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After a quarrel with my husband

I had been quarreling with Victor about his new secretary; a stupid bimbo girl who was in her early twenties, blonde, curvy and…just stupid…
Victor said and swore he was not fucking her; but his excuses made me go even worst and mad tan ever…
I slammed the door and took my car in the middle of the night.
I had been driving around aimlessly for about forty minutes, when I realized
that I was in a part of town that it was not smart for a white woman to be in
after dark.
My rage was the only thing that stopped me from turning around and going back home; but instead I pulled into the parking... Continue»
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Anal deprivation between girls.

Yesterday my friend and I lost anal virginity. We love the guys and a while ago we lost vaginal virginity. Before, we had never thought about anal sex.

The anal theme, arose from the most normal form of the world. We were both in her room gossiping a bit and the conversation about boys came out. Normal conversation about how is so-and-so in bed and how it is. In truth, we have much confidence, we have been friends since c***dhood.

Speaking of sex we came to the conclusion that neither had tried anal sex. We both heard that many women love it even though it hurts. Knowing that the boys are ... Continue»
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Slut : And so it begins Part 4

Slut: And so it begins part 4

Ray, Steve and Mark spent the rest of the morning, fucking all of my holes in both outfits. I came and came yet still wanted more. Not only had I become a slut, I’d become and insatiable slut who craved cock. Craved cock in any hole as long as she had cock.
I’d swallowed a copious amount of spunk that morning, receiving a few decent loads in my ass and pussy, then the piece de resistance occurred when Ray went down on my ass and pussy, licking every drop of come out of my fucked holes.
This was the weirdest and kinkiest thing to ever happen to me so far.
I ... Continue»
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Scuford feels horny. He is craving for sex and pleasure. Last week at the restroom of the restaurant he had noticed that the walls were covered with graffiti, mostly sex ads and drawings. When taking a leak he read the proposals and the very suggestive art. He’d also noticed the spots on the walls which were clearly cum. The ads and their responses were like stories of which he filled in the blanks later, alone in the bed of his small room.

However, it was time to have his own adventure. Sex was waiting there somewhere. So in the evening he goes to the diner and searches feverishly an ad th... Continue»
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Life with Brian

Brian and I had been best friends for as long as I could remember, although I wondered why from time to time. Sometimes he drove me nuts. He sometimes behaved really oafishly - or just insensitively - and he could be opinionated, too. Not that he didn’t have good reason to be. He was always one of the smartest k**s I knew, and he was captain of the football team when we were at high school. Brian was one of those good-looking golden boys for whom life always naturally came easy, smiling his way through difficult situations with a flash of his blue eyes and an easy laugh. Whenever we fell out h... Continue»
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Teaching my daughter to be a bimbo, part three

Part three,

Hi there X hamsters. I hope you are enjoying my stories about how I am training my daughter to be a bimbo.

The next couple of days there were practicalities to look after and I wanted to establish a routine for us.

But first of all I needed to make my mark on Cindy. I booked into the local tattoo parlour and we both went down there the very next morning. I knew exactly what I wanted, but did ask Cindy if she wanted to know. Being the perfect bimbo she just looked at me and said "I want whatever you want daddy".

I spoke to the tattooist and told him what I wanted and left Cindy ... Continue»
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Sharing The Wife With My Friend #5 of 6

[ b]Sharing The Wife With My Friend
#5 0f 6

I got a call from my friend Bob on a Thursday, asking if we would be around for the weekend. It had been a little more than four months since his last visit. That was the time Ann got used like his personal fuck toy. That was also the time she and I had made our first, hidden camera video. Ann and I had totally set him up that time. I pretended to be called back to my business for an emergency that would take hours to fix, and then A... Continue»
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Cocks by the River

I met a guy at the river. We drove down this dirt road to a place along side the sulphur river, where he said we’d be alone. I got out of my car and he told me to strip so he could get a look at me. So I took of all of my clothes and threw them into my front seat. He gawked at me for a bit as he rubbed the very obvious bulge in his pants and then he asked me if i wanted to suck his cock. I said hell yeah and he pulled his cock out of his jeans while I sank down resting my bare knees in the dirt.

Then I started sucking his yummy cock. As he got harder and harder I started deep throating him... Continue»
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My Father in law mistakenly fucked me in the dark

Aunt mistakenly fucked by FIL

How my Aunt’s FIL mistook her for his wife and fucked her in a brutal way

Hi, FRIENDS this is Nalini again, Thanks for the wonderful response I got from you people for my story “Aunty seduced by her Nephew”, urged me to start my new story of my Jaya Aunt which happened in her earlier days of marriage. I a simple house wife residing in Bangalore and newly married having a satisfied sex life with my husband.

