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After my divorce in 1980s I turned into a sissy slut and could not get enough cock or pussy and just loved sex all day every day all kinds and any kind. I had found a sex club in the area and spent many night at this club bent over and taking many cocks deep in my sissy ass and mouth for most of the weekend and sometimes even during the week at my house if I liked the people. It was a while after I had been to the sex club when a woman I had met at the club asked me if i would be interested in a little party with me as the guest of honor. I asked her what she had in mind and she said well I… Read more

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Huge Milk Maid Part 1


When I was about 13 years old, and entering the raging hormonal phase of my life, my parents hired a woman named Trisha. My family was wealthy, and employed many housekeepers. Trisha was hired as the fifth housekeeper at our house/mansion. Like the other four housekeepers, Trisha was a “live-in” maid. She had her own room in a particular wing of the house that facilitated the “help” regarding our house. There was, however, something that was much different about Trisha from the other four housekeepers. Although all five of them were about the same age, (almost 30 or so) Trisha was the only on… Read more

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Full Physical Exam


I am a 45 year old male. I am part Asian and White. I was engaged to a beautiful white girl with an amazing body. She left me just before we were to get married. When she did contact me she told me she just had the fuck of her life from three young men all with massive cocks. She told me my little dick wasn't enough to please her or any woman and that she had been cheating on me the entire time we were together. Well...I was devastated! I never realized my cock was small...no...it's tiny according to most women. My dick is 4" by 5.5" when hard. When soft...it is under an inch. My ex said a lit… Read more

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Fucking my gay neighbor, with my wife's permi

Gay MaleAnalFetish

My fiance and I have a partially open relationship. We’re both bisexual and exclusive within our relationship to members of the opposite sex. However, each of us travels for work regularly and we decided our trips would be a good time for each of us to indulge in our bisexuality. Half the year, she’s gone three days a week, and half the year I’m gone three or four days a week. We miss each other when we’re gone, but it’s a perfect arrangement that we’ve got worked out. Recently, our neighbors who lived in the house across the street moved away and their house was sold to a guy named Julian,… Read more

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mrs watsons new neighbourhood part 3

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mrs watson gets a text #all the cameras are up mrs watson #good boy come round when your housemates are home and we'll check the views together justin arrives at mrs watsons later in the evening strips then knocks on the door 'come in' mrs watson opens the door lets justin in 'was it fun positioning the cameras?' 'uh yes mrs watson' 'did your tiny cock get excited ?' 'yes mrs watson it did' 'but you didn't touch it ?' 'no mrs watson' 'good boy , would you like me to touch it as a reward for being a good boy ?' 'yes please mrs watson' 'ok come in here with me so i can sit in front of my comput… Read more

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The Bad sex that's really good with a girl


Sometimes you hear another woman utter the same words that sear through your mind and they invoke images of pleasures gone past. 'I fuck my brother because it felt good to feel him move around inside me', even now as I write these words, I feel myself wetting and longing for him to lie on top of me. Sex, and I mean really good sex, the best you can experience, has no relationships, these are just legal barriers meant to limit through fear and when I say limit, I mean, when a girl, like myself wants to feel a man inside her, solely for sexual pleasuring, who can she choose when all around… Read more

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Black Slut Academy

FetishInterracial Sex

Jean felt a little scared. It had been two years since she had started dating black men exclusively. Now her boyfriend had talked her to into taking it one step further. She was going to a school to learn about as he said "the culture." "This will complete you," Bill, her boyfriend, said. Jean's lover was a six-foot, four-inch black stud that Jean had been living with. She left her white wimp husband two years ago. What Jean especially did not miss was her ex's four-inch pecker. She blinked and put the wimp out of her mind. "I've got to focus on the next month," she thought to herself.… Read more

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My New Doctor


About 2 years ago, my girlfriend suddenly left me. Later, I found out that she had been cheating on me with many men! It seems all of them had large cocks! When my girlfriend and I first met, she knew I didn't have a big dick. However, she said that size didn't really matter to her unless the dick was like 3 inches long. One night. after she had sucked me and stroked me until I was rock hard, she asked me if I ever measured my dick. I lied, and told her no. She reached into her purse and brought out a tape measure. She said she always measured the cocks of the men she was with. I was… Read more

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Episode 83: Shopping with Grace

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Saturday morning, my ex-wife Mary phoned out of the blue – we hadn’t spoken in ages. Would I take Grace, our youngest daughter for the weekend, as her new partner was staying the night and she didn’t fancy trying to explain to a 10 year old that Mummy was now a lesbian. They arrived a little later, dropping off Grace with a small overnight bag of clothes, but making it clear that she needed a new bikini if we were to go swimming, and some new underwear would be useful. Alia, our oldest – now a stroppy teenager - waved from the back seat and Mary’s new girlfriend scowled from the front seat a… Read more

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How I Started Porn

First TimeVoyeurFetish

“How did you get into doing porn?” I kind of shrug, feeling puzzled. To tell the absolute truth, I hadn’t a clue. I turned over to my boyfriend, and asked if he knew how we started. Another shrug. Although we were incredibly open with each other sexually, and we’d only started letting the world into our bedroom a mere week earlier, neither could say how it happened. It just sort of did. Our biggest kink was knowing people were watching us fuck. We squealed as our video views hit 10,000, then 20,000, eagerly awaiting the next milestone. “You know 20,000 people have gotten off watching us,” h… Read more

