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Good Neighbor Gets A real Surprise

Ever since I met my neighbor Michelle my sex life has gone from non-existent to weekly sex with this 43 year divorced Scandinavian beauty. What started with “helping her around the house with a few small repairs” has led to steamy sex between me and my 61 year old neighbor. I became her emergency “handyman” after a big electrical storm. I loaned her terrified daughters some flashlights and became the neighborhood hero. Michelle returned the favor with some dinners, and the dinners turned into dates and the dates turned into the best sex we both ever had. Well this story is about one thing n... Continue»
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wild wild woman.

It was just another delivery the last one of the day.
A quick signature hand over parcels then off home.
So I rang the bell and waited for someone to answer
the door. After a couple of minutes the door opened
and their stood a blond well built woman. She stood there
in all her glory not a stitch on "stark bollock naked.

Within seconds my cock was trying to burst out my trousers.
Well hello she said what have you got for me apart from that
massive bump in your trousers. Bring thee parcels in and
Close the door behind you.. My mind was totally mushed
now just watching this naked w... Continue»
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Part One: Mommy Comes Strapped

First thing I realize when I open my eyes is that I ache in my balls. Second, there is a ring in my mouth holding it open and I have drooled a puddle while I was sl**ping. Third, my wrists are still tied to the headboard. The events of last night are still hazy. I’m not exactly sure what happened, but as I adjust myself I feel a warm ache in my ass and things start to come clear.

My parents divorced when I was fairly young, just starting sixth grade. After being bounced from house to house I finally ended up with my mother and her boyfriend, whom I didn’t get along with. Thankfully, by the ti... Continue»
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Part Two: Mommy's Strapped Again

My bedroom door opened and I watched as my mom backed into the room, covered now with a modest robe and carrying a tray of food.

“Hun, I made you some soup and brought you some water.”

She sat the tray down and he eyes widened when she turned and saw me.

“Oh John, I didn’t realize, I’m so sorry.”

She rushed over to the bed and released the ring gag from my mouth. My mouth ached as I was able to close it. I could barely hear what she was saying.

“This is going to hurt John.”


She let the pressure off the nipple cylinder on the left first and the sudden lack of pressure made me let... Continue»
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what have i become

my name is jessicca jess for short a little about me im 5 ft 5 inches brunette slim build with average size tits a nice arse i would say i was ok looking but a 7/10 everything about me was pretty average id been in a relationship for 7 years with pete and we had just broken up over him saying i was dull in bed and also he was bored in general with life
pete was only my second boyfriend i was 28 years old last birthday so this was fairly depressing i realised most of our friends were actually petes friends and when the relationship was over most of them gave me a bit of a wide berth ,
i was loo... Continue»
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Ashley the cheerleader

My PE teacher was married and had two daughters so for me to see him was usually only at school after Thursday PE class. Because I volunteered for sorting missing things I could skip the rope climb which I absolutely hated with a passion.

I had settled into a routine with Mr. X of sorting things after class while everyone else showered and went home after school. Once I found some things I liked I would put them aside and go take my shower.

Mr. X would stand in the doorway watching me stroking his cock and looking at the things I picked out. He would make comments like. “You woul... Continue»
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My Sexuality and Lust After Divorce

Life After Divorce
I endured through a grueling separation and divorce during the beginning of July 2010. I emerged victorious on all mitigation aspects in alimony, custody, c***d support with all the nasty legalities and hearings. When everything was settled, my parents insisted in leaving my reservation for solitude and rest. I settled into a nice motel in Albuquerque’s mid-town area and I made the personal decision to recover, regroup and begin my journey of self-acceptance in being a closeted bisexual and a discrete nudist during my vacation. It was the first time I was alone without my ... Continue»
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Girl friend loves tofuck young boys and girls

My girlfriend Phil is divorced with a young school boy son John and younger blonde daughter Eva
Phil loved watching young boys in porn fucking MILFS like her and I loved watching young schoolgirls
being fucked by older men and young guys
We met through my other girlfriend Liz who also had young daughter and son (see my stories on her )
Phil was going through a messy break up with her husband John
Liz had been her cover in an affair she was having with a married man and she ofton stayed with Liz
after her fucking session with her lover
Liz introduced Phil to girl to girl fucking and wh... Continue»
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My Kind of Charter

This is one of the memories, from St. Croix, that I started but never finished.

I was waiting for the girls one morning as usual – on the veranda of the good old King Christian Hotel, in St. Croix – there was a charter boat captain having coffee. I wasn’t really at my best or, looking my best. It was the off season and I’d been lucky enough to turn three tricks the night before. The last one was still in the room relaxing; he’d spent an hour working off his morning wood in me and I was still tingling and glowing all over. It was one of those mornings that a tampon was a much better choice tha... Continue»
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My school bully

I am a young white curvy boy who likes to wear panties and leggings and my bully is this tall skinny black man named Lamar and recently I became his bitch.
The next day we were in school and we have some classes together and in class he sits next to me in the back of class. Lamer unzipped his jeans and whispered "bitch grab my cock" My hand reached over and through the unzipped jeans. I could feel his warm black cock. He reached over and stuck his hand down the back of my pants and said I see you are wearing the right underwear bitch. I started jerking him off in the middle of class. His dic... Continue»
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Gloryhole surprise

It had been over 6 years since my ex ran away with some d**g dealing cop, taking my 8 and 10 year old daughters(Jennifer and Madison) just to hurt me more. Of course no one would help a single father get custody back then. I hit rock bottom, drinking, not sl**ping for days, not shaving and sometimes not even showering for a week at a time. Somehow a few friends remembered me and put up with my morose behavior.
After a week of my last 2 friends on Earth nagging me about taking care of myself, shaving, etc and insisting I go to a party in the neighboring county on the outskirts of the bigges... Continue»
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My first time with a transsexual

I'm going to tell you how I met Kelly, my first transvestite girl ...

