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Return to bondage!

It had been weeks since I had last seen my Mistress or heard from her.

I had gone past her farm a few times to not find her home! I wondered if my past bondage lessons were over and I was now a free man to go about my life as I had done in the past, free from the threat of blackmail from her and her Nephew?

My Family had gone out of town for a visit and I was left alone to work and tend to matters at home.I was watching tv when I got the text on my phone. It said to call my Mistress at once! I knew not to hesitate.

I called her and reached her on the phone. She asked where I had be... Continue»
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On Line hookup

Last evening after I had my dinner I read my emails then surfed the net for a while. I kept my email open. as I was checking out a few of my sites I am a member at the BING sounded and I saw a new email had arrived. Opening it my heart started to race as I saw it was from an older man I met a few months ago at a truck stop. He wanted to know if I was free to meet up with him for his truck broke down and he was staying at a motel about an hour away.
I responded that I would love to stop over and see him. A few messages later he asked if I would be dressed like a hooker wearing all black and... Continue»
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Das Kopfkino

Zufällig bin ich gerade in München und habe mit meinen Freunden das Oktoberfest besucht. In der Bahn zum Hotel sehe ich Dich! Eine Augenweide!

Ein rascher Blick deinerseits streift den meinen und ich denke mir: "Mist jetzt hab ich nur dumm geglotzt und kein Lächeln zustande gebracht."
Ich hoffe und bete, dass du noch nicht aussteigst bevor sich unsere Blicke wieder treffen. Die nächste Station. Du sitzt zu meinem Glück immer noch auf deinem Platz und hast deinen Blick fest auf dein Handy gerichtet. Vor meinem inneren Auge laufen die dümmsten Anmachsprüche des Planeten ab...
Hey Kleine, wie ge... Continue»
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Unexpected - Part 2

I recently took a weekend trip to my home town to visit family. Several other out of town family members we in also so I just stayed in a hotel with other relatives. After we all got checked in and rested a bit, we all got dressed up and went out to eat at a local restaurant. It was a nice little bar and grill type of place which usually had live music later in the evening. As we were sitting waiting on our food, I was tapped on the shoulder by someone. Just so happens it was a guy I had a previous encounter with (See my other story: The Thrill of the Unexpected). I was surprised to see... Continue»
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After my wife died in that terrible accident I was missing her very much I did not have the heart to get rid of her clothes and they smelled like her which was even more reason to keep them I would go into her closet and smell her tops sometimes stick my head into her underwear drawer and inhale her scent it made me a little horny to do that and I would masturbate after unhappily cumming into my own hand...One day I decided to get dressed up like her so I did we were both similar in size so I fit into one of her dresses easily she even had a blonde wig she wore sometimes for fun... Continue»
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Double Pleasure

Double Pleasure
I have a special treat planned for you tonight and I
wanted to surprise you with something you have never tried
before. You once had told me that you had always wanted to
know what it would be like to have a cock in your ass and
pussy at the same time. Now I am not able to arrange for
another man and not sure that I would have liked to share
you even if I could but I did have a very nice twelve inch
vibrating dildo that would do just as well. I lead you to the
bedroom and told you I had something new to try tonight.
You look at me with a raised eyebrow but you do love a good
su... Continue»
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Pool Night

Anna, my wife had been complaining of how bored she was, I knew how she felt. New town and few friends. She saw a crackbook post for the areas pool league and jumped at the chance, after all she was a fantastic player. Wednesday nights she played, her teammates were great people she often asked me to come watch, but being a week night I had to get sl**p and she was always out until at least 1 am. A few months went by and I decided to take her up on the offer, however I decided I would surprise her. She kissed me as she walked out the door and told me she loved me and then she was gone.
"Fuck... Continue»
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The Sex Games: instructions and interview with Che

The Sex Games Tournament: instructions and interview with Chelle a contestant and willing sex slave

Daddy has some sport games for you to play. We will have teams of 4 men and 1 girl in each team. As the female team member, you must crawl on hands and knees for 50m and all 4 male team members must fuck you before you can get to the end. It is 10 points if they fuck your ass and 15 if they fuck your pussy. No hands are allowed, all penetrations must be by direct insertion of the penis into the vagina or anus. Because getting cock in your ass is easier, anal is only worth 10 points. Each man ... Continue»
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bi sex with men

When i was in my 20's i was in the Navy and stationed in gulfport mississippi, and would love to go out like any other man to the clubs trying to pick up the sexy young southern girls but that didn't always work out. One night i was coming back to base and decided i would pull in the adult arcade and watch some movies before going back on to the base. i bought my tokens and headed to the back room. and put the change in one of the machines and flipped thru the variety of porn showing each one having it own turn on for me. i soon had my cock in my hand and was stroking it as i watched the s... Continue»
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Well this is the first time I have ever written a story. Thought I'd let you know what I like to think from time to time. I've been with a woman and enjoy it, but I have thought about what it'd be like with a man. The closest that I have come to it is stuffing my toys in me and being somewhat flexible enough to be able to taste my own dick. I am liking that. Even when I shoot my load in my mouth. Can only imagine what it'd be like if I suck another man off. The fantasy that I have always wanted to experience is me and him in our speedo and we wrestle around. The loser gets to be bottom. So I w... Continue»
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Married Guy Fucks Me.... Hard

I have been trying to write the second part of this for months now.  The Married Guy and I have become pretty regular fuck buddies and I have some more experience I want to share with you guys but I need to finish this first experience off.

