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My new roommate

My life is pretty normal. I don't get into trouble. I keep to my self. In all honesty up until this past weekend I never really even had much to say.

It started when I had a new room mate move into my place.
He seemed pretty normal at first. But after a few days things got weird. He would just stare at me, and his laptop was always on my Facebook page. I was a little worried to say the least.

From what I know he is 34, works in an office and lives at the gym lol. The guy looks like Arnold did in his prime. He could squash me like a big.

Things just kept getting stranger and stranger.... Continue»
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Getting my Best Friend to Fuck my Wife

I've been friends with Mark since high school. I think we got along so well because we were so similar. Both k**s of working class Irish families. Mark and I both married girls we had been dating since college. We both got very lucky in the wife department. Our spouses are smart, funny and attractive but most importantly they both love sex.

My wife, Maria, was a more traditional girl, Catholic school girl, not in the slutty rebellious way, in the legit devout way. She was a virgin when I met her but lost that quickly after we started dating. She was loyal and loving, always eager to please ... Continue»
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The Skate Park--Rain Rain Here to Stay

The Skate Park—Rain Rain

It had rained pretty hard Saturday night. Just kinda light showers now, Sunday morning. Forecast had s**ttered showers all week. Just laying in bed, still sl**py, I just started playing with my balls. Real slow and gentle, so I wouldnt totally wake up.

I ran my middle finger between my balls, more tickling the hairs than the balls themselves. Dippng down underneath, and towards my asshole, I spread just a bit and pushed my finger to my sweaty hole, giving just a nudge to make it open ever so slightly. Applying more pressure now, rubbing my finger from my hole to und... Continue»
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Saturday Night at the truck stop

Last evening I took a ride to one of my favorite truck stops. It was hot and muggy out so I decided to wear a yellow flowered sundress(so cute) Also a yellow lace push-up bra (32A falsies), Yellow sheer lace panties with shit lace trim, white fishnet stockings and a jet back 6 strap satin garter-belt with red lace trim, white heels. Had on my long blond wig and of course no Gurl would go out without makeup.
As I entered the truck parking lot I heard a loud whistle followed by MICHELLE MICHELLE I stopped and a trucker I had serviced many time before ran to the car.
"Was hopping you would... Continue»
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Milking sessions with auntie or 2

Billy had been a wreck for the last four days since auntie Cathy had milked him , he had become nervous , even grew shy and if it could be possible for a boy his age even hornier,. Billy hadn't made the connection yet that it was all related to his auntie , and all because of what she was secretly doing. Billy sat in his room when he got in from school , he sat nervous listening to every bang an footstep thinking cathy would be coming in to his bedroom , she'd find any excuse to enter , bringing him his supper of just a drink and some cookies , he suddenly get shy an embarrassed if he bumped i... Continue»
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Devotion 4 Dexter

After David and his wife Lucinda had officially joined Dexter's church, he had of course given up any and all of his former sexual rights to his wife. This was the biggest, and most significant sacrifice any of the married couples that were part of Dexter's ministry, known generally as The f****y! However, as Dexter had spoken on numerous occasions, "God will give you a wonderful compensation for your sacrifice!" To an outsider, this would naturally seem like a complete lie, but as David had soon discovered, this was not an idle boast with no basis in fact!

For example---

Twice, and some... Continue»
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Roseanne barr meets rosie of Donnel.

It was a wild Hollywood party,,1989 everyone that was anyone was thier. A luxurious penthouse in the sky. The party thrown by roseanne was to be the most decedant,,orgy of sex and v******e ! Every sexy kink was to be explored, Roseanne sits atop a magnificent throne! Dressed like a 50s sex kitten,,her big boobs in a glorious red bra,,matching panties cover her ample hips and ass,,,black garters and nylons,,,full heavy make up,,and a 50s bouffant hair do.reigning over her subjects,,,,large plates of cocaine are spread around the room,,alcohol, marajuana,,,all available. Of wich she partakes he... Continue»
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The supermarket

Ive always found the supermarket at night much better than during the day .. i hate crowded places .. and during the evebing they are quiet surreal places .. i often see excentric people wich i enjoy and i pretty much have the place to myself .. i love it which is why i love to go at night time ..

I wondered through the supermarket cafe and found myself a seat in the corner near the window and sat down .. i sat sipping my coffie and thumbing through a magazine that had been left on the table when my phone pinged .. i unlocked the screen and saw the prompt to connect to the supermarkets wifi... Continue»
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Assi dans le fauteuil près du lit, j’attends que tu sortes de la douche. Je reste calme et mes yeux sont fixé a la porte de la salle de bain. Je sais que tu as terminé, et je sais aussi que tu te prépare comme je te l’avais demandé…et j’espère que tu te présenteras comme je te l’ai ordonné aussi.
Quelques minutes plus tard to sort, accoutré comme tu es venu. Le même linge, ca ne me plais pas, tu le sais de par mon regard, et tu ne cesse de fixé mes yeux depuis que tu es sorti de la chambre de bain. Tu attends de voir ce qui va arriver. je sais que tu as pris ta douche comme je te l’ai demandé ... Continue»
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Surprise for an Underwear Lover Part 2

This story follows on from this one http://xhamster.com/stories/surprise-for-an-underwear-lover-692051

It was approaching midday on a sweltering August Sunday and I couldn't get the events of the previous night out of my head. Chris had work and left before sunrise still wearing his green boxers now filled with cum. I knew he wouldn't have had time to go home and change, a thought that made me hard again.
We hadn't spoken about what had happened and he seemed a little more coy than usual when he left. I wondered if he had regrets, we were pretty stoned after all. Had it just been a quick... Continue»
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A copy of a text i sent to my female fuck buddy ab

