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College nerd gets lucky

Staying up late to study 11pm. > Doing homework, stupid tiny dorm room. Only a few posters of hot babes on the wall, other than that, totally depressing. Everything is depressing when I’m studying or doing homework.
> Laptop right there on the desk next to my book, all I need to do is just move the mouse and the world is at my hands, I can go kill a few people, watch some porn or something funny, but no, I can’t, I have to finish this tonight.
> At least my roommate is not here yet, probably out partying his ass off somewhere. god I wish I had rich parents.
> 12:30 am.
> Stupi... Continue»
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Lindsey and staceys homemade sex tape part 1

This was a gift for my bf from my gf stacey I was at work one day when I heard a very familiar voice behind me say "hi babes! Working hard are we?"
> I turned around to see my new 'friend' Stacey standing there. Although she was dressed in her supermarket uniform she still looked like one of the cutest and most fucking hot girls I knew.
> "Alright for a quick chat babes?" She asked winking seductively at me, we walked outside the store to a private secluded corner and began to kiss passionately. I couldn't resist her as I ran my hand up her skirt to touch her warm wetness through her t... Continue»
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Lindsey and staceys homemade sex tape part 2

, all of a sudden from the top of the screen slowly came Stacey's big hot arse as she squatted down over Lindsey's face. Lindsey pushed her mouth between Stacey's big dangling pussy lips and began to kiss and suck noisily which made Stacey start to fidget and groan, "is that nice honey?" Asked Lindsey as she spread Stacey's beefy pussy lips apart and began to lick and suck slowly on her pussy hole and clit.
> Stacey's hand appeared and she began to rub and play with her own anus as Lindsey face now glistening with the creamy juice that was leaking from her messy pussy. "I love playing with m... Continue»
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First Anal

To this day Roxy is the only woman I have been with that took it up the arse, let me tell you how it happened.
We were on holiday in the south of France a place called Hossegor on the Atlantic coast, a few miles north of Bayonne. We had been there the best part of a week and the weather had been great which meant I had the pleasure of watching sunbathing topless with the Pyrenees in the background, only one winner in that contest, although one of the lifeguards told her off for it as apparently they took a dim view of topless sunbathing on a Sunday. More fool them.
As I said the weather had... Continue»
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Norton Towers – the apartment block for sexy girdl

Adventurous Dora

Unlike the other tenants in Norton Towers, Dora dressed smart but demurely. She was fairly attractive for a 60 year old but one thing I did notice was the fact that her demure dresses were always very tight – especially across her arse. One evening just as I was ready for home, she buzzed down asking a big favour.

“Robert, I know you’re ready to leave but I am getting severe cramps in my thighs, I can hardly move. I am a bit embarrassed but as I know you’re discreet, could you by any chance come up and get my legs going, so to speak”. She went on to explain that what no... Continue»
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Hitchhiking teen crossdresser: PT 2

Well a lot has happened to say the least since my first time cross-dressing encounter with Jim, suffice to say I've had no misgivings about our perverted encounter out on the countryside altho I never anticipated what was to follow afterward, nevertheless as promised Jim kept his word as did I of returning to the city together to shop for a considerable amount of expensive wardrobe enough to please any woman (or a faggot, sissy-boy girlfriend in my case). We've shopped lingerie, western, women's office apparel as we enjoyed role-play, and heels lotsa sexy heels stilettos etc. I was ... Continue»
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Anal Sister

It had been a wild night, and morning, but with the coming of the sun, there also came the dread of facing up to what had just happened. I had fucked Alana, my own sister. I had cum on her face. We had pretended to be strangers, but the truth was never forgotten. These explicit details would stay in our memories for the rest of our lives, and I wasn't sure we could handle it.

For my part, I had wanted this, even obsessed about it, for quite a while. And I knew Alana wanted this to some degree even before we got naked together. So separate, left to our own minds, we could survive this and mo... Continue»
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Da Fertility Experiment (XSANDY)

Da Fertility Experiment (XSANDY)
Dr Rachel Addison woke up after a good night's sleep, excited about the day ahead. As one of the world's foremost experts in both male and female fertility, Rachel was very busy at the research lab that she ran, especially over the last few years.

Her newly developed female fertility treatment, ADIFEM, was currently undergoing final clinical trials with great results. She was fighting off interest from a number of large d**gs companies who all wanted to take the product to market. Progress on her male treatment, ADIMAL, was als... Continue»
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That night, I was a slut.

Prague!! Finally, I am here. It's been so long since they promised this trip to us at work, as a reward for our great results. Just my luck though, i had to come alone, because my friend and colleague, Ana, the other winner, got sick just yesterday, and she couldn't join me... damn, we've made sooo many plans, and now? Well, there's got to be something to entertain me alone. This is the fun capitol of Europe, right? A girl can pull an all-nighter here without too much of a bother. The clubs are open till morning, and the bars too, so i'm gonna start this by having a drink.
Two hours later, i'... Continue»
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Nastavio sam cijelo ljeto da se družim sa mojom komšinicom Zoricom. Jebao sam je u svakom mogućem trenutku, seks sa njom je bio odličan. Jebao bi je kod nje kući najčešće ali i kod mene smo se poseksali nekoliko puta kada moji matorci nisu bili tu. Jednom nas umalo moja majka nije uhvatila na djelu. Bio sam jako zadovoljan našim seksualnim životom. 

