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No hubo que esperar al miércoles, a los dos minutos me llegó otro mensaje de Loli, diciéndome que se encontraba mal, que bruto del marido le había desgarrado el esfínter anal, vamos que le había roto al culo y que precisaba ir a urgencias .No le apetecía pedir un taxi ni llamar a un familiar. Ya me veía yo entrando con ella en urgencias, dando la cara por culpa de un culo roto que no era mi culpa, la situación no me interesaba, pero por otra parte sentía que tenía parte de responsabilidad. -¡Vale! Te acerco a urgencias pero no entro contigo, tienes que buscar a un familiar o amiga que entre co… Read more

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My First Time with BBC


I am married bisexual and love cock and ass; love to suck and get sucked; love to fuck and get fucked. Some time ago, I was at our local bathhouse. This a great place for all sorts of sexual carnage. I was standing in the TV room viewing some porn, hunched forward on a shelf located in the back of the room with my ass slightly protruding outward. I was nude as I always am. Many people walk around wrapped in a towel. Out of the corner of my eye I saw this big black gent looking at me as he came my direction. He stopped and asked if I was with someone. I said no. He asked if I would like some co… Read more

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My Philippines Adventure Chapter 16


We got the Fiance’ over to the bed and let her rest and I went to clean of my cock. My Toy then saw the young girl on the bed naked with a newly shaved pussy. Not being shy she dove right in, still in her uniform, and started eating the fresh pussy. The young girl woke and looked down to see her co work lapping her slit. When I came back into the room the Toy was buck naked and sixty nine with the young girl. I talked with My Lady Friend for awhile and she told me that she wanted to find some pussy to eat there but it was hard. I said if she did to make sure she set up the camera again. She sa… Read more

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Memorable Wedding Night


William has no trouble recalling a memorable wedding night and the participants: his brother’s wife, Kate; his niece; Pip and himself. Plenty of big bouncy boobs, cute booty, useful booze bottles and even more outrageous alcohol fuelled antics.... My name is Will and my brother’s wife’s name is Kate, not an abbreviated Catherine. And Katie chose the name Philippa for their only c***d, a daughter when Benny didn’t get his Phillip pushed out. Nice compromise on gender nomenclature preferences. Of course the distinguished Philippa was shortened by her friends to Pippa in high school and it stuck… Read more

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My Philippines Adventure Chapter 15

AnalGroup SexLesbian Sex

It had been a exciting day at the pool with new friends but I was very tired so My Toy and I retired to my new room and took a nice nap. When we woke in the evening she was called to work by the Room Service Department so she found a spare uniform and went off to work. I called the Aussie and he was happy to meet for a drink. While changing I received a call from My Lady Friend telling me that she was traveling back the next day and that she was very horny. I told her about the couple I met at the pool and she said that there was a neighbor of her cousin that was hitting on her and she was goi… Read more

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देहाती भाभी


दोस्तो मै समीर मै पठान परिवार से हू और पठानी बदन है मेरा मेरा रंग बहूत गोरा है शुरू से अब्बू ने कसरत करवाना चालू कर दिया था 19 की उमर मै मै एक भरपूर मर्द बन चुका था बात 2005 की है मेरे एक दोस्त का स्टूडियो था शादी का ऑर्डर कवर करना था उसने मुजे बोला तू भी चल मै गया वो उस जगह का एकलौता गार्डन था हम को एक रूम दीया पर उस मै बाथरूम नही था पास मै लॅडीस रूम था उस मै बाथरूम था सुबह 10 बजे मुजे जोर की टॉइलेट आयी मै लॅडीस टॉइलेट की और भागा अंदर घुसा और उस बाथरूम के अंदर टाय्लेट था पहला दरवाजा मै अटका कर सीधे अंदर वाले मै घुस गया वहाँ अँधेरा था थोड़ी देर बाद किसी ने बाथरूम की आगे वाली लाइट चालू करी फ़िर द… Read more

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Justin and Phyllis

AnalGroup SexShemales

Justin and Phyllis Shemale, Trans, Hardcore sex, Oral, Double Anal, Flashing, Cum, Cream pie eating. Phyllis sat thinking of Justin. He had moved into a 1 bedroom apartment a few doors away while working and attending trade school. A nice young who schooled by day, worked at night and mostly slept in between. They were neighbor friends who slowly grew closer. That closeness brought them together on holidays and personal celebrations. Justin being only 21 had been kept at a distance as Phyllis was 33. A year ago, she detected his interest i… Read more

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Bavi Group Fucked For Cheating Bachelors

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Hi, I am bavi, 23yrs girl studying in college. Being an athlete, i maintained good body structure and have a assets of 32c-24-32, fair, long black hair and black eyes. I am staying in a PG in outskirts of the city near college and work part time at pizza shop in weekends for extra income inside the city. Life was beautiful and enjoyable. But the little pocket money and the small salary is no sufficient to meet my monthly expenses to live my… Read more

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Ulterior Motive Threesome

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I’ve had a few threesomes and group sex experiences in my life but only one threesome that involved two girls and one guy. My motive in seeking this liaison revolved around the fact that I really liked him and so having his wife along was a way of obtaining the almost unobtainable. Ned was smart, handsome, and possessed a deadpan humor. He also had those intangible qualities that are difficult to describe but can really swallow up a girl’s mind. Of course he also had some faults as we all do. Looking back it is difficult to believe I could have been so completely infatuated. He was the flavo… Read more

