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Parking Lot


Today was unlike any other day. I just got off work and decided to stop for a quick snack and parked behind the restaurant not to have someone scratch my car. I locked my doors and noticed a white panel van parked about 20 feet from me. Something caught my eye as I thought I saw an old bearded man slumped over the steering wheel with the window rolled down a few inches. I walked over to see if he was okay and softly said hello are you okay. All of a sudden the old man rose and sprayed me in the face through the open window with some sort of mist. I became dizzy and must have blacked out fallin… Read more

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Meri Bdsm Fantasy meri Biwi ne puri ki


Meri BDSM Ki Fantasy, Wife Ne Puri Ki (By Manish} {Email-} am Manish (liked to be called as Manisha). This sex story is all about how my naughty and kinky fantasies were fulfilled by my wife Koel. First, let me describe myself, I am a 29-year-old male, with a little-tanned skin tone, height is 5.5 ” with a small penis of 4″ size, currently working in a private bank, i am straight but always had a fantasy regarding female domination , BDSM and cross-dressing. I still remember when i was a teenager when my parents were out, I used to wear my mom’s innerwear and jerk… Read more

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Mommy? What do you do?

TabooFetishFirst Time

I found out two weeks ago that my mom is a whore. I don’t mean she sleeps around. I mean she does it for money with men. If they are in a motel nearby, mom gets in the car and drives there, texts when she arrives and walks to the man’s door. The men leave money on the table, and, well, mom sucks their cocks mostly. I didn’t know. Today is the third time mom has come to see me to show me what she does with the other men. Mom knows she is really good at it. All the men want to have her lick and suck their genitals. I will admit I was looking around locally to see if anyone was working. I like… Read more

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First Time I'am His Bitch Now Gay

FetishFirst TimeGay Male

"So, what made you decide to post your ad online tonight?" he asked as I we walked down the hall of my apartment building. "I don't know," I replied. "I guess I am just really horny and wanted to try something new." I knew, though, why I decided to post the ad that read "28 year old male looking to have sex with a man for the first time. Please, be open to fucking and being fucked." I have been playing around with anal play since my senior year of high school. I skipped school one day and decided to check my sister's room to see if she had any porn. In the back of her closet I found tw… Read more

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I was coming home from the sex club one morning it was around 3am and like most times before I had not put my cloths over my outfit just went inside in my garter belt nylons and whatever I had worn that night to the club. I pulled into my drive way and, so I did not have to carry them slipped my heels on and got out of the car and started to walk up to my door. I heard a sound from next door and then heard my neighbor say damn neighbor what the hell! Because our places were so close together he could see everything, so I turned around and smiled and said morning I had a real fun night. He said… Read more

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My First Visit to the Sex Shop

FetishFirst TimeGay Male

Well finally the day has come I am so excited, nervous and trembling I have had a shower and used some of my wife’s less obtrusive perfume Then get dressed I have purchased some white stay up stockings to go with my panties and cami After putting my cage back on after drying my clit I slip on my satin and lace panties I sat on the bed I roll on my stockings and adjust them to the correct height I then slipped into my cami before putting on a pair of trousers and slip on shoes Then my chain was adjusted around my neck before putting on a coat I was as ready as I will ever be. Slipping… Read more

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Сеньора Натали. Воскресенье.


Утром воскресенья Сеньора сама резко разбудила меня. - Вставай, соня, у нас сегодня много дел! - с этими словами она буквально сорвала с меня одеяло и начала выталкивать из кровати. - Первым делом по плану у нас прогулка. Еле продрав глаза, я сел на край кровати и начал было надевать штаны, но Сеньора выхватила их и отбросила в сторону: - Они тебе не понадобятся. Тебе положено только это - и она протянула мне длинный серый плащ. - Остальное будет по ходу. Я не сразу понял, что она имела в виду, но повиновался и накинул плащ на голое тело. Сеньора при этом была одета по-деловому: на ней была… Read more

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So I guess a blowjob is out of the question.


So, this happened in the later part of the '80s. Me and about 8 of my mates were in a technologies course, and just finished a very stressful exam, so we decided to head to a pub that was having a "Women Pay Cover," and drink for free. So we showed up, and there were about 7:1 ratio of women to us blokes. Anyway, as we were getting our liquid courage up, a couple of my mates were asking the ladies to dance, and as normal, the more liquid courage my mates got, the ladies were getting their liquid denials filled. This lead to most of my mates getting turned down. Now as for me, I was in heaven l… Read more

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In der Spezialklinik Teil 10

FetishLesbian SexMasturbation

Teil 10 – Entspannung im Whirlpool Nach der Anweisung von Renate an Barbara im benachbarten Behandlungsraum, wo Michi für die Entspannung vorbereitet wurde, schiebt Barbara die Patientin mit dem Duschrollstuhl in den Raum, wo bereits Brigitte und Martina sehnsüchtig auf Michi warten. Nach dem Betreten des Raumes begrüßen Brigitte und Martina Michi mit einem Handschlag. Danach sagt Brigitte zu Michi: „Hallo Michi, ich freue mich, dass wir uns hier wieder begegnen und uns gemeinsam entspannen dürfen.“ „Ja, ich freue mich auch“, sagt Michi, und weiter „ich muss aber vorher dringend meine Blase… Read more

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First time near-gay experience

First TimeFetishMasturbation

First time near-gay experience This is a true story. I was so horny and was living alone at the time. Instead of staying at home and jerking off to porn, I needed to feel socially sexual, if that means anything. There was an adult book store with video booths and thought, that’s where I’ll go. I’ve jerked off a number of times in such places. Makes me feel a bit daring, dirty, and not quite so alone. So I pulled in and parked. Looked around, counted cars, looked if anyone was watching from outside. I grabbed my tube of lube and paper towels. Lube went into one pocket and a few paper towels… Read more

