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The Tease

I led the tease pony into the shed on a horse stud that I managed. On a stud a tease pony is used to make sure that the mare that is to be serviced is properly in season. If not then she may kick at the stallion and injure it. The pony is led to the mare and if she is ready, she will back up to the pony, horse or donkey, whichever is used, and she will urinate. The pony will then smell and get some of the urine in its mouth and if the mare is in season, he will try to mount it. You then bring the stallion around and he will then do the job.

I tied the lead rope up and got two leg ropes. I p... Continue»
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[CF/CM] How my beautiful first cousin seduced me.

It had been in the back of my mind for days, what would we do if someone showed up while we were acting like this. I was hoping she would sort out the ex while I was at work but him showing up unannounced could be disasterous.

My heart nearly jumped out of my chest when the next set of knocks hit the front door.

Macy headed for the kitchen with her clothes and shouted "Just a second!" simultaneously pulling her panties up her ass & putting on a tshirt without a bra, nipples standing upright at attention still.

I head towards the bathroom & we make crazy eyes at one another,... Continue»
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Friday night in the club.

Friday night in the club.

First let me describe the club. This was an adult club, there was a small bar, which was also entrance and wardrobe. There was a TV room, with a coffee table and a horseshoe-shaped sofa, in which ther was shown film.
Then there was ”the big video room” with seven, tre to five persons sofas, and a pair of armchairs.
At the back of the club there were a couple of runs, where you could either be alone, or leave the doors open and let others look or participate.

This friday ther were as usual many guys and only a few coupls.
My wife, Angel, was dressed in a bl... Continue»
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My little piece of heaven.

My little piece of heaven.

A very sort and soft loving story!

I don’t have time to introduce my wife and me. All that’sis necessary to say is, ‘without exception, all of my mates would love to bed Jessy.’ A red-head with lots of freckles and her red landing strip is my little piece of heaven.

We were out walking on a footpath surrounded by grassy fields, on a warm summer’sis afternoon. As we cross a style Jessy suggests, “Let’sis walk this way. Nearer to the river bank.” “But the footpath’sis over here” I reply. “Come on. Take a chance.” So we do. As we reach the river bank the shade... Continue»
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Life can be fun even if you are as clumsy as me
So we were a lot younger then, married just a year and into anything exiting, now were old and happy with one another but then ah well perhaps I had better tell you all about it!
Well she was a pretty little thing then, 5ft 10” of shapely nice round arse, magic tits the works, about 10 stone not a sexual big hitter but an enquiring mind, that spoke of things to come , or is that cum!
Her name is pat, she`sis not 10 stone now nearer 20 I suspect, but it`sis been fun this last 30 years and I ain`t the 12 stone bean-pole I was now either so who a... Continue»
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Mother-In-Law #1

This is a true account of something that started over ten years ago. I was
35 and my mother-in-law was 60 when it all started. Yes, she'sis nearly 71 now
and I'm 45. I've decided to start writing about our experiences with each
other simply because it turns me on looking back and remembering what we've
done. I didn't think I'd remember as much as I have but as I was writing
things just came flooding back. It'sis almost like re-living it again.

Let me know what you think so far. I know there isn't much sex in this
instalment but I just wanted to start things properly and let people kn... Continue»
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Mother-In-Law #2

I sat her down on the bed and told her to lay back. I knelt down in front of her and put my hands on her knees. She must have known what I wanted to do and relaxed her legs so that I could part them. Then I saw her pussy properly for the first time. It was wet and juicy from our fuck and I could see my cum dribbling out and into her arse crack. I leant forward and put my tongue to her clit. It was still hard so I flicked my tongue over it. Sarah let out a quite sigh and spread her legs a little more. I'd been down on women before but never straight after cumming inside them. They always seem t... Continue»
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Mother-In-Law #3

When I got downstairs Sarah had done us both a ploughman'sis lunch and had poured me a beer. She was in the kitchen pouring herself a glass of wine when I entered the living room. I sat down and took a sip of beer.

"I hope this is OK." she said coming in from the kitchen, "It'sis quick and easy."

"It'sis great, thanks!" I replied picking up my plate of food, "And the beer'sis a nice touch, just like I would have had after fixing your tap while watching the footy." I said smiling at her.

"Well I'm on my second glass of wine, so after this I'll be anyone'sis! Or maybe just yours!" Sarah... Continue»
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Wife, best friend and I go to the bookstore

As told to me from a friend :

It has been awhile since my wife or I have posted any updates, but as you can see from our photos we have been busy traveling up and down I-5 looking for places to fuck. We can't wait for the rain to stop and the sun to come out so that we can start doing some outdoor fucking. But what we want to share is an adventure we took with her best friend.
As you may have read in our previous writings, her friend was brought into our kinky lifestyle when I decided to cum on my wife's neck and hair as she took a nap. I then woke her and sent her out to meet her frien... Continue»
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The Scent

Focus on my words The words only Do not think Be blank
Focus on my words Feel the urge to submit Sniff the air You wish you were at my feet

My feet are your world Nothing else matters All that matters are the smell of my feet You want to taste them

Focus on my words Ask permission first To taste To finally have the taste of my smelly feet

I tell you to wait You must lay there Very still All you can do is smell them
When I count down from 5 You are allowed to press your lips against them


You have the urge to grab them To suck them But you hold back You lay... Continue»
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Neighbor Turns Me into a Faggot Gay

There I was, one week before the end of high school. Going to college in the fall. Nice car, good family, friends. I had it all. So, what was I doing on my hands and knees in a video booth on the wrong side of town, dressed as a cheerleader with a cock in each hand, one in my ass and one buried in my throat?

