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In the Sauna with Leslie Mann & Tea Leoni

As far as Celebrity Tennis Tournaments go, it doesn't get much better in terms of both star power and actual talent, than the Andre Agassi Tennis Classic in Los Angeles. Andre seems to have the personality that draws the best celebrities from all over the country. The majority of the players are women as this year they have 24 competing in the double competition, while there were only ten men playing. Chelsea Handler and Sandra Bullock were the two-time defending champs, and had to be considered the favorites again this year. One team to look out for was Tea Leoni and Leslie Mann. Tea, wh... Continue»
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Tina Fey's Casting Couch

After a successful run with 30 Rock on NBC, and several movies with gal pal Amy Poehler, Tina Fey was once again ready for another sitcom. Her popularity has never been higher and the execs at NBC wanted her on board to give their sagging ratings a boost. The pilot had Tina as a sex ther****t, frustrated with her own sex life, who had to listen to assorted perverts and sex addicts tell her their problems.
As producer, Tina had 100% control in who she would cast for the show, and all of the weekly story lines. She had already hired Vicki Lewis as her quirky receptionist, reprising her role ... Continue»
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Before Loving Her: One Broke Kat Dennings

Disclaimer: This is my sixth story, and the second in the new series "Before Loving Her". All photos belong to Kat Dennings or their rightful owners. And so we begin...

So as I mentioned previously, I have told the woman I'm going to marry, the one I'm in love with, about Megan Fox... And now, I'm going to tell her about my nine months relationship with this girl named Kat Dennings.

I have to admit that I had fantasized about Hilary Duff before when I was younger... nothing too sexual, it was more towards a "what if she was my girlfriend?" kind of scenario.

It was actually my relation... Continue»
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Jennifer Aniston Catches Reese Witherspoon

Football season was underway and with the Rams moving back to L.A., many of the Hollywood stars were ready to hop on the sports bandwagon. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux used the opening game against the 49ers as a chance to invite a few friends over and show off their new luxurious Beverly Hills home. 'Friends' co-star Lisa Kudrow and husband Michael, Jason Sudakis and Oliva Wilde, Reese Witherspoon and her husband Jim were the couples that gathered to watch the game.
There were two big screen TVs in the spacious living room, with a huge spread of food and plenty of drinks in the kitc... Continue»
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Debra Messing Moving Day

'Mysteries of Laura' had just been cancelled after only two seasons, and suddenly perky redheaded beauty Debra Messing, and the rest of the cast was out of work. Despite decent ratings, NBC decided not to renew the popular series. Debra had seen it coming though, and already had sold her downtown apartment and bought a house in a nice upstate community, that was home to several other famous celebrities, including David Letterman, Angie Harmon, Jamie Lee Curtis and ballplayer Mike Piazza.
Debra packed her car with several boxes on a recent Saturday afternoon and made her way out of the cit... Continue»
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Man Fantasy

WAITING was always the hardest part. Thinking and fantasising was all I could do. Naturally I was already rock hard, anticipation of our meeting was such a turn on. Thinking how I wanted to tear off her clothes and slip her my thick cock the moment we met. That’sis not how is goes though is it, there is always at least a hi or hello first followed by some conversation. Work had finally taken me to her town of Pillhat my favorite part of the job was getting to travel. There I was in my work truck in a park presumabl... Continue»
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A Hot d***ken Night

Jay and I were back in the states in Seattle Washington giving our friends and family a surprise visit. Jay, All the AOM boys and I were at this sports bar in his hometown. Jay was never a big drinker so he quickly got a buzz after 2 drinks. But however his buddies encouraged him to drink more, which then made Jay’sis Face become slightly pink in the cheeks and made him a lot more louder.
“Guys, Guys wanna hear somethin’?” he asked with a goofy smile.
“What’sis that?” asked one of his friends.
“If Alcohol makes you an alcoholic what does Fant... Continue»
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Diana was lying on her bed panting softly as she stimulated her clitoris with her fingers while gripping her breast. The 22 year could feel her two fingers become soaked with her own wetness, she was becoming close to her breaking point. Her brown skin was slightly sticking to the sheets from the sweat. She then placed her other hand below to maximize the sensation, after one last moan she sighed with slight satisfaction. Her hands could only do so much and not owning any sex toys only made her more frustrated. She wanted the real thing more than anything else; a real man with a dick tha... Continue»
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In Megan Fox'sis Body

Disclaimer: This is my fifth story... All photos belong to Megan Fox or their rightful owners. And so we begin...

I have to admit. My career comes with many perks.

Just seeing hot celebrities everyday was good enough for some people... but I managed to up that.

I got to see them naked.

I'm not some photographer who can see them behind the scenes, nor am I a movie director who gets to shoot them in some sex scenes.


I'm a powerful man in the industry, with both money and the connections.

The women who wants to sleep with me in order to get their ticket to fame and a stea... Continue»
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I Kissed a Girl Named Katy Perry

Disclaimer: This is my fourth story... All photos belong to Katy Perry or their rightful owners. And so we begin...

So, I might have not had much experience before I met her.

Fine. I was a virgin before I met her, you happy?

But that doesn't mean I'm embarrassed about that fact.

So what that I never had a girl until I was 23 years old?

I gave my first time to her. My first girlfriend, and my first sex partner. No, wait. Were we even a couple? Or were we just having sex?

