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anal training

AnalFirst TimeMasturbation

i had booked a lady for some webcam fun about two years ago. the time had came for the booking to happen so i set up my webcam on my computer got naked and signed into my messanger. she was already online so we started chatting and asking me what i like to see,i said lets see how far we can go, i was getting very horny and my cock was gettin erect , so she asked me to turn on my cam so i did and she put hers on aswell! by this time i was fully erect and very horny, when i looked at her cam she was even more sexy than her pictures great big tits and one sexy as hell ass! i was asked t… Read more

Posted by sexshay 4 years ago 1 1,096 56%

From big band to big bang


My special friend Marla and I like to get all dressed up and go out dancing. Well we ended up at a club that has different thems. The night we went was the Big Band era that played a lot of swing music. If you're not careful some of the moves has your dress flying out and even over your head. It's not unusal to see two girls dancing, so we could scan the patrons and see who was going to be the lucky guy. I spotted a tall handsome prospect so I gave him a little sneak peek up my dress to peak his interest. He took the bait and ask to dance. he was a very good dancer, swinging me around s… Read more

Posted by slipn2panties 4 years ago 3 1,672 90%

Carl's Day Off

AnalGay MaleShemales

Carl hung up the phone with his eleven year-old daughter that currently live half-way across the country. He opened the refrigerator in the kitchenette of his 350-square feet efficiency apartment and quickly realized that he had absolutely nothing to eat save for a box of Arm & Hammer and three bottles Bud Light Platinum. He headed over to closet and pulled out his worn leather jacket. Thankfully, he had shaved earlier that Friday morning. He put on his black Converse Rapid Response CT SZ work boots that he generally wore during his long days. The 39 year old, caramel-skinned man rushed to… Read more

Posted by faggyboi 4 years ago 6 4,369 100%

Hot fun with older guy on holiday (gay)

AnalGay MaleMature

Hi I'm kyle 18 m uk bi This is a true story about my time on holiday late last year Info. I'm 5 ft 7 , slim- toned , I weigh 9.5 stone , I have short spiky brown hair and a decent tan. I have a 7.5 inch uncut cock and am smooth . I lost my anal virginity when I was in high skool and have had many gay sexual experiences since then but always with guys around my age group . The story Last year I went on holiday with my mum and her new boyfriend and my younger b*****r . At first didn't want to go because I don't get along with my mums boyfriend , my mum is 48 and… Read more

Posted by Kyle-J-Mufc 4 years ago 3 3,696 97%



The first time I was f***ed to be in the room when Mike and my wife made love, it was at a hotel. Mindy, my wife, made a big deal of us going away for the weekend, and she got a nice hotel room. We went out to dinner, dancing, the whole thing. Little did I know that the whole time Mike was watching her with me. When we got to the hotel room she had gotten, she had me strip and get into bed. But, my hard cock got the better of me, and Mindy said not to worry about it. she got me to agree to get into a chair, and tied me there. Not too unusual, she ties me up all the time,… Read more

Posted by manfed 4 years ago 7 1,979 84%



HI ALL GUESS MOST OF YOU HAVE READ PART I AND II OF MY EXPERIENCE THIS IS PART III ( FINAL PART IN TRAIN ) BUT THAT JOURNEY WAS THE ONE I HAD MOST OF THE GUYS I MET ENDED UP FUCKING ME( THATS ANOTHER STORY) ----- Well as you all read in Part II, I woken up in the train and the attendant Bhanu was smiling a bit cheekily at me. So there I was sitting and he was looking at me with his cheeky smile. I finally asked him why he he was smiling. He replied he wanted to do once again. I guessed that was not the reason for smile so I said ' No fun till you tell me why you smiling - what… Read more

Posted by hornyboyind 4 years ago 1 1,449 95%

My first orgasm pt 2


The summer had come again and I was off to the farm, it had been a hard year since I first saw Adam, Granddad had to retire due to seriously ill health and had to take on extra help around the farm, Adam was still there as Granddad had given him full charge of everything and only went to him if he had to order something. I turned up as usual after first week of end of college and done my usual tour of the farm with the dogs, I found Adam who I was so pleased to see, he was chatting to another guy that was very cute and a hunk that made me wet as hell, I concentrated on Adam and struck up a… Read more

