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hindu priya lost virginity

AnalFirst TimeHardcore

I met Priya for the first time at a gathering in July, 2004. Let me start by describing her. She was from a small town, residing at a hostel near my home, studying engineering. She was dusky and slim. I got her number, before she left from the gathering. And in one week, we started messaging each other. In the beginning it was only forwards and casual Hi's. By November, 2004, the messages began to become more personal. And by January, she was starting to miss me a lot. On 14th February, 2005, she said she loves me. I got excited, as I had got my first girlfriend. And after that, our talks be… Read more

Posted by cuteb0y25 4 years ago 1 1,125 50%

My Daddy 'Lovearub' Allowed Another Dadd

AnalFirst Time

Did the title of this tale get your attention? Hoping that it gets a bone and a nutt or two. XHamster brings many people together: some a perfect sexual fit and others "strange bedmates" (if only in our dreams). Conner1993 and I somehow came together because of a "friends" request. On his profile, he writes that he is 35 years old and lives in Merseyside, UK and that he is bi-curious and "looking for sensual and interesting people of all genders. Very curious to try all things that give pleasure to everyone." We began sending massages to each other. With so much of my profile having gay-… Read more

Posted by lovearub 4 years ago 18 2,675 100%

Clara Bow's Academy For Would-Be Ladies Part


Pepper returned to the room and sat on her new bed as she unpacked her things; Marie helped her stow things in a wardrobe and chest of draws allocated to her. The blonde smirked at the new girl as she blew on the brunettes nails she’d just completed; she would enjoy painting Pepper’s nails. Pepper bounced softly on the large double bed; the plug felt so nice now, and she loved the way it teased her anus. “Why such big beds? I’ve never had a double before and it feels so comfy.” The three girls glanced at each-other knowingly, and then giggled; Pepper’s jaw dropped as Marie let her fluff… Read more

Posted by midsummerman 4 years ago 3 1,966 100%

Vibrating mood


Vibrating mood This is a repost with permission from thinkerbelle00 The Man is away for a few days. He is with the "guys." A primal week away that only men can understand. When women go on holiday it is to the spa or some such luxurious pampering experience. When Man goes away with His guys they sew their oats. But whilst i am home alone, I sew my oats too. I do nothing that I couldn't do if He was here. But I feel a freedom to it. My body perked to His absence. I get out of the bed, i don't bother with the dressing gown, i pad barefoot on the cool wood floor. I take the toys from the… Read more

Posted by WonderWoman22 4 years ago 4 1,012 100%

so I'm a slut!


People call me different names; some say that I'm liberated. They say that I am passionate or brave or free. Those people use the polite ways of saying what everyone else says. They say that I am a slut, a no good diurty slut. Those people would tell you that I am a dick tease; I am cold, hartles, selfish and indiscreet. The people around me have lots of different ways of walking the same thin line, remaining superior to me whilst keeping open any future option of fucking me. They may disapprove but they are always secretly envious. I'm not ashamed. From the first accidental friction from… Read more

Posted by lets-cum 4 years ago 7 1,969 100%

Clara Bow's Academy For would-be Ladies Part


The new sissy stood barefoot; naked but for the soft white gown. Though bewildered and a little scared, her little cock poked forward in the gown, partly through fear and partly through excitement as she felt the eyes of the stern woman upon her. Clara Bow rose slowly from the leather chair she sat in, cane in one hand, she wagged a finger summoning Pepper forward. She was accompanied by the buxom Nurse Wykett; her ample buttocks and breast bulging in her white uniform, her black stockings and stilettos a far cry from the usual sensible shoe preferred by most in her profession. Mistress Bow… Read more

Posted by midsummerman 4 years ago 4 1,635 90%

The (Pregnant) Slut Wife - Chapter 19


Rick walked slowly towards me and I was a little scared. He was so angry when I told him I was pregnant I was scared he would hurt me or the baby. I felt myself back up until I brushed up against a wall, covering my belly with my hands. “What’s the mater slut?” he said. “You didn’t expect to see me?” “Rick, please, I know you’re mad but please don’t hurt me.” I said. He walked up to me and his face was inches from mine. “You dumb slut, you don’t even know what you’re talking about” he said as he lifted a hand and began to rub my belly. “Take you fucking hands away” he ordered and I s… Read more