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Celebrity Surrender: Chelsea & Tomi

CelebritiesFetishLesbian Sex

Celebrity Surrender just keeps getting better and better, and tonight takes on a bit of a political tone, as rival pundits Chelsea Handler and Tomi Lahren go toe to toe to see who straps it on! The debate between the two beautiful blondes was pretty hot, but it won't compare to the action that's sure to come from this intense match. Liberal talk show host Chelsea Handler puts her sassy body and big boobs up against conservative cutie Tomi Lahren and her nice little butt. Both mouthy blondes insist they were the w… Read more

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The Incident At Raspberry Ranch: Part 1 ‘The Meeti

Gay MaleGroup SexFetish

The details of this event took place over 10 years ago and was told to me by a man who requested to go nameless, so for the purposes of retelling it in his words, but to also respect his request, his name and the names of the others involved and location have been altered. (May 12, 2004) Raspberry Ranch was my respite from all the fodder that life wastes my time with. I never considered the Ranch to be a waste of my time. To this day, as I recount this experience to you, I still don't, a fact you might question after sitting through this. But sometimes I needed to forget that, at 21 year… Read more

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Dream Mistress


My heart was racing as I looked at my computer screen for you see I had done something I not only thought I would ever do or for that matter gain any actual results from. I guess I should explain what I've done, you see my sexual interests and fantasies would have me deemed as a submissive for the thought of kneeling before, taking a strap-on bigger than my own cock, earning the privilege to cum then gladly cleaning up that filthy mess or better yet commanded to cover my own face in cum. Most of all though to hear my mistress tell me what a good little bitch I am, how much it pleases her that… Read more

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This is where I got my start in interracial himili

Interracial SexGroup SexFetish

I've been reading a few stories on here, and thought I'd share one. Now this happened a long time ago, in 2005, when I had a studio apartment, so my story is all from memory. There were only about 5 of us drinking, we were all young then, we were all in our mid 20s. 2 black guys, me, and 2 very attractive women. We weren't d***k yet, although I was feeling it a little. It was pretty early in the night. All of a sudden 1 of the women says, "whoever wants a blowjob, raise their hand" I was thinking WTF, but raised my hand, along with the 2 other dudes. She looked at the other girl and asked if… Read more

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Whores and Pros


I've always preferred professionals for my sex adventures. Hell, they are a lot more cooperative and their energy level is usually consistent with their pay grade. This is my Monica story. Monica was special. She had a special sense about what men wanted a woman to do for them to give them a powerful orgasm. Its what I call "Grrrrrrr" cumming. Kind of a low growl and grunt as you cum from the deep. I was surfing Backpage, when the site had photos and descriptions. I came across an add with photos of an older lady who looked like a crazy cocksucker. I called and made an appointment to meet at… Read more

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Daddy’s Naughty Girl (roleplay)


You wake up and realize that you can’t move. Your arms and legs are restrained. Fear overwhelms you, as you cannot see either, you are blindfolded. Suddenly a sense of eroticism intensifies throughout your body, as you know this is your special game with daddy. “Daddy, are your there?”. The silence continues in the room. “Please daddy, are your there?”. I’m sitting in a chair looking directly at you. I don’t hear you call out. My mind is distracted as your sheer beauty, consumes my every thought. Your face so innocent, but hidden beneath that innocence is a girl whose sexual desi… Read more

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The Three Wierd Sisters (Part 1)

TabooGroup SexFetish

As the Prince woke up, he thought he'd heard something outside the canopy of his bed. Setting up on his elbows, he knew that he was not alone. Someone, or something, was just outside the heavy curtains. He felt his heart beat suddenly surge with a mixture of both fear, as well as a strangely compelling excitement. "Who's there?" He said quietly. At first, there was no reply. But then he heard the sound, unmistakable, of feet on the flagstone floor just outside the canopy of his bed. "Who's there?" He said once again. "We've come back," the voice said after a moments pause. It was a femal… Read more

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Karen My School Teacher 10


I heard them talking. “Man she is fucking hot. Mmmm did you see her ass in that skirt” I felt extremely dizzy laying in Karen's bed. It was all dark in the room except the light coming from the slightly open door. I heard Jacob say. “I really loved those legs of her. And those pretty pantyhose feet. Mmmmm. Look at my bulge” The whole room was spinning and somehow i still felt great. my body got this feeling of butterflies in my stomach hearing them talk about me like that. I love the sensation of showing myself as the girl i always longed to be. I am i real pantyhose slut. “Yea i see the bulge… Read more

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Hubby Dan's Head Got totally Mind fucked seei

FetishHardcoreInterracial Sex

Well, its been four days and Dan is still really fucked up. I mean his head is really fucked up bad. Last night I said he could have sex with me but in the end his little cock couldn’t even begin to get hard. It started about a week ago. We walked one night in the hood of Newark until we saw some hookers. We went over and talked with two of them. Dan explained how my fantasy was to be prostitute on the street and be the property of a really demanding black pimp. We’ll in no time this one ho was writing down the number of their pimp. “Mistata Roca would be way inot that, he never had no wh… Read more

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Janice's Story


My name is Janice and I’m 39. As you can see I have a bit of a muffin top, a bit of a belly and no ass. So I never thought it would happen to me. I’m a secretary in a dental office, it consists of making appointments, cancelling appointments and confirming appointments. It’s not the place to meet men. The majority are either happily monogamous or not looking for anything beyond a one night stand. I have had a couple of those though. I had just gotten home on a routine Thursday evening. I used my key to unlock both locks to the front door, I remember that. I put my shoes onto the shoe rack and… Read more

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