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Ride With The Ex

Both parts of the blog post together.
After we'd broke up I stayed cordial with the Ex, mostly for the sake of the k**s, partly for the moral high ground, but one of the things to come out of that was we'd go for a ride on our bikes together, there where a couple of times this led to something more getting ridden.
The first one was a ride up Belmont Road and back over Winter Hill. The Ex had come to mine in her cycling gear, her top was white and I could already see her nipples were hard and poking through, I joked that her boyfriend wouldn't be happy with the show she was giving me, she rep... Continue»
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Helping Granny to the Toilet

I have an aging next door neighbor called Elaine and she has been a constant help to me and my f****y for 16 years. She is a classy looking woman who dresses impeccably in business skirts and blouses. She recently retired and has always been single. Elaine has always turned me on but I have only ever fantasized about her.

Well, this week things changed and amazingly so. My wife and f****y were on holidays and away for a few days. I stayed home to work and would join them at the weekend. Elaine knew this and as I drove home from work on Thursday night, she arrived at my front door. She looke... Continue»
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Male being fisted by several women

I turned as three naked women entered the room who had been viewing the show unseen. Apparently it was their turn for some fun and I was to be their participant. If they had any doubts as to my willingness I quickly put them to rest. I was surrounded by the ladies and was immediately engulfed by breasts and bellies, arms and legs and all sorts of female apparatus. I was more than ready, well beyond the stage of foreplay, but my eager graspings were restrained and I was led out of the room to a large bathroom, almost a lockeroom. I was placed under a warm shower and soaped down. I couldn’t blam... Continue»
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The new camera club model

Before you read this story you should first read "Honey poses for the camera club" which you will find in "My favourite blogposts" in my profile here on xhamster. It was written by another member of xhamster called Honey B. Her username is honeybtgirl and she is definitely worth a look. This story is basically the same as hers but from the perspective of one of the camera club members.
Best wishes Fran (xhamster username francifetishtv)

I am a member of a local photography and video club. Its members are all men who are over 50 years old and at 63 I am the eldest. I arrived at the... Continue»
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First time part one

My first time--Part one

It was 34 years ago that I had my first sexual encounter, and it started me on a path that made me the slut I am. My parents weren't real wealthy. We always had enough to eat and a place to live, but things like extra clothes and other things just weren't available. In the summer i usually had nothing else to wear other than some really old cutoffs that were really tight and short from having been washed and frayed so many times. They were so short that my little butt cheeks showed in the back and the front almost didn't cover my little dick and balls. In order to sa... Continue»
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Part 2 Of The Ride With The Ex

We cuddled on her sofa afterwards, the only light was streetlights seeping in from around the curtains and from the fire.
What time is it? I'm starving, she said.
I dug my phone out, its quarter to 12, pizza? I asked
I placed the order with a nearby take out and paid over the phone with my card.
You can answer the door , I said, and I dare you to do it naked.
She looked at me and smiled,
Okay , she said walking into the kitchen to get some beer from the fridge. She came back in and handed me a beer and stretched, arms above her head, and looked so sexy, I dived off and the sof... Continue»
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The Skate Park--Bustin Bros Cherry

The Skate Park
Bustin B R O S Cherry

I woke up after a couple hours nap. Still kinda groggy—it was just a lazy fuckin day. Went up to the kitchen to start the chile I promised my lil b r o. All my homies loved my chile, but I didn't call anyone tonight. Decided to keep it quite, just me and b r o.

We woofed down the chile and dogs like we hadn't eaten in a week. Headed back down to the basement
to find a movie, and just chill. I paused at the bottom stair, and waited. Finally lil b r o got it, and asked permission to enter. I grinned to myself and told him he could enter.

Dustin was... Continue»
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Amy Pt. 1

I'd not been working in the shop for long when Amy came in for the first time. She was petite, mid twenties and about 5'4" I guess with short cropped hair and wearing a loose, flowing summery dress. My first thought was of a cute little summer pixie.

She used to come in fairly regularly and I always enjoyed chatting and flirting with her. sometimes she seemed almost shy and reserved while other times she could be quite suggestive so it was kind of difficult to get a handle on just how far the flirting might go. I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to undress her and run my hands o... Continue»
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I Was My Girlfriends Daughters Birthday Present Fi

We laid there and got our heads together and sat down on the settee for 10 minutes or so. It was almost ten o'clock. "Lets pop up the pub. Straighten your gear and leave off the knickers" I said laughing.

To my surprise she said "What a great idea". She linked my arm and said "Let's Go". Schoolgirl uniform intact again we went to the pub. We found a secluded corner but she had been well noticed by people. It was weird.

She gave me a loving look, put her arm around me and kissed me. "Put your hand up my skirt for a sec". I did. Her hairs so moist. I slipped in a finger. "mmmm" she smil
... Continue»
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First meeting

It was the beginning of the third hour of her time in his garage. Bound to the work table that was the perfect size and height for her head to be over one end and her ass the other just perfect for a cock to enter either entrance.
The only way she knew how long she had actually been there was by looking up at the clock on the wall, she suspected that he arranged it that way just to add to her torment.
As she laid there she began to think back to the beginning of this day. She had chatted with him for a week, telling him of her desires and how watching his videos and looking at his pic... Continue»
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For traci

This is for Traci I hope you like itFor traci
Sorority s****rs & the Frat guy get it on after a party.
As a new college student, I was still getting used to being on a campus. I joined a fraternity my second year. When I found out how much fun, booze and sex went on in the Greek world, I wished that I had joined my first year. Seeing the beautiful college girls prance around campus was a big bonus!

