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Dear Nicole 'CoCo' Austin 1'

CelebritiesFirst TimeInterracial Sex

So it starts off in Los Angeles, Ca. I'm there, working in the y with your current husband IceT on some records and hes letting me spend the night. IceT "I love the tracks we're working on J.V., its just I gotta run to, New York, One time and record these episodes of Law and Order:SVU, and get this bread." I "Do you want me to come with you Ice?" Ice "Nah just let me, slide up here to N.Y. one Time. I'll be, gone for 2 days, don't worry though there's plenty of food on the shelfs in the refrigerator and in the cabinets. And my wife should be coming home the same day I do, a lil earlier in the… Read more

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Emma Stone Drowning Fantasy


(This is NOT my story. Story credit is mine, the writing is not. The author is choosing to remain anonymous.) 18 year old high school senior Emma Stone is enjoying a relationship with her 23 year old neighbor named. She loves the sex they have and on her way home one Friday, she feels horny as hell and decides to pay him a visit. She ties up her shirt into a halter top to show off her tummy, because she knows it turns him on. Emma rides her bike to his house, distract… Read more

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The Office: Pam & Angela's Secret

CelebritiesLesbian SexMasturbation

It was a long day at the office of Dunder-Mifflin, and the staff was slowly thinning out at the end of another interesting work day. The documentary crew had left and all the cameras were gone, leaving Pam as the last one to lock up, just like every other night. It was another strange day, with Michael giving the staff an awkward lecture about sexual harassment in the workplace. His use of dirty magazines as a visual aid was counterprod… Read more

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The #SwirlMovement: With Taylor Swift

CelebritiesInterracial Sex

The Swirl Movement: With Taylor Swift Chapter 1 By:Satoshi88 Codes: Intro, Interracial, Raceplay Disclaimer: This is completely fictional (unfortunately). This is just some idea that popped into my head that seemed like a bit of fun. Comments are more than welcome, just be constructive if you have any advice/suggestions Taylor takes a deep breath as she peeks through the curtain, feeling anxious as she sees the huge crowd gathered in the auditorium. Taylor was no stranger to singing, let alone speaking, in front of a large audience, but this was so much different. What she was about to go ou… Read more

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Rockin' at Rock concert in Rockefeller

CelebritiesFirst TimeVoyeur

It is not my story and it is translation from Norwegian but I find it so hot that I have to share ... :) All credits goes to real author no matter whether this has really happened or not ... ;) +++ Got so many good feedback for debut my story so I was inspired to share this experience. This is something that happened many years ago but I often think back and gets excited every time :-). I was probably 22 years old and a student and had been just freshly with the kindest boy. I think I got a little charmed by the fact that he was so modest and prudent, and I loved to play with him… Read more

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X Club 7 #1

CelebritiesInterracial Sex

X Club 7 #1 After a hard day of working on a photo shot, Jo and Rachel are talking to each other about what has been going on around them and about what they were wearing. Rachel was looking at Jo's breasts for most of the conversation as she dreamt of been able to kiss and play with them. As the talk began to die away Jo said, " I am off to get changed ok, se you later." As she walked towards the dressing rooms, Rachel gazed at her well-toned arse as it moved from side to side. How she wished that Jo felt the same way about her, what fun they could get up to on the road. Been called… Read more

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Kim Kardashian Cheats on Kanye & goes Anal


Kim was getting dressed to go to one of her good friend’s, Amanda’s pool cum house party. She had recently moved in, and had decided to throw a party to invite a few of her friends. She had mentioned that the party will head to bar afterwards, so it was up to the guests to bring their swimmers. Kim contemplated taking a nice pair of bikini with her or wear a really revealing dress that would be perfect for the pool. She decided to go with the dress, a tight short pencil skirt dress with a very low neck that showcased her beautiful cleavage. The neck line was down to her belly button. Kim loved… Read more

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Britney Spears Impregnates Christina Aguilera

CelebritiesFetishLesbian Sex

Chapter 1 “G’night, see ya tomorrow, Christina!” “Good night, Bob!” Christina Aguilera said as she heard the door close behind the production manager as he exited the studio and continued removing her make-up after a long day of work. She looked up at a clock – 9:20 p.m. She was late. She looked back at her dressing room mirror as she finished removing the last bits of her make-up. She stood up, closed her eyes and stretched; it had been a very long day. Suddenly, she smelt the familiar odor of Britney’s perfume. She smiled and looked in the mirror. “You’re late” she said… Read more

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Vacation Fun – Chapter 2 – The Next Morning

CelebritiesLesbian Sex

Vacation Fun – Chapter 2 – The Next Morning With the curtains closed only a little light shined through the windows, but is was more than enough for Sam’s eyes to take in every curve of Carly’s body. Carly always looks so peaceful when she’s asleeep, and now Sam could freely lay in bed and stare for as long as she wanted or till Carly woke up. Before Carly climbed into bed just a little after midnight she striped down to only her underwear, slowly Sam started tracing patterns on Carly’s bare arm basking in the moment, feeling Carly’s skin under her fingertips after so long it is like… Read more

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Hermione's New School

CelebritiesSex Humor

Hermione's New School [Contains fantasy ball-, tit- and cunt-busting, castration (many, some graphic) and big tit themes] Hermione Hermione sat on the broken down school bus with her arms folded tightly across her budding breasts. “I bet I finger the new girl first.” “No way - I’ll have her stink on my fingers before home time.” A chill ran down her spine and she re-crossed her arms tighter over her tender young tits. It had been a month since she had been expelled from Hogwarts and a week since her appeal had been denied. Her hearing had been one to remember; the… Read more