Posted by mrssommelier 4 years ago 2,372 80%

Pia's T-girl adventure

AnalGroup SexShemales

I met Pia a couple of years ago when I was out with friends at a transgendered night club in London. Originally she was born in Finland but she has lived in London now for several years. Her looks are typically Scandinavian with platinum blonde hair and a beautiful, friendly smile. Although I had never had sex with her or seen her naked, I could tell that she has a lovely, shapely body. After chatting with her I discovered that she is bisexual and really only interested in meeting other woman or couples after enduring, what she calls, too much ‘vanilla sex’ with straight men. I also discovered… Read more

Posted by lightwave40 4 years ago 7 2,232 90%

Young Jennifer in old Amsterdam - 1

AnalBDSMFirst Time

Love at first sight After her first completely unexpected sexy spanking ever, Jennifer of only just 18 and freshly arrived, and lost, in old Amsterdam, fell in love with an elder man. I was astonished by her immediate trust and complete calmth under my hot hands. I have had many women of all kinds of beauty volunteer for a tasty treatment bent over my knees, but Jennifer was by far the best, and even a real virgin spankee. I got so aroused by both her beauty and grace, as well as her screams "ooweeee" as the only answers to the painful prediciament, which had turned her on so mu… Read more

Posted by petdyke 4 years ago 13 3,717 69%

The "room"


(fictional as always and enjoy the following piece,:P..and yeah it's abit softcore,but let me know when you try it lol) Innocent lies, Fake prayers, The taunting laugh while she held his spear, Such love only one can hold so dear, Bite marks to please, Her breasts that were meant to be sieged, Split tongue to lick both sides at once, The slow strenuous movements make it easy for her to pulse, Torture is only a shelf away, Widest selection anyone can dream to have in disarray The chains and laced whips at disposal, Red marks of love buried in the cut leaves only more arousal,… Read more

Posted by KlossyDog 4 years ago 1 383

and me makes three

AnalGroup Sex

So my gorgeous Marisa and i are sitting by the pool catching some sun. We've been talking about letting another girl join our love making to take things a bit further and have some more fun and who am I to complain, Marisa likes a bit of pussy anyway. She has been trying to get one of her friends to join us by dropping hints. She hasn't taken the bait yet but tonight its sink or swim as we've invited her around for some dinner. So after coming up with a plan to tempt Lisa into our game's I move to the kitchen to prepare a feast I leave marisa to brown her gorgeous body some more. So later o… Read more

Posted by mrspankytoyou 4 years ago 5 1,366 100%

Rebound Sex With Rejected Cute Girl.

AnalFirst Time

I had been working quite a lot as I did'nt have much of a reason to do anything else lately, on this particular saturday afternoon I finished work and decided to stop on the way home and buy Subway for dinner. As I walked up to the counter their was a cute girl ahead of me ordering, she was short in height about 5' 2", a little chubby but she carried it well because she had quite large breasts, pretty face, nice eyes, sexy round ass and a great smile. While I waited my turn I could not help but check her out as I was much taller than her I had a good view of her breasts down her tank top… Read more

Posted by tigerpaw63 4 years ago 6 2,166 97%

My first teaching job


Summer had ended and classes had begun. I was on the second month of my first year as a teacher at an all girls' Catholic school, and it was harder than I expected! The classes were challenging and the girls were even more so. I was always under the impression I was being monitored since I was new to the school. To top it off I am pretty good looking and one of the youngest teachers on staff. I noticed more than a few times girls would flirt a little with me. It would never be anything too obvious and never led to anything. I was always aware of how it might look if I had a student stay late… Read more

