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Anal Porn Stories

All Ways taken Advantage Of...

AnalGay MaleGroup Sex

I had just finished my Saturday sprint, each Saturday I go to the school's track and run two miles. I had laid down on the bottom bleacher and after stretching and was getting my wind back. Suddenly I realized that I was not alone, I started to raise up when four hands grab my upper body. Panicking I tried to struggle loose when two more hands seized me by the neck. Through bleary eyes I recognized the face of Daniel and knew that the other hands belong to Bruce and Charlie. I froze my movements and waited for Daniel to speak, a big smile crept across his lips as he said '...see boys… Read more

Posted by d4david 3 years ago 2 3,154 100%

A fun night with my X and her sister Pt. 3

AnalLesbian SexTaboo

I was in heaven, Jane and Elen playing with my cock. They took turns sucking and licking my cock. I opened my eyes and watched as they shared my cock, but they're lips never met on my cock, one mouth or the other, not both at the same time. Now knowing that Jane might be bi, I wanted to test it out. So I put my hands on both their heads and pushed their faces towards my cock at the same time. Jane went high and took my knob in her mouth, while Elen went for my balls and sucked them. Nice but not what I wanted. So I tangled my fingers in their hair, moving Jane's head down, while pulling Ele… Read more

Posted by guru6969 3 years ago 3 3,295 85%

The Tgirl Hooker


All my stories are based on real life experiences. I spent a few weeks looking at e****t sites, reading reviews, services, likes & dislikes, pictures... until Emma caught my eye. Emma was Eastern European, had a tight slim body, blond hair, very fem and a nice cock. I wasted no time and contacted her to set up a visit and within a few hours she replied and we discussed what I wanted. The day soon arrived and I was quite nervous through excitement. I had visited e****ts before but never a Tgirl. I pulled up to this house in a normal road and knocked on the door, and there stood Emma i… Read more

Posted by dirtydisco99 3 years ago 9 4,752 100%

Lighting up the fire tower


Our night started out like any other weekend night. We wanted to go dance and have a few drinks at the local bar that we frequent. We devised a naughty plan to show off a bit at the adult theater (as he loves to show off how sexy I can be) We danced a few more dances and whispered naughty thoughts we were having to each other and continued to get each other worked up. When we couldn't stand to be in the bar any longer we hurried out to the car and took the country roads to the theater. All the while touching and rubbing each others hot spots. I slipped his big cock out of his pants as he drove… Read more

Posted by racercpl 3 years ago 2 910 100%

Took Virginity In 18th Birthday

AnalFirst TimeHardcore

Hi doston myself Bapi..As i have said you in my previous story ” maa ki anjane mein usse raat bhar choda ” that i am a model and call boy i used to go for calls. This story is a call for me but with a fresh 18 year virgin girl. I reached there at the proper address by 7pm..I call the customer she asked me to stand on a junction of the street and she will pick me up in 5-10 min. In 5 min a Honda city car stood before me.. Simultaneously i got a call that get in the white Honda city no.. I get in what i see!! A beautiful teen girl in red dress was sitting.. Her hair were tied with a red band… Read more

Posted by saswatjain2 3 years ago 1,068

The Banging of Becky BlueBalls

AnalFirst TimeGroup Sex

Her name was Becky Sheppard but all the guys called her Becky BlueBalls because that's what you went home with if you took her out! She was beautiful all right auburn hair that hung down her back in ringlets, green eyes that when you looked at them it was as though you were staring into the sea itself! Her voice is sexy too its kind of has a sexy huskiness to it! Most of the other girls had to wear lipstick but not Betty her lips were naturally a ruby red all she needed was some lip gloss to make them shine she also had great tits, long legs and a fantastic ass! She was made for fucki… Read more

Posted by laceysgirl 3 years ago 2,156 100%

Me, Miguel and the Deliveries

AnalGay MaleVoyeur

As Miguel and I started to meet one on one more and more our sessions turned from just having great sex to having great sex with a dash of voyeurism. I detailed in a previous post about our adventure in the movie theater parking lot. This story took place at my home but was the most voyeurism I had done at one time. I knew that Miguel was going to be coming over in the next day and I was trying to think of kinky things to do and I got a great idea. Where I live it’s a very odd but fortunate thing that my mail typically arrives between noon and 1pm and if I ever have a package delivered by e… Read more

Posted by handiman1980 3 years ago 2 1,099 100%

Fully Leathered Japanese Model Fucked Hard.