When I left you (which was in June), the Married Guy had come over to my place, we had stripped down to our speedos, he had sucked me off and I'd cum all over his chest and I had sucked him off and swallowed every last drop of his married man juice.  He was sitting on my couch and I finally took his cock out of my mouth and tucked it back into hi... Continue»
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Daddy helps his little fuckdoll relax before her f

Daddy's lil'fuckdoll is at school. It is her last day, with her exam upcomming in less than an hour.. You are in your cute school uniform. You are nerveous... Suddenly your phone beeps, and you take a look at it. It is a message from daddy, reading "Men's bathrooms. Now my little pet!". You hart skip a beat, your pussy immediately go hot and you make your way to the men's bathroom at school...

As daddys lil'fuckdoll gets there, you see two boys exiting the men's bathroom, give you a curious look as you are about to enter yourself. They say nothing though... As you step inside, only to see ... Continue»
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Girlfriend mesmerized by massive dick on business

Bradley's wife, Carra, is an unusually attractive brunette. At just a little over five feet three inches, her petite size is accentuated by an amazing set of breasts, incredible legs, and an extraordinarily pretty face. Carra was raised a strict Catholic, and she was still a virgin when she met Bradley. While in their early twenties, Bradley was captivated by her good looks and her vivacious, magnetic personality; it seemed that everyone who met her fell in love with her. Bradley expressed only one concern about his beautiful new girlfriend: she was something of a prude, unwilling to experimen... Continue»
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Just Because They 'Wanted' to Try it...

Three young backpackers stopped at the hostel, a few days ago. It’s been a little slow so, it was nice to have them. Once they went up to the dorm, showered and changed then, relaxed a little – then someone read the underside of a bunk.
They came downstairs, had a few beers and made a few remarks on the side. None of them were bad looking at all. Two were twenty-five, one was twenty-seven.

Once all of the other guests had gone out; one of them approached me and we talked a little. The others joined us, it became nothing but sex talk. We arranged things for the evening; they were on the ... Continue»
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Familie am Morgen

Wir, mein Vater 43, meine Mutter 42, meine Schwester 17 und ich 18, sind eine ganz normale Familie. Meine Eltern arbeiten beide während meine Schwester und ich noch zur schule gehen. Wir sehen auch ganz normal aus. Haben ganz normale Hobbies. Bei uns ist alles ganz normal. Bis auf eins. Wir ficken alle miteinander. Schon eine ganze weile praktizieren wir Inzest. Es hat sich einfach irgendwann so ergeben. Wir genießen es und schweigen.

Letzte Woche stehe ich morgens, natürlich viel zu früh, im Bad und putz mir grad die Zähne, als mein Vater rein kommt. "Brauchst du noch lange?" " Nene, bin fas... Continue»
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Pops is amazed by Stacy's new look M2F

When i finally made up my mind to become a woman, i had to tell my Pops. Needless to say, he wasn't very happy and told me to not come back around. I was hurt...

I revieved breast, (34D) and butt(26in waist 38in around ) implants, and for the first time, i felt sexy. I was curvy and very passable. I am 5'3" 140lbs with long blonde hair.

I started to notice men looking at me and smiling. It made me feel so sexy. I decided to go by my Pop's house to say hi. I knew he was mad, but I thought he would get over it. I knocked on the door. He opened and I smiled really big, and said hey Pops, ... Continue»
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My roomate srikes again

Months had gone by and only my one run in with my room mate. I had lost intrest that it would happen again. I began looking else where. Nothing really cut it.

My room mate. Names Travis. Had seemed to have had no intrest in me after that on night.

I came home from chillin with a friend then jumped in the shower. As i dried my self off i heard travis moving around the unit. I wrapped the towel around my waist and headed to my bed room.

As i was walking down yhe hallway i was violently thrown against the wall. It felt like i had a bull dozer squeezing the life out of me against the wall... Continue»
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She Gets Him Bi - Part 2

She Gets Him Bi
Part 2

John stepped out of the shower and saw his wife, Tiffany, standing in the doorway. Tiffany was wearing a black bra with black panties, the only other clothing being her purple, silk bathrobe.

"Hi, dear." He said.

Tiffany smiled, her eyes lowering to John's genitals as he slowly wrapped a towel around his waist.

"I see you're keeping yourself shaved downstairs. That's wonderful." Tiffany said.

It had been two days since John's boss, Kyle, had joined them both along with Kyle's girlfriend, Krystal. John had sucked Kyle off and even tak... Continue»
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Debora's Sexlife - Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - The man with the money

It's a great feeling to know that so many men think I'm hot. Which is also why I'm often in chat, because it's fun to meet strangers and having hot fun with them.

One day in chat, a guy wrote me and made me a deal. He said, he'll give me 1000 swiss francs if he can fuck my ass. I was accepting the deal immediately and we also met pretty quickly. We talked about a location and time to meet, and I told him I'll wear a blue skirt. I also showed him a picture of me and he was already very excited to meet me.

I wouldn't say that I'm a whore, but if a guy... Continue»
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Transition to Vikki, part 5

Continuing story of Steve's turning into Vikki,

Standing by the window with my drink I was glad of a few minutes rest, besides, we still had the evening and night to go!. With the sex so far today and what I knew was still to come, maybe Gina would need to give me one of her little blue pills after all!. Valerie rolled off the bed, giggling all the time and stood. In her hand she held the camera, swinging it by the strap. She was still coughing up cum but managed to ask us, “Do you two want to watch a good porn film and fuck some more before going out later?”. Gina smiled and slowly unwound ... Continue»
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