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Saturday night at a hotel

My parents had arrived back from there 2 week vacation and were both back at work. My holiday was finally over although it was still 3 weeks till actual varsity started. Jessica and I were completely broken up and not talking to each other. Caitlyn'sis boyfriend, James, had returned therefore it was hard to see her. I was talking a lot to my ex Cassi and she was always keen to meet up.
After a discussion and a number of messages we agreed to book into a hotel room for a Saturday. The Friday night chatting to Cassi we agreed to meet up at 11am at a local shopping center and then take it from ... Continue»
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Finally fulfilled my fantasy

So here I was working away on Friday afternoon, and it's getting closer to end of day. I notice that all of the managers are gone, and pretty much all of the people I work with. Sitting at my desk area I stand up, and notice that I am the last one here. I decide since no one else is around, and I don't really want to go home for a few minutes before going out again, I will just stick around, and listen to some music. I crank it up, and start listening to some Eldamar, Now I am sure no one has heard of this, but it is Atmospheric Black Metal. Mostly instrumental with screaming lyrics. I... Continue»
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The Garden Party

You never expected to find yourself in this situation today...

You were attending a nice afternoon cocktail party with your boyfriend. He had been busy networking with the rest of the corporate drones while leaving you alone and feeling isolated. 

A 30-something man was suddenly at your shoulder. He was incredibly handsome and dressed in a designer black suit that probably cost more than your new car. 

“You look like you could use a fresh drink, come with me...” 

You followed behind him obediently into the large beautiful mansion. He led you into the kitchen, and produced a b
... Continue»
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the diary of a lifelong cuckold

As previously mentioned I’d often share pornography with my barber. We were very good friends and would often share a glass or brandy in the rear office of is shop. One day I brougt him a gift, it was a 14 x 18 framed color poster of my wife in the nude. She had her right knee on an ulpholstered chair, he glorius 48 DF tits bouncedbarely visible in that pose, her ass was open and showing full view of her anus and pussy from the rear. I inserted a long thumb tack into the wall of his office and hung it there. “Now you can look at her as you work.” I said as he leered at the new work of art on h... Continue»
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mum and son, bra and panties

Mum kissed me awake as I lied naked in her bed, after the most fantastic sex I had ever had I was just coming around to being with her, it was our first time together and I knew that it would not be our last, three times I had put my cock into mum, and every time I did she had orgasmed, I had never thought that mum and I would ever get to sleeping together but we had and it was so incredible, I had, for a long time wanted my mum and now it had happened, I was so elated that we did, she kissed and kissed me till I opened my eyes and smiled, mum was leant over me naked and her breasts we sligh... Continue»
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Kind deeds in month of ramazan

I am Muslim, 27 years old Irani women and i wear hijab and comes from very religious background. I did two hajj and memorized parts of Quran. And am practicing Muslim.

I will tell you one incident that happened to me in month of ramazan. That incident left me confused. My 1 year old baby was with my husband and I was driving to my grandmothers home all alone. Along the way my car ran out of fuel. And the car stopped in the middle of deserted area, there was no person to be seen in miles.

I got really worried. It was 3PM and i was stranded in the deserted area. I couldnt walk back home ... Continue»
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Spontaneous Fucking a Girl'sis best Sex.

My nephew is sis*******n and just won a competition for body building and if I am honest with you, watching him on the stage, I had carnal thoughts and wet panties as did my girlfriends, we were like a herd of cows drooling over his fit torso and the big question for me was,'Would I'?

'Yes I would'.

So what is it that drives our sexual motivation so badly as to want to bed our closest family members?

My nephew has seen his naughty aunty in the buff as a twenty something parading her wares on the beaches in Spain and Southern France and not just tits our but bikini bottoms off and thig... Continue»
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fun at the kennels.

My wife and I have worked at the dog kennels for about five
years and were treated very well. We ran the place pretty
much on our own. The owner was an older women who just
let us get on with our jobs.

To cut a long story short she came to us one day and said
she was going to go on holiday and asked if we could look
after the kennels while she was away.

We said that would not be a problem.
Good she said and asked if we could look after the house as
well. And if we wanted we could live in.
As we don't have any k**s that would be Ok.

Two weeks later the old lady left for her hol... Continue»
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Dreams Of Paradise

“It’sis not over yet…it won’t be. Someone like you will never give up; you possess strength that others do not have themselves. I want you to look at me and tell me that you’ll become something greater; you have what it takes to be the most respected and feared person. What is it that you want? What would you like do? Can you make it a reality?” (Yes…I can… I know I can do so. I will use every bit of strength and energy to make sure it becomes my reality.) “Good…then wake up you are late for school…” (What…?) “[deep voice] Wake up!!”
[His eyes flash open gasping for some air as if he were b... Continue»
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My Friends mother part 4

It had been a few years since we had last managed to get together, so it was a great surprise to get opportunity to get an opportunity to combine work with a visit to the north east wear Darryl now lives.

