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Games with Mommy

It was around 11:30 p.m. one typical summer Saturday night. My s****r had gone club hopping with her girlfriends, dad had gone out of town for the weekend again, my mother was probably in her bed fast asl**p and the house party I went to was a flop.
I figured that the best thing to do was to go home, head to the basement that I had converted to my personal abode, take a shower, slip one of my porno videos in the machine and beat my meat before I went to bed.
As expected, my s****r wasn’t home, the house was in darkness and mom had apparently retired for the night.
“Perfect…” I thought to my... Continue»
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My Girl

It was a Saturday, I thought I would have my place to myself. Sam was at her place with her son doing whatever she does when I’m not there. Ashley was out with her boyfriend. So I walked around in my boxers. I was going to do it nude but before I could take my boxers off, Ashley came home.

I asked her why she was home, she told me that something came up and her BF had to go home. I sat down in my chair and Ashley went to her room. She comes back out 5 minutes later wearing just her bra and panties. She sits on the couch and lays down some and text her boyfriend. I’m sitting there watching T.V... Continue»
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A Mum Becomes Submissive

It had been a long day.

A long frustrating day.

I showed houses all day and didn't even get a bite of a sale.

My feet were sore and I was cranky as I got home.

I was walking up the stairs to my bedroom to get out of my business wear and stockings when I heard sounds that were undeniably the sounds of sex... coming from my son's room.

As I got closer to the door, I heard Nancy, my son's girlfriend, demand, "That's it baby, ream my asshole."

I froze.

Nancy took it in the ass?

My son fucked Nancy's ass?

They were both eighteen and I had no delusions that they were still... Continue»
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Accidental Gangbang

It seemed like a good idea at the time...that is what I said to my fiancé four hours later.

The wedding was in two weeks, on December 30th (a strange time, I agree, but with lots of f****y coming from great distances, it was the best leaving all the snow for Hawaii was a great honeymoon compromise).

I had no doubt become bridezilla with all the problems the past month. I won't get into the details but that old adage 'anything that can go wrong will' was proving true right before my eyes.

My bitchiness had taken its toll on my fiancé, Dwayne, and I decided to make it up t... Continue»
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Becoming my friends sissy

I was standing in the pub toilet having a piss. I had been in the pub for a couple of hours and had had a few pints with my mate Roger. I had tried to slip off for a piss by myself while Roger was up getting another pint. As I stood really close to the trough my little cock was dribbling, when Roger came bounding in. There you are Tom, I thought you had done a runner, he laughed. He stood beside me and fished out his enormous cock from his trousers. Unlike me he stood about a foot from the urinal. I glanced down, knowing that I would see a magnificent big cock, I guessed 6 inches flaccid and a... Continue»
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A copy of a text i sent to my female fuck buddy ab

I have had a BBW fuck buddy for over 10 years and together we have had MFM threesomes, dogging fun and lots of dress up fun too, we swap lingerie and share stories, sadly she hasn’t been able to play for a while but loves to know what I have been up to. Below is a copy of a text I sent her today following on from a lovely morning of sexy CD fun

So, Andrea. I turned up and he was dressed in a skin-tight dress, black stockings, heels and full make up and wig, he was very skinny and looked amazing and I was so horny. We had a chat about what we both liked and I popped off and got changed, I c... Continue»
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Training my daughter to be a bimbo, part 7

Part seven of my story.

I came home to be greeted by Cindy standing at the door. She looked stunning, obviously she had been to the beauticians that morning as everything about her look perfect, her gorgeous platinum blonde hair, her nails, make up a slight pouting lips hinting at some Botox and of course she was dressed like a complete slut.

She took me by the hand and led me into the living room where she sat down and looked up at me "is daddy hungry?"

This was now part of our routine, any time Cindy spent the morning at the beauticians it also meant that she was completely bald around h... Continue»
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Pretty Please pt.1 (loyalsock)

Can you do me a favour?

My next door neighbour knocked on my door, and asked if I could do her a favour.

"Its a bit personal, can I come in?"

I led her through to my kitchen where the kettle was boiling. We were sitting at my kitchen table with mugs of coffee before she spoke again.

"I know it sounds odd, but please could you fuck my bottom?"

I was sipping my coffee when she said this, and we spent the next few minutes mopping up the spillage. Luckily neither of us was scalded.

She had only lived next door for a couple of months. At first she spoke to nobody, I saw her now a... Continue»
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Pretty Please pt.2 (loyalsock)

, can't I." she said under her breath. She moved herself a little, seeming to change the position of me inside her. It must have been effective, because she started rocking herself, making little incoherent noises.

"It's for you love. Enjoy it."

"It's mine, Its's mine, Oh, shit, Oh God, Oh Fuck!"

I will not guarantee that these were the exact words she used, as her movements and obvious excitement was rapidly driving me to ejaculation. I tried to think of other things to prolong my performance, passive though it was. I tried to think of anything else. Anything. Think of food. Sausages... Continue»
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Pretty Please pt.3 (loyalsock)

Sally, it's you. I love you Sally."

"Bob, are you all right? You sound a bit odd. Are you OK."

"Oh yes, Sally, I'm very OK. I'm just a bit... a bit... occupied."

"Occupied? What are you doing."

Then it dawned upon her.

"Bob," she laughed, "Do you mean that you are, um... fundamentally occupied."

I grunted.

"Are you playing with your little blue boy's toy?"

"Yes love. It's in me now. I was thinking of you."

"Oh darling, do you want me? Do you want me there. Please can I come and see."

