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Anal Porn Stories

Rebecca's Summer Vacation 3 (By: Jarvis80)

AnalGroup SexInterracial Sex

I needed to head back and relax a bit. While I reached for my phone I noticed that my friend left me a message saying that Rebecca wasn't being cooperative at all. It was time to teach the dog a couple of rules, ones that she'll never break again. Once I got back to my room I noticed that my room was a bit of a mess. "What the fuck happened here?" "You left the door unlocked for some random maniac to come in here take advantage of me who the fuck does that!?" "Hey she's pretty messed up in the head for throwing fucking lamps at me!" "Everyone enough. Rebecca I am your master, I o… Read more

Posted by bibiliz 3 years ago 719

Rebecca's Summer Vacation 4 (By: Jarvis80)

AnalGroup SexInterracial Sex

It was my third week in Puerto Rico with Robert and Ryan, and we were having a fucking badass time there. Going down to the beach talking with all the beautiful ladies and making some of the guys around us jealous. We went on a speed boat racing with another group of people, we worked out in the gym to stay fit and run a couple of laps as well. It was a great time to be alive and we were hitting up lots of clubs and after parties with some people having a couple of drinks and some one night stands as well. We even hung out with a Rebecca a couple of times, she had a few dance moves but she was… Read more

Posted by bibiliz 3 years ago 1,048 100%

A Friend in need again

AnalGroup SexMature

this happened in 1993 We hadn't seen Maggie for 4 years when out of the blue she phoned us up, "Can I come over?" she asked, "Yes of course" I replied. We arranged for her to come over a couple of weeks later on one Saturday. As the day arrived she turned up at 7pm, she looked a little fatter and older, a lot older than her 50 years old. As Donna was talking to her I was making some drinks she said "It's been a struggle with work and money since my husband died", Donna sort of agreed with her, and Maggie volunteered more information about her debts and troubles, and to be honest we both… Read more

Posted by maturemancock 3 years ago 1 5,182 90%

The Doctor


The doctor (true story) ok, this would seem like a dream fo any of you, but it was true, though when i think about it and I get a hard on because of it, I'm a too close to make another appointment. I need to say a few things before I start with the actual facts. I've been appointed to my general doctor since a few years, and for some reasons, sometimes i had to go to see her quite often, nice serious but colds, flu, pains, etc. and although we treat each other, as Sie (german form to treat people that one is not so close to) but it seems like we know each other very well, as I will prove… Read more

Posted by race76 3 years ago 4,788 90%

Popping Stephanie's Cherry

AnalFirst TimeHardcore

Popping Stephanie's Cherry It happened when I got a text from Stephanie that Vanessa her mom my ex girlfriend had to go pick up her b*****r as he got in trouble in school and she was running late. I replied "to late I am almost at their house". "She is going to be there awhile it will be just you and me then" Stephanie replies. "Okay I don't mind waiting plus we have never talked before it would be fun to get to know you since your mom and I are bf and gf "I replied. "Yeah I guess it would be nice my mom says you are a very nice guy m… Read more

Posted by bigrob40 3 years ago 1 3,046 86%

Sunny Day with Neighbor II

AnalGay MaleShemales

Sunny Day with Neighbor II The wife had crashed our all boy party {The BEST kind} but this is a fill in flashback to earlier that same day. I had just fucked F. for the first {but not last time}. I watched him closely as he got out of bed and walked gracefully to the bathroom. His cute cream colored ass was a little pink with some liquids{ sperm and lube} appearing around his lovely rose bud. I licked my lips thinking of how good it was to fuck him. I was finally admitting to my self that I was more attracted to males than f… Read more

Posted by robin48 3 years ago 5 2,330 93%

my first cuckolding experience !

