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*****Caught by the Tide****


I adjusted the rolled-up sweater behind my neck and settled back down, my head supported by a beautifully-rounded, conveniently-located rock. The sun on my almost naked body was fierce, the soft sand beneath my burrowing toes warm. When I'd found this spot an hour ago, it'd felt pretty close to paradise, the beach deserted save for the couple with a toddler paddling at the water's edge and the occasional walker with accompanying sodden dog. But that was the joy of a Cornish beach in early May. In August, it would be virtually impossible to move for sun-blotched bodies, the pervasive, sickly b… Read more

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The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon’s Porno

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Amy had just received her order from the sex catalog that she’s been waiting for all week. She was hosting Girls Night and couldn’t wait to share her sex toy theme with Penny and Bernadette. Several different lotions and flavored lubricants, an assortment of dildos and vibrators, a couple of pornographic videos (including a special lesbian one) and a bondage ensemble complete with a whip we’re all part of the order. All she had to do was make sure Sheldon wouldn’t be around to ruin their kinky fun. Her self-centered boyfriend… Read more

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Mary Ellen Jakowski sat in her kitchen with her good friend Dana Carter having their usual morning coffee. The two women had been friends since the Carters moved into the neighborhood five years ago. Their husbands, Richard and Drew, had become buddies as well. They were "backyard" friends, as their privacy fences were connected. In fact, they rarely went to one another's house through the front door. It was a one-block walk around the neighborhood to get to the front door. The two women normally shared a lively morning conversation but today for some reason, Mary Ellen seemed quiet. She had… Read more

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Sex Dungeon


Life isn't fair. It makes no promises and grants no guarantees. Bad things happen to good people and all that crap. I was diagnosed with cancer at the tender young age of 22. It came on without warning and was a death sentence. Even with aggressive treatment there was little chance of remission. They say there are stages of grief and at the end you find acceptance. I skipped a few steps and I guess I had my grandfather to thank for that. He was a no-nonsense sort of fellow and laid down the facts of life early on in my life. That was shortly after I buried my parents and older sister. They had… Read more

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Breakfasts with Tiffany


Gilbert unlocked the door to the apartment and walked in. It was Saturday morning, so he expected to be alone. His younger roommates spent every weekend visiting with their families. He had kissed his family goodbye six years ago, and never looked back. Well, almost never, he thought as he strode through the living room and into the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator and noted with annoyance that there were only two beers left. His roommates had once again left him hanging. Jason and Kevin weren't quite old enough to buy beer, but they didn't let that stop them from drinking most of his. A n… Read more

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When I was asked to interview Aubrey Plaza by the small, independent, on-line entertainment periodical for whom I freelance as journalist/interviewer, I was nervous. That was in part because she seems somewhat intimidating when you don’t know her. But primarily because I’ve had a rather intense, though private crush on her for years. I honestly felt that I should probably decline the assignment because of my feelings for her. I chose to take the job. I couldn’t help it. It’s Aubrey! To my pleasant surprise, my f… Read more

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Perfectly Executed Plan


The doorbell rang at the door of Ariel Winter’s new apartment. After the entire legal mess with her mother, the sixteen year old brunette thought that the best plan for her was to try and make it on her own. The overall stress bled into her living with her older sister and was becoming way too much for the maturing girl to handle. Tonight was her first free night since moving in days earlier. Ariel opened the door to find her older friend and ‘Modern Family’ co-star Sarah Hyland standing with a bag from Best Buy in her hand.… Read more

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Old is horny


Hi my name’s John, I’m 22 now, describe myself tall slim, some people say very femine, my story is about when I was 17, my parents asked me to help old friends of theirs, fix their cottage up. I stay with them a few days and get paid well. Now Bill was about 72, he was tall like me but fatter. His wife Sue was small lady I think a year younger, grey hair saggy tits but cute ass I noticed that. We worked hard cleaning the mess ( and believe me it was a mess ) it was very warm and we all wore shorts and loose tops, and were exhausted by end of day. My shoulders were hurting me ( bad when old cou… Read more

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A Little Bit Of Cock Will Hurt No One


Tom and I were best friends. We grew up together. We met in church. It was in one of them strict fundamentalist Baptist churches that taught you pre-marital sex was bad and discouraged close contact from the opposite sex. It was ok that you dated, but as long as you remained about six inches from each other and there wasn’t even the slightest bit of ‘Hanky Panky’ going on. As we got into our teenage years, all this sort of thing did, was make your hormones rage ten times over and deprive you of ‘Normal dating rituals’. As you can imagine, especially being teenage boys, we would rebel, while tr… Read more

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JoJo Levesque Photoshoot


As a photographer, over the years, I have pictured many beautiful and sexy women but never as beautiful or sexy as JoJo Levesque, although I had met her on several press shows and award evenings. Finally I got my chance last week to picture her some of the most provocative outfits and positions that anyone has ever done. Working freelance for the likes of  Rolling Stones I was to picture JoJo in a lush hotel suite and by the pool at the Four Seasons at the London dock lands. I arrived early with my crew to set up the lighting and locations of the sets in the penthouse sui… Read more

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She returns, and her name is Shy...but that is the

