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Mrs claus and the elves

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Just a quick story for the festive season. As all the elves were loading up the sleigh for santa to head off delivering presents they were all smiling and happy. Santa thought this was because they were full of festive cheer or maybe they were just happy to have a rest from making toys. What santa didnt know was that all the elves had decided that once the fat man had gone to empty his toy sack they were going to use mrs claus to empty their ball sacks. Mrs claus was always wearing skirts and dresses and as she walked past the elves all they had to do was look up to get a good view or her a… Read more

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Kiernan tries triple anal

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The following story is a re worked version of another story featuring Chloe Moretz. The original can be read here: http://xhamster.com/stories/no-holes-barred-569631 Paul was surprised when the woman who had contacted him, regarding rental of his warehouse space, turned out to be a pretty 19 year old blonde girl. He was even more surprised to find out she had the requisite funds, a substantial amount for such a young lady, to facilitate such a deal. But sure enough, the teenager had the cash, the transaction went ahead and t… Read more

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Interviewing…. Rihanna


Interviewing…. Rihanna Author: Bonercreator69 I saw her walk into the studio as I was doing the pre-show rehearsal and knew then that this was going to be the hardest interview yet. Dressed in a skimpy top and skin-tight jean, I did my best to not get a boner then, the crew knew nothing of the after-show encounters and recordings. Soon, the time was upon me to get on stage and film the show, the moment I’d been waiting for ever since the smoking hot Rihanna had walked in the studio. The introduction went smoothly, and as Rihanna walked onto the show, I was f0rced to do a double take.… Read more

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Sex with my granny ...seducing

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First, let me describe my grandma, she is rich and quite a modern lady, she is 55 but looks not a day more than 40. She has silky smooth straightened black flowing hair. She has done even breast surgery and her figure is 36b – 28 – 38. She is a busty cougar with real firm boobies. She has an amazing white curvaceous body and her face is also wrinkle free and fair. All in all, she is a woman that can make any guy cum with her looks only. I and my parents used to stay in a mumbai and my grandma being single(my grandpa has expired) used to stay alone, in delhi. And me, I am 18 studying with very… Read more

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A P!nk Beach Experience

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Disclaimer: I didn't wrote this story. I had it on my computer for years and thought, why not posting it? It's hot :) Unfortunately I didn't copied the original author along with the text. If anybody knows who it is leave s comment. I'll add it or delete the story if necessary... * “OK. I need you to load the shit into the car while I go get the dogs.” Pink told Laura, her PA as she walked off. As Laura did as she was told, there was a man looking on from inside his car that was parked just down the road. Whenever he couldn’t tell what was going on, he’d pick up his camera and zoom in on the… Read more

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MY ANALYSIS FOR LUCYDENNY'S MAGISTRAL VIDEO << MY PRAISE TO LUCYDENNY >> I will try to do my best to comment on this beautiful video posted by Lucydenny. I like all of her, but specially, her angel face and her enchanting eyes which delight me immensely. I never get tired of watching this video, in fact, not that long ago, I posted a short comment about it and some other fine pictures of her in the page that she keeps in this site. Lucy shot this video by herself by using her mobile and it is understandable that sometimes the camera moves a bit because she's very excite… Read more

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Of course you know by now this Wasn,t really Carol Connors, but it WAS and American porn actress who I recognised. Why would a porn actress want to talk to a lowly security guard like me? Okay when younger I Wasn,t that bad looking and worked out a lot so had little excess flab, but that was all. “Joe you,re probably curious as to why I,m here talking to you, well I like you! I get damned bored with what I do! Yes I get lots of money for sucking cocks, getting fucked and eating pussies, but it does get boring! I can see you wear a wedding ring and bet you have k**s. I,m married as well, my hus… Read more

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Back in the 1980s by now you know I worked security in London and some times was assigned to major international hotels. At one time I worked the reception area at a hotel located at Hyde Park Corner which I won,t mention the name of, but if you,re familiar with west London you,ll know which one I mean, I was the poor devil in uniform while the hotel also hired plain clothes security. My main job was to check ladies handbags and briefcases for explosives as this was the height of the IRA Bombing Campaign and people had died in London victims of indiscriminate bombings. Of course I never found… Read more

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Minn's sex toy shame diary

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Uh... there is a big adviser to come here to share with you, or I will only stick to the breeze! Ok! Then start ~~ My name is Minn. Because my last name is very special, my friends call me Xiaomi. 21 years old, It is a college student. The height is 167 cm, the weight is 49 kg, and the measurements are 36D, 24, 35. Have A boyfriend who works at a computer company has been in contact for half a year and has a good relationship. The girl is still looking like a girl, and she accidentally became a school flower. Although tall and handsome Full, but I still don't like to wear less Lulu cloth… Read more

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Comfort in Her Time of Need


COMFORT IN HER TIME OF NEED By voodoojoe “He what?!” Selena Gomez screamed into the phone upon hearing the news. “It’s been coming for a while,” Taylor Swift sighed. “The relationship had stagnated a bit and he wasn’t comfortable with me being so much more successful than he was.” “Nice humble brag there,” Selena said, chuckling. “Well, it’s the truth,” Taylor said, smiling despite the empty spot in her heart. “It’s always been that way, and then the car wreck just kinda put things in perspective, for both of us.” “I would so be there in a heartbeat, but I have the tour and everyt… Read more