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Farm Family Adventures

Group SexTabooFetish

Farm Family Adventures ---------- I was taken quite by surprised seeing Kelly again. She had spent the day here during the Farms open membership event a few weeks ago, and I convinced her that she would be a perfect model for the Prestige Farm Brochure that featured the custom saddles and bridles. Her body is that of an athletic swimmer, pear shaped, with wide shoulders, 36DD chest, trim waist and shapely hips. Her piercing green eyes glowing like emeralds under blondish hair bundled in a green, ribbon Corset Braid straight out of the Victorian Age. Her jeans were tight and she wore a parti… Read more

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Femdom in the shower

AnalFetishFirst Time

It was a lonely night raining as i was staying in my house all alone and hear my bell ring. Who could be in this hour as i walk at the door open it and see two pretty girls at the door they were both soaking wet. A blonde and a brunette both had round hot ass fit body big tits. They asked me if they could do a call because they were lost there as i invite them in. God they were both so hot they had give the taxi the wrong address. I call for them a taxi and give them some clothes until theirs got dry. The taxi was coming for 30 minutes. As we chatted and i showed them the house, they went both… Read more

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9 times in one night chapter 1


Me and Emily where together but our sex life had stopped . But as a man I have needs and so surprisingly did Emily . We couldn’t get time alone and if we did we couldn’t do anything . So texting one day I relented “ I will do anything to spend some alone time with you “ She relented . “ how about a hotel no interruptions?” I asked . “ who would pay ?” “ I would “ . So we agreed on a day . I met her outside and we didn’t hug , it was a sign we were heading south in the relationship . She had a duffle bag with her , we checked into a double room . In my city centre , she was dressed in jeans a h… Read more

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My Niece Crystal JOI


I had to work second shift which meant all of the other guys from around home had already travelled the three hours to camp at Knob Creek for the machine gun shoot before I even got off of work! When my brother Jimmy called as I headed to my car, I figured he was going to rub that fact in, but instead he asked me if I could swing by his house and pick up a case of ammo he had forgotten to bring. I told him I would bring it in the morning and drove over to get the stuff. Now Jimmy’s wife walked out on him and Crystal about 12 years ago when Crystal was only 10. Jimmy raised that girl by himsel… Read more

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Preface: This is a series of especially vivid, TRUE STORIES about some of the sexual experiences my wife and I had shortly after we got married. We were in our late '20s. For two years we were in a full swap relationship with our best friends. Read our About Us for perspective. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our kitchen table was a magnificent piece of furniture. Old and rustic, but very stylish. Even given it’s beauty it was a stout piece of furniture. It turned out being a centerpiece in our sexual activities. Many times, both girls lay on their… Read more

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I Love Men to wear my Satin Panties

BDSMFetishLesbian Sex

I Love Men To Wear My Satin Panties By Manndee Part 1 I was a quiet unassuming lad from the East end of London; I was 22 years old when I left home, it followed a number of pure flukes that all happened back to back, because of this I had had an amazing start to my life in my first job as a City trader. Unfortunately, things at home with my girlfriend were getting difficult after me losing my job. It was now 4 months since it happened & to be honest, it was all a shock; fortunately, money was not getting tight, we were not desperate, we had an excellent income together, but realistica… Read more

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To the basement


Take sass to the basement, strip her tie her hands with thick soft white rope. Then toss the end over the rafters and pull her hands over her head. I can see she is starting to get excited, her breathing is faster and her nipples are getting hard. I love to use her body for my entertainment. When her hands are up I reach down and tie a rope around each ankle, pull them apart tying them to the pillars on each side. I stand back looking at her open, not able to move much, but I did not make it tight, I want her to focus on the sensations from her body. I take all my clothes off, I am hard ju… Read more

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Mom's white half slip


At this point, I was sleeping in Mom’s bedroom and wearing her panties, slips and even bras to bed. I loved masturbating in bed and mentally daring Mom to walk in and catch me. It never occurred to me that she was probably awake and listening on quite a few evenings. I loved getting in the best position, with my legs hanging off the side of the bed and my hands sliding one after another under my prone body, working myself to a huge erection and aroused to the point of being intoxicated. My whole being was wrapped up in this silken heaven! I got good at teasing myself so I could prolong the exp… Read more

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Sometimes We Need A Little Restraint.


“Ah, I see you’ve arrived. Delightful. Please let me take your coat.” You coquettishly slowly unfasten your coat, button by button and as you reach the last one you turn round with back to me wriggle your shoulders and the coat slides off into a heap on the floor. I gasp. You are wearing your thigh high, very high thigh boots almost covering your legs completely and the skimpiest pair of briefs. “For modesty” you explain to me. I do the gentlemanly thing and pick up your coat and d**** over the nearest chair. I take your hand and guide you towards the bedroom. I stop for a second, kiss you l… Read more

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I like boys but their Daddy's more


'Oh God I'm cumming'. I could hear myself in my head or in my ears, was my brain saying it or my mouth, either way, I was starting that long slow accent to my sexual peak, before releasing all the pent up energy, with both my hands on his head under the blanket that covered him, as he licked and sucked on my crotch. I could feel my bum sticking to the leather of the settee we were sitting on in the living room as I tried to slide forward to give him more crotch to lick, as I gasped and heaved, then, to my horror, something caught my eye from the corner and I turned to see his father standin… Read more

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