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"Yes Mistress".......whhhip "Yes M

It felt like I was getting ready for surgery, my nerves were in a state of disarray. Taking off the the final layers of clothing I am preparing my self to become another me, another me in a new world, a me that will be constructed by Mistress J. All my senses are heightened now, the floor under my bare feet, the dribbles of sweat beginning at the base of my spine, the air on my crotch, which is now becoming the centre of my concentration. I notice my breaths are shorter, shallower, my throat is tingly, it'sis hard to swallow. My thoughts, my thoughts are honing on obedience, I mu... Continue»
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8 Days Chapter 1

wedding, anal cheating, voyeurism

With 8 days left before their wedding, Damon and Lacey decide to see
other people one last time.

I sat with my feet up, flipping through random television channels as I
repeatedly glanced at the clock on the wall. Although I fully trusted
my fiancé, I knew how crazy bachelorette parties could get. Even so, it
wasn’t Lacey’sis behaviour that I was concerned about. I was far more
worried about how my friend Jenna was fitting in with my girlfriend and
her comparatively snooty friends. As a favour to me, Lacey had involved
her in her pre-wedding ... Continue»
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A mothers discovery part 3

So me, malin and my husbands friend felix were in our bedroom i asked malin if she could take my daughter for the night and i got her ready i kissed my daughter as i was a little unsure what would happen. With my daughter taken care of i went back to our bedroom and saw felix sitting there i asked him to wait downstars i opened my wardrobe and decided id wear the lingerie i wore on my wedding day a black lace see through bra with a lacey black and with a lacey black and white g string, black garter belt and black silk stockings and 6 inch stiletto heels, i did my eyeliner dark and black lipsti... Continue»
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Little cocksucker pt 2 - analized

Following on from 'Becoming a Little Cocksucker"
( )

I told Rick about what had happened with Mr Dixon. But I knew I couldn't tell anyone else. It was embarrassing and anyway it might come out that Rick and me had been doing the same thing. So I just started avoiding passing Mr Dixon'sis house.
Actually, me and Rick had repeated our little adventures in the woods several times. In the woods, in a derelict warehouse, even in his bedroom one day when the rest of his family were out.
I liked sucking Rick off and I liked having my co... Continue»
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Neighbor's Slut Wife!

We live in a neighborhood where the houses are very close together I can see directly into my next door neighbor's living room. I came home from work early one day and could hear moaning and screaming coming from next door. I knew the noise was not from pain but pleasure! I walked in between the houses to find an open basement window, I looked in to see my neighbor's wife Janice naked on a couch getting fucked hard by this older guy. Janice was 34 about 5.5 tall chunky but not fat, nice plump ass and big fat tits, long shoulder length dirt blond hair. Not a beauty queen but very fuckable. She ... Continue»
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Weekend Sugardaddy

My name is Andrew, i'm 53 married i have 2 fantastic k**sis and a very well paid job, and all the trimmings, big house, cars, 3 holidays a year ect. But 2 years ago i risked it all for a girl more than half my age.
Occasionally i work away from home and thats when this story takes place. I live in the north but i had to go to London for meetings. As usual the meeting ran over on the Friday so it ment i'd have to come back again the following week. My wife was having her sisister over at our house for the weekend so we decided that i would stop down in London. they could have the house to them... Continue»
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Married Preachers Daughter Seduction Ch 10

As I rode back toward Rays and Laura'sis I ordered her to be at a hotel I had already arranged, I ordered her to get a sitter, to bring her collar and leash, the HD short shirt and panties I had bought her, to be wearing bright red lipstick, to be all made up and I would call five minutes from the hotel. She was to be in the room waiting. She was to be on her knees, on the bed, faceing away from me with her ass toward me, her head down watching me between her tits and legs as I opened the door. If this married trained slut did this, then I knew we had her fully hooked and getting close to bei... Continue»
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The Young MILF

Young MILF

Hello. In the circles Fotobird flies in I’m known as the Young MILF. Nelson asked if I would write a few short paragraphs about myself to post to this blog, as sort of an introduction of myself to his readers. I’m happy to do it, so here we go.

I’ve known Nelson for a little over 8 years and have been a member of the society circle for nearly 7. I’m in my early 30s (almost too old to be the “Young” MILF). I have 2 loves of my life. The first is my son and the other is sex. For the first, I would give my life and devote my life to him. The second is my life, except that it ... Continue»
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Behaind my back, she is sold at a sex slave auctio

I went to her usual Tuesday night spot, and overheard two guys talking about how the big black dealer wasn't coming tonight. He was going to an auction to get some new stock. He was planning to sell or trade the married white bitch he'd been fucking and dealing for 3years, and wanted to dump her and a Latino her hadn't been happy with. One asked the other where the action was, he'd fucked both those whores and wanted more of the Latin bitch. I heard the guy say a warehouse with blue lights on the outside on the west end docks. I finished my drink and found the described warehouse in less than ... Continue»
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Summer break

Sue was home from college for the summer. She was glad to be back home as she had missed her father a lot. He was a kind and handsome man. they had been very close as he had to raise her when her mom passed away. This morning she was in the kitchen fixing breakfast wearing just her night gown when her dad came up behind and ran his hands under her gown and cupped her tits. He kissed her neck and told her as he fondled her large breasts "I have really missed these big tits. They feel so good. Take off this silly gown and let me see all of you naked." He then pulled her gown over her head and le... Continue»
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Black Mail

My husband and I have been having problems in the bedroom, lately. He’sis been to doctors looking for advice on why he’sis just not in the mood for sex. I’m always wanting him to make love or to do some old-fashioned fucking and sucking, but when I dress in sexy nighties or in just his work shirts, I’m not turning him on.

