakeld

Leon Davidov landed with the rest of the scientists in the Gyrocopter, along with rest of the staff (those who weren't working grave shift). It was another 'perfect' day in the desert of Kazakhstan, in 'Science City #31). Hot, dry, and already too bright, many people had already put on their sunglasses.

He was a dutiful Party member, blond and slightly muscular, a little shy, but whip-smart and a good problem solver. He tended to put in a maximum of science and a minimum of Political work, but if you wanted to get past a certain point in the climb up the ladder, y... Continue»
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Oops my Bra fell off!

I remember…It was Friday; that hot sweaty summers evening as you made your way home with your Husband and his work colleague; Phil. The birthday drink had gone well in the restaurant and the “only one drink” turned into two, three, four and who knows how many after that? It was along that dimly lit road that I stood at the bus stop and watched as you caught your foot on a paving slab and fell against Phil; his face already covered in lipstick from your kisses and his neck covered in your love bites. He grabbed you, but you slipped down in a d***ken state and your black sheer top gripped to h... Continue»
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You Can't Suck it you gotta Fuck it CreamPie

I'm going to tell you what happened to me and my wife Jennifer as it really happened. We went from mild swinging to...well, you'll see. It's all true. 

You have to understand that Jenny is a beautiful gal. Actually, at 5'4", 135lbs, long blonde hair and hazel eyes, she's a stunner. And believe it or not, she's got HUGE tits (38F) and yeah, they're real. (She always makes me add that.). Jen also has great legs and a beautifully rounded ass. She just turned 28; I'm now 31. 

Jen comes from an academic f****y. Her f****y and friends were pretty repressed about sex. In her college days some o... Continue»
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The Hair Salon.

I walked into the hair salon late on a Monday night and was surprised and delighted to find a pretty, obviously pregnant, woman behind the till. I have always had a thing for pregnant women and the thought of having one cut my hair thrilled me. Looking up from her book she smiled and stood, her belly bulging out before her.

"I could use a trim." I told her, smiling inside at my double entendra.

"That is what got me in this condition in the first place." she laughed.

I laughed along with her, thinking, wow she got me, as she asked if I wanted a wash first. I nodded my approval. I wante... Continue»
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The Skate Park: Yard Job

The Skate Park—The yard job

Jamie and me show up at Mr. Wilson's about 9:00 AM. I had recuited him the day before to help me do his yard. I promised him a mouth full of jizz—lol cheap labor.

It was a big yard, about 1 ½ acre. Lots of trees and bushes, and wood chips. This would be an all day gig, then the “bonus” afterwards for Mr. Wilson and his friend, Johnny.

Took us about 2 hours to do the front. Mow, trim some bushes, and a few bags of mulch. By now we were both pretty pumped up, and dripping in sweat. Mr. Wilson and Johnny would walk around from the back every so often just to cat... Continue»
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GayMaker Takes Skip's Ass

Training of Skip continues as his oral skills improved it was time to take his ass.

Invigored by the idea Skip came over , I slid my muscular torso out of my tight V-neck and grabbed both of his wrists with one of my hands. I used the shirt to tie his wrists together, and Skip's aversion to this, a small gasp, was surprisingly minimal.

"Um," he heaved. "What are you doing?"

I didn't answer him, choosing instead to take off his clothes. I unzipped his pants and yanked them off, before he could make it any more difficult for me to do so against his will, pleasantly surprised to learn t... Continue»
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I am a Special Guy GayMaker

Let me start out by saying Skip is not special...he is convinced that he somehow bumbled in to his predicament, but honestly he followed a well designed path that yields the same result every time...a guy naked and on his knees, his dick is hard and drooling, and he is agreeing to everything and anything I tell him to get his mouth on my dick. Nothing about his experience was spontaneous, unintentional, or unique to him from my perspective.

First, about me...I am a special guy, I am bi, and I do have a huge cock. It is about 10.5" hard; it reaches well past my navel and is so thick I can't ... Continue»
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Training my daughter to be a bimbo, part 4

Part four,

There was a knock on the door. I wasn't expecting anyone in particular, so I hoped that our little exhibition at the church had finally worked its magic. You see the thing is, I knew my ex-wife better than anybody, better than her pathetic husband and far better than that priest pervert who was probably wanking every day, thinking about Cindy's body, wishing that he was her daddy.

No, I knew that the sight of a stunning woman on my arm (even if it was my daughter) as well as feeling my cock rubbing against her ass, would bring my ex-wife running at some point.

I heard the k... Continue»
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My Big Dick Neighbour.

It was a friday evening, I was gonna be home alone for the weekend because my parent travelled for an occasion. The Electricity company took the light and the heat in the house was unbearable, so I sat at the corridor exploring my phone when I suddenly saw my neighbor,Micheal coming out of his apartment shirtless. His ABS gave me vibes and my pussy started to beat, he smiled at me and I smiled back. He had such a killer smile. He switched on his generator, that was when I realized that I had a low battery,I quickly rushed inside, picked my charger and ran towards his apartment to charge.
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Daddy's fuckdoll

This is about my c***dhood, most of which took place in the 70s and 80s. The names are different, but the acts are as I remember them.