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Every fling begins with Kaye


by williacj This morning I daydreamed I was in the backseat of a LYFT van with sexy Rachael Kaye of fox six news. “thanks for giving me a ride” I told her” I don't get many rides home.” “actually I was thinking about giving you more than a ride since you bought me dinner tonight” she says. “well I'm flattered but I don't think you have to-” “actually I had a great time tonight and you made me feel special” she interrupted. she leaned over to me”you help me now I'm going to help you." she grabbed me by the collar and… Read more

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3 Unexpected Challenges of Period Sex—and How to H


period sex: You either love and embrace it or you hate and avoid it, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s definitely a correlation between menstruation and libido—hormonal changes can intensify sexual appetite, and orgasms can actually assuage period cramps (thanks to a release of dopamine, oxytocin and other pain-killing endorphins). And because vagina-owners excrete so much fluid while shedding the uterus, that extra lubrication can make vaginal sex go a lot smoother, too. Thankfully, getting intimate during menstruation is becoming way less taboo—largely thanks to the mass media tou… Read more

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My Dominatrix, Lee Lee Sobieski


I am naked and on my hands and knees before her. A friend of mine told me that actress Lee Lee Sobieski has a sideline as a dominatrix. I could not resist. I contacted her and she agreed and here I am. She is standing before me. She has a black motorcycle hat on. Her long hair is hanging low past her shoulders. She started wearing a black a black leather jacket but took it off. She is now only wearing a low cut black bra that excellently displays her cleavage. He arms are covered by black leather gloves that extend past her elbows. Lee Lee is wearing tight leather pants that are tucked into bl… Read more

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Emma Bunton Lead to sexy Leather Fun!

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So, it all started with the usual browsing of this glorious website. Started with a quick look through the British video section however nothing really took my fancy. So, onto the photos category and obviously being the celeb lover, I am ended up straight in the celebrity category where i was greeted by the lovely Emma Bunton in all her beauty and to top everything off she’s in an amazing shiny patent leather raincoat / MAC. Now patent leather is up there with my favourite things and had to comment on how hot she looked! Now th… Read more

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Mila Mynx - worship, edging & punishment


Mila knocked on the door. Inside the businessman was pacing up and down, unable to relax, nervous. He had just poured himself a glass of wine to sooth his nerves, but she was now already at the door. He checked in the mirror that his hair and tie was straight, a method he used daily to prepare for meetings, to give him that extra confidence. A successful businessman by day, but today was not business, he was meeting a Mila, someone he had only known for seven days, online. The business man opened the door to Mila, who turned and put out her hand to introduce herself. He invited her in, his v… Read more

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According to Jim whim


by williacj this story is a sex parody of the TV show “According to Jim” "i have a secret" Dana tells Cheryl."last night i had a dream about Jim" "what was the dream about?" she asked "it was a dirty dream" Dana told her"i feel awkward it's gonna be kinda strange looking at him now." "Dana don't feel dirty or guilty" she says"I had a dream once about having sex with Andy" "andy? i couldn't imagine you two ever getting it on."Dana laughs. "tell you what, I have a proposition for you” Cheryl says”why don't you and I get the boys together and see if we can swing a foursome." "woman you ar… Read more

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Of course this is fantasy as there is no way an old man like me could ever fuck a porn star like Vicky Vette, but I can dream, can,t I? . So after all these years the figure of Death was at my door and yes it was the Grim Reaper in his black cloak, skeleton figure and carrying his giant scythe. “You can have one wish before I harvest your soul.” a disembodied voice told me. “What do you mean?” I asked. “ As you,re about o die I can grant you one last wish, but one only before you expire. But choose well!” Death warned. . “For some years now I,ve lusted after a blonde porn star named Vicky Vett… Read more

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Every Vote Matters - Featuring Hayley Williams


If you're under 18, do not read this story. F/M, F/F/M Hayley Williams tries to get more people to vote... The crowd. It gave Hayley a sense of happiness that she usually only got on stage. However, this was different. This was important to not only her but the world. Election day was ten days away and with all the stuff going on around the country that disgusted her, Hayley was very motivated not only to vote but to volunteer as well. It seemed that her friend, and fellow singing sensation, Taylor Swift was just as motiv… Read more

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Note: This story takes place during the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode ‘Bring on The Night’, while Buffy and Rupert are out patrolling and she runs into the Ubervamp. So, what is happening with the three slayers in training back at the Summer’s home while she’s gone? The Cast: Annabelle - A proper slayer in training from England. Dawn - Buffy’s little sister. Kennedy - Outspoken lesbian slayer in training. Molly - Talkative cockney slayer in training. Willow - Recovering magic addict whose powers sometimes act on her subconscious desires. Xander - Friend to Buffy, Willow and Dawn who is re… Read more

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Tonight's the night cucky part 2


As my wife toed Johns cock and balls to get him hard for the next round of our fantasy, I heard a ding from John's cell phone. I took it to him knowing it was an incoming text. "It's from my wife Jane" he said, "She's finished with her threesome and is looking for some new action, she says she has my usual surprise....a pussy full of cum. I'm thinking I'd love to watch her with your wife, and you can suck the cum out of her pussy, how about it you two game?" Before I could open my mouth, my wife chimed in "Of course, bring her on, he wants the whole Cuck experience, don't you honey? And bes… Read more

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