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Anal Porn Stories

Who will be my stranger in the night?


The phone rings.....a dusky voice tells me where to go – be there at 8 pm. I feel shivers up my spine – I know what awaits me. I have never done this before – but it is time. I begin to get ready. A luxurious bath – scented of oil and coconuts. I let my silky hands wander under the water to my freshly shaven mound mmmmmmmm I love the feeling. It is so smooth – so soft. My fingers wander to my already swollen clit – the anticipation is killing me!!! In no time I am cumming – rubbing my clit wildly! Moaning – plunging 2 then three fingers deep in my pussy – water splashing over the edge!… Read more

Posted by Yummytits123 3 years ago 1 712 88%

Wife introduces a third member who sucks my cock b

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

"Wow that’s amazing!" I blurted out to Brian. "I can't believe she just said that, I've been hinting about this for years." "You mean, she just invited me into your marriage bed?" This all began when Emma and I decided to take a trip to Thailand. I had wanted to go to a nudist resort in Mexico, but that wasn't an option (Emma wouldn't believe me when I told her how amazing her body was) Emma always gets her way. I booked a hotel around Thailand for 1 week. I always leave for vacation with high expectations for a sexually charged few days, but am usually disappointed. It seems like s… Read more

Posted by lucas3288 3 years ago 11 9,000 100%

Is Internet Porn DESTROYING your marriage? Chapter

AnalInterracial SexTaboo

Chapter 1 Is Internet Porn DESTROYING your marriage? (that’s what the card on the wall asked) My story began a year ago at the start of summer. I’m Kathy, a social worker in my home town hospital. I went to school to become an RN but got pregnant with our first before graduating. I plan to go back some day, I hope. My husband Joe is a furniture warehouse factory worker. We have 2 teenage daughters, a nice split-level home, 2 good cars, Well mine’s a Chrysler mini-van, and what I thought was a good marriage. That was until Joe set up his little office in the basement. It was almost summer w… Read more

Posted by Gofore 3 years ago 2 6,097 100%

Is Internet Porn DESTROYING your marriage? chapter

AnalInterracial SexTaboo

Chapter 2 Saturday Amy called, and asked how we were doing. I couldn’t wait to tell her how great things had become. She wanted to know what had changed. I said, “Well Amy, I told you about the problem, well, remember that night we went to the disco and you danced with that really nice young man? Well, I went to call Joe and found a card on the bulletin board by the bathrooms, offering help for Internet Addiction. I took that card, and called them. They gave us some advice and we just followed it, and now Joe and I are having great sex every night Amy, and he doesn’t even turn on his compu… Read more

Posted by Gofore 3 years ago 2 2,395 63%

Is Internet Porn DESTROYING your marriage? Chapter

AnalInterracial SexTaboo

Chapter 3 Monday, I called Levant, to confess everything that had happened, minus the part about the confusion over the names. I needed to see if we were doing something wrong. I had already gone over everything that seemed to get way out of control last week, and I tried to assign fault where I could. I tried to figure out if it was me, if it was Joe and his porn, if it was this program we had signed up for, or if it was my friend Amy’s fault. Joe hadn’t looked at porn in over 2 weeks, so it was definitely not my good husband’s fault. I give the program credit for my husband’s wonderful t… Read more

Posted by Gofore 3 years ago 2 2,469 79%

Girlfriends new strapon


You may have read my previous stories and my adventures with shemales, this one is about a stunning red head female I was dating after the other experiences. I has been going out with L for a few weeks and one night after a couple bottles of wine, we started sharing sex stories and I soon found out she was not the innocent girl I first thought. I shared my experiences with shemales... She was shocked but wanted to hear more, I could see she was getting turned on by this.... Very soon we was having amazing sex. A few weeks had passed and we had not spoke about that night again. We had din… Read more

