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'Seriously you won't regret it'. They both insisted, ushering her hesitant self out of the door. She'd never heard her best friends talk about anything with this level of certainty before. Doubts quickly began to embed themselves in her mind about what they were even entrusting her with so strongly but as she turned to grab his hand, the looks on their faces convinced her not to question it and she headed out the door with him.

They shortly arrived at her house and made their way to the living room. She was around 5ft tall and he stood at least a foot taller than that on most days, but tonigh... Continue»
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A really short story (Part 1)

I woke up slowly to the smell of fresh coffee brewing in the kitchen. I looked at my watch, it was about midday. I rubbed the sl**p from my eyes and made myself comfortable on the living room sofa as she walked in holding 2 mugs of steaming coffee. I gave her a smile of contentment as she handed me my mug. 'Did you sl**p well?' she asked, sitting down beside me. I nodded before taking my first gulp of coffee. It felt good, warm and soothing as it entered my stomach, offering a comforting level of glow to my insides. 'Good' she replied as she stood up to take some of last night's rubbish throug... Continue»
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Die Erziehung einer Mutter

Wie alles begann

Es war 1981 und ich war gerade mit der Schule fertig, als ich in einer Kneipe meine Freundin kennen lernte. Sie war ein Jahr jünger als ich und eines Tages, als wir beide etwas vom Alkohol angeheitert waren und uns richtig schön gegenseitig geil gemacht hatten, gingen wir nachts gemeinsam zur Wohnung ihrer Eltern, um dort unseren Rausch aus zu schlafen und natürlich noch ein wenig weiter zu kuscheln.
Es war auch schon ziemlich spät in der Nacht, und als wir ankamen, war schon alles dunkel und wir mussten uns in ihr Zimmer schleichen.

Am nächsten Morgen mus... Continue»
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Winds of Revenge

Just so you know before you read . . . this is an ass-fetish story about high school cheerleaders, facesitting and facefarting ("winds"). There is no penetrating sex. There aren't many ass-worship fiends, but this is for those who enjoy those things as much as I do.


It was a simple plan but one that progressed to unimaginable events. How could watching a simple high school football game turn into something so insane, and a week later, into something so life-changing?

I was a freshman in high school. No, I wasn’t in the popula... Continue»
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A Facial With Dinner

I was probably 18 years old when I met this girl named Tammy. She was this little red headed thing, cute as a button and just as petite. I really wasn’t that interested in her because red heads just weren’t my thing but she was persistent. In retrospect I suspect she took my disinterest to mean I was being coy or playing hard to get. In fact there was a blonde cashier at the store I worked that I had my eye on, she was tall and firm and had long straight blonde hair that ran half way down her back. It was a Saturday and my dad had me cleaning out the garage. I was almost done and just ha... Continue»
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Wife finally does it

My wife, Dani, has always a tease in front of my friends, especially when she's had a few drinks.

Whenever my buddies come to the house for drinks and cards, Dani invariably, somehow, ends up running around in her panties and a t-shirt, claiming that it's too warm in the house or that she wants to "get comfortable."

Of course my friends don't mind. Dani's hot. In fact, she's a blonde, bombshell-knockout with a heart of pure gold...which is one reason I married her.

I don't mind either.

In fact, the looks on my friend's faces are pricless; there's no hiding the pure lust in their e... Continue»
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Quiet Date with in October

It's October in Mississippi, it's raining today, lightning on the forecast, and an endless sea of grey clouds overhead, making the day feel dark and gloomy. They had rumors of an adult party happening in the area, not that it would be easy for me to get there, but I did so. A few trailer's have been parked all over the area leaving wide births of open area in the tall grassy fields. People setting up bonfires that glowed like eyes in the dark gloom. With a relative area to park vehicles I parked the car there. I wasn't sure what to make of it, there was no real written invitations, nor did the... Continue»
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Fantasy sissy feminization meeting with 4 male fri

One evening a couple of friends came over to watch some movies.
for some reason one of the guys asks if he can use my pc to check something on internet because the wifi on his mobile dosnt want to work.
Of course I help him and start up the pc, I open the internet browser and realized I have my Xhamster profile as a start page. My friend calls out all the guys to look at what he finds.
when I enter the room with the drinks I see the guys checking out my profile and making jokes about how gurly I have become. I walk up to the guys full of shame feelings and with shivers in my voice I try to ... Continue»
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Becoming a real sissy for guys pleasure

Well I have been working allot and this whole week I have been just extremely horny for a hot guy to fuck me. I got home on Friday and I proceeded with getting fully dressed up as a girl to go to the bookstore / theater fully dressed so I can get guys to have sex with me as a girl as usual.

it didn’t quite work out as i wanted as I couldn’t get one of the private rooms. I still went anyway and had some extreme sex with some guys in the theater side and did allot of showing off in front of them to let them know I will do anything for their hot rods.

Allot of them just watched me whil... Continue»
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These are confessions and stories people have sent me and some have their name but others are anonymous.

Do you have a confession of something you did, or something you'd like to do?

Private Message it to me and I'll post it. Don't worry about spelling, grammar, etc.


ok, here's my confession. As like all rest of my fellow pervs, I started liking panties at a very young age, at 11 I started jacking off to my sisiters panties and then my moms. How I loved the smell of the stained panties.

