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Debora's Sexlife - Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - The man with the money

It's a great feeling to know that so many men think I'm hot. Which is also why I'm often in chat, because it's fun to meet strangers and having hot fun with them.

One day in chat, a guy wrote me and made me a deal. He said, he'll give me 1000 swiss francs if he can fuck my ass. I was accepting the deal immediately and we also met pretty quickly. We talked about a location and time to meet, and I told him I'll wear a blue skirt. I also showed him a picture of me and he was already very excited to meet me.

I wouldn't say that I'm a whore, but if a guy... Continue»
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Transition to Vikki, part 5

Continuing story of Steve's turning into Vikki,

Standing by the window with my drink I was glad of a few minutes rest, besides, we still had the evening and night to go!. With the sex so far today and what I knew was still to come, maybe Gina would need to give me one of her little blue pills after all!. Valerie rolled off the bed, giggling all the time and stood. In her hand she held the camera, swinging it by the strap. She was still coughing up cum but managed to ask us, “Do you two want to watch a good porn film and fuck some more before going out later?”. Gina smiled and slowly unwound ... Continue»
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A Surprise Encounter

Tom had been asked to pop around and help his friend Emma move into her new house, as no one else was available.

He turned up ready to go, and Emma showed him what needed to be brought in from the car and where she wanted it putting, As he started Tom notice Emma had disappeared up stairs, so he carried on unloading the car.

After about 20 minutes Emma shouted down to ask if he had unloaded her suitcase as she needed it, before she could crack on as she was still in her work clothes and hadn't left any clothes out for doing the move in, Tom shouted back it was his next thing to unload an... Continue»
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My Little s****r's New Job Part 4.5

The Next Day

Hayley shook me up from my sl**p. I turn over and open my eyes to the beautiful sight of Hayley wearing my long sleeve shirt and nothing else. She smiles and leans in to give me a kiss on the cheek.

“Get up, I made some breakfast.” she said.

“Smells good from here, I’ll be right down.”

“Okay.” She turns to leave, looking over her shoulder at me. Big beautiful smile on her face with an intentional bounce in her walk to show off her boobs and ass. I get up and look at my phone, It was almost 10:00 a.m. and I had three text messages. One was my mother telling me that... Continue»
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I guess I'm a Cuck 5

I wasn't sure about posting any further up-dates of my sex life or lack of one, I'm no professional writer but the amount of thumbs down is a bit harsh, which is why I haven't bothered to record the rest of that night so far.

I sat in that bar and thought long and hard what I wanted out of life and my wife's determination to humiliate me with these old men. I don't know what my wife has told them or why she thinks I will just accept it but the thing is I'm not weak, far from it there's lots of v******e in my past. So I worked out a plan of sorts, knowing that she was unlikely to give up on... Continue»
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My favourite night with Rachel

It was a while ago now, but I had a friend...with benefits for a short amount of time. This is what I can remember from my favourite time with her. (My punctuation, structure and English is terrible so sorry sue me)

It was 9 o’clock at night, uni work was getting me down and a lot of thoughts were running through my head .But a big one sticking out to me was that I needed to have a big release to get me back on track, this is when Rachel sprung to mind. Me and her had been sl**ping together for a few months with no strings attached, it was absolute bliss. Rachel was the same age as me, sh... Continue»
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My girlfriend the nuse and what she got me to do

There are a few parts to this if any one wants more

One of my early girlfriends was a nurse , typically she had very few inhibitions as I think nurses see all of life they appear more open.

We met at a party and and started going out soon after , she was a big built girl and great fun , and very randy so we were off to a flying start.We had sex almost from the start and she was pretty insatiable which suited me just fine , as she worked shifts we would not see each other all the time so there was always time to recover , but that meant when we did get together again , we were lik... Continue»
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Football Players Use White Pantyboi

Banjo hopped into the shower. It was a Saturday night. He was expecting company.

The guys coming over were all on the JFK High School football team. Banjo knew Akeem Johnson because he worked as a registered nurse at Akeem’s parents’ f****y practice. Akeem had been fucking the five-foot-nine, one-hundred-eighty-pound, big booty white sissy for two years.

Akeem had hosted a sl**pover for his friends last year. They ended up watching porn. His teammate Tavares Williams clicked on one thumbnail. They were all enthralled. Then, they realized it was a faggot getting banged out. They kept wa... Continue»
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An unexpective visit from a Cousin.

It was the fall of the same year that I had gotten assaulted by those three dreadful high school bullies, the year before I became their designated sex toy. I was at the table with my Pops and Mom when the door bell sounded. Since we were not expecting any company we looked at each other as my pops went to the door.

Sounds of surprise echoed thru out the house as my Pops called out (' ... you want believe who it is ... ') my smiled as my cousin entered the dinning room. Melvin, my moms oldest b*****rs c***d greeted her with a huge smile and hug, then came over to me ruffling my hair.

