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f****y Guy f****y Stud joy

Peter Griffin had his usual late night shower and had gone to his bed totally naked as he did every night with his wife. He waited for the light to come on in the room opposite his in the next door neighbor’s house. The shades were up giving him a clear view of his next door neighbor’s daughter’s entire room. Joe Swanson his friend and next door neighbor’s daughter Susie was in the room like every other night standing in front of her bedroom mirror brushing her long blond hair which went all the way down to her little tight ass.

She spent every other night brushing her long blond hair for a... Continue»
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f****y guy: Meg And Chris’ Day

“k**s, going to the vets now, try not to kill each other!” Lois announced as she left the house with Peter and Stewie to watch Brian have a crucial leg operation, which could take hours.

An hour into the k**’s alone time Chris heard an animous moaning noise coming from Meg’s room, suspecting the Evil Monkey was hurting Meg, he ran upstairs to help her, instead he discovered Meg using Lois’ deodorant can as a dildo, shoving it into her cunt, so much so, she didn’t even notice Chris had been there, slowly jerking off to the beautiful sight of his own big s****r fucking herself.

After about... Continue»
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f****y Guy Was it a dream or was it real

As they stepped into the shower Quagmire watched as Lois’s hair became wet, water cascading all over her, dripping down her slim body. He couldn’t believe it his best friend Peter Grrifin’s wife was in the shower with him. “giggity” “giggity” “giggity”, Being naked, he could not hide how hard and horny he was, and Lois’s pussy moistened when she noticed the size and thickness of it. she had heard about it’s size but now she could see it for herself, She smiled at him, putting her arms around his neck and stepping up to him.

She kissed him lightly, still smiling, dimples appearing. She bro... Continue»
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Keep Your Enemies Close.

They say climax to lovemaking is like dying a little death. In the space of one night, I could specifically say that I died a thousand deaths. We met at a charity event for the homeless and while the master of ceremonies kept going on in his drone-like voice about how bad these people were suffering and how much they needed our “help”, my long shapely legs that could put any model to shame found their way to the open bar.
“Double scotch on the rocks please,” I said to the bartender. I was not all that aware of my surroundings so it explained that I missed the Greek Adonis sitting by the bar w... Continue»
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Unzipped - with Ariana Grande

Let's get this out of the way first, Ariana Grande is an unspeakable bitch. Being her bodyguard, I've been privy to her antics. Whether it be fucking over former co-workers to treating her regular staff like shit. I've seen her make back-up dancers cry and fire assistants for wearing white after labor day. She's the biggest diva I've ever come across, and my first job as a bodyguard was Christina Aguilera, for fuck's sake. That bleach blonde had some odd demands, but nowhere near the kind of shit Ariana would spout out, and Christina also had the habit of fucking her bodyguards, which made her... Continue»
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"Lips Like Sugar" Part 1 With Chloë Gra

I hated this town. I guess I had stayed here longer than I really needed to. Though I shouldn't have any complaints being financially secure, due to investments that had paid off in the past year. Not to mention being a retired police officer at a fairly young age (thirty-five being regarded as quite young on the f***e). This was due to seeing my partner being gunned down during a d**g raid a couple of years back. Sure I could have continued on, but the horror of that evening made the many nights after, quite sl**pless ones, even despite catching the guy responsible.

Not having to work shou... Continue»
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In the theater with Miranda Cosgrove

Miranda checked herself out in the mirror for her date with Jake. She lifted her black denim skirt that as already a bit small up another quarter inch. To show a bit more of f her alabaster legs. Her red Paco Chicano racer back top was extra tight to show her perky braless B-cup breast. Her lips were painted with the right amount of red lipstick to make her look the right amount of slutty just the way Jake liked it.
The whole purpose of the out fit she was wearing was to tease Jake. Tease her until she could no longer keep her eleven inch cock in her pants and take Miranda where ever they wer... Continue»
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Guarding Emma Watson Pt. 01

So far this had been a day from hell. No scratch that, a week from hell. Hectic, badly planned, too stressful, badly timed and to top it all off, we were in London. The home of the beautiful, charismatic, intelligent Emma Watson. At least it was where she studied. I'm not sure if she was still able to call any place home really. But today really did take the cake. But perhaps I should clarify who I am. I'm Pete, Emma's personal bodyguard for close to four years now. Everybody calls me Pete, I insist on it even. I rather not have my last name known to too many people, lest my f****y gets bother... Continue»
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BtVS: Love, Trust and Monsters – Chapter 2

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Love, Trust and Monsters – Chapter 2

"Take it off."

Buffy obediently began to shed her clothes, placing them carefully on the damp crypt floor. She started with her high collared top she'd worn to avoid people seeing the bite marks, she only had the one so she had to keep it clean.

She regretted wearing the lingerie Riley had bought her, pink and flowery, it caused a raised eyebrow from Drusilla. When Buffy was naked she motioned to the customary silver cross her lover wore around her neck.

