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Priminha novinha 02

FetishTabooFirst Time

Depois de uns 3 meses novamente fomos a casa de praia, desta vez sem pensar arrumei minhas coisas e partimos numa sexta à noite, chegamos lá um pouco tarde, arrumamos a casa e fomos dormir. Logo que amanheceu, fomos à praia, chegando lá minha priminha foi tirando seu micro shortinho e sua blusinha olhando diretamente pra mim...que observava toda aquela delicinha e agora de biquíni, minha mãe com mania de pegar sol, deitou na tanga e jogou um pano na cara...ela sempre fica ali por horas, enquanto eu fominha de água não perdia tempo...enquanto estava lá tranquilo minha prima veio entrando na águ… Read more

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Girdled grannies find what keeps them satisfied


Joan and Muriel both within a few years of each other in their early sixties were widowed. They may have lost their husbands cocks they still had a strong sex drive. Going on the prowl at bingo, afternoon dances and other potential ‘watering holes’ did not cut the mustard – most of the guys were older and could not get it up. They were not beautiful – but still attractive for their age. What they thought let them down was their size which hovered between 20 and 22, and sizeable tits. But what they thought was a disadvantage was in fact an asset in these days of granny sex. It was M… Read more

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Peanut Butter & Jelly


Laura got home from work at around 5:45 PM. She walked in her door, set her bag down, took off her coat and said hello to her cat. She slipped off her shoes and walked to the kitchen. After looking into a couple sparse cabinets she said to herself, "Hmmm. PB&J it is then." She pulled down from her cabinets a loaf of soft thick slices of white bread, an extra-large jar of smooth creamy peanut butter and an extra-large jar of g**** jelly. She pulled out two pieces of bread, holding one in her hand held out flat, she began spreading on the peanut butter, slowly, almost sensually. "It's so… Read more

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Caught with Panties in Hand!


A few year's ago, I was busted by my mother in law pleasuring myself to her panties. Let me back up a bit with this story to explain. My in-laws had a nice lake house only a short drive from our house. Most summers we would go there for a weekend, as would my wife's siblings with their wives. For a panty sniffer this was absolute heaven. I could look forward to my mother and sister's in law all changing clothes a few times each weekend, and leaving their dirty panties in their half unpacked overnight bags, or balled up on the ground to be cleaned later. I couldn't have asked for better panty… Read more

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Gurls Just Wanna Have Fun!

ShemalesLesbian SexFetish

I'm just your typical College slut, always up for anything, and I mean anything! It was not always like this though... Let me tell you about my best friend, she calls herself Chanade now, but she was like me once. We studied at the same institution she was in the year above me, a senior while at the time I was a freshman. It wasn't long after I went to college that I started getting urges... The urges came on slowly at first but grew ever more stronger... I couldnt help staring at the girls in the Senior classes. We took classes in the same lecture hall, back to back. The Seniors in the m… Read more

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Tit-Fucking my Friend's Wife

FetishHardcoreGroup Sex

It was a pretty regular night hanging out with my friend and his wife. She's someone who loves to fuck, and he's a guy who encourages that in his wife. I've reaped immense benefits out of this. So this night we got together for dinner, then cracked open a couple of bottles of wine as we watched a movie. Before long we're naked, and she's giving us both oral. All well and good, and then suddenly my buddy tells me he really wants to watch me tit-fuck her tonight. I've done it with her before...she's got C cup tits, and a few glasses of wine deep this seems like a fabulous idea. My buddy flops d… Read more

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Happy Wife Happy Life Cuckold


This story is about the love between a small cocked husband and his beautiful wife. ***** Let me start out by introducing my wife Kim, she is the love of my life. Kim is a petite big breasted blonde with sex on her mind 24hrs a day. She has total control over me, which I enjoy. She makes all the decisions in our marriage. We have been married for over 20 years and we still love each other like the first time we met. She can also be one of the nastiest slut's you have ever met. The biggest problem in our marriage was that she doesn't like to suck cock or taste cum. It took a long time for m… Read more

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The Continuing Story of Kathy & Dianne


You can read back to the prior stories to know that Dianne is my wife. Red hair, green eyes, big tits with big pink nipples, thin build and a bald pussy with just a tuff of red fuzz high up on her mound, and meaty pink pussy lips! Kathy was a plump slut I had met delivering pizzas. Chubby, short dark hair, huge tits with saucer sized dark red nipples, a bald cunt with red thick pussy lips.They both were in love with my cock! Well, as you can also read in the previous story the three of us pretty much fucked our brains out all night long. Dianne got her first taste of Bi pussy and loved it! W… Read more

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Red Wings


"Please, baby. Please," asked Guy as he ran his tongue down Patty's torso stopping just below her navel as he waited for a response. Patty was lying on her side when he made his request. Her mouth was filled with his cock, and his left leg was d****d over her shoulder and across her head. She pulled his dick out of her mouth then rested her head down on the mattress as she sighed in exasperation. She had no idea why he let her talk her into this again. "Really?" she asked as he tucked his chin into his chest and fixed his gaze towards her. Patty took her hand off his cock and reach down… Read more

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Large Black Swings both Ways

FetishFirst TimeInterracial Sex

I was going through a difficult patch with my girlfriend and was feeling very down. Although I am basically straight I have gay periods when all of a sudden I find myself looking at gay porn. But I had never been with a man. One week at work we had a visit from a East Coast sales rep named Ralph. He was huge, very black and was rumored to have about 12 c***dren, and a very large package so all the women were fascinated. So was I, although I didn't realize it at the time. It wasn't until I was having a meeting with him - just the two of us in a room, and I was buzzing. I didn't know why,… Read more