Posted by rodma 4 years ago 3 1,476 97%

Taking it to the Extreme...2

AnalGay MaleHardcore

William climbed up behind me and rubbed his massive member up around my butt crack till he was at my anal opening. He poised his penis there pressing ever so slightly allowing my outer anal muscle ring to relax. I groaned as I felt his huge penile head begin to enter my anal opening. 'OH SHIT, WILLIAM,' I cried as I gripped the sheets in my fist. Gasping for breath I uttered 'easy...take it're too damn big...' William slowly pressed forward till his huge head popped into my anus, gasping in pain I felt my anal sphincter muscle ring snap shut around the neck of his man ho… Read more

Posted by d4david 4 years ago 4 2,324 94%

first bisex experience

AnalGay MaleGroup Sex

I remember when i first jacked off with several neighborhood boys, but the first time I actually sucked and was sucked was with my neighbor kurt. Kurt was a spoiled brat. his mom and dad gave him everything and he was an only c***d. He asked me to sl**p over one night and while he was getting ready to go to bed, he said since it was summer and it was hot out, he wanted to sl**p in his undies only. I agreed and we both stripped to our undies and he flipped the light off and we both got into his twin bed and pulled the sheet over us. he only had one pillow and we were sharing it. I remember him… Read more

Posted by dusty48180 4 years ago 12 5,549 90%



hey guys. I am rocky with story which will make your dick hard. This happens few month earlier when i was back to my home in durga pooja holidays from my college.Guys truly saying I never want to forget this sexual encounter of mine.This is about Shanti aunty.She lives in my apartment on 3 rd floor which is below to floor.Shanti aunty is a fair(like a pale white color) looking lady which is very conscious about her body specially figure.I usually go to gym in my college i wish to continue my work out in holidays in my society gym. Story starts here,it was about 7 pm on th… Read more

Posted by rs2792 4 years ago 2 1,730 60%

Friend whoring me out bareback.

AnalGay MaleHardcore

This story is the same as my other story, completely 100% true. One night when I had the house to myself I decided to text a regular fuck buddy called Brian and asked him if he wanted to come over and have some fun. After a few minutes he texted back saying he was up for some fun and had a kinky idea, I asked him what his idea was but he wouldn't tell me. All he would say was "I'm coming to yours, wait outside. You'll thank me for this later". As I waited outside my flat many fantasies were running through my mind, what did he have planned for me, what were we going to get up to. I was… Read more

Posted by petevack 4 years ago 33 5,570 96%


AnalInterracial SexMature

Hello friends. How are you? I imagine they are fine, no matter what time and no where in the world are reading me right now. Can you imagine what I would not give right now for being asoleándome? Refrescándome?? Beach, sun, sand, women (men if they are women) and sex, are the general characteristics that define a beach when a person visits, in this story, love and sex and was on my side though outside in secret, and it was the woman who changed my life and gave a radical shift in the sexual, a woman will never forget while I live: Rosita. In this third and final installment of… Read more

Posted by Angelinno 4 years ago 864 80%

Fun at wedding, part 2


After the wedding had finished my girlfriend and I got in a cab to go back to the hotel where we were staying for the night. She was very d***k, and I was still feeling horny. I was able to give her pussy a good fingering while she dozed on my shoulder in the back of the cab, I caught the driver looking and he said was I enjoying myself. We got to the hotel and I had to nearly carry her to our room. She woke up a little when I got her on the bed, she kissed me and told me to get my cock out. Well I did not need to be asked twice, and as she started to suck my cock I remembered t… Read more

Posted by djol23 4 years ago 4 1,867 96%

Taking it to the Extreme...