I’ve been to the video store, rented some hardcore porn and some lesbian porn; but that hasn’t done anything for him. I’m craving some pussy action really bad. One afternoon he came home early and caught me masturbating with my new dildo and vibrator, he just about ble... Continue»
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Il calciatore.

Siamo una coppia normalissima, regolarmente sposata, di circa 40 anni, molto innamorata l’uno dell’altro. Da un po’ di tempo, con scarsi risultati, stavo cercando di convincere la mia lei ad avere uno incontro con un terzo. Con scarsi risultati, sulle prime non ne voleva sentir parlare, poi con il tempo e la mia insistenza sembrava quasi aver deciso positivamente per farmi contento. Nel frattempo nei nostri momenti intimi, fantasticavamo su dove e come sarebbe potuto avvenire il triangolo. Lei ultimamente sembrava gradire molto queste fantasie, al punto che decidemmo di metterci alla ricerca d... Continue»
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Naughty Mechanic

Have you ever had one of those days when absolutely nothing went right? Well today, I thought was going to be one of those days. It was an extremely hot August day. The temperature was at least 98 degrees and climbing. So without hesitation, I decided to head for the beach. So I put on my bikini, grabbed my beach towel, suntan oil, and proceeded to my car. As I was headed to my destination, my temperature gauge of my car began to climb into the red. So immediately I pulled over, climbed out, and lifted up the hood. As if I could fix the problem in the first place. Within seconds, a tow tr... Continue»
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I had been married about two years and already my husband was no longer interested in sex. We made love about once every two weeks. I had been looking at the sex sites for a lover. I wanted a man that was endowed and needed a lot of sex. I planned to meet him in a hotel for about eight hours of good hard sex. I had posted a nude picture and had looked at several nude men. I finally found a guy who was married and very endowed and his wife hated sex. Just looking at his huge cock made my pussy wet. I could imagine it in my mouth and my pussy and even my ass. He bragged he had a lot of stamina a... Continue»
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Daughter's Little Secret - Part 3

Daughter's Little Secret - Part 3

By boytoy68 and billy69boy

Holy shit, I thought, as my situation became clearer to me. I didn't know who I feared most at that moment: Jake the dog with the deep growl and baring his teeth, or Joyce the mother, twirling that big strap-on around her finger, a sneer on her lips. I didn't even consider Jodie, and the fact that her mother had been secretly watching us go at it like a couple of oversexed rabbits.

"Turn around and face me, Tim," Joyce ordered. I did as I was told, and I was surprised that she laughed out loud while pointing to... Continue»
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Man'sis World

Liza was born on an island south of Asia. Women had a single purpose which was to serve the man. They were used to bear babies and have sex with their husbands. Liza'sis mom had already birthed f******n c***dren. The c***dren were raised learning sex was very common. Men fucked women all the time as that is what the female body was for. It was a man'sis pride to have many c***dren. Liza'sis father had taken the oldest daughter and she was used to birth babies for a family friend who had a wife too ill to have babies. She had already given him three and he wanted at least twelve. He fucked the ... Continue»
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Preparation of passive slut pt. 1

I had been meeting my master for a while, and had got used to dressing as a woman, being stripped naked in public, spanked and being fucked. I decided to take things a step further, and my master agreed. We met in a cafe one evening, I was dressed as usual, like a little slut. I was wearing a tight red dress, black stockings, red heels, my fake silicone breast forms contained by my red bra, my useless little dick squeezed into a red thong, and my hair had now grown long and dyed blonde. 'Ok you little slut, I'd like you to meet your new Mistress, she is going to transform you into a horny litt... Continue»
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Sí papi, siempre me has gustado

Tenía 18 años cuando mi viejo, me cogió por primera vez.
Desde hacia varios años me fui a vivir con mi papá, vivíamos los dos solos y nuestra relación de padre e hijo siempre fue muy liberal. Era normal para mi ver desnudo a mi viejo, y por más que me calentaba nunca insinué nada.
Esa noche de verano de mucho calor, mi papá entra a mi cuarto mientras yo dormía, el ruido de la puerta hizo que me despertara, al notar eso me dice
Papá: - Uhhh, perdoname, no sabía que ya estabas dormido, queres tomar una cerveza conmigo y charlamos.
Yo: - Dale, no hay drama, esperá que me pongo el boxer y sa... Continue»
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Amazing wife anal gangbang

The sun is shining and Linda is asking to go out for a walk around the city, get some air and enjoy the good weather while it lasts. I'm just owndering if we'll be ready in time to get the next train. Linda however has it all worked out. She tells me that she'll do her make up on the way in and to bring a couple of drinks and snacks in a rucksack.

We arrive in the city centre and go for a walk around the usual spots, finding the green areas where there is a slight breeze even in the heat. Linda is in jeans and a shirt, but it's too warm for them now as it reaches midday. If we go for lunch... Continue»
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The Transformation part II

I was in the closet dangling surrounded by mirrors for what felt like an eternity. Mistress Anna, my once friend now dominatrix, had helped me to the best orgasm of my life but my penance was to stay handcuffed in her closet seeing my sissified self in all the mirrors she had set up around me. I felt ashamed and aroused all at once. It was probably a few hours later that the plug finally slipped from my ass as I started to doze. The glass plug thudded on the carpet and woke me from my daze. I could hear footsteps.

She was gentle with me. She carefully lifted me and unlocked the handcu... Continue»
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