... Continue»
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Der Gangbang im Swingerclub

Mein Tag fing sehr gut an. Ich hatte frei, konnte ausschlafen und hab mir ein stärkendes Frühstück gegönnt. 10:34 zeigte die Uhr, die Sonne schien und der Tag konnte kommen. Viel vor hatte ich nicht. Ich wollte nur kurz in die Stadt fahren, bisschen shoppen und den Abend dann vorm Fernseher verbringen. Ich stieg also ins Auto und fuhr in die Stadt und sprang von einem Klamottengeschäft ins nächste. Aber so recht habe ich nichts gefunden. Im letzten Laden – ein Unterwäsche-Shop – sprang mich dann ein sehr sexy Nachthemd an. Dünne Trägerchen, schwarz, spitze, teils durchsichtig, sehr heiß. Angez... Continue»
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A Close Shave

One of the benefits of my job is I have the choice to work from home. Last Thursday, I did just that. I didn't feel like driving through all of the road construction. So I called my boss, told her I was working from home, and all was well. I was two hours into my day, when there was a knock at the door. I opened it, and there was Becki, still sporting her Katy Perry style short hair cut. She was dressed in pajama pants and a plain black t-shirt. She had a shopping bag with her.

"I saw you were home, and decided to visit." she said, rather slyly. I opened the door, and let her in. Her free h... Continue»
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Introducing anal to my mom

Continued from Part 1 (, Part 2 ( and Part 3 (

I had crazy school work the next day so I tried to ignore my mom so I could get my school work done. It wasn't easy. She looked at me often, with a sly smile, during dinner and again, her wearing a tight top with no bra made me horny. My girlfriend also called to chat on the phone but I put her off too, telling her I'd call her tomorrow. I was determined to get my h... Continue»
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Gym stud breeds surprise

There I was working reception at the local gym three employees failed to turn up for work, when the Boss turned up with two identical twins blue eyed blond haired European studs well muscled and looking very fit,,and i couldn't help but notice their rather large bulges in their tight identical nylon shorts, i was just an ordinary guy tall slim build and totally bisexual i bounced both ways sometimes having both gf and bf at the same time. The Boss was a woman she was a former powerlifter and had a rather striking well toned figure for a woman though recently had breast augmentation done enlarg... Continue»
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DominantCDTop rubberized

Think i'm getting in the mood to write some more erotica,,maybe this story line will revolve around a silky dressed toy called "Teddy" the silky encased Top,,whatchu think,,ready to be er oticised in writings,,as with any fictional story you'll be cumming and cumming and cumming,, you'll dressed in silver silk stockings with lace tops attached to 8 strap shiny silver high waist garter belt silver whale boned over bust corset tightened so to shrink your waist down to 24 inch squeezing your hips out , 44 DD prosthetic silicone breasts with erect protruding nipples wired to your own nipples s... Continue»
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Having Her Ass Again.

On Tuesday morning, I told my supervisor Fatima's husband Alhaji Engineer Sule Galadima that I won't come to work on Wednesday that I really need to relax and write my report on the work progress and submit to my boss, he gave me the go ahead to during mid afternoon, I called Fatima and told her about my arrangement on Wednesday, he was happy and told me that she looks forward to it.

On Wednesday, during the late morning when I know her husband would have gone to work, I called her, but she didn't pick, I decided to wait for her. I have been thinking all night about today and was incredibl... Continue»
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Lucy 5 days.

I've known lucy for 5 years now. Very beautiful very sexy. 5ft 9, beautiful slim tight body. Shoulder length red hair and quite elegant and we'll spoken considering she is a bit of a slut. She likes fucking. Men or woman, it doesn't matter to her but I don't care I'd still fuck her till my cock fell off. Lucy comes to see me a lot and we talk and drink and sometimes she stays over night with me. We have never actually fucked but we have had a few d***ken fondles. Kissing groping fingering wanking cummin etc. Watching porn together. But things have changed. Over 5 days things ha... Continue»
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Sissy in prison

The guard came to get me at 6pm. The sun was low in the sky and it would be
getting dark soon. He led me down to the showers, and turned them on.

"Razors and soap are in the corner" he said.

I knew what he meant. I set about shaving off all the hair on my body. I
closed my eyes as the razor traced up and down my legs. I parted my cheeks
and ran the razor on the inside of my buttocks until they were clean.

Finished, I grabbed the soap which was scented with a delicious citrus
smell. I lathered it all over my body, rubbing in the smooth suds.

The guard cut the showers and t... Continue»
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Threesome with trans beauties

New York is one of my favourite destinations. For many reasons.
But Mia and Denise are definite the reason that I have some of the most amazing stories to share. Met Mia at an upscale bar in upper Manhattan. A friend introduced us. She is a beautiful girl originally from Florida, Latino mix with strong characteristics and a beautiful sexy accent.
That night she wore a one piece mini skirt and high heels. You could stare for ever at her perky breasts and London sexy legs. We hit it off. She liked me and talking to me.
After few wines she asked me if I wanted to go to her place. She told m... Continue»
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Prostituting myself? At a party with eight black g

My Husband Asked Me To Do Him A Favor

My husband and I recently made plans to celebrate my soon to be 30th birthday this coming weekend. He booked in advance, a large suite at our local Marriott where we would check-in on Friday night, checkout on Sunday. I was looking forward to it, until!

My Husband came home from work Monday night with a problem related to his new construction company. My Husband has a crew of eight black guys working for him renovating a small apartment complex here in town. He told me that if his crew could finish the job before the upcoming weekend, he would get... Continue»
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Palm Beach house wife wants more chances fo be cau

As the first two years of tennis lesson on blossom way on the island an the bath house by the court was turning into before an after the lesson with the house maid catching us twice an the gentlemen who owned tbe house was divorcing oddly his soon to be ex was spotted often with my milfs husband. Some say they had been doing it for some time an the amount of money in his divorce was staggering. Mr M had always been so good in my two divorces, businesses , an yes tennis ans had called me tk do things in the Ray Donovan order to fix problems. He had told me fo not do the milf although he thought... Continue»
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