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How Big Are You Anyway? Pt2

FetishInterracial Sex

Thinking back, I realize now how my life has changed since that business trip just three weeks ago. My husband was pleasantly surprised at my increased interest in our lovemaking when I returned, especially my eagerness to give him head. He joked that my extended trips away from home were tough on him, but if this was his reward he felt he could 'muster up the strength to deal with it.' After a particularly energetic blowjob, he was surprised when I didn't remove his penis from my mouth when he came, but he was completely shocked when I swallowed all of his cum. I hadn't done that for him s… Read more

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How Big Are You? Blacken

FetishFirst TimeInterracial Sex

I was traveling on yet another extended business trip away from home, and these were occurring increasingly often. I really missed being at home with my husband, because outside of work hours I spent my time alone either sitting in my hotel room or just having a meal. I was feeling the loneliness of the road. But this trip changed all of that and made me wonder what the future might hold. Let me tell you why. My name is Marcy, and I travel around to many different companies and help train their personnel. On this trip I was finishing up my third and last day of consulting with one of my regul… Read more

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Я - рогоносец


Темно. Где я? Начинаю шевелить мозгом и вспоминать. Хочется пить. Горький привкус во рту и перегар дали толчок к воспроизведению событий. Сознание постепенно возвращается, и первое, что хочется узнать, это - где я сейчас нахожусь? Еле приподнимаюсь. Голова идет кругом. Вижу знакомое окно. Я дома, у себя в спальне. Ложусь. Успокоился. В памяти всплывает хронология... Пятница. После работы, я и двое моих товарищей по работе Андрей и Макс, решили расслабиться и грохнуть по пивку. После пары бутылочек я предложил взять что-нибудь покрепче и выдвинуться ко мне домой. Ребенок на каникулах у бабушки,… Read more

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Pegging My BF Ass First Time

FetishFirst Time

It was another one of those long days. You thought you would do a bit of reading after dinner but once again, you fell asleep next to the reading light, your book lying across your chest. I come into the bedroom with a smile, watching you peacefully sleeping, your glasses still perched on your nose. Quietly I remove your glasses and set them on the nightstand. I remove the book and gently climb into the bed with my knees on either side of your legs. I admire your lean body as you sleep, unaware of my gaze. You wear comfortable clothes, a soft t-shirt and pajamas without underwear, the way yo… Read more

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stepbrother caught wanking


gemma walks into the kitchen and sees her stepbrother john tipping the contents of a condom into her mothers coffee 'what the fuck are you doing you perv? mom mom get in here now' she shouts 'please be quiet don't say anything please' john says amber comes through into the kitchen as john is pushing the dripping condom into his pocket 'whats the matter whats going on ?' 'mom this dirty bastard was tipping the cum into your coffe from the condom he's just pushed into his pocket' 'what the fuck why the hell would you do something like that whats wrong with you you disgusting cunt you wait until… Read more

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Please Mistress! Fuck my Ass!


Sitting on the bed, taking my time. I'm ready, I've been ready for twenty minutes. I just love making you wait! Knowing you're on the other side of that door, on your knees waiting for me... Fuck it turns me on! I have a special surprise for you this time, I know you will love it. I feel the dampness in my panties and know it's time. I open the bedroom door and head towards the living room. I pause outside the door, listening out for your quickening breath. I smile and enter the room. You're on the floor naked, beside the sofa, hands on your knees face up, looking at the floor. "Look a… Read more

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Wife makes me Take it like a Man Denial

FetishFirst Time

My wife and I were laying on the couch together. It was early in the evening and TV seemed to be only reruns of sitcoms. She leaned in closer to cuddle. My mind thought how nice this was for a change but my body took it another way. I kissed and caressed her neck as innocently as I could but she was wise to the true intent of my affections. "Are you horny again?" she asked. Before I could answer, she continued. "I know how this ends. We work ourselves up to a heated frenzy and then one of us gets satisfied and the other one doesn't. Guess which one I am." "But I try every time to..." "I kno… Read more

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I met a couple..


A few years ago I was a prevalent user of xhamster. I never ever thought anything would come of it but I was chatting to a few women and couples for a while and talking about having some fun. After a couple of months I swapped numbers with a married sexy blonde nurse. I was 22 at the time and she was mid 30s. Her husband would let her have free reign to play with guys who he approves of and I luckily fit that criteria. After a while of chatting and swapping pics we agreed to meet. This is the story of that day. I awoke excited and nervous. This gorgeous blond had a lovely curvy body with a ni… Read more

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The pastor and his wife

MatureFetishFirst Time

I had to share as I cannot stop thinking about last night. For many months I have been having sex with my pastors wife. Well we had this thing that friday nights she was doing maid work for me. I had thought that was her story for slipping out to be with me. Well last night instead of her showing up alone she came with her husband. I let them in sweating bullets making an excuse how I forgot its friday. Well the pastor then proceeded to tell me that the 3 of us needed to talk. I was panicking as he began into the fact I was ducking his wife and he knew this the whole time. I was so caught ther… Read more

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A Patroa

MatureFirst TimeFetish

Comecei a trabalhar num armazém de ferro com 17 anos, antes de vir para a tropa, estamos de falar dos anos de 1990/91/92, ou seja era pouco mais do que um mero adolescente, franzino ainda, mas a minha mente(malandra) já A Patroa estava feita. Na altura ainda antes de ter começado a trabalhar, não tinha feito sexo com nenhuma rapariga apesar de ter 17 anos, eram só curtes, e amassos, estamos a falar de 22/23 anos atrás, eram tempos diferentes, não havia internet, nem facebook, nem sites porno e afins..Apenas de vez enquanto se alugava uns vídeos porno no clube de video,(quando conseguia junta 1… Read more

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