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My fiancee sent me this :)

Sliding my hard cock slowly and deeply into your soaking wet cunt, my entire length penetrating you, sucking gently one your tongue and lips while my fingers pull and twist at your nipples
As the passion begins to take over I kiss you more hungrily and I start to thrust into you faster and harder. Sometimes my lips make their way down to your full, soft tits and I bite on one of your nipples and roll it around in my mouth while sucking it in as far as I can.
Suddenly I pull out. "On your hands and knees" I say and flip you over. You respond by thrusting your ass skyward, baring your tight ho... Continue»
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I sent this to my fiancee, hope she likes it

Sliding my hard cock slowly and deeply into your soaking wet cunt, my entire length penetrating you, sucking gently one your tongue and lips while my fingers pull and twist at your nipples
As the passion begins to take over I kiss you more hungrily and I start to thrust into you faster and harder. Sometimes my lips make their way down to your full, soft tits and I bite on one of your nipples and roll it around in my mouth while sucking it in as far as I can.
Suddenly I pull out. "On your hands and knees" I say and flip you over. You respond by thrusting your ass skyward, baring your tight ho... Continue»
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weekly report to my master

My weekly report to Master Brixtonian
Mancbobbie knew I was a total slut needing thoroughly & regularly dominating and fucking by a large group of dom guys and as such he arranged a series of sex parties at his flat where a large group of random hot guys could use & abuse me and use my body for their pleasure. This was to be a regular Friday event.
On arriving I dressed as quickly as possible so that Bobbie did not have to wait long for me to suck his cock and be ready to entertain his pals in every way possible. I was wearing my satin thong, new bra, lace suspenders and large pattern fishne... Continue»
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Anal sex is addictive.

Anal sex is addictive. Both women and men can be addicted to it. And once they're there, it's the point of no return. There's no coming back from anal sex addiction. Trust me, I know. My name is Rose Blanc. I'm a five-foot-seven, with nice tits, a nice ass and a sexy smile. I’m A Black woman living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. Like many people all over the world, I'm leading a double life. By day, I'm a professor of literature at Bridgewater State College. At night, I'm doing the sort of things which would stun my colleagues if they knew. Yes, I'm a Black female professional with so... Continue»
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The best anal MILF slut

I met Anne on the dating site Plenty of Fish when there was the ‘Intimate Encounter’ option. When I first saw her profile I immediately wanted to meet up with her due to her big tits and red hair. I sent her a message and I was happy when she replied despite the fact she lived over 80 miles away. We started chatting on the site and we eventually decided to meet up at a motel in Reading.

As I waited for her in the room I felt a little bit nervous as it was our first meeting. When she walked in I couldn’t stop staring at her massive tits and I wanted her to remove her top and reveal them to m... Continue»
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Caught by the Neighbour

My story happened many years ago, when I was 16, I lived with
my mother and grandma as my dad left I was 7. My mother told
me that grandma and herself would be going away for a long
weekend on friday, great I thought, the whole house to myself
for4 days...
Friday came and it was a hot day, I raced home from school
in excitment of the 4 days i had ahead of me, as I got home mother
was just getting out of the shower, she is a good looking woman
aged 42, slim and 5'7 tall, grandma was in the kitchen all packed
and waiting to go. Grandma was 63 on the tubby side and 5'7
the same as mo... Continue»
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the dentist threesome

My name is James, i'm just an average guy but i was given a gift, i'm a well endowed man, around 11 inches and very thick.
A couple of years ago i'd started dating a very pretty Pakistani girl called "Nasha". She was a real find, not only was she one of the hottest girls i've ever met but she was also, very clever had a great job ( she was a dentist ) but she was also a real slut. Nasha was 25 years old, 5ft 2 and very slim, she played a lot of tennis so her lovely firm body was a perfect size 8 firm 32 C cup breasts and a great tight ass, tennis, yoga and lots of hard sex kept her in great s... Continue»
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Sexy Wife

Ken had a beautiful wife and he loved her a lot. She had a sexy body and was a freak in the sheets. Sex with her was wild and intense. She loved to fuck and he loved to fuck her. On their honeymoon he took her to Italy to a nude resort. They did not wear clothes for the whole week. The men spent a lot of time staring at her sexy body. She had huge perky firm tits and a sweet round ass. She looked good naked. They laughed about how many tomes they fucked that week. They even found a little private cove to fuck under the sun. They went there every day and fucked and fucked. Ken walked around mos... Continue»
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Sauna Special Service of a Kind

Sauna Special Service of a kind

My name is Yaki, a shemale in Tai Chung, Taiwan. One Saturday afternoon, I dress in my usual lady costumes and go to the sauna palour on Daya Road with my three CD friends.

This sauna palour is really gorgeous. It occupies three floors with over 20,000 ft in area. In their usual manner the waiters greet us at the reception area in unison and lead us to the changing area. We have been here a few times before. This place does not preclude entrance of cross-dressers, so I often come here to enjoy special services with my 36D implant breast and my small c... Continue»
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I Came Home Early

Earlier this year I came home early from a girl’s night-out. As I came in the house, I could hear the bed creaking. It was a strange noise to hear, I almost didn’t recognise it. But them the penny dropped – It was the noise the bed made when we were having sex.
I stood still and listened. What the fuck was going on? There were moans coming from upstairs. As I crept up the stairs I could hear a voice. It was a deep breathless man’s voice " that’s it!, take it slut!, take it!, you love it!, take you cock!" I didn’t recognise the voice. It wasn’t my boyfriend’s. I crept up to the bedroom door a... Continue»
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House of Debauchery - Part 4 (Even More Perverted!