Posted by tatdaddy 4 years ago 5 4,696 97%

How I became an anal slut

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

Growing up I always had an inner urge to please my self anally with various small sized objects. I have always been very cute and good-looking. My body wasnt all muscular but definitely defined in the right spots. My ass was to die for and still is. Its a cute rounded peach fuzzed boy butt with a cute puckered hole that drives men crazy. Men never did really attract me however it was one night when on vacation in California that i decided to take a step further in exploration. I was visiting relatives and had recently discovered that the ease of finding willing people online. I noticed a pi… Read more

Posted by jedrek37 4 years ago 12 3,691 93%

The Hotel


Dan was upset because his wife had been denying him sex for over a month. He was horny and needed to fuck some one bad. He decided to drive down to 4th Ave and pick up a whore standing there. As he drove he didn't see one he wanted till a young girl with huge tits was walking down the street. She also had the ass you just want to sink your cock in. He pulled up beside her and she came to the car as he rolled down the window. She looked at him and said "Want to have some fun with me?" He answered "I sure do. Get in the car." She opened the door and slid in. He looked her over and told her to ta… Read more

Posted by sexualfreedom 4 years ago 2 1,855 95%

Clara Bow's Academy For Would-Be Ladies: Part


Peter had had no choice in the matter from an early age. As he car drew up to the huge ivy clad castle-like building, having entered through electronic gates in a ten foot wall, he felt doomed yet excited. His cock was erect in the tight panties his Stepmother has chosen for his introduction, his anus tingled and gripped the soft rubber plug she’d also chosen for his first day. His stepmother had allowed his soft ginger hair to grow to shoulder length already, and his dosage of hormones had been already been increased. He had been suitably attired in a gingham dress with pink socks and red… Read more

Posted by midsummerman 4 years ago 6 2,210 99%

Sexual experiments in my youth...PART 2

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

Before you need to read Part 1: PART 2: I laid there on my stomach, totally nude, with my friend Brian standing over me. “Come on, man, I wanna shoot my jizz now too,” Brian said. I started to get aroused by the anticipation of what it would feel like for Brian to lay on top of me with his penis resting against my butt. I imitated what Brian had done for me and reached back to carefully spread my cheeks. Brian lowered himself onto me, and I felt a jolt of electricity as his hard erection re… Read more

Posted by rocketstud 4 years ago 15 2,503 93%


AnalHardcoreSex Humor

Sex on the train This story takes place over 20 years ago My girlfriend Michelle has very long dark brown hair half way down her back brown eyes and a sexy caramel complexion. She is 5'10 150 and has 38D's 28 inch waist 40 hips very beautiful face .She is half Irish(her mother's side)and half Dominican (her dad's side) We met in high school we even lost our virginity to each other. I will tell about the first time soon!!! Here is what happened on this incredible night Michelle and I were watching Risky Business on VHS starring Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay. When the movie came to… Read more

Posted by bigrob40 4 years ago 2 1,932 98%

Train Gang Bang

AnalGroup SexHardcore

Train Gang **** Let me explain my proposition to you. You get on the underground train, traveling from one part of London to the other. Now this carriage is filled only with men, no woman and the other carriages seemed to be blocked up. You stand up against the door and simply there. You feel as the train moves away, someone rubbing against you. You feel someone groping you, but you let it slide. I breathe down your neck and press myself against you. Your breasts against the glass. The train keeps going not stopping at all. You feel my hands around your breasts, but you notice another set. By… Read more

Posted by MasterEndless 4 years ago 1 1,390 100%

My workmate in the parking lot

AnalGay Male

I was 18 when I started working in the shop and got put on afternoons shortly after training. the guys on days were all older men, but many of the night shift guys were only a few years older than I. I remember one night a group of guys went out to the cars and most of them were going to bars, but since i wasn't old enough I wasn't. Sheldon was a nerdy kind of guy and said If you want a beer, I have a few in my cooler in the car. He said just don't tell anyone else. We walked to his car and I popped drank a few with him and as i started a third, he said I gotta piss. he didn't even walk away,… Read more

Posted by dusty48180 4 years ago 10 2,740 90%