I went to my hotel to freshen up after the long drive, before taking a taxi to her home a small but perfectly formed terrace house in Whitley bay, I knocked on the door at 6pm, do be greeted with the big smile that I fell for all those years ago, as expected a bottle was opened and a second swiftly followed, and the chat turned to sex, as it usual did, and she leant forward to me and said... Continue»
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After school special


Kevin Wannamaker looked at the wall of computers in the server room, below the main hallway of Sally Smyth Elementary School. He had come in on the weekend, unpaid, because this mess of computers and wires would taunt him every time he walked into the room. It was like an itch in his brain that he could never scratch. It simply had to be redone. He had plans to replace the backup server, since it died last week, taking all of the backups with it. But before he could do anything in this place, it had to be cleaned up. How the previous technician kept any of this straight was beyond... Continue»
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Roxanne - from ,my 'Engendered Species'

Roxanne (transexual/bisexual story)
It was a normal Saturday night apart from the fact that the world cup was on and England where playing their opening match against Italy. I had visions of most of the pubs being very busy for the 10 bro'clock kick-off. Now I have nothing against football but I am not a fan, my parents where never into it and my friends often only passive supporters. I enjoyed playing football, but I wasn't good at it, I was very small and my exposure to sports at primary school was further disillusioned when one year someone kicked the football to me at full throttle, I froz... Continue»
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Cara TG - 'Engendered Species'

Cara (TG/shemale) - part of my ‘Engendered Species’ series

I got ready as usual, a nice close shave, both face and genitals, well you never know and I always like to look my best. I see a lot of single guys my age, mid 50'sis, who do not seem to make much of an effort to attract the ladies so I try to get the advantage over them. A dab of aftershave, a nice shirt and smart pants and shoes, and off we go. Confidently strutting into the local boozer, I glance around as I go past the smokers at the entrance and see a few more people than normal for this time of year, many ladies of assorted ages... Continue»
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My First Mermaid

Fiction, Blowjob, Body modification, Consensual Sex, Erotica, First Time, Monster, Romance, School, Teen Male/Teen Female

Unable to sleep, a young man goes for a walk. Along the way, he stumbles onto the impossible. It'sis like a dream come true...
I woke up in the middle of the night sweating. Considering it was winter and I’d left the window open, I couldn’t really figure out why I was sweating. After a half hour of tossing and turning, I couldn’t get back to sleep. I threw on some clothes and hopped out my open window, climbing down the side of the house and heading for t... Continue»
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Fiction, Anal, Ass to mouth, Ass to pussy, BDSM, Bi-sexual, Body modification, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female/Female, Group Sex, Hardcore, Job/Place-of-work, Males / Female, Oral Sex, Wife

For nearly twenty years James Sinclair had worked in any number of companies, “learning the business world” as his father had put it. Overall he had enjoyed it and he had to agree that his father was right, he had certainly gained a mass of experience of business that he would never have had if he had simply come straight into the family Company when he had left University.

James walked ac... Continue»
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She'sis so cool, part one:

She’sis so cool part one:

My friends sisister, Ellen is the coolest chick I’ve ever met, shes 23, blonde sometimes, other times pink, with highlights, she dresses in vintage burlesque to accentuate her full 36-26-36 figure. She’sis five feet, four inches tall and so beautiful. To be honest I’m friends with Ray to get close to her, but she never really notices me, when I’m with Ray. But when he’sis not in the room, she opens up and we really get chatting. One afternoon, their parents were gone to a wedding, Ray and Ellen stayed behind so Ray invited me over for company. Of course, soon as he’d... Continue»
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RED [Tom owns a shoe shop, and uses it to serve h

My Favourite

Like most men, I love the colour red. Not the hair colour I suppose. Then again, that’sis ginger, or to be polite, strawberry blond. But in every other sense, I love red. My favourite sports teams wear red and I drive a red car. However, most importantly, I love my women in red. Red dresses, red coats and red shoes. Not necessarily all at once... I’m not totally crazy.

My second great passion is feet. Women’sis... of course. Preferably manicured, but I’m not going to turn my nose up at seeing the odd callus or patch of dry skin. In fact, I would merely try and educate the ... Continue»
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Hurricane Humping

Hurricane Humping

The wind screamed, the rain tinged the house like bullets, the walls creaked and groaned. Hurricane Harvey raged. Rosa trembled in fear until wrapped his strong, young arms around her saying, “I got you”. She nestled back against him until she felt his cock bump her ass cheek. “Damn”, she that thought, he is growing up. She was sure the tip that pressed against her was more than 2 inches wide. She eased herself forward away from him. The tilt of her body made her realize that she also had raised the hem of her sh... Continue»
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not planned

Ok So Thursday nights are mom and I time she spends the night after work (many stories posted about our Thursdays together). Anyway she called around 7:00 saying she had a date. I was a little upset not going to be with her and told her to make sure she services him well. We both laughed and she said "Of Course Princess I always do".
Sitting around reading by myself I called a friend of mine Richard (gay guy) asking is he wanted to go out for a while and I would pick him up. So, we went to our normal gay, lesbian, transvestite lounge. We had a great time with others dancing, chatting. He h... Continue»
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Boy growing a huge cock

This is my first story, so feedback would be appreciated. Part 2 will be up soon (hopefully)

19 year old Rick awoke, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He stretched his legs, kicking the covers off of his body. He immediately noticed his 6 inches of manhood poking through his boxers. He had always been ok with his size, but often wished he were a little larger. He reached down and began striking. His father and stepmother were on vacation for the next week, and his step sisister was working some crazy shift as a doctor. Sliding his only clothing off of his legs, he immediately noticed that ... Continue»
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