AnalGroup SexHardcore

i went on a trip with my ex (see my galleries) few years ago, we stayed in a hotel near the beach, on our second to last day, my girl was checking out two guys who where in the pool, young, manly, and looking at their swim shorts, pretty big dicks as well ;) later on , in the evening , we were sitting at the bar having a cocktail, on the other side of the bar came the two guys we saw earlier, my girl looked at me, pointed at them, and i knew what she wanted .. we talked about it before ;) the guys noticed she was checking them out, but did not dare to do something because of me, so… Read more

Posted by Em_Jay 3 years ago 4 1,980 91%

make me want you


Lily was just eighteen but she had been having sex for many years. Her dad began fucking her when she was just a c***d. Now she pleased him all the time. She began sucking his cock at a very young age. He would come into the room naked and he would strip her and pull her face to his cock and she would suck him till he came in her mouth. Then he would get between her legs and lick and suck her pussy and tongue or finger fuck her making her cum for him. She loved sucking his cock as much as feeling his tongue enter her cunt and fucking her till she gave him a good dose of her sweet cum. He had a… Read more

Posted by lilywhitelover 3 years ago 3,446 70%

Used by the decorators

AnalGay MaleGroup Sex

We had the decorators in to wallpaper and paint our conservatory. The wife was at work as they arrived, Peter and Paul were 35 and 37 respectively, they were both best friends and were also married, they’d been friends since they went to school together almost 25 years ago and had set up their decorating business over 20 years ago. As they came into the house they’d set up and were papering away, after a couple of hours I went into the room and asked them if they wanted a drink. They replied “A couple of coffees would go down nice thanks”. Peter came through to the kitchen and asked if he c… Read more

Posted by smallcock 3 years ago 1 2,069 100%

Why I dislike most porn -1


I have seen a lot of it - Some is quite good - See here my more than ten thousand favourite videos! I have seen also many videos without acting or directors, why are they always better than pro-porn? I have written essays and reports for Playboy and Newsweek, which made the international editions I have written several hundreds of erotic stories in three different languages, blogs in many more I will give reasons below why I think most porn directors are gay guys who hate women with all heart I will give alternatives to my readers to access something sexier than mainstream porn f… Read more

Posted by petdyke 3 years ago 20 18,119 40%

Busty Girl


Paul had been admiring Sue for several years. As a young girl she had big full tits as her mom did. Now she was full chested as no other teen was. He visioned taking her top off and sucking on her huge globes and making her young body cum for him. His cock would feel amazing nestled between the big jugs. She would be a great tit fuck and his cock got hard just thinking about it. Then the day came for him. He was home alone and Sue stopped by to give his wife some vegetables from her mom. Paul invited her in staring at the tits tucked in the tight knit shirt. He knew she wore no bra as he could… Read more

Posted by lilywhitelover 3 years ago 1 4,137 100%

My hot wife

AnalGroup SexLesbian Sex

So me and the wife drove down to Durban ,she. Is going to compete in her second crossfit games.The evening before we leave her phone rings and it is her friend Lindy calling and ask if she can ride with us because she had a big fight with her boyfriend and she does not have a lift.All is set to leave early,my wife said sure just don't be late my husband gets mad if people are late,so what happened she was late with 30 min,damm i was so irritated to leave late i told my wife I'm leaving without her,she begs me to chill.So when she arrives its like no big deal for her but I'm boiling and my wif… Read more

Posted by Massmonsterpas 3 years ago 5 4,897 100%

Tasted my cousins body


Hello readers my name is Nitin from Bangalore here again to share my another experience with my cousin.About my self for new readers age 26 of height 5’10″.My mail id is post your valuable comments to my mail.This is quite real which happened to me. Coming to the story main character is my cousin malavika.Her age is 29.One fine day all our f****y members attended a function where we met.At night some of our f****y members went to our relatives house for a night stay which includes me and her.At night all set to sl**p and i was meant to sl**p single in hall.She sle… Read more

