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Memorial Day Memories (Cuckold)


On this holiday, I always think about the time my 2nd wife and I went to a private club's Memorial Day renewal party. You had to buy a $20 membership every year and they always held their renewal parties on Memorial Day weekend. My wife was a beautiful 25 year old, with long legs, small perky tits and dark brown wavy hair. She really did have a "Victoria's Secrets" fashion model look to her, and she was the constant cause of attention from gentlemen. Especially when she drank. When my wife drank, there wasn't a soul on earth that she wouldn't fuck. She just wouldn't do it around me. I had t… Read more

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Europe Holiday 3


Carrying on from part 2, we slept in till just on 12 noon, all quickly dressed & went down to get on the Hop on Hop off bus to see more of the City of Berlin (it is worth doing if you are visiting the City). By 6pm we were back in our room, getting ready for the Fetish Club & to take Klara along with us. I wore my Black leathers & leather vest, my 2 slaves had Black short skirts on, diana had a black & purple bikini top while alice had a red & black bikini top & of course they both had my Collar on, their make up was great, black lipstick & eye lashes done. I bough… Read more

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Mistress Ella Kross__ Quotations


1-My perfect feet need cleaning, so I make my bitch boy bathe them with his tongue after he polishes my shiny, red high heels. He works his little tongue so hard trying to please me and worship my feet, thoroughly cleaning between my toes. I make this slave suck my feet as punishment for leaving a mess in my house. If he can't keep my house clean, the very least he can do is keep my wonderful feet spotless! 2-It's a beautiful, sunny day and I'm enjoying reading my book outside when my slave approaches me on all fours and asks to worship my feet. He's such a good slave! I decide to let him kis… Read more

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Sissy rider learns a lesson


It was a warm summers evening as sissy rode around the indoor school on her masters favourite mare her tight white jods were clinging to her as she gripped tightly with her legs urging the mare on with a gentle kick . The mare was proving to be a difficult ride and gave a few playful bucks sissy gripped tighter with her legs and found that she was getting a hard on from the vibration coming through the saddle instead of correcting the mare with her crop she lent foward pushing her cock against the saddle until she could take it no more her hot load exploding and seeping into the crutch of her… Read more

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Getting it taped

Gay MaleFetishMasturbation

My life as a cockist started at puberty and I have kept the interest in friend's penis ever since. Not one to stand on the roof-tops and make it known, but chatting or suggesting scenarios's where a bit of mutual nudity may be rewarded with a little hands on entertainment. To this end I managed to find a kindred spirit amongst the older members of my youth club a senior member named Mike who showed an interest in visiting the nudist beach at Brighton. So we planned a trip together one mid-week day in the summer. Until we had got to the beach Mike and I had not seen each other naked. But we st… Read more

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Helping a neighbor...


Just the other day I was home alone and was getting ready to do some new sexy photos ( sets that were just posted today ; ) ). I had picked out my outfit, gotten my camera set up, and had finished putting on my corset/garter, stockings and heels. Then I realized... My camera battery was dying and the other charged one was in the car! I stood there for a moment thinking about having to get undressed just to put everything back on again in just a few minutes. I have to admit, I do hate the process of putting on garter and stockings. Don't get me wrong, I do love the results once they are on. ;… Read more

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My House Owner

HardcoreFirst TimeFetish

Hi my name is AMULYA, Now I am living in BANGALORE this is my true experience that happened when I was in Chennai 4 years ago. My family is small, my husband is doing small business We live in a small rented house in Chennai the house owner is my husband friend. I am 25 years of age. I am very fair the house owner is a very good man he living with his wife his c***dren is working in US. He is a retired government staff. My husband is doing the garment business. Our business was a failure in that time. The house owner he… Read more

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A slow change what has that black man done to me p

Interracial SexFetishGay Male

Hi I'm Johnny bi oral white guy 50 yrs old 5'9" 240 lbs 42 waist so I love everything about women and enjoy oral and fucking but where men are concerned I love sucking dick and I sucked my first dick at 13 yrs old and in 37 years I've sucked 28 different cocks some once some more than once and a few a lot and as I say bi oral because over the years I've experimented and let's guys suck me tried anal and couldn't get it in wasn't into it tried to fuck a guys ass couldn't get it up and every other way with guys and never wanted them to touch me except putting their hands on my head to feed me di… Read more

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A new Master for sissy - 2

Gay MaleFirst TimeFetish

I was shaking as I stood at the counter waiting to buy Master’s coffee. I knew I had taken a major step by leaving my mobile phone with Him, and that it was a complete leap in the dark. At this stage I was more scared than excited, already questioning my judgement, almost wishing I’d not been so stupid as to open my life up to a complete stranger, giving Him the power to control and ultimately destroy me. But it was too late for second thoughts, and as I took His coffee upstairs and walked towards the table I could seem Him looking at my phone and then writing things down in a small notebook.… Read more

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Anal sex, fisting and degradation - Part 6


The following days I stretched my sphincter, fucked my colon deep with long dildos and fucked my throat. Additionally, I worked out, mostly at the gym with Andy. On Thursday, Andy gave me a bag with cloths and said: “Come to my house tomorrow at 7 o’clock and wear these.” At home, I looked inside the bag. It was a school uniform. That’s strange. I didn’t know what he was up to. On Friday evening I was on time when I rang the bell. It was a little funny, taking the bus wearing this school uniform on a Friday evening. When the door open, I was surprised. Andy was wearing a suit. I have never see… Read more

