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Anal Porn Stories

...Just a Stranger on a Bus...

AnalFirst TimeSex Humor

I turned to face the window to watch the town go by. It was slightly more convenient, not having to drive, but being able to go only where the bus took you, canceled out that convenience. My car was in for its quarterly oil change, and, instead of waiting for it at the Quickie Lube, I decided to drop it off, and take the bus. Being Saturday, I didn't need to go to work; I could be on the bus as long as I had to. Ten minutes had already gone by, and, according to the schedule, it'd be another twenty until I got home. The bus stopped to pick up a passenger. A woman got on - about 5’9”… Read more

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just like that

First TimeAnalGay Male

I was so nervous that I was shaking and quivering from head to toe. Red lipstick, tight miniskirt, fishnets and heels. Every piece of feminine attire seems designed to make you feel even more naked and exposed. He wrapped his muscular arms around me giving reprieve from the shivering with his firm touch. Heavy breath and gentle kisses graced the back of my neck. Determined hands braced me around my waist. I sensed a growing hardness and warmth against my backside. He had fucked me into submission the night before me and then shaved my from head to toe as I lay in state of total relaxation, exh… Read more

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Karen My School Teacher 4


My excuse for a cock got hard again. My horniness got the better off me. I went to lock the front door. Took my shoes, pants and sweater off. I stood in the hallway only in pantyhose and t shirt. Don't do this. Walk away from this now. But you go to boarding school soon. You will never have a chance like this again. Was way too horny to let this pass. I sat next to her again. “Karen. Hey sweety. Are you there” But nothing… Mmmmm my cock was hard. My pantyhose legs touched her pantyhose leg. Oh my, it felt so good. I took my cock out and started playing with myself with one hand and the other t… Read more

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My crazy revenge after being dominated by that lad


So this story begins with my filipina ex u can see in the album. I was her world at this point. I owned her. Never what I intended nor knew about at the time, but looking back its true. She was so gorgeous. Smaller then me and I'm small! She had this mesmerising tight yet perky little arse that I will never forget... She was topless and the air con on was on full blast.. Her nipples poked out on her perfectly pert boobs. Her boobs were small, neither of us looked or do look the age we are 25).. U could mistake her for a teenage girl, But it wasn't her perfect pert girly breasts that made… Read more

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Gloryhole mixup

AnalGay MaleSex Humor

Me and the old lady were lazily playing with eachother in bed one Saturday afternoon. She had already had one orgasm, but I would probably give her two or three more before I got mine. We were talking cautiously about kinky shit that turns us on. I was glad to get her to open up a little and possibly explore other areas of our so-so sex life so far. Without telling her how I knew, I explained gloryholes and told her it would be hot to find one and have sex with eachother through it but role play like it was anonymous. This sparked her interest a little and she agreed that if I found one in a r… Read more

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Meister - T - Sissi Hooking


Meister – T – Erziehungsplattform Mann – Frau – Sissi – Paare Frau und Mann Aus dem Leben eines Meisters. Sissi "Schwanz und Eier "Hooking" Ein Meister – der sehr strenge – packt die Eier enge – drückt sie – bis auf Boden – haut dann noch – die Hoden, an diesem schönen – Leiden – tun sich gerne – weiden – Sissis – und der edle Mann – der so immer – gerne sann – zu dienen – einem Meister – der auch kennt – die Geister Heute ist ¬ die große Feier ¬ denn erzogen ¬ werden Eier ¬ von de… Read more

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Gurl Story – Be Careful What You Wish For

AnalGroup SexShemales

“This one right here” Max said. “This little sissy is perfect!” Max and his two friends had spent the last few weeks scouring Craigslist personal ads for a small crossdressing sissy that they could take advantage of in the back room at Max’s dive bar. “I’ll email the cunt with a few pics of my nine-inch cock – see if she bites!” he bragged to his friends. Sure enough, two hours later, the CD named Holly liked and commented on Max’s pictures. Throughout the day Max and Holly swopped information and emailed each other, then Holly decided to send Max pictures that he wanted (face, her little siss… Read more

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My first buttplug

AnalGay Male

If you've read any of my stories, you'll know that since I've been divorced, I've been pretty much 100% gay, and for me that means. 100% submissive to real men. I've been humiliated and embarrassed both privately and publicly, and although it can be truly awful at the time, I keep on going back for more However, for all the dominant men that have used me, and many have been on a regular basis, none of them have ever left me with a buttplug inserted. This is something I have desired for sometime now, and last week I bought myself a cute purple gel buttplug. Over the last few nights, I… Read more

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My first anal fuck

AnalFirst Time

Hi, my name is Adita. This is the story of my first time. Not my first time having sex though, no its my first time having anal, it’s the story of my first time with a cock inside my bum, so enjoy I did. At the time my boyfriend Simon and I had been dating for about three months, we were both very happy, neither of us was brave enough to make the first move regarding anal sex. We had had some very heavy sex sessions but no bum sex. We had a nice routine. During the week he worked away we would text and video chat and masturbate together when we could, and during the weekend if he was ho… Read more

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My first gay experience

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

I had invited my mate over for a couple of hours playing some video games, but we had played a lot longer then anticipated, so he ended up needing to stay the night, because at the time I was in a shared house he had to share the same single bed with me. I had always been curious about what it would be like to be with a guy, to suck a cock and gets fucked, so out of the blue I asked him 'what would you do if I touched your cock?' I could tell this excited him as I instantly felt the covers lift up from his hard erection, so I grabbed it and began to tug, this made me very hard to so he also… Read more