Posted by sam2789 3 years ago 1,737 100%

Sunny Day with Neighbor

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

I am a 56 year old married white guy. I consider my self straight. My marriage was “ OK “ but the sex was non-existent not that it was ever good. She said my little cock was too small and she hated oral so it was online porn for me. I am about 5’8’’ tall with average build and about 5 inch cock. The new neighbors had 2 sons and 1 daughter. The boy’s wood often play ball in their backyard and kick it onto my property. I let them retrieve it and we got along well. I soon asked if they would mow my lawn and thus began a friendly relationship. I wood sometimes watch… Read more

Posted by robin48 3 years ago 9 6,584 100%

Christal Persursion: Chapter 2a_ Filet His Prick


For those who haven’t already, I would suggest reading Christal Perusasion: Chapter 1_Fucked Up Please note, this story is pretty graphic. He was going to pay for his involvement with Petra’s disappearance and our rap3. We’d searched for three night’s straight to find boy-Adonis, the one I remembered from our drvg-induced fuck fest two weeks ago. He had a rude evening ahead of him; much hard probing for answers. “Alex, you sure you have those knots done good and tight?” Sweet and innocent looking, yet a certifi… Read more

Posted by edintx99 3 years ago 3 1,111 100%

Cocksucking college s****r 1


I have always believed in fate; in the theory that everything happens for a reason. Such a philosophy has brought me a fair amount of ridicule over the years from my buddies. That said, only a crazy amount of fate or destiny could have allowed the dominoes to fall the way they did. So if you are curious how my s****r ended up my personal fuck-toy keep reading. I am twenty-two years old and, if I do say so myself, very good looking. I am 6'2, black as night hair, green eyes and all muscle. I have just returned from a stint in the military and am in the best shape of my life. I should also n… Read more

Posted by vtevte 3 years ago 2 6,650 100%

A hot summer with... 8 FINAL


Davey did not seem to object to my mom's request of having him and myself fuck her pussy at the same time. I wasn't too sure about it but had promised my mom and so was willing to go through with it. I remained on the floor recuperating from the hot fuck session we just had. Mom and aunt June were sprawled out on the couch and chair while Davey moved over to lean against the couch. Junior got up and went into the kitchen to fetch some cold drinks and when he returned, June who was on the couch had moved around so that she could rub Davey's shoulders with her feet. He was relaxed but when he lo… Read more

Posted by vtevte 3 years ago 5,695 100%

A hot summer with... 7


I was awakened the next morning with the bed jiggling and so in my half asl**p stupor, I looked around to see what the heck was going on. There was my mother stark naked on her back only inches from me with Junior in the familiar position between her out stretched sexy legs ramming his cock in and out of her pussy. Junior had both hands on her tits fondling them while also passionately kissing my mom. She was responding to him by lifting her ass on each of his downward thrusts to maximize the penetration of his cock into her cunt. The bed was really beginning to bounce as the intensity of thei… Read more

Posted by vtevte 3 years ago 3,909 100%

A hot summer with... 6


I followed my mom into her bedroom as she led me by my hard cock. Once in her room, she turned around and placed a very hot passionate kiss on my lips and pressed her naked body against mine. We must have kissed for several minutes with our bodies rubbing against one another, we really got hot. My mom released her lips saying, "Looking at those pictures really makes me hot, I have never looked at much pornography before, I can see while it is so popular. Shit I'm hot, I think my pussy is boiling over with cum. I want you to really fuck me hard tonight Glenn, I need a good fuck." "But mom,… Read more

Posted by vtevte 3 years ago 3 18,819 96%

LISA #2: Les Love-3


LISA LOVE is the love of my life: most dear, pretty, tasty, sexy, sweet and completely dedicated Lisa Love is a blonde beautiful baby - she looks like my dream of life come true, I am intoxicated I feel twenty years younger with this best intoxication which ever happened to me in so many years I feel often like she is already living with me now, as talking every night makes us feel so close I will also host my best girlfriend from here at my home, finally she is not afraid anymore to meet me I will be busy teaching those two slender sexy sweet yummy young blonde beauties both only… Read more

Posted by petdyke 3 years ago 12 20,589 67%