The story I am going to narrate now is about my Aunt Jaya aged 43 years, who is living ... Continue»
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A chance meeting at the pub Pt 2

Chance meeting at the pub Part two
The taxi arrived outside our house and the two girls slipped quickly out and headed for the front door. I remained and paid the driver who had obviously seen some of the antics that had taken place on his back seat. He smiled when I tipped him and commented on wishing me luck.
I walked hurriedly into the house to be greeted with the girls peeling of their coats and heading for the sitting room. Dee took Shelley by the hand into the kitchen saying that they would get the wine and glasses. I settled down on the sofa, rubbing my hard cock through my jeans and... Continue»
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Frat in the Gunpit [Military tale]

It's dark, cold, lonely. Stephanie watches through the bluey-blackness of the night, searching for an enemy she knows doesn't exist. She sticks her hands in her pockets in a futile effort to warm them up.
"No coffee, no smokes, this is bullshit!" She thinks, "I need something to warm me up. "

As the quietness of the night takes it's toll, Stephanie begins to get lost in her own mind. She thinks of the day gone, a long day of training. She practices her detainee search drills over and over in her head and giggles quietly as she recalls giving a fellow soldier a hard on when she was practic... Continue»
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Sex anyway I can get it! Bi Cross Dresser That&a

The weeks that followed our "Initiation" were filled with great sex for Joan and I. She has shown me her very submissive side. Something I have tried to pull out of her for years. She loves being tied up and fucked until she begs for me to stop. Once a week she stays late at work for a "moral" building party. Joan's boss tells me she's quite the star although the other girls have become jelious and have been crashing the parties.
Chris has joined in on several sex sessions One afternoon Chris acted as the dom. I was dressed in my black leather mini skirt, lace bra and a sheer blous... Continue»
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Another late night visitor...

After my pops gave me the envelope, from Mister Henry with one hundred dollars in it, I went to my room and then to the toilet to shower. I just wanted to wash the smell of Mister Henry's sweat and splodge from my flesh. As I washed I could not help but think of his nephew and how he had ravished my very tender and sore bung.

I slipped into my pajamas and went to my room, as I was sitting there on my bed I got this moist warm sensation. Quickly I realized that what I was feeling was Mister Henry's and his nephew's cum leaking out of from deep inside my anal cavity.

I quickly snatched ... Continue»
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All of you who see my profile here at Hamsters and on my website at , KNOW what a whoring, slutty cum lover I am! I can't ever seem to get enough cock, cum, pussy or ass and my recent favorite thing to do is take cock up my old asshole! It feels so damn good when a nice cock slips in it and when the man cums, I can feel each and every pulse of hot sperm shooting inside me. Even the feeling of it leaking back out and running down my legs turns me on and I only hate that I can't just scoop it all up and eat that delicious cream.

A few weeks ago, I posted that I was having an ... Continue»
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Kate, Mike, and Dave

Hello my name is Mike and with me is my wife Kate. We've been married ten years and together fifteen. Kate and I live in a apartment in Newport News Virginia and we share it with another couple who I will call Dave and Sally. Dave and Sally are not married but are planning on tying the knot by next year. We are all into the party scene as Kate and I go out to a dance bar within walking distance to our apartment. Kate and I are a great couple and are very open to each other sexually and emotionally. We started dating in high school and have had our fair share of experimental situations. Dave an... Continue»
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Meeting an Old Buddy After Becoming a Gurl

When I arrived at his house, he was waiting for me in the front yard. I was nice seeing Victor after all these years. His once huge afro is now gone, replaced with a glistening shaved head. His 6’6” frame is still in excellent shape plus a few pounds. Then I remembered how much I used to tease him because his was so dark, I called him “blue-black” but he looked good. Vic welcomed me in the house, and told me how embracing being a gurl suits me.

Victor complimented me on my dress, my new feminine figure and how I was “thick” in all the right places. After a couple of drinks, he leads me fur... Continue»
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My Wife is a PUBLIC WHORE for USE

My wife and I have been married for 15 years and since the day we met, I knew she was a whore and a slut! All my friends had been fucking her in high school and now, at a local bar, she's known for taking cock in the ass in the damn parking lot! I met her while she was being gang banged out behind the bar one night and even before I had even spoken to her, or been introduced, I was fucking her in the asshole and I was the third guy in line!

I NEVER thought I would marry a slut like her, I mean, who would have figured that I would like a woman that's a known neighborhood whore and will fuck an... Continue»
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My Journey part 11

My Journey part 11.

I was so turned on that again I thought I would cum but wanted my cock in his wonderful mouth again and really wanted to take his cock in my mouth so sat up and moved my head towards his beautiful cock and kissed one for the first time in my life as he took me in to his mouth, my mouth opened slightly and I put my lips around his cock head until my tongue could run around his helmet feeling every little lump and bump and play with his cock eye and suck and swallow his pre-cum before starting to move my head up and down his shaft as he was doing to me.

I was quickl... Continue»
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Found out by our Neighbor... 2

My folks came home and I was in my room, door opened as I lay on the bed reading. My pops asked if I was OK and I answered '...yeah Pop, all is well why?...' He smiled and said '...hope she did not wear you out...' Grinning he went on his way. I knew my Pops thought he had witnessed me having sex with a girl one night, I was to embarrassed to tell him that what he saw was Daniel fuck1ng me.

I remembered what Mister Henry had said that he wanted me to come over to his home after my folks got home, he initiated that he would tell my folks what he had seen in my window if I did not. Mist... Continue»
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Swinging with the neighbors

Me and my wife have been having sex with my neighbors Jim and Gloria off and on for a while. Me and my wife have been talking about making our first attempt in swinging and we both really enjoy fucking The Neighbors. One afternoon Gloria pulled up and got out of her car and we we're talking a bit and I walked over to the front of her car and we talked a bit and I asked her if they wanted to come over and hang out as I reached out and slid my hand up her thigh and she said yes they would love to come over as she reached out and began rubbing my cock, we got into a little bit of a dirty conversa... Continue»
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