Leather Clad Model from Tokyo I've been on tour for months. Djing venue after venue. From one hotel to another. From country to country. All over Asia. With the lifestyle, Djing from place to place has its perks. I'm originally from Canada and my skills landed me numerous club gigs and fashion shows starting in Hong Kong. I hooked up with an agency that throws after parties for fashion shows in Asian hotspots. I was living like a rock star in the prime of my life at 25 years old. Not a fuck was given. Women, good d**gs and plenty of booze was a regular occurrence. A Giorgio Armani afte… Read more

Posted by spinatration 3 years ago 1,271 100%

took my anal cherry

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

I Really Like GuyS ...Don't Get Me Wrong , I Think Women Are Beautiful Creatures That Deserve The best But There's Something About Boys That Gets Me Over The Edge.Maybe It's Because We're All Interconnected Or Because I Know What Makes Them Tick. Whatever The Reason I Have Always Found Them Irresistible. When I Was Younger I Attended An All Male Boarding Private School Parent Placed M There because They Thought I Would Be More Focused With Girls Out Of The Picture....Little Did They Know That Girls Weren't My True Obsession.My School Was One Of Those Very StricT School That… Read more

Posted by naveebleu 3 years ago 3 2,856 94%

Special Delivery


Another hot summer day in the city. I think the temperature is around 34 today. Add to that a complete lack of any wind, makes for a miserable day. I work for a company the supplies restaurants. My partner and I make all the deliveries. To make matters worse my partner Nick called in sick today. He probably went to the beach. Can’t say that I blame him but it means more work for me. It is around mid afternoon (the hottest time of course). I have made several deliveries already. I only have one delivery left to make today. I always hate this one. The Head Chef there can be a rea… Read more

Posted by coastwatcher 3 years ago 2,922 100%

Threesome with my Nephew & his mate

AnalGay MaleTaboo

At 19 Calum is my oldest nephew and although my b*****r is not his biological dad, he has brought him up as his own since he met his mum when he was just a k**. With him living some distance away, It had been a couple of years since I last saw him, so at this f****y get together at my b*****rs I was shocked at how much he had changed, mixed race & 6ft 2in he had been seriously hitting the gym and was ripped to fuck. All evening I was having a load of banter with Calum,his girlfriend Lauren & mate Richie, who was 18 yrs old about 6ft & with a shaven head, although he was not as muscular as Calu… Read more

Posted by lvgxc10 3 years ago 13 4,042 95%

OHGirl & Velvet: Milf's Forever

AnalHardcoreInterracial Sex

OHGirl: Mikey was sound asl**p when I returned to our room, so I slipped into the shower and washed away the cum and sweat from the fucking I had just received from my daughter’s boyfriend. I brushed my teeth and removed all traces that I had broken my vow to quit smoking and then I slid into bed with the man I loved. I wrapped my arms around him and his head moved over to kiss my lips. I loved him so much and if the babies didn’t wake us up first, I would wake him in the morning with my lips wrapped around his hard cock. The thought almost kept me awake, but I was spent from having both of… Read more

Posted by ohgirl1 3 years ago 1 2,116 88%

Is Internet Porn DESTROYING your marriage? chapter

AnalInterracial SexMasturbation

Chapter 6 Al had a cab waiting for us, as we left my house. We got in the back together. He held the door. It was a long drive, about 30 minutes, through the lights of the big city. We arrived at a huge building with a door man. He let us in with a tip of his hat. I thought it was a nice touch of class. I didn’t expect all this. I hoped my food was up to par. We took an elevator to near the top floor, and got out on a hall that ran through the middle of the building, apartments on left and right. At the end I could see a crowd around an open door. We made our way through the hoard and enter… Read more

