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The Dream Diary 03 "Mario"

     The door chime goes off for the hundredth time today.  As usual, I declare "Be with you in a second..." and finish what I'm typing into the billing computer.  A soft yet firm voice drifts over to me "Take your time, I have a nice view."  What the fuck?  I know that voice!  I glance away from my work over the counter into the customer area and see the only man I've ever loved.  The only boy I ever touched.  The only male I've ever let inside me.  Both ways...
     "Oh my gawd!  Mario!  What are you doing here?"  I exclaim with an obvious hunger in my eyes that is ... Continue»
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Step daughter fantasizing being with Step-mom

this is really a very rough draft. I just had to save it here.

I have always thought my step mom was hot! She has a fantastic body. Also did topless dancing with her very big tits. I'm sure she was great at it. And when she told me that she needed some pussy one time, she wasnt asking for mine, we were at a bar and she was looking for a hookup. I was already planning for one day maybe her and I could get frisky. At that time I didn't act on anything..I wasn't sure what her response would be, I still am unsure. I heard about her and her new husband including the babysitter in a sex sessi
... Continue»
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Cross Country Slut, Part 3

Cross Country Slut, Part 3

Once things had returned to normal – whatever the hell that was/is – we just lay there for a while in basic ‘recovery’ mode. I finally stopped shaking like hell all over and could breathe kind of normally following a lot of hugging and kissing. I found myself wondering if there would be a knock at our door; I’d been a little loud. Bill thought it was funny; he was also amazed.
Yep, that had been a true multiple orgasm.

I was glowing so hard that I was just tingling all over. I’d made a nice little mess and was making more as I lay there leaking. I hadn’t said ... Continue»
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Cum loving training

So my daddy Art was a little disappointed that even though I loved to make out with him passionately, loved sucking his cock and loved being fucked by him even more, I still couldn't bring myself to eat cum unless I hadn't already came.

I've tried many times, per daddies directions. I watch porn and edge for hours and have no trouble eating my pre cum or cum as long as I ruin the orgasm. If I don't I immediately lose the desire, wipe up and go about my business.

So I know I like cum, I just have to be aroused to eat it (or wipe it all over my face, etc.).

For today's session daddy h... Continue»
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First time cock in the ass and facial

So here it is at last.
Having always been straight and I really do love the feel of a woman and a nice juicy hot pussy, but I have always enjoyed having my ass played with and as you can see from my uploads I love having my ass fucked a lot.
Up until recently though this involved only me fucking myself or girlfriends rimming, fingering or using toys to fuck me. But I had been thinking lately that it was about time I found out what it was like to feel a real cock fucking me, cumming in my ass and tasting cum that wasn't my own and have finally gotten up the courage and finding someone fairl... Continue»
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My new friend

Hi im J a 40 something female fitness instructor
Amanda is a waitress in a local bar and is 26, i was in there one day and we got talking about fitness, we could both tell the other trained
We said we would train together one time which we did and became good friends despite our age difference
We met at my place 1 night for an evening out
except we never made it out
When she arrived she looked so damn hot in her strappy vest with no bra and nipples erect
As soon as i saw her i knew
After Amanda arrived at my home we had a glass of wine and ordered a cab
Except we never made it into th... Continue»
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My Slut.

It's a warm summer evening, the sun just setting, creating a warm pink light that fills the windows throughout the house. I'm standing in the kitchen, making myself a snack.

I feel you walk up behind me, but pretend to not hear your quiet steps. You stand behind me, and I feel your hot breath on my neck.

"Where have you been?" you whisper in my ear.

"Out." I say with mock ignorance. I know the response will get your attention.

You wrap your hand around mine and pull the knife from my hand and set it gently in the sink to my left. I feel you pressing against my back.

"Do you ... Continue»
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Me and my step dad and my sister

I guess you know, I had sex with my step dad. I had a story about it. It is true, but some was made up. I decided to tell what happened and I guess why I still let him fuck me.

My dad past away when I was 10. My mom met Mac a year later and soon they got married. Mom was happy again and Helen and I was happy as well.

When I was 12, I use to play with the neighbor boy, he was 14. Jonny and I was good friends. We were at his house playing in his room. His dad was at work and his mom was home. Jonny’s mom popped in his room telling Jonny and I she had to run to the store to get something for di... Continue»
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TEENAGE MEMORIES - A Last Day with Nigel

Five months since I’d introduced Nigel to wanking we were out on the street when he said to me “My mum and dad are taking my b*****r and s****r out on Saturday if you’d like to come round” I thought for a minute and replied “Ok”, it had been a while and as I’d just turned 16 I was shagging everything, so a day with Nigel appealed for a change.

10:45am I knocked on Nigel’s door he opened it immediately as I walked in he shut the door and locked it, he turned to face me and said “It’s been ages” I smiled as he approached me with his arms in the air, he put them around my neck as I put my hand... Continue»
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One night with a stranger.

Now some of you may know from being friends with me on here that my girlfriend also uses my page and enjoys chatting to everyone.

A few weeks back Nicola got talking to a guy called Chris on here, he was a local guy an they used to message each other swapping pics and making each other cum, I loved logging in sometimes an reading what they were sending each other and what filth they were saying! After a while he started asking about what I was into an if I liked cock, Nic told him that I have a bi side and that it turns her on seeing me sucking other men's cocks!! Chris was enjoying the w... Continue»
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Bitter Lemons - Part 2

Bitter Lemons - Part 2

Part 1 can be found here -

Part 2 will make more sense if you read Part 1 first.