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CADE Anal Fun

CelebritiesLesbian SexAnal

CADE Anal Fun Cat was hanging in Jade's room listening to music and talking. Jade watched the redhead with lust filled eyes. She looked so cute he couldn't resist. Cat was talking to Jade and before she knew it Jade was kissing her with such passion. Cat broke the kiss, "Jade.” Jade put her hands on Cat's sides, "Come on Cat I want to make you feel good. Just give in.” Cat felt her skin burn with lust where Jade was touching. "Jade.” She was planning on saying more but Jade kissed her neck and sucked. Cat moaned out and she knew Jade had her. Jade knew it too and smiled before atta… Read more

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Treasured Chest

CelebritiesHardcoreInterracial Sex

by williacj I saw Derrica Williams of fox six news one day while at the grand avenue mall downtown. "I know you're already married but I'll be straight up with you I watch the news on the weekends because of you”I told her"i know you're married but I have hormones,I'm not apologizing to you or your husband for this." "actually I'm flattered that you fantasize about having sex with me"she said”don't worry I won't tell him,he doesn't have to know about any of this." "I'm gonna come out an… Read more

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Comfort in Her Time of Need


Comfort in Her Time of Need Author: voodoojoe {Disclaimer: Not to be read by anyone under 18, unless you’re a hot chick. In which case my address is: 6669 NE 42nd St. Melbourne, FL (not really, but you can still drop by and see who lives there if you want).} The following is completely fictional. Any resemblance to reality is entirely coincidental. Contents of this story are merely creative license, not unlike a TV show or movie that uses real people in fictional settings and situations. However, if you do have video or pictures of events similar to the ones described below, feel fre… Read more

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Vacation Fun Chapter 1

CelebritiesGroup SexLesbian Sex

Vacation Fun Chapter 1 - Vacation Fun (The girls of iCarly/Victorious/Sam & Cat go on Vacation together to catch up and relax.) With everyone off doing their own thing, there hasn’t been much time to hang out like they did in the past, so it is no shock that when everyone got the invitation Tori and Jade sent out, they accepted without a second thought. The invitation is for a week’s vacation at a private beach house, complete with a small private beach, Tori won the vacation as a prize in a singing competition. Tori and Jade were the first ones at the vacation house sin… Read more

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Fanfiction to Reality

CelebritiesLesbian Sex

Fanfiction to Reality Carly opened a search tab on her PearPad as Sam sat down next to her. "What're you doing Carly?" "I'm curious about something. Our show is really popular. I was wondering if we had reached the level of popularity where people begin to write fan fictions about it." "Are you sure about that? There are some strange fan fictions. Are you sure you'll be comfortable with whatever you find?" "Of course, what's the worst that can happen?" Carly typed iCarly into the search bar of the first fan fiction site she saw when she goggled the term “fan fiction site” and w… Read more

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Bitch, Invincible

CelebritiesLesbian Sex

Bitch, Invincible [Sequel to Girl, Invisible] It had been a whim, mostly, something to get under B’s skin. Kinda ironic really, since she’d been wearing B’s skin at the time. After getting to know her new body very well — she’d come three times at the thought of fucking B’s cunt with her fingers alone — she rolled out of bed, still bare-assed naked, and went into the hallway. She had been on her way to the kitchen to dig up something to eat when she happened to glance into the k!d’s room. She was all snuggled up for beddy-bye, a brown and black stuffed dog clutched tightly to… Read more

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Erotic Essay #1: Single Spanking Secret


ONLY FOR READERS WITH HIGH IQ & STRONG GUTS, BECAUSE OF THE VIDEO I SHOW! Seems I am still the only one in the world, who understands the single secret of spanking & sex. Surely no porn producers of spanking videos have a clue. Logical, as all of them are American! Show you one short sexy spanking sight, which explains everything. A real rare gem here in hell. Surely you know 'hammie' is American, that is why no single thing works. As the top are criminals. Surely I am the only one in the world, who understands all aspects of sex & erotics best in the world. Seems ev… Read more

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Britney Spears Fucking A Teen Pop Star


It had been almost three weeks. Three long, incessant weeks, which had dragged by, the time moving as slow as ever, and my sexual drive diminishing rapidly as I was now deprived completely from sexual activity. It was a strange and unusual occurrence, it was like I had suddenly grown a large, hairy mole on my forehead, making me totally undesirable to women. Jessica and Christina had kept their distance. They were very busy with the tour and their promotions of their upcoming albums. The tour made stops in some gorgeous cities. We made our way up the East Coast, stopping in Atlanta, Raleigh,… Read more

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Sex Club 7 - Chapter 4

CelebritiesGroup SexLesbian Sex

Sex Club 7 - Chapter 4 Hannah walked back in to the changing after the photo shoot and began to pack her stuff up to leave. She looked towards the back of the locker making shore that she left nothing behind. She felt her dildo and began to pull it out. The black sex toy was quite wet. Hannah was puzzled she hadn't used it today. Who could have found it, Tina or Rachel or even Jo could of? For no reason at all she sucked on head and caught the taste. Suddenly she felt extremely horny thinking of who she just tasted. She smelt the sex object and then it came to her… it was Rachel. She… Read more

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Kylie Minogue - Spinning Around


Kylie Minogue - Spinning Around Gary could here that Kylie was just starting her last song of the concert out on stage so he decided to sneak into her dressing room and have a look around before she finished. He opened the door to her dressing room slowly while he checked that no-one was watching him, he walked cautiously inside checking to make sure that her personal assistant wasn't in there. The coast was clear so he closed the door and started to walk around her room .He had always been a big Kylie fan, and not just because of her music, he couldn't imagine a woman with a more perfect… Read more

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