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My second time with a guy

AnalGay MaleMasturbation

So after my first experience (previous story) with a guy and going back for more a couple times, I fancied something different, So I got hold of an old friend and asked if he wanted to hang out. I knew he was gay because he used to beg me to wank in front of him when we were both at school, and I always did. So I went to his house for a 'catch up' So I was sat on his bed and he was on the other side of the room, so yeah we were chatting for a bit and the topic got on to sex as he knew the guy i fucked. So I told him all about it, I could see him getting pretty hard from obviously thinking o… Read more

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Palm Beach Milf increase her game part 3

AnalBDSMGroup Sex

As we skipped around some in the story but also from thr excitement we started seeing each other more and more. Quickies when she had 15 minutes I would post up on her direction of travel with k**s now at different schools and a husband who at this point must have been getting ideas when shapes, box trimmed differently, taking the big suv even for one k**, catching her engaged with the pool guy. I hadn't mentioned again because it was kinda a sore subject. They way I caused it then when she showed up to ore normal hotel day all marked up with nothing but a bathrobe. I taking giving no mercy g… Read more

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Not So Lazy Sunday


The show on TV was really interesting. The suspect was about to be revealed when my view of the TV is obstructed by you standing in front of me? “What the hell do you think you are doing? Can’t you see they are about to reveal who killed all those women? I am sure it’s not the usual suspect that I figure out in all other shows. This is really good. Now move your ass!” I grumble as you obstruct my view. “Oh really? Move my ass? Is that what I should do? You have been plonked down on this couch for 2 hours watching some stupid show while I had to run all the errands and now when I finally hav… Read more

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Rachel Rosenbaum

AnalFirst TimeInterracial Sex

Rachel Rosenbaum bent over and lifted a box of oranges. G-d, they were heavy she thought, as her muscles strained to bear the weight. Her arms weren't used to this kind of work, as she had worked at a clothing store before her job here at a massive supermarket. It wasn't her choice to leave her old job, it was just that it paid better, and money was very important to her right now. As an 18 year old high school senior, she had to think about her future, which meant enough money for a state school, where she could pursue her interest in painting and art. The money wasn't going to come from her… Read more

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My life changed

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

I grew up in eastern Kentucky about 50 miles from Lexington. When I turned 18 I decided to leave for my first trip out of the area on a trip to Lousiville with some friends. It was 3 of us and we decided to go see Lousiville and stay the night in a hotel. When we got there we found a hotel just across the state in line in Indiana. We decided to go downtown via taxi and hangout. We were at a little pub bar when Jake and Tony hooked up with 2 girls and decided to go to another bar and decided to call it a night and went back to the hotel. On the way back to the hotel I asked the cab driver… Read more

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Plenty of fish in the lake. And a little bait catc

AnalGay MaleMature

The alarm buzz sounded too early in the morning, as it always did. Sam didn’t feel like getting out of the bed and go to the flower shop. Above all, he was reluctant to see Bruce so soon after their Truth or Dare game where it became obvious that Bruce had a crush on Sophocles. The little bear had difficulties to show his feelings and he knew it would hurt him to see Bruce now. But he needed the money and he knew that eventually he had to face Bruce and part of him wanted to see him too and… Weary he stood up to get dressed and went to the flower shop. At the flower shop Sam avoided Bruce the… Read more

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An introduction to the female anatomy

First TimeAnal

So as many males did, I once fancied a young lady of my age whom I was in school with (we were in the 16-18 range). I was lucky enough that she also fancied me. Back then, the done thing was to gather youngsters in someone's home while their parent's were gone for some reason or another. We'd bring alcohol (nothing special, this isn't the US), get d***k on vodka-orange and whisky-coke and slow dance with girls until we or they (i.e. the girls would get inebriated enough to kiss their partner). Then we'd go throw up (hopefully discreetly) and call it a major victory. And so it went until at t… Read more

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Transition to Vikki, part 3

AnalShemalesFirst Time

Next part of how Steven Jennings became Vikki. Mk 2 version. Original script had too many typos and grammar errors for my liking, One moment I was sipping wine, the next I'm pinned to the bed under Gina's body. She'd pounced on me like a cat, knocking my glass and wine all over myself and the duvet cover, and then started to move herself around in a way which would certainly get a response given time. I could feel the bars of her protruding nipples digging into my chest as she moved about, could feel her hips as Gina gyrated and ground herself on me. I could feel her begin to grow and harde… Read more

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Flight Story ...

AnalGroup SexLesbian Sex

That day was another day Like other days That's my weekly holiday It was, but this time I had a holiday until Monday. I am a Computer engineer, i am T companies Work as Team Leader I do my job Everyone is very careful and I have before What is exactly done is the whole Calm down So I think about marriage I especially, now. But physical hunger meet Sometimes, if you get a chance, then Cudiye No With my office friends Not flirting Sometimes or a day's friend With Restoring your body requirements But then not Today was very different, From morning So I saw the dream of… Read more

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AnalGay MaleMasturbation

There I was, leaning back on a picnic table watching him pull my underwear and shorts down my legs. My little cock was swaying around out in the cool air as the rain storm hammered down on the small shelter. He threw my soakened clothes down onto the wet concrete. I remember the slapping sound they made. I stared intently as he removed his shirt. I was in a trance, I struggled getting my wet t-shirt off me....I gave up and froze my gaze on his enormous meat stick emerge from his shorts. It bounced up out, looking straight at me. He moved in between my open legs. He gripped my shirt at the coll… Read more

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