Posted by dirtydisco99 3 years ago 3 2,310 100%

Keep Your Hands To Yourself

AnalBDSMGroup Sex

Robin and Sandra have been friends for twenty years now. They met in high school and have been inseparable since being put on the same team for an impromptu softball game. They do everything together, including men. Although, out of respect when one gets serious about a guy the other backs off. Sandra has recently met a man named Franklin. He is a handsome gentleman that she has kept from meeting Robin for very specific reasons. The moment they met she knew he was more than just a toy for her and Robin to get off with. She thought of sharing him in the beginning, but decided not to. Kn… Read more

Posted by WillyPumps 3 years ago 1,391 100%

my virgin ass

AnalFirst TimeMature

there is nothing like the feel of a hard cock exploding in your mouth. Well sadly I still have not gotten the guts to do something about it...........but i will! I have had a bit of a sexual awakening thanks to these messages. One man convinced me to have a c2c session with him, again i as nervous at 1st but fair play to him he persisted and I agreed. It was so liberating pulling down my boxers when he demanded it, getting my soft cock out and showing it to him, gently pulling it, massaging my balls, and stroking it to full hardness in front of him. He had his lovely cock out, already… Read more

Posted by rose_lady00 3 years ago 2 2,952 100%

The perfect butt (out of my german book "Glut


The perfect butt Big Boobs are the main attraction for me – so far. Together with eyes and lips, these two attributes are deciding for me voting a woman as erotically attractive. But then, something happened. I was playing badminton with my friends in a sports center. Suddenly the door was opened and SHE entered the badminton courts! I caugth sight of her stunning brown-green eyes, but I stopped breathing, when she turned around, closing the door – she had a butt, the pushed my pulse in astronomical heights! Her ass was so sexy and seemed to smile to me right through the sports trousers.… Read more

Posted by Funkadilly 3 years ago 1,043 100%

Fucked By My Neighbour

AnalGay MaleMature

Because of my job I've had to travel up and down the UK, living in accommodations and hotels. I usually have around three months off in the summer so that I can go back home and see my f****y whose house I still technically live at. Upon arriving home I was greeted by parents as they were talking to the new neighbour. Now, despite being in a relationship with a girl for the last five years, I've always gotten off with men. The neighbour, named Tommy, was around six feet tall, with a pot belly and a bald head. Being a chubby guy myself, he was everything that I looked for in my men. I walked… Read more

Posted by GetSprung 3 years ago 6 9,094 100%

Friends Like These...2

AnalGay Male

Willie had me held tight by the back of my head as he sexual assaulted my mouth, his pre-cum and my saliva dripped from my mouth as he had his way. How long he had me in such a predicament I don't know, I could barely catch a breath, my knees were hurting, I was getting faint as I tried to push away from Willie's crotch as my throat was being assaulted. I could feel Willie's huge penile shaft begin to get firmer his penile glans swelled, suddenly willie begin to ejaculate copious amounts of seminal fluid filling my oral cavity...Willie said roughly to me '...swallow it all bitch, swallow it a… Read more

Posted by d4david 3 years ago 1 1,315 100%

the internet

AnalFetishGay Male

With the invention of the net. Life as been a lot easier to find anything you may wish. From buying something on line. To meeting someone of the opposite sex, or the same sex. All sorts of web sites have sprung up to cover any kind of sex and meeting sites. When I first signed up it was not long before I found my way into such sites. My ISP at that time had a list of chat rooms covering all from straight to gay. Even now I found those chat rooms were the best to get meets. Quite often on the same day of chatting to someone. Over many years I had taken up dressing in fem undies and cloth… Read more

Posted by biguy59 3 years ago 1 1,130

"A Cottaging Education" Mm, first time

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

“A Cottaging Education” (M, m, first gay). As a teenager in the UK when I reached puberty I, like so many of my male contempories enjoyed the opportunities offered by the plentiful provision of “cottages” maintained by thoughtful local Councils – primarily as public conveniences but regularly used for the purpose of a meeting place for uncomplicated and instant sexual gratification between men. I learned much from those experiences and the knowledge that on having the urge – which was then pretty frequent – one could walk into a “Gents” lavatory and have the go… Read more