Posted by Gofore 3 years ago 2 1,249 100%

Is Internet Porn DESTROYING your marriage? chapter

AnalInterracial SexMasturbation

Chapter 4 Monday, I called Levant, to talk about everything and how wonderful everything went. I was about explode with excitement, and just had to talk to someone! I felt like I had water poured all over me when Levant answered his phone in a dejected tone of voice. I asked what was wrong. He said, “I am so sorry Kathy. I dropped the ball. The professor is planning to reassign you and Joe to another case worker.” I yelped, “No, why? We did everything perfectly!” He said, “Kathy, it wasn’t you. It was me, my fault. I remembered to tell you about the change up so you altered the pattern fro… Read more

Posted by Gofore 3 years ago 2 2,208 100%

Is Internet Porn DESTROYING your marriage? chapter

AnalInterracial SexMasturbation

Chapter 5 It’s hard to believe we’ve been in the program for right around 2 months now. It’s hard because in one way it seems like it hasn’t been that long that we’ve been doing this, while on the other hand it feels like it was ages ago that Joe and I had such a bad marriage, and I turned to that business card in that bar that read, “Is Internet Porn DESTROYING your marriage?” I remember way back then, going to the disco bar with Amy. Joe and I had already started the program and he had been in chastity, I think about a week at that time. His attitude seemed to change overnight, and so did… Read more

Posted by Gofore 3 years ago 1 1,887 75%

My first strap on experience with my first crush


A little about me: I have been interested in strap-on sex for about 8 or 9 years. As a black male in his 20s, finding a woman who is interested in doing this is very difficult, as they are always quick to jump to conclusions about your sexuality. However, my best female friend apparently had the same interest. One day in 2008, while talking on the phone, she says to me randomly " how would you like if I lay you on your back and fuck you with a 12" strap-on?" I was caught off guard, but I immediately was horny. Not knowing what to say, I said "wow...I don't know about that...". She p… Read more

Posted by tiltal55 3 years ago 6 4,574 95%

BIG changes happen on Fridays ;) continued


Friday 11/4/07 Continued After doing my duties around the house I moved upstairs and lying on my bed was something that took my breath away it was a dress my first proper dress (Mistress Isabella had given me many dresses before but they were never very ladylike they always carried a message with them that I was her plaything a doll to be played with and fucked at the drop of a hat) a real dress I picked it up and held it against me it was a soft red satin Square Neckline mini Cocktail Dress with long sleeves it was perfect I knew what to wear with it instantly I grabbed my favourite pair… Read more

Posted by Sissy_Kara 3 years ago 1 1,077 92%

more than expected teaching a neighbour to drive

AnalGay MaleShemales

It was a glorious summers day and I was chatting with my neighbour. he asked could i give her husband some driving lessons. Well I've met him but he is very quiet and so I thought this would be a good way to get to know him, so "yes, when is the best time for him to go out" I asked "He's home now if you've got the time" she said. "Yes i'm not doing anything. Give him a call and i'll take him now" So out he comes and I introduce myself and ask if he's driven before. "yes" he said so I gave him the keys and off we set. His driving wasn't the best and I had to help him out quiet a bit. We… Read more

Posted by xdrespauline 3 years ago 5 5,909 87%

My Fantasy Nights - Part 3


This is the third installment about how many of my fantasies have come true for me thanks to my loving wife. As noted in previous stories, my sex interests tend to be more kinky than my wife's, but she has been willing to try out some of the wilder things with me. As I stated in the second installment, we had tried out some very mild bondage and domination recently, with both of us assuming the submissive position at various times. I really prefer that my wife dominate me and I wish that she would get into it a little more. I trust her and know that she would never hurt me. However, I do wi… Read more

Posted by vatiger2 3 years ago 5 1,460 100%

My Fantasy Nights - Part 2


This is the second installment about how my wife has made my fantasies come true - at least to this point. I surely have others that she can help me live out as well. As I stated in the first installment, typically, my wife is less inclined to be kinky and stretch the bounds of our sex life. She is perfectly happy to have me fuck and suck her to orgasm regularly. Fortunately for me, she is usually willing to try some kinky things that would probably be considered totally wild and crazy by most people. We had recently bought a new bedroom suite. While we had been shopping for the new bedr… Read more

Posted by vatiger2 3 years ago 2 1,521 100%