"Yes Sally yes. Come quickly. Let yourself in, I don't think I could make it to t... Continue»
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Christmas Part 5

Part 5 (23rd)

Friday we were getting the shopping in for Christmas – we were cooking for 14 so needed a stack of vegetables plus more than one Christmas pud and of course the turkey and beef. Lisa, Ally and Heather were in charge of the vegetables and since we were going to be eating at Tom’s (and he had the biggest kitchen) it seemed sensible to do all the preparation round at his place. “Can I borrow the 4x4” Lisa shouted up as I was getting a shave. “Help yourself but shift yours outta the way first please babe” I shouted back down “I’ve gotta go pick Tom up in a bit” After a swift... Continue»
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Christmas (parts 1 & 2) - Chapter 21

21 Christmas (part 1)

Emma arrived first for the Christmas break – me and Lisa picked her up from the train station, with, it seemed to me, enough luggage for a six month break and not three weeks. When we got back to the house I told her she could have any bedroom she liked – which seemed to please her and she immediately plumped for one with a double-bed in it “In case I get lucky” she said with a smile which got her a withering look from her mum. Sophie & Paul turned up a couple of days later and after calling in to say hello headed straight across to Tom’s house. The same day ... Continue»
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This video remind me about one of my greatest fuck

This video remind me about one of my greatest fuck
After successfully in high school I traveled where my father in Kuwait, I need a visa to enter Kuwait so I traveled through Iraq down to Al-Abdali border,
I sent to my father that I wait him at the borders of Iraq, I rented 1 bed in hotel room and there were two Jordanians in the same room with me the younger at 20th he work bus driver Assistant, and the other was older age he was bus driver, both they need visa to Kuwait so authorized drivers drive the bus and passengers to Kuwait and ... Continue»
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MIREILLE<font><font>La belle en 1964 ... Le bon dieu sans confession ! Elle avait 23 ans et déjà 11/12 ans de pratiques par les 3 orifices .... Une branleuse increvable qui travaillait (cela ne s'invente pas) dans une usine de fabrication de papier Q . Enfin, travailler est un bien grand mot car elle était la seule fille pour une dizaine d'ouvriers et passait le plus clair de son temps dans la réserve, dans toutes les positions et avec la bénédiction du patron ....

La même en 19... Continue»
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Knocking her off her pedestal. Pt 2

My balls tighten and the first rope of cum shoots out of my dick. It's small and quick, but the very next one is probably 3 times the amount. My body convulses as rope after rope of cum shoots into Ms. Hanes's succulent pussy. She continues her assault on my dick, not missing a beat. Riding me so intensely like I was bronco she wanted to beat into submission. Her eyes are closed as she continues to buck. "C'mon, c'mon, muthafucker, give it all to me. That's my cum!" she starts rolling her ass and hips on my dick that for whatever reason is STILL hard! I can't believe it. "That's it, ... Continue»
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Nightclub Threesome

It has been like 5 weeks since I had 'any' physical contact with anyone so I've been rather horny to say the least.

Friday night was time to release some of my sexual tension.

When I go to the big smoke I have to crash at a friends place which is great but being on their floor I couldn't really bring anyone home so that limits things a little. I have a profile online and I have been chatting to 2 separate guys who live in town who were keen to hook up for some speedo fun.

So let me tell you about the guys - Antony (no H) is 19yo and at uni studying commerce (fancy name for accounting)... Continue»
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An encounter in a country church.

Dee had decided that she wanted to do something really naughty. She told me one sunny morning that she wanted to feel free from her clothes and dance around naked.
“Where?” I asked. She came up to me and put her arms around my shoulders and nestled her head into my shoulder.
“Somewhere really naughty and I think I know exactly where. Come on, I’ll get changed and you get your camera stuff.”
Dee then kissed me on the cheek and disappeared upstairs.
A few minutes later she reappeared. She wore a thin summer blouse with buttons down the front and faintly visible underneath a dark basque. Sh... Continue»
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Part 3 - Deflowering Time

Shannon beamed as she looked over the results of her "handy work". Shannon again demonstrated her complete control of this special occasion. Leaning down she again queried her lover.

"OK lover, it's time for you to prove how good a fuck toy you can be for us. Are you ready to give me your gift? Tell me what you want me to do lover. What does my fuck toy want?" Tell me NOW!"

Josh was worked up way beyond the point of no return. Shannon had brought him to a new height of sexual awareness that he simply had to continue. He almost yelled out his reply.

"Oh God yes, PLEASE Shannon. Don't s... Continue»
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Shannon's Paybacks Ch. 01

Shannon's Paybacks Ch. 01

Shannon smiled to herself. Not just any smile, but a truly devious and lust filled smile that only she knew the true origins. She thought back on the way Josh had this uncanny knack of teasing her. His stories and their conversations made her horny and extremely wet. Not that she didn't mind, but damn, it seems those thoughts were coursing through her mind more and more often, and all too often at the most inopportune moments.

She thought back to a recent conversation when Josh teasingly told her to get the dust and cob webs off her sex swing. As well, Josh had ... Continue»
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Part 2 - The Surprise Unfolds

Part 2 - The Surprise Unfolds

Finally she was pulling into her driveway. She saw the other cars parked along the front of her house. After she exited the car, she walked around to Josh's door and helped him out of the vehicle and led him to the front door. Again in her stern but teasing voice she gave more instructions.

"Now stand there while I get the alarm and the dogs. Don't move an inch."

Shannon rushed inside to find that Carrie had pulled five chairs up on ether side of the sex swing. She also had two chairs ready to be placed in front of the swing when the time was right. On o... Continue»
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