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Europe Holiday Part 2

FetishVoyeurFirst Time

Well my 2 slaves & I left the Bar to head back to our Hotel, what alice had done was to give the barmaid the details of where we were staying, so about 40 minutes late the girl knocks on our door, both my slaves were naked, diana opened the door to let Klara in, She was 29, single with a great body, very dark eyes long black hair & later we found that she was waxed. She was very taken by the way the 5 girls had just walked into the Bar totally naked & wanted to chat about that & why they wore leather collars & the tags that hung from their pussies. So after doing the intro… Read more

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Sandal shopping


We are Dan and Anne, we’d been dating for a couple of years. A while ago we were in Atlanta on a trip, a holiday and one day drove into Marietta . We lunched in a small tavern that had a intriguing menu, then went walking and looking at the few shops there. Late in the afternoon we came across a small shoe shop. Anne had been looking for some open sandals for a while. On entering the shop we were met by a gentleman of around mid-60's. My gal Anne would have been 63. Another lady of a similar age could be seen at the back of the shop. Anne was wearing a summery dress about knee length with b… Read more

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Pee hole play


I was thinking about you, it was 10 PM and I got up from the sofa and began calling you. I told you I wanted to play with your pee hole, were you up to some late night fun?? You said yes, but you were needing to shower...and then 45 minutes later you call me and I come get you. The anticipation of you coming over to my house and me playing with your big fat, mature nipples before you lie on my bed....opening yourself to me and allowing me free access to your jewels. I lay you on some towels and bend over to suck those big butterfly lips, as I pull your lips wide apart seeking the tiny hole a… Read more

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What Did I do Last Night???


Billy my partner and myself had been to the drag club in the next town to where we live, we always get a taxi so we can have a drink. We met up with a couple of TV's and went to the courtesy rooms where we fucked them both rotten. The guy I was with took off his white lace panties before we started and said he would give them to me as a souvenir, which I accepted and put on when I left, leaving my boxers behind and we went off home in the taxi. We then red hot sex and as we are both versatile,we had the best of both worlds, we were so tired by 0030, we showered and went asleep after a hot kis… Read more

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Date Night


She’s walking down the street and starts looking for her keys. Almost home she thinks, where it’s nice and warm. She smiles at the thought, and takes her keys from her purse. She walks through the fence, and opens the front door. Takes off her coat, puts it on the coat rack and proceeds to walk into the living room. As she enters she feel the warmth of the heaters coming to her. “So good to be home…” she thinks to herself. She puts the groceries away she just got, then notices a note on the dining table. She picks it up and reads it. “My sweet sweet little one. I love you.” “I love you too my… Read more

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Aunt Michelle’s Secret Formula 5th Chapter


DISCLAIMER: All characters in this story are fictional and over the age of 18. SUBJECT: A young masturbation addict is sent to a dominating older female who has a special interest in his secretion. (tags: milf, masturbation, soft femdom, handjob, big tits, older female vs younger male, dirty talk, cum denial, prostate stimulation, milking, bbc, tease) Aunt Michelle’s Secret Formula 5th Chapter Aunt Michelle was soaping up our bodies. Flavius and I were standing in the bathtub with our hands against the wall. The shower was… Read more

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Twin Souls


As he enters their bedroom, he stands still in the door opening. He wears nothing but his boxers. It's dark outside, the lights are off. But he can see her quiet naked form in the pale moonlight. Just enough light, to see her beautiful shape. She kicked the sheets off of her, he smile as he watches her. He thinks to himself, "How did I ever get this lucky. So lucky to have her, my one true love, my twin soul. So beautiful..." He stands there for a few more minutes, watching her. She looks so beautiful, so enchanting. The stranger, who never was a stranger, and enslaved his heart. She may call… Read more

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The Underground


He holds the door open for her, and he smacks her buttocks playfully as she walks by him. They’re leaving the bar where they just had a few drinks. She giggles as she felt his hand touching her buttocks. He just smiles and walks after her. It’s dark outside, it’s the middle of the night as they head back home. The moon is full and it’s warm. He just smiles as he sees her standing there waiting for him. She’s wearing a short black skirt, with no panties. It excites him, knowing that he is the only one who knows what isn’t under that short and sexy skirt she’s wearing. Her black sheer stockings… Read more

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He sits on the couch in the living room, legs pulled up comfortably. Wearing nothing but his boxers and his jeans, bare foot and topless. Browsing through the movies on the pay per view channel. Looking for a movie for them to watch. Just how they like spending a lazy Sunday afternoon. It’s raining outside, and the rain is ticking against the window. He looks outside, and feels glad they’re inside, no reason to go outside, just enjoy their day off together. He hears the door open, and looks up from the TV and sees her standing in the door opening to the upstairs. A smile spreads across his fa… Read more

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Classy Cumslut Kate (Part 3).

FetishGroup Sex

...I reached under Sonia's swollen tummy (she was seven months pregnant) and I began to furiously rub her clit with one finger and simultaneously, I slid the middle finger of my other hand into her puckered anus! She gasped and moaned, "Oh yes!" as I came to the point of no return and began to pump my first load of warm cum into her twat! My tongue flicked over Kate's hard bud as I emptied fountains of spunk into Sonia - I always cum a lot, but I think that as it was about a week since I'd last shot my load, there was more - much more! I made sure to only leave my cock half in her moist fuc… Read more

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