At 11 I also started feeling up my ... Continue»
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Husband Training Creampie

I saw Marco a couple of more times after first meeting him to satisfy my "creampie wishes," as my horny friend Beth called them. I'd been telling her about how I was trying to cajole my husband, Tim, into licking his own cum out of my pussy and how he resisted every step of the way.

I know, I know, most men don't want anything to do with their sperm after they've deposited it in or on us, I know. But Tim and I, sexually active for a long-married couple in their early 60s, had talked about it before, and he was always interested in trying it. But every time, when the deed was done, he refuse... Continue»
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Desperate times Desperate measures-cuck oriented

We were so at peace when we first married, I was working in the mortgage industry making a 6 figure income when I met the love of my life, Sharyn. I was mesmerized by her from head to toe. She is about 5 feet 5 inches and she is an ex-dancer from New York and did some Broadway. She is built very solid and curvy with a natural 38dd bustle and about a 42 inch butt packed around a waistline, she probably wears an 8-12 in a dress depending on the maker. She resembles Christina Hendricks a little bit and since I was a Mad Man fan and Hendricks especially, well it was easy to fall in love.

Soon the... Continue»
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Sex Club

I used to travel a lot for business and ended up in Nashville, TN for a short spell. I answered a CL ad by a woman that said she wanted to be fucked by several men and filled with cum. She replied with a phone number. We chatted for a short bit and then she told me to meet her at The Social Club ... a swingers club that allowed men to attend for a small fee.

My first inclination is that I thought I was being had. But I was bored and horny in a strange town and figured what the Hell. So I went.

It looked like any other club except it was BYOB and there were women walking around topless in th... Continue»
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Lingerie Fun with Mom's Friend

This is not my story. Thanks go to whomever the writer is. This is one of my favorites.

My balls ached...I sighed in ecstasy as I gazed down at my body. I was laying down on a large double bed, clad in lingerie. My cock protruded, almost painfully erect. I was wearing a long white nylon full slip, with a pair of white see-thru nylon crotchless panties on under it. I gazed up and watched as my mom's friend Ann slowly masturbated me with her lingerie. I shuddered and gasped at the intense feeling of the cool silky nylon rubbing across my glans. She knelt between my legs, and grasped the slip... Continue»
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My first time with a male

My first time with a male I was nervous and anxious at the same time. I had never been with another male before only with ladies. I have always wondered what it would be like to have my hands bound and to service a man. I heard about a site on the internet that you can post ads on for free and respond for free. So I posted an ad in the m2m casual encounters and had a few responses but only one responded with more than lets meet now. I messaged him and we set up a time for him to come over. After about 3 emails I asked him how he wanted me to answer the door. He stated that he wanted me to answ... Continue»
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Daddy Caught Me Looking at Doggy Porn

~Written by Shy~

"Make it go in..." I half whisper, half moan my fingers tracing around my swollen clit.

I've been watching naughty videos all day and as the hours rolled on... The depravities increased making me hit many bumps in my trip down the rabbit hole.

My newest sin... A video of a lady with a big doggy...

I peeked through my fingers of my left hand as my right proved just how much I was enjoying it, my sweet little pussy soaked.

The moaning of the video made me miss the opening of the front door. The bedroom door opened while my hand was up my skirt, my left hand fing... Continue»
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Tracy’s Bondage Photoshoot

This how we managed to have a threesome with Tracy for the first time without her knowledge

This picture story involved Me Terry and my Wife Tracy and Bill an old f****y friend

It all started with some pictures of Bill’s ex-Wife on an old laptop

Tracy’s Bondage PhotoshootTracy’s Bondage Photoshoot
A couple of weeks ago I got a call from Bill an old friend asking for my help with his laptop which had broken down. I said for him to bring it over on Saturday morning.

He arrive with it on Saturday as planed after 20 minut... Continue»
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On a Mission Creampie Snowballing

I didn't even take the time to pick up the newspaper on the front porch as the bulge in my pants lead me through our front door. I was on a mission! Without a moment's hesitation I dropped my briefcase in the foyer and engulfed my beautiful wife in a passionate hug, inhaling her sensuous female musk en-route to kissing and nibbling her neck and earlobes. She smelled and tasted fantastic, and my pants strained at their seams just trying to contain my enthusiasm! Before either of us had even spoken a single word, I was on my knees with my arms wrapped around her waist and my face buried between ... Continue»
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Does Your Creampie wishes include Snowballs

"C'mon honey, please, please, just do it!"

"I...I can't, baby...I just can't!"

"But you promised! You said you wanted to, please do it!"

"That was before, I..I always want to before but after I...I just can't..."

I looked down between my spread thighs, feeling foolish. I was begging my husband to eat my pussy after he'd just fucked me, something we'd both expressed interest in having happen in many a spoken fantasy, but which – again – he was chickening out of once he'd screwed me and left me full of cum.

I can't say that I blame him, most guys wouldn't want to do it, but hell, ... Continue»
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Wife is going to try modeling-Cuckold Style

It's pronounced same as Sharon and Shar sounds just like it does in the full name. I know I need some help and some more work possibly on this story but it is set up to run for a while and future chapters. This is the 1st of what I hope are many.


Meet Sharyn and let's start the story, shall we?

We were so at peace when we first married, I was working in the mortgage industry making a 6 figure income when I met the love of my life, Sharyn. I was mesmerized by her from head to toe. She is about 5 feet 5 inches and she is an ex-dancer from New York and did some Broadway. She is built ve... Continue»
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