I first met Alexa at group study after the first week of classes my second semester of my Sophomore year. She was in one of my larger philosophy classes, I noticed her sitt... Continue»
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Gay beach

Nudity is nothing new to me as my parents were nudist. In fact i should say my whole house was when i was growing up. I have both an older brotger and siter. We were always naked around the home. So you would think going to a nude beach wouldnt be a problem. But it did take me a few years to get the caurage to drive up to a beach called birdie beach, this wasnt the closest nude beach to me but what i read it was the best.
I was 20years old when i headed up there on summers sunday. As i pulled up in the car park i noticed lots of cars that made me think of how busy it must be at the beach. I... Continue»
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She was twenty two and he was forty eight. He had been licking and sucking on her clit for over two hours. Then he would move his tongue to her cunt and tongue fuck her and suck her cum out. He loved the taste of pussy and he loved the sweet taste of her cream. He woke her early this morning with a finger in her cunt and one in her ass fucking her hard as he sucked on her double D tits. He loved her sexy body with the big tits and nice round firm ass. He loved fucking her tight cunt with his huge over ten inch prick and filling her tight cunt with a load of his thick jizz and then sucking it o... Continue»
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Mom and the Rude Optometrist! (Part 2.)

A couple of years later, this incident happened.

I used to go shopping with my stepmother who I called Mum, as she needed help to carry the bags, as the shopping centre was only a short walk away and Mum saw no need for the car. One day, before shopping, she came downstairs all dressed up, in a black leather miniskirt and flimsy blouse, her hair newly done and wearing the black leather thong sandals I'd just bought her for her Birthday. Her toes were newly painted all tarty red, and she wore an ankle chain and toe rings. "Do I look okay Bob?" she asked.

She looked so sexy and I said, "Ye... Continue»
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Mom and the Rude Optometrist!

This story is about my Stepmother. She brought me up from a very young age, hence I always called and thought of her as Mum. This happened some years ago, when I was only about 18, young and naive, and had never seen sex, except for some in dirty books from mates.

This was what made me realise her secret rude side existed for sure, because at this time I'd only heard about a supposed sex video she'd made, from unreliable sources.

I only suspected she might be unfaithful to Dad sometimes, not having seen anything myself to confirm it. Therefore all I had were my fantasies at this point, w... Continue»
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Sally sorts out her issues

James and Sally had been through a rough patch in their relationship. Their sex life had ground to a halt and both being only 24 years of age James was seriously considering looking elsewhere to fulfill his desires. He would never of left at this point as he loved her but no sex in 7 months not even a blowjob had put a real strain on things. James had received several offers in the past when out with his mates but always passed them up thinking things would get better soon but they hadn't. One day things came to a head and James let Sally know exactly where things were heading if she didn't bu... Continue»
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Happy teen campers pt4

The 4 of us sat at a table in a nice local cafe. The place was empty apart from us. A young gentleman in his early twenties promptly came over to take our order. He introduce himself as Mike .After taking our breakfast order he arrived back with some pots of tea. As he walked off Jo remarked bet he's got a nice big cock ! Now now don't get greedy said Simon. Jo just licked her lips and eyed him up regardless. Simon nudged me and whispered I love my little cock slut. I just smiled back. Your such a whore Jo remarked Simon as he stared into her eyes and took a sip of tea. Nah whores get paid she... Continue»
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A walk in the park

I have been trying to get more exercise lately and rather than going to the gym I have taken up walking. Normally I go walking with a mate but one time he couldn't make it so I went on my own. It was quite a warm summer night and still light at 9pm. I took a detour off my normal beaten path and headed through a local park. The park has several thick wooded areas and I really needed to go for a piss. I headed into one of the larger woods and as a couple of people were walking dogs I ventured deeper as to not accidentally expose myself to anyone and get in trouble. I found a good spot and unzipp... Continue»
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A few years ago I was traveling around Europe and ended up staying the night in a little village just outside of Madrid. The guy who owned the "Hotel" was a little cranky but spoke good English so I was happy to stay and chat with him for a while in the little room they had set aside that they called a bar. I mean this room was little, you could not swing a cat in the place or you would break something. I asked Carlos about this and he told me that his wife did not allow smoking in the place since she gave birth to their second c***d
earlier that year and so most of the Spanish tourists... Continue»
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Seeing Krystal again

It was midday on Sunday while relaxing with my f****y when I received a message from Krystal saying, "Hey Cane, how are you? Who was the pretty blonde girl you were with on Friday? Are we still going to see each other on Tuesday?"
I replied, " Hey babe, I'm good thanks and you? That was Cassi my ex, we met up for the day. Yes I'm still keen to see you on Tuesday if you willing still? "
She replied. "I'm good thanks babe. Oh ok was just wondering if you now have a girlfriend and if we would still see each other, I'm definitely keen to spend the day with you again baby as I really love how you... Continue»
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