I have had a BBW fuck buddy for over 10 years and together we have had MFM threesomes, dogging fun and lots of dress up fun too, we swap lingerie and share stories, sadly she hasn’t been able to play for a while but loves to know what I have been up to. Below is a copy of a text I sent her today following on from a lovely morning of sexy CD fun

So, Andrea. I turned up and he was dressed in a skin-tight dress, black stockings, heels and full make up and wig, he was very skinny and looked amazing and I was so horny. We had a chat about what we both liked and I popped off and got changed, I c... Continue»
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Milwaukee Cuckokd and His s****r-In-Laws

Milwaukee Cuckolds and his s****r-in-law’s

After Judy was the star at her s****r’s party, she skyped me to show her cum filled body and tell me how much fun she had and thank me for having such a small cock. I asked when she was going to come home and she said she needed to sl**p for a bit and then she would be home.

About an hour later I got a call from my s****r-in-law and she said, “I can’t believe what my s****r did tonight. Did you know she was such a horny slut?” I didn’t answer and she said, “come on, you can tell me I sent you the pictures and kept you informed. I said, “yeah, we... Continue»
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I learned my place

I married the girl of my dreams the summer I turned twenty one. She was fresh out of high school and only eighteen, a five foot four one hundred pound beauty with bleach blonde hair and blue eyes.

On our honeymoon I learned that my new wife wasn't bashful at all. We cruised to Jamaica and on the first full day she wanted to hit the beach. I sat on our patio and waited for her to come out. She slid the patio door opened and walked out carrying a beach towel, as she walked pasted I noticed the bikini bottom was an extremely tiny thong. Her tanned butt cheeks looks so sexy as I followed behin... Continue»
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Finally with a Man

Today I'm finally with a man, with the doors closed on the real world
outside. My fantasy is finally coming true. We met online at an adult Bi
site. Although I have been married for some time, I had started
fantasizing about cocks after I got married. When I was a teenager I
masturbated often visualizing sexy girls with big tits and I started to
wear my mother's panties and nylons sometimes while I masturbated, but I
stopped after I started dating. Sometime after I got married, I started
visiting adult video store and theaters. Initially I go turned on watching
videos of women suckin... Continue»
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caught stealing

right girls what do you have to say for yourselves ? caught stealing panties from my store ?
'sorry miss it won't happen again' says the chubby one
'please don't call the police' says the ginger one
what are your names ?
'i'm tracey' says the chubby one
'i'm clare' says ginger
'i like it when you call me miss so thats fine with me now why should't i call the police ?'
'please miss' says tracey 'it was a dare miss we never did it before and never will again miss'
'you mean its the 1st time you got caught panties have been going missing for a while now' i pick the phone up
'please miss ... Continue»
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The fat lady

The Bagel Boutique makes the best bagels in the city, hands down, and they make a fantastic cup of coffee to wash them down with, too. I ordered my favorite, an egg bagel, toasted, slathered with cream cheese and piled with lox so fresh a skilled veterinarian could probably revive them. Tray in hand, I walked across the nearly empty dining room and slid into one of the gigantic wooden booths along the wall. After settling in and taking a bite or two (properly chewy, just enough cream cheese...) I looked around and, not having many people to watch, admired the job they had done with the place. ... Continue»
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Japanese Girls Kissing Pt 1

Japanese Girls Kissing Pt 1

This story is meant to be read with my videos "Japanese Girls Kissing" playing in the background.
24 year old Suzy Wong, sometimes known as Mama-San, is a lesbian and runs a halfway house for young women who need assistance getting along in life. She uses the girls for her own sexual gratification and sells their services to traveling Japanese businessmen. Kissing, enemas, perverted sexual trysts among the girls living there is highly encouraged.

====== OPENING

24 year old Suzy Wong, just out of college, had started working a year ago at a half way house ... Continue»
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Mrs Brooking mature slut III

Well it has been a while since I last called in on Mrs Brooking the mature slut. As I was passing her door I thought I would call in, say hello and use the fucking bitch. I rang the bell and she opened the door looking gorgeous as ever, pretty face, nice make up and wearing a very floaty 1950’s style skirt with a white blouse of which I could see her sexy black bra and ample tits. Mrs Brooking looked pleased to see me as it meant that she was going to get fucked and spunked on (she likes that). How are you she enquired? Very well I said, you are looking as sexy as ever I love your clothes and... Continue»
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Sissy eats the Squirt

A sly grin appeared on her lips, and as it did, a tear of cum escaped from the corner of her mouth. ''Open up, slut.' She commanded.

I did, my tongue stretching out as far as it would go and then she spat the cum violently into my mouth and it ended up covering the lower half of my face. Her hand roughly smeared it over my face and then she pushed me backwards so I was back on the floor at their feet.

He laughed, pulling her back onto the sofa. 'You're right,' He said, tilting her head so that it faced her, 'He's a proper sissy.' He kissed her then exploring her mouth with his tongue. ... Continue»
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Episode 40:My Girl with the Horse Cock

Lucy woke up first, stretched and looked over at Amy laying face down beside her. A shaft of low autumn sunlight from a crack in the curtains illuminating her gorgeous long blonde hair. Lucy brushed it aside, softly kissing the back of Amy’s neck. As she gradually kissed down Amy’s spine, her breasts stroked the back of Amy’s arm, making her nipples harden; Amy stirred in her sle•ep. Lucy pushed down the white cotton sheet, exposing Amy’s bare taut buttocks. Lucy kept kissing lower and lower; holding each buttock in turn. Lucy adored Amy and would do anything to pleasure h... Continue»
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