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Dee plays pool with the lads at the Working Men�

We were down the local working men’s club, where we were taking part in a game of pool. Dee was useless, but enjoyed the banter from the lads around her. The games were being played for drinks, the loser’s would buy the them so as you can imagine I was paying out every time we went on the table. Dee meanwhile was having drinks bought her at almost every game. I guess it was her little mini that she was wearing and she would make a point of leaning over the table to make shots. She would bend over ensuring that her skirt would rise up to reveal her little knickers with her bum cheeks spilling o... Continue»
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Palm Beach Milf gets put on husbands regular rotat

This part kinda sucks, I positioned myself out of more sex with the milf.. Sending her home all fucked and keeping her so sexting hot she had to give off singles to her husband. She even change from completely bald to a landing strip because I asked and im sure her pussy getting worked out her skill would also improve. Heck all I did was tell her how to be hotter and be a slut that nobody could actually claim that you are because going with no panties on and leaving your legs just a little open was considered an accident because it was unwilling.. Well she new how to show that willingly I had... Continue»
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Wife surprise 4

So following our last sexcapdes with our friends my wife and I were talking about various things and she told me Fen although had sex was always left wanting more and Horny, my wife told me of her and Fens fantasy and decided it might be fun to make it happen, I asked what it was and she told me a little part of it and wanted the rest to be a surprise, anyway my wife told me that she would invite Fen round on Saturday and what I had to do.
she said I want to to pretend not to be here so when Fen walks in I want you sitting there wanking that cock of yours so she gets a shock, so Saturday comes... Continue»
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Fucking my friends BBW wife - Part 4

After giving Linda an intense squirting orgasm, I began to slap her clit with the dildo, it only took a minute or two and she was squirting again, her body convulsing as she had another strong orgasm. This was only the second woman that I had been able to get to squirt up to this point.

After she came down from her second orgasm I undid her ankle restraints but left her wrists cuffed to the bed. Thinking that I was going to eat her pussy again, Linda spread her legs. I crawled between them but rested the head of my cock against her clit. At first I was gently slapping her clit with my cock,... Continue»
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Sex with a CD on a boardroom table

Like all of my posts, this is a true story and one of the wildest things I have done when having sex.

At the time of this experience, I had been crossdressing in one form or another for 20+ years. I had started off with wearing pantyhose, then slowly moved into lingerie, heels, nylons, and wigs. As my enjoyment of crossdressing expanded I took to quite a few message boards. First to find out what else is out there, but then to make connections. Some connections were for sex, and some for friendships with like minded people.

One Fall day I was on Flickr and I ran into another local CD and we ... Continue»
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Motel maid

So I'm in New York on a business trip for this new job I have, and the company has decided to put me up in the cheapest motel they can find.
And thank God they have!!!!
It's been the first time that me and my wife have been apart in a few years and we both got incredibly this Sunday morning on a call.
It ended up with us both putting on a hands-free and slowly masturbating as we told each other what we wanted to do to one another.
Me telling her how I would pump inside her amazingly tight wet pussy while fingering her little anus made her moan loudly into my ears as I could hear he f... Continue»
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a weekend away

this happened about 20 years ago when i was 19 or 20. at the time i had a couple different boyfriends, one of them was terrence or terry as he was known. terry was in his mid forties, nicely built and had a thick cock that stood close to 10 inches. i've been with countless men over the years, some with huge cocks and terry has to be in the top three if not the biggest. he could fuck too, good and hard for a long time. after terry and i had known each other for a little while he introduced me to his 29 year old nephew daryl. i remember thinking daryl was super hot. he had a bmw and a range rove... Continue»
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Lara - rotes Haar, 19 Jahr - Teil 1

Natürlich ist diese Geschichte frei erfunden. Weite Teile der Story sind schon fertiggestellt, jedoch bin ich mir nicht sicher ob man dies hier posten darf. We will see.



Ich beobachtete Sie nun schon seit knapp 2 Monaten und meine Notizen sind in dieser Zeit immer umfangreicher geworden. Ich weiß welchen Weg Sie von der Arbeit nach Hause nimmt, wann bei Ihr das Licht in der Wohnung erlischt und wo Sie gerne Ihre Einkäufe tätigt. Bei der Sie handelt es sich um Lara. Ein schöner Name, der aber nicht im Geringsten ihrem schönen Anblick nahe kommt. Sie ist 19 und etw... Continue»
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My Man's Thug Lover#1

My Man's Thug Lover
Chapter 1

12 noon I came walking in from work. On a normal work day I wouldn't be expected to be home til 5pm, but I was feeling flu like symptoms at work, so the office allowed me to leave early. When I walked through the front door, I was surprised to see my boyfriend's car parked in the drive, as he also works a 9 to 5. I dismissed it on the idea he may've gotten a ride from one of his girlfriends, or maybe he'd come home for lunch or something. I didn't both to call his name as I didn't feel the energy to shout through the 2 story townhouse i owned. I walked i... Continue»
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My Time as Morgan Le Faye

Hi, I’m Morgan Le Faye. Or I will be once I put this outfit together. Nice Crushed Dark Green silk one- piece gown. Hip tight, body forming. I will look delicious. Nice pendant around my deep neck line. Another piece hanging from my hips just above wear my Pussy would be if I had one.

Okay, back up a step. Yes, I’m cross dressing for Halloween. Being a scrawny guy doesn’t make it too difficult. I will need false boobs. Tear drop would be good. Slight heel on my nice shoes, plus a black wig with almost pure black hair. Would love it to hang below my ass. Oh, I need an ass too.