Posted by yorknudeguy 3 years ago 9 4,791 97%

Does the punishment fit the crime? stolen from my


I was recently made aware of some issues in our lives and bedroom that needed to be addressed directly. Some of these issues are as follows. My wife was having orgasms during times controlled or supposedly controlled sex. Now I'm not so domineering, that I am without some sense of understanding. Occasionally, there are going to be slip ups, where we get carried away in the intensity of the moment. However I thought that I may have identified a pattern. I took some time to consider the possibilities, the last thing I want to do is, jump to some paranoid conclusion and start making unjust… Read more

Posted by hardasyoucan 3 years ago 2 1,609 100%

Growing Up

AnalLesbian SexTaboo

I was raised by a single mom who was very beautiful. It was just the two of us for fifteen years. When I was younger mom would lay naked with me on her bed and have me suck on her tits as she fingered herself and moaned. It was a normal thing to suck on her nipples any time she needed me to. She would pull me to her as she sat and watched TV and pushed my face to her tit and I would suck her and then sometimes she would rub my ass or pussy. When I was a teen she began rubbing my tits and my pussy a lot. She even kept me naked for sex. She taught me to tongue kiss as she now was fingering my cu… Read more

Posted by hewantsawhore 3 years ago 6,517 61%

9 - more of the party

AnalGay MaleGroup Sex

Peter's phone chirped a few minutes later to say that Dave and his wife were running a little late. "Soooooo it looks like we have some time on our hands" he said. Mick and I might have made suggestions. We were both sitting with rock hard erections sticking up. I desperately wanted to cum and the temptation to just bring myself off was very strong. When my hand had drifted to my cock a little while after John left, Peter had told me not to waste it and so I sat uncomfortably, with the biggest hard-on of my life. Neither could Mick touch it, Peter had said. It was agonizing. But, instead of… Read more

Posted by dlcalguy 3 years ago 5 1,462 100%

Anita white slut wife for BBC

AnalInterracial SexVoyeur

Anita white slut wife for BBC Two days after coming back from our Caribbean vacation, my sweet wife Anita confessed me that she had always fantasized about being a slut whore for a big black cock. I told her that I already knew her greed for black cocks, because I had witnessed how she had been fucked by that nigger during that morning at the resort, just one week ago. She was a little bit surprised, but also confessed me she had been fucked by Markus every day during the rest of the whole week and she thought that I had never realized. She asked me if I was going mad knowing this ne… Read more

Posted by Anitaslut44 3 years ago 10 13,239 99%

Curved Cock in Westborough

AnalFetishGay Male

Dildo shopping. I didn’t need another dildo, it was more of a “want” kind of thing. And I was bored. I’d finished my work for the day, had a little dinner and a couple whiskeys, and needed to get out of the house. Now I stood in front of the dildos at Amazing Superstore, trying to make a tough choice. The 8” All American Whopper had an intriguing curve to it, but had kind of a small head. The James Dean Realistic Cock had a nice head and a thick shaft, but was really pricey. I had one in each hand and was studying them when I felt a hand on the back of my shoulder. “I like the curved one.… Read more

Posted by fifty3nbent 3 years ago 2 1,544 100%

A great all male threesome

AnalGay MaleGroup Sex

I learned about a couple of guys that liked to host all male threesomes and especially enjoyed being with guys who haven't done that before. I arrived at their place full of excitement and anticipation of what would happen over the next few hours. I was greeted at the door by a good looking guy that was probably in his mid 40's and after walking in was introduced to his friend who was about the same age. I sat down on one of the living room chairs and the three of us got to know each other. Turns out that they were a gay couple with a zest for group sex and we all relaxed with drinks in han… Read more

Posted by theintern 3 years ago 8 1,915 100%

Best Sex Ever - First Anal


My first anal and easily the best sex of my life... I got the room and was waiting inside when he arrived. I was a little irritated. He was late and I have a rule about that and about getting the room too. I don’t do it. I texted him with the room number and told him he’d now broken several of them. I have rules – No sex without a condom, no cumming in my mouth, I don’t get the room and you have to be on time. I’ve broken most of those rules with this man. What is it about him? He knocked on the door and I answered, turned immediately around to lay my laptop on the desk, still com… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 3 years ago 1 5,154 93%