It had all started a few months ago. I was locked out of my house in the pouring rain, and I went over to our neighbor’sis to see if I could hang out with him until my parents got home. He was a cool guy, single, mid 30’sis, worked for a software company, and drove a nice car. Had bough... Continue»
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Suspicions Confirmed

I always suspected that my wife had an occasional fling with someone on her ex'sis side. I had found cum in her pussy once after a visit. So when I told her to go ahead and attend a funeral, and that if she was invited out to dinner afterwards to go ahead, I felt I had a reasonable chance of finding out for sure.

We had talked "dirty talk" about her being with other men for years. She was initially very excited by it, but then I made the mistake of adding shaming language, like whore, and slut, and slowly after about a year, she became less and less interested in even the fantasy.

S... Continue»
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Third Time I Suck Cock

Later, after watching TV for a few hours – and falling asleep on the couch with the TV still on – I heard a knock on the door. It took me a few seconds to realize where I was – another knock – and I could see the clock in the kitchen; 3:15 in the morning? (Who'sis knocking on my door this early in the morning?). Then I thought about my neighbor from across the complex (the one that likes to feed you his cock) and I panicked a little – another knock – (just see who it is, but if it'sis him, don't open that door).

After getting to my feet, shaking the drowsiness from my head, I looked throu... Continue»
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My Second Time Sucking Cock Gay

For three days I had avoided him and told myself that I was such an idiot to let myself get talked into sucking his cock; that was how I felt most of the time, although there were other times I found myself getting turned on when I thought about his hard cock in my mouth. Still, I kept telling myself that I wasn't turned on by his cock and I wasn't going to every do that again.

At eighteen I had established my independence from my strict – and sometimes cruel father – and I wasn't going to get caught up with this older guy that was just an extension of my father. I wasn't turned on by guys ... Continue»
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Ava, Grant and Troy

I was so irritated. My Mom and stepdad were heading to Italy for vacation and had called my stepbrother Troy to stay with me.
“It’sis so completely ridiculous that you won’t let me stay alone. I’m going to college next year for Christ sake.”
“Watch your tongue young lady,” my mother snapped.
“It’sis still so fucking ridiculous.”
“Ava Marie,” my mother said silencing me, “you know damn well why we can’t let you stay alone, after the last time, you’ll be lucky if we let you go away to college next year.”
“I fucking hate you,” I shouted and pounded up the stairs to my room.
As I slammed th... Continue»
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[CM//CF] How my beautiful first cousin seduced me.

I've been wanting to tell this story for almost 2 decades. I've never told a soul about this in all these years & I figured this community would appreciate a real story with all the gory details.

Immediately after our foray into the realms of the undoable, the reality of the situation becomes apparent to me. I crossed a line and can't take this back even if I wanted to. The complicated nature of blood relations is sobering and real.

As much as I want to call in sick and just lay in bed all day continuing our forbidden fun, I am desperately needed at work for part 2 of an incredibly ... Continue»
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Wife And Best Friend After Our Party

Wife And Friend After Our Party
When I decided to tell the stories about my wife fucking my best friend, I naturally chose to start with the first time they fucked each other, as the first story, and then continue adding new stories, until the last time they fucked. That'sis the reason I wrote the six different stories about my wife Ann, and my best friend Bob. If you have read them, this little story will make perfect sense to you. If you haven't read them, I hope you enjoy it anyway.
In my first story, Wife and Friend Fuck For The First Time #1of 6, I tell about how Ann and I went to San D... Continue»
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The Thrill of the Wait

I woke up early, around 4 am, my cock still hard from the talk that we had had the night before. About you, wanting to break in the new house, as you kissed and licked my neck, causing chills to flow up and down my body, as my cock grew hard against my sweatpants. I shook my head at the memory as I carefully walked around the bed and gave you a light kiss on your forehead, as you rolled over in bed with a groan. My movement stopped, just slightly over your face as you got situated with all the extra room on the bed now that I was out of it. I smiled lightly and bent down again for a kiss on th... Continue»
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Sweet Girls Lesson.

She had no choice to stay cuffed to the pole. She had not made him happy and this was what she deserved. It was a hard lesson, but one that she needed. She could either sit there and wait it out or not get anything at all. In nothing but nylons and the plug she did not want to wear she could feel the cool air on her skin adding to her goose bumps already growing because of what might come.

When the door finally opened she looked up and smiled has he walked in. This might be the moment of relief for her. As he walked over she knew better than to speak and just moved to her knees. “That’sis w... Continue»
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I'm Not a Faggot I just Like Cock

"Damn Bob, I didn't know you were a faggot."

It was Jim. I had known Jim for a long time, 7th grade I think. We had never really gotten along. He was more of a jock type while I had always been a regular guy. Regular guy? It almost made me laugh. Here I was kneeling on the floor with my face covered in cum, my fingers still in my mouth licking off the cum from this man that had just used me, and my own cock dripping cum that no touch, only sucking cock had caused to erupt.

I felt the shame overwhelm me. A minute ago I hadn't cared who knew I was nothing more than a cocksucking slut, but ... Continue»
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