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service review

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KARMA is a Bitch - Part 1 Myself Rony. Not to be boasting about, but I am actually a good looking person with a good physique. My height is around 5’11” and my dick is 6.5” long. I am 29 and working in a reputed company in Cochin. I was in a relation with this girl named Anu for around 5 years. In these 5 years, to be honest enough, we never had sex. We saw each other nude, kissed each other, bathed together, made out, but I never penetrated her because I had a feeling that one fine day, I would marry her an… Read more

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Strip Dance- Sex story

AnalFirst TimeMature

Hello fellow readers this is my sex story, hope you guys love reading it . He watched me from across the room as I slowly unzipped the black dress I was wearing. Settling on the chair nearest to him, he took a sit and loosened his tie. I gave him a coy smile before slowly taking the dress off. It fell to the floor with a thud and I walked over it as I made my way towards him. I deliberately swayed my hips as his eyes trailed on my body, taking in the lacy black lingerie I was wearing within. I stopped a few meters away from him and started to move my body to a beat only I could hear. I rocke… Read more

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The ghost town


We've been dating for a wile. Both of us are pushing 60. We love each other's company, but maintain separate residences, and we like our independence, although we usually spend 2-3 weekends together a month. I e-mail you and ask if you are up to a two day trip, to go see a ghost town, and one that’s supposedly haunted. You say “Hell yeah, where?” I tell you I’d like to drive to Chico and pick you up, then drive over to damn near Nevada to the town of Bodie, a historic State Park. A real ghost town, with a few park rangers and all. We agree to it and the up coming weekend is going to be good.… Read more

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Taking care of business


We were both so hot, and needed to take care of business. We'd chatted and phoned for hours, so I drop over to your place. So I take you upstairs and we get naked. I tell you that I have big plans for you. I tell you “I'm gonna lick you and eat you, and fuck you. I plan to treat you like you’ve wanted for a long while.” Your eyes get really big and I tell you to get on the bed on all fours. So you are happy to oblige, and there you are naked as a jaybird and you are waiting for me to have my way with you. I pull you closer to the edge of the bed, your bald pussy hanging out there makes my co… Read more

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Taking Annis anal cherry

AnalFirst TimeTaboo

Anni did not need to lure me cycling for long. She’s fresh UNI student and I fucked her last spring when I was one of the adults on their college reunion trip. I was more than happy to follow Anni and watch how her tight shorts made her ass look even more sexy. It did not made my situation any easier, that she had thin tank top but no bras. - I would love to cool a little. Let’s go swimming Sam. We biked to shore nearby and park our bikes. Anni run straight to water thigh deep and waterd her hands and face. When se walked toward bikes I couldn’t help staring her hardened nipples that were po… Read more

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The phone call

AnalFirst TimeShemales

Several year ago I had the good fortune of being able to retire early with a union pension and jumped at the opportunity. I wasn’t sure what I was gong to do with all my free time, other than being able to dress up more often and invite men and other T girls to my apartment for fun times. I do love sex and love to play. Then it dawned on me that I had always wanted to travel cross country, stopping to see a lot of landmarks, historic sites and so on. I had been chatting with guys and other girls online for months and made some friends all over the country that I also planned to meet with in my… Read more

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crying orgasm!

AnalVoyeurFirst Time

I can remember my first time being penetrated and cummin! It was mind blowing! For as far back as I can remember, I always had this tingly itch deep inside of me that would drive me crazy to the point that I started finding objects to stick up in me to scratch that itch, and any chance that I had some alone time, I would explore what I was feeling with whatever I could find to stick inside of Me. The first thing I ever used was my drum stick from my drum set. All I know was it felt amazing! to the point that I didn't want to stop. But, as I'm satisfying my tingly itch, I notice my little dic a… Read more

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Asian wife cums hard during Anal sex

AnalInterracial SexVoyeur

We had a day off with the wifey so I told her we should take some time to fuck for good. Oxana agreed and after a while she offered to do it before we'd go out. She was teasing me during the morning by showing off her ass and she was telling me: "Check out my ass! it's getting very strong and fit since I work out!" I told her I had to check and she let me have a look as I was opening her asian cheeks with my hands to watch her asshole. She was really wan… Read more

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Spontaneous meeting

AnalGroup Sex

Wrote this fantasy for a couple I've not met yet. Doesn't seem very kinky to me, but it might do to others. Bi mmf, rimming and anal. Enjoy. I'm walking around Stratford, enjoying a day off work, when I see the pair of you. At least I think it's you, so I log in to the site and send a quick text. The man checks his phone, then looks up and around. As he looks at me I smile and nod. You both walk over to where I am standing and I introduce myself in person. It's not the planned first meeting, but sometimes these coincidences happen. None of us are especially dressed up, though Emma is looking… Read more

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Daddy's fun on the sofa


I came over to visit you at your apartment. We were sitting on your sofa, and you lean over put your head in my lap as we talk and I play with your hair. My hands wander a bit, rubbing your breasts and back. I know that a father should not be playing with his daughter’s tits. We are still chatting away, I am not being too pushy, but being a bit more than friendly, loving your nipples harden as we chat about everything. We both feel the sexual tension, but no one is in a rush. My cock is swollen, and puffy, but not stiff. We talk and we are comfy, then I say something funny, and you kneel and… Read more

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