So, dressing as... Continue»
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new rules part 4

when they get home sally opens the door 'don't forget the rules boys strip before entering ' she smiles
both boys strip in the garden then enter the house sally takes hold of marks cock squeezes it and gently wanks it mark groans 'you really do have a nice big cock' she gets down on her knees and takes te head in her mouth running her tongue over the tip then sucking and bobbing her head up and down on his cock
'why don't you wank your cock dick while you watch sally suck marks cock' says katy 'but no cumming'
dick starts wanking his cock which is already hard from watching sally suck marks... Continue»
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Constance caught me with her sister - Final

There she was cowering in front of me. Sucked her first dick, got cummed over her face and in her mouth, swallowed all of it and was fingered by her own sister to a squirting orgasm. What could there be more?

Well, first Steph was standing next to me and swung her leg over me, place a foot on the arm rest and was holding her pussy in my face. Only now I realized that dawn had come in between since it was light enough so that I could see the drops of pussy juice glitter on her bald lips. “Sweety, please eat me out. I am so horny again. Lick me, finger me - just do me somehow or I go crazy.... Continue»
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Chelle helps her sister lose her black cherry

Chelle had just found herself a new master, even though she had a boyfriend once she met her master Chelle just knew she could not pass up an opportunity to be stretched in every way. Her reality, her lust, her imagination and her sensuality were going to be expanded way beyond what she thought or even dreamed possible. Then there was the actual physical aspect of course underlying all the mental aspects. She would be taken from being an awkward slut to a deft whore who could serve even the highest in society with what she was learning. It was like a new career with thousands of possibilities.... Continue»
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Our BVI Adventure Part 1

Day One
Like a much watched, favorite movie clip, she walked up out of the ocean surf towards me, water drops glistening on her naked skin, her long black hair whipping in the wind. Her shadow fell over me, as she leaned down….. a hard jolt woke me as the plane touched down and landed. Well, damn! Interrupted a perfect dream that I hope to make reality very soon. After getting our bags and leaving the plane, we grabbed a taxi to cross the island for the Redhook ferry. Once there, we board a water taxi to get all the way to the east end of the BVI. Already a long day, this voyage only adds ... Continue»
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A story for my master while im away

So it started on a Wednesday before I went to bed you told me to clean my ass out. So I went to the bathroom and proceeded to give myself enemas getting all nice and clean thinking I was going to get my ass hole pounded. After I was all done and washed up I opened the door to the bathroom and nothing had changed. You were still in bed and the bedroom door was cracked you tell me ok now come to bed and snuggle with your mistress master. Without hesitation I do still thinking something is going to happen but nothing does we fall fast asleep. The next morning you wake up before me and spray ... Continue»
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The Photographer

Dillon was learning to speak Russian a little better after a week in Kiev, Ukraine. He found the people friendly and helpful, and a larger percentage of them spoke a bit of English than he had expected. Dillon took every opportunity to practice his Russian, freely starting conversations with the accommodating Ukrainians. He focused his efforts on the beautiful young women of the city when possible. They seemed to find the tall and lean American with a camera slung over his shoulder interesting.

He found the large city to be beautiful with its century’s old architecture and plentiful parks. He... Continue»
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First Time part 4a

The next couple of weeks I was at Paul's house everyday, sometimes just the 2 of us, but more often Mark would be there too. I was getting cummed in or on or swallowing 4 to 6 times a day when they were both there. My favorite was when one of them would be fucking my ass and the other one fucking my mouth. 18yo cocks get hard over and over and I was insatiable. I loved every minute of it, and I really loved getting high with them too. Mark started giving me a joint to take home with me once in a while and I would stick my head out of my bedroom window to smoke it so it wouldn't make my room sm... Continue»
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Beatrice die kleine Schwanznutte - Teil 2

Teil 1 =

Beatrice wird eingeritten

Ihr Chef hatte zwischenzeitlich die Wohnung ganz betreten, ging von Tür zu Tür, zum Schluss auch in ihr Schlafzimmer. Ohne Hemmungen öffnete er Türen, Schränke, Schubläden. Beatrice wurde es ganz heiß, denn sie bewahrte im Schlafzimmer ihre ganze Ausstattung auf: Dessous, Kleidung, und vor allem auch Sextoys.
Ihr Chef fing an, die Schubläden ihrer Kommode herauszuziehen, griff in die oberste hinein und holte langsam Dessous heraus, in allen möglichen Farben.
"Tr... Continue»
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How I paid for my car repairs.

After what could only be termed a terrible divorce, I decided I needed a road trip. I hadn't been anywhere in a long time and before I was married I would often take off for weekend jaunts. It was a way for me to clear my head.

Packing a bag I threw it in the back seat of my vintage Mustang Convertible and headed off. I loved this car, I had bought when I was in college and the thrill of driving it still hadn't worn off. Sure it had it's problems but it was still a great car.

I had gotten about 400 miles from home when my classic Stang started making a terrible noise and started to spit ... Continue»
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STORY – ‘Whored Out to his In-Laws’ Pt 6

STORY – ‘Whored Out to his In-Laws’ Pt 6

Stephen could not believe the situation he found himself in, bent over his desk with his trousers around his ankles, cuffed, collared and blindfolded while Lisa pushed harder at the tight virgin hole of his red spanked arse with her strap-on while a hard cock was pushed into his mouth by ‘James’. Stephen had no idea who James was, how he knew Lisa, all he did know was that Lisa had fed him James’ cum from her pussy...but despite the perversity of his situation Stephen was enjoying every second of his predicament, obvious due to his throbbing p... Continue»
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