Jednoga dana pozvala me je Zorica i rekla mi da dođem do nje i da kažem svojoj majci kako ću noćiti kod nje jer kao imam neka posla oko krečenja da joj pomognem. Prenio sam to mojo mami i ona je pristala rekavši mi da je to lijepo što pomažem Zo... Continue»
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I am tied down, spread-eagled, ankles and wrists firmly attached to the four posts at the corners of the bed.I’m the wrong way round, my feet towards the headboard, my head hanging over the edge of the mattress at the foot of the bed. The only thing I’m wearing is a blind-fold.

The blindfold makes you anxious - you have to rely on the other senses and every unfamiliar noise puts you even more on edge. I hear the door being pushed open, dragging slightly over the carpet, and someone else is in the room with me. It’s probably my husband, almost certainly my husband, but the thought always goes ... Continue»
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The Crusader

The fallen had become the flowers of Antioch. They lay s**ttered like wildflowers on the putrid planes. There’s no need for bees or butterflies in the garden of the dead, flies are suffice.

A sad end for men who had followed to Cross to the bitter end.

However, I’m no knight of the Cross. I’m not even particularly religious. I was born poor and had to learn to make my own luck. I’m an opportunist. Made a small fortune by climbing on a merchant’s daughter, knocking her up and gaining a foothold in the family firm. Whatsmore the father in law also had connections with the Prince of Taranto’s ... Continue»
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My First Sexual Encounter with a Gay Man - Part 1

My first sexual encounter with a gay man goes all the way back to my community college days. I was 21, had just started my 2nd year of a 3 year program, and working part-time at a local convenience store stocking shelves, washing floors and occasionally working the cash register. It was boring, dull work, but it paid the bills.

The evening shift manager Randy was a real hard-ass. He was in his early fifties, and had been working at the store for as long I could remember. He wasn't very tall, but he was quite stocky, and you could tell that he kept himself fit. He liked to wear a shirt tie, ... Continue»
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Taco Shop Part 2

Here I am still on the cold Bathroom floor. Hands and knees. Still Blindfolded. Waiting for a very rough Fucking. If not for that very strong Drink earlier I would be a Wreck... But just a Horny as hell little scared Guy waiting to serve my new Master.. I can feel something strange in my Ass. It is not a Dildo, But Plug or his finger. It is hard. OMG.. I feel like I am being filled with some sort of Liquid. I feel him holding a rubbing my Ass with one hand. I feel his Dick and Balls pressed against my lower back. I can feel his legs on both side of my Waist.. I am starting to feel very full of... Continue»
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Taco Shop

I have a Taco shop I like to frequent near my work place... Good food and the price is good. Being a regular I get smile from the Girls at the counter. This one day I am eating a late lunch and place is empty. Just me and the workers. I am Chatting with the girl at the counter waiting for my food. She says something about my order and I look to see who is cooking.. I am in luck this guy always makes my food just the way I like it and I make this comment to the girl.. She give me a very strange smile and the look in her eye makes me wonder. What is this girl thinking.. My food gets to the windo... Continue»
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Crazy revenge on ladyboy part 2

So as she looked slightly shocked at the seriousness in my eyes I also noticed her guilty face trying to hide her arousal... I felt so in control and like this moment was mine , she was flushed and in awe just by me being in the room.. I thought to myself, that although my nature is more tender and caring, if she wanted me to be dominant and sissy'd then who am I to deny her...

She showed she wanted this In every way possible.. And to be honest, I just craved to see her gag on my unwashed cock still tarnished with my cutie filipina girlfriends naughty juice...

A young narcissist on a que... Continue»
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Hitchhiking teen crossdresser

It was a 200 mile journey from the city to the outskirts of a small town by the countryside where I live, I have hitchhiked this road many a time but this day proves to be an exhilarating adventure into my first cross-dressing sexual encounter, I had my large backpack I carried with me with my belongings including in secret my lingerie, heels makeup etc. about 60 or so miles out a 4 wheel drive hauling a horse trailer pulled up alongside me, rolled down the passenger window a man who seemed to be in his middle 40's asked if I needed a ride, hell yes I answered it's mighty hot out and I appreci... Continue»
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We meet a stunnig women on vacation

Cindi, my wife, and I were both ready for a week in the sun. We checked into a secluded resort on the Yucatan Peninsula that promised luxury and serenity. Cindi is 5’6”, 110 lbs., mid length blond hair and firm smallish titties. I’m 6’2”, 195 and dark hair. We’re both athletic and Cindi sports a beautiful muscular butt.
We finished lunch on the veranda and gathered our things for the pool. This resort features a pool for the general public and one listed as an adult pool. I followed Cindi as she followed the signs to the adult pool. I discovered this meant topless. About 7 of the women had th... Continue»
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Dee interviews Mr Beach

“Hello Mr Beach, please come in. Sarah, would like to get Mr Beach a cup and us a cup of coffee please?” Sarah left the office and Dee showed him to a seat at the table. Mr Beach sat down and looked around him.
“Oh Mr Beach, or should I say Freddie, this is my husband Ben, he will be participating in our interview.” We shook hands and he sat down again.
Sarah came back into the office with a tray of coffees and placed each one in front of us. She then turned to leave.
“Oh Sarah, we might need to call you back in a bit later, we might need to assess Mr Beach’s selling potential,” remarked D... Continue»
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A conversation

You’re stood in front of me, your 8” heels pushing your calves high, nyloned legs silky, smooth and shiny in front of me. Your cock straining as I work it with my hand and mouth. My cock hard with precum dripping off the swollen end. You rub your cock on my nyloned legs, up over my nipples and towards my mouth. You stand before me with your hard cock looking at me, longing to be kissed, licked and sucked. I take you in my mouth, slowly drawing you in, my fingers wrapped around your hardness, my reds lips sliding over you.

I push you back and you lie down, your legs open slightly. I lie down... Continue»
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