It turns out that at the age of 25, I just finished with my girlfriend, which made me pretty sad.

It was a Saturday and I was coming from the work I had on Saturdays, taught in a computer school in which my ex-girlfriend worked too; I returned home like every Saturday and I turned on the computer immediately opened the chat and entered the room of transvestites in the hope of finding something, and more than anything to fantasize since for some time I began to draw attention to the transsexual girls and transsexuals, I cla... Continue»
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OTK rambling and analyzing.

OTK thoughts…those nasty old spankings…

I was chatting with someone the other night and we were discussing spanking. Not game playing but real life, old fashioned, punishment. I grew up being punished, the k**s around me were punished and some housewives were too. Hell, my first actual boyfriend gave me my first two or three spankings; outside of the f****y. I remember my mother getting a few trips to the ‘woodshed’. I’m well aware that I can be a brat and a bitch; it’s in the genes, that and not always paying attention to life around me. Some of my lovers put up with me – some put me over th... Continue»
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Asking my b*****r to take my ass slowly.

This is based on something that happened to me but I've added a lot so you can't tell what's true and what's not. Everyone was over 18 at the time this took place.

When I entered college, my roommates were Cindy and Carol. They talked about sex a lot. Each had a boyfriend, and they'd go on and on about letting the boys feel up their titties in the library stacks and about stroking dicks behind the soccer fields. They especially would get into details about the boy's spurting, how much, how far, how often. It got to the point that they started competing with each other. I first noticed they ... Continue»
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Just another day of SIL domination!

So, Linda and I are watching her b*****rs k**s at their home and we are out by the pool. The k**s all need to get cleaned up and ready to go to a sporting event later that evening with their parents and we are free to go at that time. My wife Sarah will be along shortly to help with all the prep work and I am just doing some landscape projects after everyone leaves because it will be nice and quiet with no c***dren to get in the way. Linda and Sarah are going out for a bit, or something. I don’t care, I got stuff that needs doing.
I can see Linda’s boobs are full, and leaking slightly. No-one... Continue»
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My Neighbour 2

It was a warm morning when I went outside to take a look at my back garden, since I had moved in I really hadn't much with it and was beginning to think it needed a trim and tidy.
So pulling out my lawn mower from the garage I started with the cutting, and after a few minutes I heard a voice call out.
"Hey Joe when your done there, my could do with a trim!"
I glanced around and saw Faith in a pair of shades grinning at me over the fence.
"You're what needs a trim?" I asked, and she laughed like a naughty teenage girl.
"No, i'm all good down there! you should know!" she replied with a grin... Continue»
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I'm on the road a lot... But not always alon

The show ran late… It always seems that when I want to be out early, I can’t get off stage. Earlier in the evening, you pressed your hotel room key into my hand and told me you’d be waiting… to hurry. And here I am getting in late.

As I open the door, I see the lights are low and flickering. Candles, you lit candles!

I come down the short hall and there you are, on the bed, completely naked… and ...

Damn the encores and post show fan obligations… You waited up for me as long as you could before you succumbed to slumber.

You’re on your stomach, hugging a pillow, if only I... Continue»
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Our first real swinging

Linda and I had been toying with the idea for a while and had even attended some clubs when we had been out of town, we had participated in some light touching, both of us had been aroused by the experiences although neither of us had even gone as far as oral.

That was until one evening a very attractive marute lady began paying me alot of attention. Linda had commented earlier how hot she had looked. When Rosanna introduced herself it was Linda who had gently brushed her hand against Rosanna's open chested blouse to reveal one of her amazing breasts. Rosanna took that as an invitation to ... Continue»
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First time BBC

Dave and Kelly had been married 5 years years since they was both 18 now both 23 they think they have a good sex life. Dave is an average he guy in many ways but he works hard for what he's got which is a lot he's 5'8 with blonde hair pale skin he used to be in shape but no more. He's let himself go abit while Kelly has just got better with age and with money he lets her spend on herself she always looks very hot. At 5'3 and size 8 with blonde curly hair and a nice tan with the smallest ass and pert 34b tits with tiny nipples. Everyone who seen them together said "no way" some you could tell w... Continue»
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How i lost my virginity (imagination)

My imagination began at the local bar. Being very shy and introverted as I was, I sat at the bar near the end by myself as usual. I came here knowing that it was occasionally frequented by gay men. It was impossible for me to meet women and I had hoped that I might be picked up by one of the men so that I might experience sex with someone.
While sipping my second glass of wine, the bartender came up to me with another glass of wine and told me it was compliments of the gentleman in the corner booth. He hoped I would join him. Being extremely nervous I almost said no, but changed my mind.

... Continue»
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