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SHORT PIECES (Gay Tales). Volume 2

SHORT PIECES (Gay Tales) Volume 2
The Bears
It was a lovely day in the forest as Michael’s group had left the tents and continued where they had left off the day before. The purpose of the team was to cut the underbrush and assemble it in piles along the old path. This area had been saved for selective cutting by a major lumber company. Michael’s team was one of five groups of 6 men each spread over the entire forested area.
The cutters were seasoned woodsmen, their age ranging from 35 to 60 years old. Most were heavy set bearded men and had spent a good part of their life in different job... Continue»
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Mom Took Me To A Concert

The Beach Boys were going on tour. They would be at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center in Saratoga Springs, New York on Saturday, June 23, 2012 at 8:00 PM. The cost of tickets was from forty-two dollars to eighty dollars each.

Mom bought two of the eighty-dollar tickets for her and I and then told me that I had to go. When I asked why she said that she was going to get so wasted that she wouldn’t be able to drive or even control herself.

Over the next few weeks I learned a lot more about my mother. She had lost her virginity at a Beach Boys concert. She had met my father at another Be... Continue»
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Playtime Stories 16- Toppin' a Cuckhold

This is the beginning of a short series of mostly true Inland Empire adventures. What a deceptively freaky place.
Enjoy and comment!!

16 Topin’ a Cuckhold

Finally! I thought. A big business deal was nearing completion with two other partners. I would tie up the loose ends in one city and then fly to the other partner to conclude the deal. My boss was pleased and even told me to add in a day between stops to insure all went smoothly. This was going to be great!

I packed up my bag and tucked away a couple of outfits and both shoes and boots for wear as Rebeca. I got the ear... Continue»
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IT Office Adventure

IT Office Adventure

Most times, being a telecom/IT specialist can be real boring and by most times I mean 95 percent of the time. I mean let's be honest it's just running cables from point A to point B and jacking them or setting up some router or modem. Like I said not the most exciting job ever. There is that five percent though that makes this job all worthwhile. This is a story about one of those times.

I was doing my usual thing, run a few cables, jack and plate them, extend the d-marc and install the modem and router. Everything was going well until I boot... Continue»
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A Threesome with Kali

I made his day. For weeks he'd been locked up in his chastity tube, with no release. "We're going to have a threesome," I teased him. "You, me, and Goddess Kali." I told him I'd let him fuck me any way he wanted, on one condition- that Goddess Kali kept her firm bite down on his member while he did the deed. If he came, then good for him. If he didn't, well, then good for me. Kali and I get along well, and I knew she wouldn't let me down.

I restrained him. We have a rule, that his hands and cock are never free at the same time. I'd be removing his everyday cage and replacing it with Kali, and... Continue»
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Halloween sissy slut

Halloween. It's just an excuse to go out drinking with friends like any
other night, only this time in a ridiculous costume. And since my friends
and I definitely like to party, it makes sense that I dress up for the

This year, I decided to surprise the guys by dressing up as a girl. At
costume shops they have a thousand different "sexy" costumes. Sexy cat,
sexy cop, sexy pirate...I always loved it when I saw girls wearing these
costumes, so I thought it would be fun to put one on myself. I grabbed one
off the rack at a pop-up Halloween store near my house. Luckily, I'm sma... Continue»
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My first XHamster encounter.

All stories and blog entries are based on true events. Names, dates and locations have been changed for privacy.

This could potentially answer a couple of questions. How did I hear about and why have I taken so long to join XHamster?

Until recently I was in a long term relationship, sadly my past caught up with me and it ended.

I have been a fan of XHamster for a while. I have tried other sites but they tend to be a multitude of sites where men outnumber women 1,000 to one and profiles are links to prostitutes and pay per view webcam scammers. Meh.

XHamster was different. I found it by a... Continue»
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The SSBBW at the Denver Hotel

Last year I had to go to Denver for a conference on a new software platform that my company was switching to. I always enjoyed Denver so I was happy to go. My plane arrived mid-afternoon and after getting the rental car and doing a little sight seeing I checked into my hotel. I was staying at the Hyatt Regency downtown. After settling into my room, showering and changing, I went to the bar/restaurant on the 27th floor of the hotel.

I was on my second bourbon when I saw her walk into the bar. I could have sworn that I knew her from somewhere, but I couldn't place her. She was a very big gi... Continue»
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Alice The Dirty Whore Part 6

Alice the Dirty Whore

By Mad Jack69

Synopsis: This is a fictional story of a sex addicted whore and her depraved sexual cravings. It covers most perversions. In this the sixth chapter Jack becomes Jackie, Alice starts a new carrier as a starlet and Josh makes a big discovery. (MF, M+F, MM, sissy, anal, prost, whore, cream-pie, ws, strap-on, Fdom)

Chapter 6 Alice on the Silver Screen

Alice was dressed and ready for the car to pick her up at four and take her to the ladies outfitters and was excited to say the least. She kept checking her purse to ensure she hadn’t lost the... Continue»
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Caras first time with a man

This little true story is about the first time I was with a man and a night that I will never forget. My name is Cara. Well that's my girly name, I'm a cross-dresser. I've loved dressing up in women's clothes since I was young when I used to dress up in my showgirl s****r's outfits and feel the soft touch of her dresses on my skin. It's just felt right to me all my life and I guess that's the way I'm programmed.