"I can't be near you with that," Buffy nodded and took it off, pla... Continue»
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A Castle Love Story

"Great job on that case, guys," said Beckett as she, Castle, Ryan, and Esposito finished filing paperwork for the case. "Yeah," said Ryan. He was a little distracted at the moment. He followed Esposito from the elevator and and had stared at his ass the entire time. Now Ryan covered his bulge with his bag. "Wanna meet at my place later for a little Madden?" Esposito asked Ryan before he turned to get on the elevator, "I bet I could beat your ass any day." "Yeah, sure," Ryan said, "See ya in a few." He turned to walk away, and Esposito gave his ass a playful slap. He turned around and saw Espos... Continue»
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Postapocalyptic reality 3

This is a continuation:

Postapocalyptic reality 1

Postapocalyptic reality 2

It was not the first time she had seriously considered using her talent to help domesticate a****ls. She often wished she had a Brahmin to help her carry the heavy burdens she had to haul home, or to a trader for sale, so she once decided to capture one. Domesticating the strange two headed bovine that populated the wasteland was actually quite common, but it is usua... Continue»
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Second time

I love you that what she said as I pulled out to shoot my load on her stomach, she is a natural but if the husband finds out I'm a dead man.
After I took my puff of the Mary J I sat beside my bed wondering in space. My cock was starting to give signs of amusement. Her sound outside my door calling out for her k** who was busy running away, made me gather the courage to step out and pretend I was heading to the loo. Hello I threw the word hoping she would blush her guts out. Hey, long time no see she replied with that grinning smile. I was walking in a dream zone as I walked toward the wa... Continue»
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Emma Watson meets the fanboys

The portly, balding main in the ill fitting suit ran as fast as his stubby legs would carry him up the hall. “Emma! Emma!” he gasped as the beautiful young star turned around and stared at him with a confused look on her face. “I’ve been trying to catch up with you all day,” he huffed as he reached the actress. “I don’t think these London streets were designed for cars,” he panted, bent over with his hands on his knees, trying to catch his breath.

“They’re not. Do I know you?” Emma Watson, former c***d star of the Harry Potter movies asked, with suspicion in her precise British accent,... Continue»
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Britney Spears & The Return of the Blackmail K

this is a stand alone continuation of my previous 2 stories, Britney and the Old Man & Britney and the Blackmail k**.

Almost a year had passed since Britney's wild weekend with her neighbor and his blackmailing grandson. she hadnt seen either of them since then and just assumed her neighbor used the house for vacations or something. she had finally gotten over the memory of having a young boy violate her and make her do things she never even thought of doing. she was just getting ready to go out for a bit, wearing very tight jeans and a low cut blouse, when her door bell rang. she wasnt exp... Continue»
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Britney & The Blackmail k**

This is continued from Britney & The Old Man

Britney just stood there stunned. she couldnt believe it. this young k** filmed her fucking his grandfather. she didnt even know anyone else was there. and now he was blackmailing her. and there was nothing she could do about it. she thought about it and figured it couldnt be too bad, the k** probaly just wanted a handjob and an autograph. the boy stepped into her house and told Britney she made the smart decision. he told her to strip and she did. the boy couldnt believe it,

Britney Spears was naked in front of him and was ready to do anyth... Continue»
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Britney & The Old Man

Britney sat outside on her front steps and watched her new neighbor move in. the moving men were hot and were getting her alittle turned on. she watched as they finished and left and she was thinking of going inside and calling someone. she then saw who her neighbor actually was.

He was an older man, he looked to be in his late 60s. he saw her and waved and she smiled and waved back. she watched as he struggled with a few boxes and she went over and asked if he needed a hand. he gladly accepted her help and together they carried the boxes into his house.

He said, "i'm Jeffrey, thanks fo... Continue»
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Chloe Moretz, Hitchhiker

By Muhabba
This story is based on the idea Chloe Moretz isn’t a celebrity.

His name was Dave Foster and he was a traveling vacuum cleaner salesman. (Oops. “Retail Associate Salesperson” the last seminar he had to attend told him) Basically he travelled around in his hatchback giving live demos of his company’s “Rainbow Lite” vacuum cleaners. He would provide quick demos at trade shows, retail outlets and in peoples’ homes by appointment. He had a pretty good base salary and a more than decent commission whenever he made a sale and at the rate he was going he figured he’d be good to retire ... Continue»
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Visit Miranda Cosgrove

You knock on Miranda's door.
"Hey, what's up?"
„Not much. How about you?“ you ask
You wanna come in?" she asks you.
"Sure." You step inside and close the door.
"I am home alone." This suddenly gives you a jolt of a hardon. You could barely stand it. You wanted to do so many things to her.
"So, um. What have you been doing around here since you are alone at home?", you ask.
"Well, I'm still trying to decide what to do."
"Why don't we both think of something?"
"Wanna play truth or dare?" you ask.
"Sure," she answers. "I'll go first. Truth or dare?"
"Truth," you answer.
Miran... Continue»
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It’s Not Christmas Without You


By SchneiderVerseAfterDark

Sam and Cat’s Apartment

Christmas Eve

Sam wore a thin cotton red spaghetti strap tank top and green silky boxers (presents given to her by Cat for and to wear during the holiday and understanding her hatred for the word ‘panties’) as she lazily walked into the back second bedroom of Cat and hers shared apartment. After the couple had returned from Tori, Freddie and Jade’s Christmas party, Cat had instructed her to change and relax in the living room for a bit until ten o’clock. The blonde had been surpri... Continue»
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Chloe Moretz: A Day In The Park

By Muhabba
This story is based on the idea Chloe Moretz isn’t a celebrity.

“Hey mister, ya got any candy?”

Tony looked up from his sandwich and saw a young girl standing about 4 ft. from his bench. “Swell,” he thought. “No sweetie. I’m afraid not,” he said trying for a warm smile. He’d chosen this secluded section of the park he found yesterday specifically to get away from people and enjoy his lunch in peace. Specifically people this young girl’s age. It wasn’t that he didn’t like c***dren, it was just that he got enough of them managing his toy store.

The girl looked at Tony ... Continue»
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