She taught me a lot. Sometimes too much... Of some things I should never reveal to anyone. Not even you.

... Continue»
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Two Are Better than One

"Ooh, ooh!"

Jean Granger was moaning slightly frigging on her clit while jumping over the penis of her husband. Jumping was a strong word, she felt. Since moving just two inches above would make the thing slip out.

"I'm cumming." Her husband tensed up, his legs stiffening.

"W-wait." She started frigging herself faster. "I'm almost there."

"Can't." He gasped for breath and the next moment went limp. She barely felt anything.

"Hey!" She tried hitting his face but he just mumbled in sleep.

"Gerroff me. I am tired."

Jean sighed and got off, walking to the washroom to wash her ... Continue»
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Love at The 83rd Academy Awards

So After The 83rd Academy award I decided to hang with Jennifer Lawrence she wasn’t doing anything and we decided to go a fancy restaurant in the L.A. area.

There was a lot of sparkling light and the sound of clinking glasses in the dimly lit room. The murmur of many voices in conversation, sometimes rising into laughter, sometimes diminishing into a cozy half-silence. A lot of polished wood and expensive paintings. Some very well dressed and well trained waiters and waitresses, and Jennifer'sis Blue eyes staring intently into mine. Oh yes, and a menu of savory entrees, and a wine list, bo... Continue»
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"The Lady and The Gentleman" or "A

The day after my surprising date I wrote my friend a text to thank him for the amazing date he had set me up on. He wrote back how happy he was that it had been a success and he was the one thanking me as I had really helped him being able to show up with short notice. It turned out he had many celebrities as clients at his dating bureau and he asked me if he could call me another time since I didn't seem intimidated by going on a date with a celebrity. Obviously, I told him I was up for it.

I was really excited but the weeks went by and I heard nothing from my friend. Then one evening the ... Continue»
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Superman dirty story

Superman was getting a stirring in his groin, and it was getting hot!
Perspiration was developing around his forehead, as he recalled to himself
he had not had sex in three weeks, and all because of his excessive
schedule as Clark Kent, besides his duties as a superhero. The feeling was
overwhelming, because it seems that every time he'sis sees a nice round tush,
his hidden gun develops a longer barrel. That gun of his was ready for some
wild west rock-a-thon, but he wasnt quite sure what to do about it. Jacking
off wasnt the answer. No, this had to be taken care of with another
partne... Continue»
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1. Preselection

You must be desired by other women. This can be called pre-selection. If you are seen as attractive for other women, say your "quote on the market" will rise. Women like guys who are coveted by other women.

They think, "If he is courted by others, surely he must have some attractive thing." Preselection is evident when you are always surrounded by women in a social environment. Another way is through some value demonstration stories.

2. Leadership

You must demonstrate leadership. Definitely this is the element with the greatest impact. As the woman is independent an... Continue»
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BtVS: Summers' Heat

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Summers' Heat

Buffy Summers was feeling distinctly warm. She had all day. But it wasn't a fever or anything. It was more... she was horny. After all, she was a healthy young woman who had found she enjoyed sex. But, since she had broken things off with Riley, she had found no one else to replace him in her bed.

Truth be told, once she found out that Willow was gay or bi or whatever she was, Buffy had found herself fantasizing about the perky redhead. But she also would never come between Willow and her lover, Tara. That was not the kind of thing Bu... Continue»
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The Other Side of Miley Cyrus

Disclaimer: This is my third story, and the first draft got deleted when I accidentally refreshed the page. So apologies if this was not as good as the original draft, you never read it anyway... All photos belong to Miley Cyrus or their rightful owners. And so we begin...

Wonder how she went from a sweet, innocent girl to become the queen of twerking? Well, it might have something to do with her parents and Liam... but I have to admit that I was the other part of the reason.

I was the enabler.

Her accomplice.

I first met her when she was an u******e teenager. I could tell... Continue»
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No Holes Barred

Paul was surprised when the woman who had contacted him, regarding rental of his warehouse space, turned out to be a pretty 19 year old blonde girl. He was even more surprised to find out she had the requisite funds, a substantial amount for such a young lady, to facilitate such a deal. But sure enough, the teenager had the cash, the transaction went ahead and the warehouse was the property of the young blonde for the next 24 hours.

Whilst the deal was in the process of negotiation, men across the city of Los Angeles stumbled upon a classified ad in phone boxes in seedy areas of town, t... Continue»
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I'm Sorry, Lindsay

Disclaimer: This is my second story here, but for some reason, the first has never appeared... All photos belong to Lindsay Lohan or their rightful owners. And so we begin...

She wasn't like that you know.

She wasn't so... for lack of a better word, wild.

When I first saw her, I thought, this chick looks so innocent.

I'm Sorry, Lindsay

Am I to be blamed? That'sis a question I would think to myself now at times.

Do I regret it? No. She was of a legal age when we f... Continue»
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Black Widow Spy vs Miracle

This is a continuation:

Black Widow submits to sis.H.I.E.L.D

Black Widow rises, while another falls between her...

Black Widow Sexual Espionage

The prisoner shuddered awake with a start: bolting upright only to rattle the chains holding her in place. Twisting in the wooden seat, the redhead groaned, head still spinning. Leaning forward she blinked hard as light slowly returned to her... Continue»
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