After many years of just dressing in the clothes I eventually began using make-up and wigs to complete the look and to compliment the wonderful feeling of wearing women's clothes. Th... Continue»
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Transfer of Affection

Transfer of Affection

Freya was sitting on the sofa watching the shopping channel, one knee up as she painted her toenails with a fiery red nail varnish. She heaved a sigh, feeling completely bored with her life. Her husband James was a high flying executive; with the money he earned they had a lovely home, expensive cars, several overseas holidays a year – and no sex life! Tonight, however, she was hoping to change that situation. It was their fifth wedding anniversary (though they had been together for more than eight years) and she was determined to get laid tonight! Finishing her nails,... Continue»
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Updated: New camera club model

Before you read this story you should first read "Honey poses for the camera club" which you will find in "My favourite blogposts" in my profile here on xhamster. It was written by another member of xhamster called Honey B. Her username is honeybtgirl and she is fantastic and definitely worth a look.


This story is basically the same as hers but from the perspective of one of the camera club members. She has given me permission to use her story and text from it.
Best wishes from Fran and Vivian.

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Black Man’s Sissy Bride

I want to surrender myself totally to a black man with a huge thick cock. I want to submit to him completely, without any restrictions on how is to treat me. I will submit to his every desire without hesitation. Whatever he can find a use for me for I will do.

I will post an add on craigslist, offering myself to whoever wants me. Of all the responses, I select the most vile and sadistic men. I will then interview them, to determine whom I will surrender my life to. Only the most sadistic, evil, and dominant black man will be enough for me. I will have to ensure that he will have to regard to ... Continue»
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my feelings

​Hey all i want to talk today about my secret life there no one from my friends and f****y know about it, It's about my thought for people men and women and how I'm interesting for it.
For me i like to talk with anyone about sex and what we like and wish kind of sex we feel good, so for me when i came to Germany i feel more freedom for all my feeling and what i believe it from beginning i start to go to sex shop and looking for sex toys for man and i asked about many things doesn't matter if I'm talking with man or girl and i asked about gay stuff this make me free to talk and all stores was ... Continue»
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Going for a walk

Barb and I had known each other since we both were at university together. We’d sort of veered in and out of each others lives since then. Chatting on Facebook about loves lost, problems, and even sexual fantasies. We both knew more about the other sexually than many a lover ever would. But the spark was never really there in real life. She did seem to want me, but every time I saw her, I was struck by how not-attractive I found her (even though I knew for a fact many men and women did), and I felt the crazy almost seeping out of her. But again, average sized boobs, a round soft butt, blond a... Continue»
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Fantasy Fuck Store –lovely mature ladies want a ma

Fantasy Fuck Store –lovely mature ladies want a man for private girdle fittings

After a few months of working for Heather, the Fantasy Fuck Store owner, she approached me with a new offer.
“Ken I have received several phone calls from ladies who have got wind of your ‘personal services’ from their friends - you know how our clients like to show off - but the difference is that they admit to not being confident and would rather be encouraged rather than lead. They also mentioned that they had been told how much you cared, were polite and very imaginative, which I suspect the latter is foremo... Continue»
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My neighbors cunt wife finally left him

My neighbors 16 year marriage is coming to an end. She doesn’t know about his extra
playtime with cocks but they have been having issues for awhile and they aren’t
going to make it. Recently she informed him she was moving back to Pennsylvania to
be near f****y. It as obvious. It was over. She had no interest in fixing it. The divorce
isn’t final yet but she is gone.

My neighbor is saddened but taking it better than I thought he would. I think he was
expecting it to be honest. In my mind all I could think about was that he had that
house all to himself now and it would be easier to fuck him. ... Continue»
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Happy teen campers finale

The car journey back to the campsite was uneventful and as we crested a hill we were greeted with blue skies on the horizon. Fucking typical I remarked as it was our final day and we would be heading home tomorrow. Ah well Simon replied. Tell you what mate it would be far better to take down the tent later on, dry it out rather than risking the weather in the morning and stay in their tent for the night . I'll give you a hand to dry it and pack it away Simon said. Jo let out a giggle and exclaimed what a great idea , we can give you a proper final night to remember! The rain had stopped before... Continue»
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My Sex Doll.

I met with Ezinne on Thursday morning after her husband Chike has gone to work. We both took permission of our working place citing ill health. I told her to wait for me at her home and dress like a slut. She did as I told her, heavy makeup; tight white shirt with a slutty black push up bra underneath it; tiny pleated black skirt; lace panties; knee high socks and heels. She stood, back against the wall and waiting for me to come and inspect her. Her arms are loosely at her sides and her gaze is lowered respectfully to the floor. Her heart pounds in her ears in eager anticipation of my arrival... Continue»
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Mi jefe me sedujo.

[gay] mi jefe me hizo su perra.

Se dio cuenta como le mire la pija, yo en ese tiempo era hetero

Mi nombre es Claudio, tengo 27 años y soy heterosexual, pero tuve una vez una relación con un hombre que duró unos 6 meses y les voy a contar como fue.

Tenía en ese entonces 17 años, comenzaba a trabajar en una empresa. El primer día me presentaron al Director del área en que trabajaría. Su nombre era Fernando, tenía 50 años, alto buen porte, corpulento, de 1,85 mts., un tanto excedido en kilos, digamos unos 95 o 100, era casado con 2 hijos. Además de Director, era socio de la empresa. Yo por m... Continue»
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