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Waking up in my bed, seeing the bite marks on me, heart was racing. And I was thanking god my heart was racing. “I’m still human,” I whisper to myself as I look in the mirror. Even grabbing my crucifix I have on my wall. “Still human,” I mutter again as I sit back on my bed to recollect myself. I can feel the room spinning again as I catch my breath, and calm myself. After a few minutes, I go down stairs and grab some food. “Morning,” mom says as she walks by. “Glad to see you are up, was getting worried.” I looked over and saw it was almost 11. “Usually you are up bright and early, what’s got… Read more

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Totally Chesty Tales – Tale 03

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Totally Chesty Tales – Tale 03 – Strolling Around (Featuring Linda, Robert Cortese and Ruth) TAGS: M/F/F, oral, 69, anal, facial DISCLAIMER I do not own any of the characters on this story; save if they are original characters (OC). These characters belong to their creators, producers, broadcasters, publishers and distributors, as the works they come from or inspired in way the story written below. I do not have any financial gain through this written piece nor do I intend to cash on it. This content is mostly to be seen as a parody work with adult content. I repeat a parody. With adult c… Read more

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To Really Know Someone - Chapter 1


To Really Know Someone - Chapter 1 Sequel to "That Thing That Happened That Time That's Really No Big Deal" Drip. The sound is hollow as it echoes through the cave. Drip. Drip. But even as hollow as it is, it's enough to wake her from her sleeep with the hazy pain that follows it. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Her eyes open to the near pitch-black darkness of her surroundings and the shadows of the flickering lights don't do much to help her blurry vision despite her slayer senses when she tries to focus. Figures seem to form in the shadows and as they group together she st… Read more

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Oh Nancy - Chapter 1: Reunion


Oh Nancy - Chapter 1: Reunion [A direct sequel to the events in Killer Tuna Redux. Story picks up just a couple months later when Freddie comes back to visit, and Jade has quite the surprise.] Freddie Benson wore a calm expression to hide his almost puppy-dog crush eagerness in the backseat of the cab as it was just a few miles away from his very lovely and sweet, to him, at least, girlfriend, Jade West. Weeks had passed since Freddie had left the City of Angels and his girlfriend, but now he was back with the perfect excuse to come down and visit her (with her parents conveni… Read more

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Adventurous Minxes

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Adventurous Minxes It had been a week and Elizabeth Gillies was still sore she had tried breaking up with Dozer but he always talked his way back into her pants somehow. “Not going to relapse he’s not talking his way back in again.” she thought Sitting down with her coffee was a welcome change from the morning sex poundings she got in her holes depending on what day of the week it was she shifted at the thought that if they were still together Liz would have a very thick 24-inch monster up her ass now. “So many memories.” she thought again The raven-haired actress got a smile on he… Read more

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Willow, Autumn, Dakota & Elle

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Willow, Autumn, Dakota & Elle In on an airport’s pick-up area Willow and Autumn stand with their luggage, as a car pulls up, and Dakota sticks her head out. “Oh, my God!” she squeals, “You’re so grown up!” Behind her, Elle gets out. “Not as much as her!” Willow jokes. “Oh, I know, my baby sister just shot up overnight. She could carry me now!” Elle goes around back, and opens the trunk, and her and Autumn load the luggage in. “Did you just get that cut?” Elle says, referring to Autumn’s short hair. “Yeah. You like it?” “It is adorable!” Later, as they drive, Dakota asks, “S… Read more

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Interviewing… Louise


Interviewing… Louise Author: Bonercreator69 The first episode of Sportswomen Uncovered had been a success. Not only had the programme itself been well received by the general public, but after the show I had been able to fuck Jessica Ennis, something which I’d only dreamed about before. The fact that the cameras were still rolling when the momentous fuck happened only added to my pleasure, especially as that memory with Jessica would stay deep in my mind for a long time, the feeling of her body against mine and my cum filling up her ass. Today was the day where we filmed the second e… Read more

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Sex in train_Indian Erotic Story

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This is my first sex story and real one Sex with teacher in First Class AC coach. Firstly, I would like to tell about myself. I am a 6 feet tall, dark, handsome guy. I can say my size is around 7 inches. The story goes back around two and half years. I was travelling in Delhi Mumbai Rajdhani First Class AC coach. I always have been a very decent and silent guy. At around 9 o’clock in the night train arrived at Kota Junction and a beautiful lady boarded the train. I was quite busy in understanding theorems, so I just give a look at her and continued my work. After the train started, she in a… Read more

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One Million Dollars pt. 2

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After a quick shower and cleaning up Sara thought she has heard someone talking in the room. She wrapped a towel around her and peeked to her hotel room. And she was terrified. A woman in leather jacket and black jeans was counting the money in the briefcase. It was her sister, Tegan. "Sa-sa? Come over here." Sara's sister demanded. Sara obeyed and walked sheepishly in the room. "This nice gentleman here tells me that you have made quite a large sum of money today. And he is offering more..." Sara didn't answer. "Another quarter of million for a show." Tegan continued. Sara's eyes widened in… Read more

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One Million Dollars pt. 1

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Sara was sitting on her hotel bed, thinking. She had been anxious for a few days now, and others had started noticing that something was not right. Just half and hour age she had had to convince Tegan than everything was OK when she called it a day so early today, once again. It was almost six months ago in London, when Sara had announced on the stage that she would have sex with a man for a million dollars. It was a joke back the, but a week ago... A week ago a man in his 30's had entered the back stage with a briefcase. He announced his business briefly and showed the million dollars in ca… Read more

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