"Good morning!" , I heard my mother's voice.
"Mornin'" I groaned, eyes half open and still groggy. Last night had been a mess. I went out to meet a few friends and came hope d***k, something that neither my wife, nor my mother liked. Since both women kept a close watch on me, it was hard to escape their wrath.
Gina was furious.
"MOTHERFUCKER!", she yelled.
"Huh", I grunted, trying to sit on the couch and missing it, landing on the carpet, on my butt.
Gina came rushing toward me and would have kicked the shit out of me had my mother not inserted ... Continue»
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Anal with Ruby

This event took place five years into my twelve year love affair with Ruby, which placed her at being 75. We met at the senior center and started a weekly affair that took us to all sorts of sexual adventures. She was one VERY arousing and open-minded woman!
I left work for the afternoon and picked Ruby up at her home and we made for our favorite eatery. We enjoyed a wonderful seafood lunch and a bottle of wine, which was what we usually had week week. But we also knew that we wanted to be home and in bed. Even at her age, Ruby was extremely attractive and turned heads wherever we went. The s... Continue»
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A Little Twist at My Last Massage ...... By BigSof

I have a really bad back from an auto injury several years ago and have been getting massages to relieve some of the discomfort I have. The problem with that is I, like so many people with injuries, have an addiction. I’m not talking about pain killers… I am now addicted to massages! Now I know some of you are laughing thinking I am trying to 'be cute', but I am telling you, I could get a massage right now and 1 hour later if given the chance I’d do it again, and again, etc. The overall feeling of serenity and calmness you feel is my addiction. Of course any time you get a ... Continue»
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Fun with the gardner

I have to be the luckiest man alive. Well, at least recently anyway. I have always had a fondness for Hispanic men. Loved the sweet Cubans and Puerto Rican guys in Florida and am in heaven living in Texas with all the hot Mexican and South American guys. My yard contractor, “Mike” is a handsome, 30-something super tanned and stunningly handsome Mexican man. We have always had a cordial business relationship, but he has always been the target of my hidden lust.

I was sitting by the pool this afternoon, just after he had finished my yard. The last yard of the day, he had sent the other crew m... Continue»
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I lost the bet. He fucked my gay ass.

Sometimes there's nothing more arousing than admitting someone is better than you. The overwhelming feeling of defeat makes us seek approval in a desperate way. This is how I ended up on my knees with a wide open mouth begging for Roger's hot cum. I had only met Roger earlier that day when I was playing billiards at a local gay bar. I am not really an athlete, but I do love billiards and consider myself a good player. However good I am, I found out Roger is better and he took great pleasure in teaching me and my ass what it means to be a "sore" loser.

It was a saturday afternoon a... Continue»
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I got to meet Peter North - Part 2

After what felt like a few seconds I had rolled over to put my arm around Stacey, only to find that she was no longer in bed. I could feel some movement on the bed, so I had thought maybe she moved towards the headboard and was having issues sl**ping. I roll over and look, and there they were. Peter North was grabbing my wife’s hips, while her head was buried into a pillow. They must have been at it for some time as Pete was in full swing and really pounding her.

“My, my, my,” I uttered, “Looks like someone needed round two.”

Pete smiled and kept plowing my wife. I got out of bed and sto... Continue»
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Fucking my best friendsWHORING MOTHER

One day I was sitting around with nothing to do and since I had just gotten out of

the Marine Corp, most of my buddies from high school had moved away or had

changed their phone numbers for whatever reason.

I decided to drop by one of my best friend "Steve's" house to see if maybe his

mom Sara knew how I could get in touch with him. I stopped by his old place

around 7 at night and his mom answered the door. Now so you understand, his

mom was a FINE ass MILF that I had always thought was hot as hell and I use

to actually fantasize about her when I was in high sch
... Continue»
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What a vacation

We always had a great sex life. We liked all kinds of sex. Toys, role playing, anal sex, the works.We even liked to fantasize of having sex with the same sex. My wife told me maybe this year on vacation we would be able to fulfill a fantasy or two. Boy I sure hoped so.
We left late and drove late into the night. It was about midnight when we stopped at a rest area. No one was there when we stopped. We got out and used the restrooms. When we got back to the car Sue, my wife, reached over and grabbed my crotch.

She unzipped my pants and pulling my cock out started sucking it. I looked around... Continue»
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Finally the house to Ourselves

Lisa and i finally got to get a chance at have anal sex at her parents house. We built up the whole week of sexual desires for this...Saturday finally arrived...I wake up cold since it was still winter. I do my daily routine of breakfast,shower, and dress for the day. But, today was gonna be exciting. I waited all morning for a text from Lisa(gf) who would give me the signal for when her parents were leaving for the day...I was sitting around watching t.v. just surfing the channels. Till I hear a buzzing from my cell next to me. Text read "parents just left give me 20mins." I got ready and to... Continue»
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Jehova's Witness Wakes Me. A second version

Many years ago my wife and I moved into the country in Northern Arizona. We bought fifteen acres of land and planned on building a house. We moved a small (8 feet by 29 feet) trailer onto the site and I got a job doing shift work which would allow us to slowly build the house. The problem was when I had graveyard shift. We have two chil-dren who were in primary school then, so when I came home from that shift around 8:30 a.m. the wife would feed me breakfast then if it was summer time, she would go with the little ones into the big city sixty miles away to visit her parents or go to the movies... Continue»
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