AnalGay MaleHardcore

I had just reached the motel and had checked in, I was removing my bag from the car trunk when a young man approached. He was a few years older than I, maybe twenty-five or thirty, about 5'2" and close to 190lbs. He had the odor of one with poor hygiene and in need of a hair cut and shave, for some reason I had no fear of his quick approach. He looked timidly at me and mustered a smile saying 'hi, I'm William and I was wondering if I could help you with your bags for a little change to get something to eat.' I shook my head saying 'sorry, I only have this one bag. I think I can man… Read more

Posted by d4david 4 years ago 2 2,532 71%

First time anal play

AnalFirst TimeMasturbation

I've never been one to touch my ass in a sexual way. It always felt odd sticking a finger in my ass in the shower. But I've always been a bit curious about recieving anal from someone, be it a guy or a girl with a strap-on. Today I decided I wanted to know what it felt like to get penetrated. Unfortunately I don't have any sex toys, lube or anything dick shaped laying around. After some digging around I found a mini wooden baseball bat about 12 inches long and 1 inch thick. Sounds like a good enough "cock" to start with. Next I went in search for some "lube". Soap, shampoo and loti… Read more

Posted by SirCockNBalls 4 years ago 1 2,808 91%

Some experiences with pervs as a young girl


When it comes to sex, pervy men turn me on. What constitutes 'Pervy'? Men who are inarticulate and blunt, sexually immature, men who are borderline nutters and think they know best, especially once their cocks are doing the business inside you, it feels like c***d ****, but intensely focused. Eccentric Frank, small cocked, but a good finger fucker. My husbands friend Frank was like that, he had no sense of propriety, he loved to ask me about my 'Pussy', was it tight and did I shave. Frank in some ways was harmless, he never thought his questions were inappropriate, we would… Read more

Posted by MarieL 4 years ago 4 3,422 98%

My Girlfriends Daughter Ch 4


Chapter 4 of 7, another short but sweet portrayal of fantasy After Marie's call and dinner, Monica's boyfriend had finally left for the nigh., She and I sat on her bedroom floor and started talking about our pasts. I asked Monica how many boys she had had sex with she told me that I was the third person whom she had been with. Her first was about two years earlier when she was a sophomore and her boyfriend at the time was a senior. They and gone to a school dance and on the way home they parked behind a house that was for sale and the people had moved out. It only took him 15 m… Read more

Posted by pornaholic63 4 years ago 3 2,757 98%



Molly was a whore. Nothing she liked better than sex. She never lacked for a good fuck as she had a very hot body and men wanted her. She also liked kinky sex too. She would let them tie her, blindfold her and gag her and fuck her for as long as they could. On a good working night she would have clients from 8PM till 5AM. She loved 3 and 4somes and would even enjoy with a man and wife. She loved to give oral sex and loved to deep throat a big thick cock. Tonight she was meeting a man and his son. It was going to be a wild 3some. She loved young guys as they had stay-hard cocks. She had fuc… Read more

Posted by sexpornqueen 4 years ago 1,930 86%

A Hot Married Mother


A few years ago, I relocated to the Midwestern part of the US from the Eastern part of the country. Needless to say, I was lonely, knowing only the people that I worked with and even then did not know them that well. I decided to check out a website for married people looking to hook up, and I got lucky, meeting Charlie. Charlie is a bleached blonde BBW with huge tits. I would be at a loss to ever begin to guess how big they were. Not only were her tits very large, but she had both nipples pierced and with a little attention her nipples stood at attention like thimbles. She was a m… Read more

Posted by badbob_41 4 years ago 2 3,256 91%

Fun at wedding.


It was in the summer a few years ago, and I had to go to a wedding. My girlfriend was a bridesmaid, and I did not know anyone there. As the day went on I saw less and less of my girlfriend. At the reception she was on the top table and I was on a table with a load of relatives of the groom. Lots of wine was had, and I got talking to a lady called Kathy sitting next to me. She told me she had flown over from Spain where she now lived, she moved there from England a few years back. She explained her husband was still there and she did not know too many people here either. She was in her la… Read more

Posted by djol23 4 years ago 6 4,250 94%