My name is Marie. I cannot remember a time in my life when Daddy didn't play with me. He would always touch and kiss me, and he encouraged the same behavior from me. I learned very young how to suck cock and swallow both piss and cum at Daddy's whim.

Mommy was aware of and involved in the play. Often Daddy would fuck her and I would lick his cum from her cunt or asshole once he was done.

I was very young when Daddy decided it was time to break in my little ... Continue»
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American DV, Part 2

It was a few months since me, Tom, and Lauren had our first threesome, but was becoming a regular event. Nearly every weekend, I would pick her up from her parent’s house, and then drive her to the house that me and Tom now shared with a third room-mate. The house was a two bedroom, with a separate, semi-detached cottage where I lived. The other two men of the house occupied the two bedrooms of the main house.

Once I’d get her in doors, there was very little foreplay or pretense- Tom and I would get naked, and Lauren would begin to service our growing cocks before she even had a chance... Continue»
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Submit to My Wife and Real Men by...

Submit to My Wife and Real Men Ch. 01
My wife and I had talked about my cuckold fantasies for years. It started about a year after we were married. While we were in bed one night fooling around, we were talking about fantasies, and we came around to the subject of her bachelorette party. She admitted that she was really attracted to the stripper that she had dance for her. As she was talking about him, I was fingering her, and I finally asked her, "If you had had an opportunity to slip away with him, would you have fucked him?"
Without hesitation, she said, "Oh god, yes."
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Karissa's Cheerleader Cunnilingus

It was a warm and sunny Friday morning when Karissa woke up. She smiled as soon as she opened her eyes. It was her favorite kind of Friday. In fact, it was the only day of the week where she looked forward to going to school. Today was gameday.

Karissa climbed out of her bed. She stared at her naked 18-year-old body in a mirror that was hanging on a nearby bedroom wall. She never went to bed with clothes or undergarments on. She enjoyed being able to feel the warm blanket against her skin whenever she slept and whenever she decided to explore her body.

She walked over to her d... Continue»
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Anita hypnotized

Anita had squirted onto the dash and windshield with such f***e it slashed back on us both, I took a quick glance at her beautiful body quivering next to me as she whimpered and stammered drenched with her cum dripping off of her still lovely face once the throws of her orgasms subsided we were pulling up the driveway.

Anita said honey I don't want to go inside I want you to f*** me by the fire pit, I said sure baby where ever when ever which made her smile, as I had done it again without thinking but was going to find out on our next shopping trip, I got out and opened the garage door and... Continue»
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I'm a Gay cocksucking Cum loving WhorePT2

The next morning I woke up and got out of bed. Chris had already gone to the shower so I went to my mirror to see what I looked like. I really shouldn’t have been surprised when I saw that my face was covered with dried cum. 

I grabbed my shower towel off a hook on the back of our door, used it to dry rub the cum off my cheeks and lips and then wrapped it around my waist. 

I was about to head to the shower when the door opened and Chris walked back into our room. He shut the door and immediately threw off his towel. He turned to me, his fat cock bouncing from thigh to thigh in the way th... Continue»
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I'm a Gay cocksucking, Cum loving Whore

I was 18 years old when I had my first gay experience. I was at a private all male college (yes, a few do still exist), it was my freshman year and I shared a room with another freshman named Chris. It seemed that other guys could tell right away the Chris was gay but it didn't cross my mind – I was too concerned with getting settled in and getting along with others. Chris was a nice enough guy but just not the type I would hang around with – not like my other "cool" friends.

I always considered myself straight and wanted to stay as far away from associating with anyone gay as I could. But ... Continue»
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We are but creatures of customs and habits, in the machinery of life, cogs in constant movement within systems and networks, constantly revolving.


Max, a man, a one such cog that revolves around time preordained by employment-life-leisure-lust-and all the other bits in the metaphorical conveyor belt. Like any other usual morning, the alarm buzzed and vibrated on his cell phone, as the bright morning light fluttered through the windows of the bedroom. His hands reached for the phone to turn off the familiar buzzing-vibrations, besides the bed…a hand gently rested on his be... Continue»
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Back Seat Show-off 1

It all stemmed from a couple of unrelated incidents, the first of which had happened some time before when Erin had just reached the age of consent and was exploring the fun of sex with all the unbridled enthusiasm of youth, even though living with her parents at the time meant that most of this exploration had to be done out of doors.

She and her then boyfriend had found a quiet piece of local forest and made love as usual in the romantically dappled sunlight that found its way between the trees. It was a mostly unused stretch of woodland but they still hadn't risked stripping in case the... Continue»
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