This is all my own work and copyright remains with me.


"You think they'll definitely be here?", asked Ben as we climbed out of the taxi into the warm late evening sun.

"No idea", I replied. "I just had that one letter and don't have contact details for her. It just said she'd be in the piano bar with her friend at eight o'clock tonight".

"I wonder what her friend's like? She might be a moose".

"In that case she's yours", I... Continue»
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Melissa and Jacky Adventures

Chapter 1: Bar night

Jacky (left) and Melisa (right) went to a bar after the third year exam. They and were pretty d***k and were dancing around. Around 2 am they met drewdy91. He offered them a couple of drinks. jorylee was alsi looking watching them dancing & he approached Jacky. Drewdy and Jorylee decided to take them to Jorylee place which both Jacky and Melisa accepted. At his place, they started talking about random stuff. Jorylee went in the kitchen to grab something to eat. While everything started going crazy in the living room. [user]drewdy91[/use... Continue»
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Slut: It's what I am! Part 2

I stood up from the bidet with a small hand towel patting my asshole and pussy. Alex was back in the bed room gathering up his clothes and re-dressing. I paraded through the bedroom wearing my stockings, high heels and sexy tight black basque, feeling every inch the sexy slut.
I picked up my skirt, bending over deliberately, ensuring Alex got a good view of my tight buns and smooth shaved slit. Smiling I pulled the tight tiny mini skirt over my thighs and snugly into place, covering my pussy and ass across my hips, almost like a second skin.
The straps of my garters were visible protrusion... Continue»
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Clitty cumdump

My girlfriend, nay, my mistress, has had me doing all sorts of humiliating things over the past few months and the biggest change in our relationship is that I don't get to fuck her beautiful pussy because my clitty - as she calls it - is far too small; in fact, it is the smallest she has ever had. My balls have shrunk too. They are much smaller than before and lighter too. This is because of all the fucking and fisting she has been doing to me.

Last night, after massaging her for two hours, she told me to get on the bed with my 'pussy in the air'. I meekly obeyed as she put on her black, ... Continue»
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FMM fantasy for an online girl (first person)

You are nervous and follow closely behind your bf as you walk into my place. It is awkward and the air is tense but we all know why you are here. You are here to explore your fantasies and be made to cum over and over again.

You and your bf sit down on the couch close to each other, I pour you both a strong drink and hand them to you. I pour one for myself and sit down in the single chair across from you. As I'm talking with your bf about how old he is, what he does and other boring things that I don't really care about, I notice you squirming in your seat, clearly turned on, wet and not s... Continue»
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Cross Country Slut, Part 2

Cross Country Slut, Part 2

The next morning I didn’t know where I was at first; I DID know that someone had given me a good sexual workout. My cunt was raw, I had general aches all over and…my insides had been re-arranged. In some ways I’d always found the first and last things, as far back as I could remember, kind of erotic. I’d had a good time. Without disturbing the sl**ping Bill; I slipped out of bed and made a bee-line for the bathroom; I really had to pee!
The sun was coming up so, I wasn’t as quiet getting back into bed. I knew that he wanted to get an early start. We had to check... Continue»
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My first cruise

I am going on my first cruise in Feb of 2018. I have been thinking about a fantasy during that trip that really gets me horny. Some friends had asked me if I wanted to go and I said yes but being single I got a stateroom just for me and plan on being on my own some of the trip. We leave on a Sat afternoon. I am looking forward to seeing all the stars away from the lights so the first night I am on deck late just enjoying the evening and watching the stars. I pick a place on the ship that is in the dark and kind of secluded so that I can enjoy just everything. I am alone when I hear someone wal... Continue»
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He said he thought all men are bisexual...

I was recently hanging out with some friends and the conversation turned to issues on the news, among them transgender and gay people and their rights. At one point one of my friends, Art, said he believed there was no such thing as straight and gay and that everyone was inherently bisexual, and that men were just more repressed about it and every man, if given the opportunity and right situation would enjoy man on man sex.

I was disagreeing with him pretty f***efully and when everyone else had left and I was getting ready to go Art asked me if I really didn't think I had a gay or bi side.... Continue»
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The Dutch model

It was May 2017. A friend of mine George, is a photographer, and he had a new job at a famous fashion magazine. It was the firts time he had such a big deal and was really nervous. Until then he was working at locan magazines and the models he had to deal with where girls that wanted to become famous, most of the selfish and arrogant and working with them was not that easy. So when he signed for that new job he thought that if it was so hard to deal woth these girls, having to deal with famous, professional models, would be much harder.

Many times we help each other with our jobs so he aske... Continue»
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s****r's Ass

hi i wanted to share my story. i have a younger s****r and i have been obsessed with her juicy ass for a long time. this story was added to each time something significant happened. i really wanted to eat her ass and fuck it but didn't know how to go about doing it. i will use the following image to give you an idea of her body...

i guess you would describe her as thick - slim waist and an unbelievable big round ass. everybody had noticed it and she knew it. it took me a long time to get her. she had always treated me like an older b***... Continue»
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