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Anal Porn Stories

Victoria Justice photoshoot


It was just another day for me, on the set of a new photo shoot, we were never really given much detail as to who would be here, just that she was important and we needed to the best of jobs, I was told by my "superior" aka the person who takes the pictures, via a text from the mystery woman's agent earlier in the day just when they would be arriving. I was getting the camera ready, making sure the set was in immaculate condition for our soon to be center star of the shoot, we were told to keep it simple and nothing is more simple than a white backdrop, meaning 100% of the focus will be given… Read more

Posted by horstista 1 day ago 3,218 100%

Suzi needs to be unfaithful part 2

VoyeurGroup SexAnal

Suzi needs to be unfaithful Part Two James and I lay back on our bed, basking in the glorious afterglow of our frantic sex. Teasing the two tradesmen had left me with huge lust and state of arousal. James had just received the benefit, but as sure as eggs are eggs, the two guys will be in for one hell of an afternoon. To help dampen my ardour, I placed my digit finger in my slit and began to slowly run the tip of my finger up and down the shaved opening. James sat upright and watched me slowly masturbating, coated in oil wearing only my high heels. I looked at James, my eyes half closed as I… Read more

Posted by neilmc123 1 day ago 1 2,237 100%

Panne de chauffe-eau

First TimeAnalHardcore

<font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">Un samedi matin il était à peine 8h00 J'étais devant mon pc dans le site xhamster , on sonna à ma porte , je me lève et j'ouvre et là sur le palier Houria ,la fille des voisins marocain " bonjour , "excusez moi notre chauffe-eau est en panne , est ce que je peux faire mon bain chez vous " me dit elle " tes parents sont pas là" lui répondis je " non ils sont partis au marché" me répliqua t'elle ," bah entre " lui dis je , Houria est à peine 18 ans pas très grande 1 m 60 légèrement po… Read more

Posted by bomax78 1 day ago 558

My training as a sex slave begins at the Gloryhole

Gay MaleHardcoreAnal

My training as a sex slave begins at the Gloryhole    When Clark arrived at my house the next day he said this is your last chance to back out. I said no i want this. Clark then said ok from now on you do whatever i tell you to and whoever i tell you to. Now give me a key to your house. I gave him a key and then he ordered me to strip naked. He said from now on when you're home you must be naked at all times day and night. And from now on you will address me as master. Do you understand? I said yes. He said yes what? I said yes master. He then ordered me to suck his cock. I dropped… Read more

Posted by king_cum_eater 1 day ago 2 3,647 100%


AnalGay MaleHardcore

He had a reputation Rick had for having the biggest thickest cock around! Bitches who tried him out complained he ruined their assholes for other guys that he stretched them out so wide now other cocks feel small! Humph I thought it was a lot of B.S. myself I had been fucked by some damn big cocks and my asshole felt fine still nice and tight! I heard he hung out at a club on the other side of town a real nasty one where the fuckers and the fuckees were plenty and you could always fins some action depending on what you were looking for...I decided to try out this Thick Dick Rick… Read more

Posted by laceysgirl 1 day ago 2 4,332 89%

Butt Stuff: Part 3 - The First Man I Ever Fucked

AnalShemalesFirst Time

I was so in love with Paul. He really made me feel special and complete. Just the way he would hold my hand or kiss me, made me feel so girly and beautiful, inside and out. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him. Speaking as someone who decidedly takes the feminine role in the relationship, I fell into that life with him right away. Obviously, we weren’t your typical couple. I’m not living in fantasy land. There is reality to deal with. I feel like a woman. I have felt feminine all my life. I walk like a woman, I talk like a woman, I look like a woman, I dress like a woman. The only thing that… Read more

Posted by abby_vista 1 day ago 7 2,086 100%



( … ) Th: Sie sagen, Sie machen sich Sorgen deshalb – warum? P: Ich weiß nicht – vielleicht weil es in letzter Zeit immer stärker geworden ist. Th: Sie meinen ihr sexuelles Verlangen? P: Ja, genau. Th: Können Sie ihr Verlangen näher beschreiben? P: Ich denke halt ständig an Sex. Ich bin oft stark erregt – oft mehrmals am Tag. Th: Und was tun Sie dann? P: Ich masturbiere viel, oder ich treffe mich mit Melanie. Aber das geht nicht immer, weil sie ja etwas weiter weg wohnt. Th: Dazu möchte ich gleich noch ausführlicher kommen. Wie oft masturbieren Sie, schätzungsweise? P: Ich würde sag… Read more

Posted by pencil69 1 day ago 282 100%

Dusty's Daddy

AnalFirst TimeShemales

So learned at a very young age that I liked dressing up in hose and heels and making guys cum (see any of my previous stories :-). I met Dusty when we were 13. He moved from another state. He towered above all of the other boys in our class at 6' 1". He was so big we called him Dusty Mountain. He had a full five o clock shadow and probably outweighed every other guy in the class by 60 or 70 pounds. There was an empty seat next to me and the teacher sat him there. I soon learned that he was really cool. We both liked AC/DC and Iron Maiden. I started helping him with his schoolwork and s… Read more

Posted by cdsexslut 2 days ago 3 3,334 89%

Another from the GurlTown Files Sherrie 3

AnalGroup SexHardcore

Sherrie & Baby Face BBI was doing great. The downside was that Gabe and Nick were in and out leaving Sherrie too much time. While out shopping she saw a rowdy group of k**s beating one. By the time she turned her car around to investigate, one small k** crawled from the ditch. He was bruised, dirty and his little glasses were broke. She scooped him up and he said, “not a k** Lady” and passed out. She rambled through his back pack and discovered he was actually a “little person”, a dwarf. His papers showed until recent, an orphan. She looked at his… Read more

Posted by GurlTown 2 days ago 421 100%

Another from the GurlTown Files Sherrie 2


Boonie Builders #2 One down, one to go, Shell thought. She remembered Gabe's “Hit him between the eyes” and decided she would. As they worked, Shell came out stretched a blue print out on a saw horse table, then moved around them taking measurements. Beneath her shirt, her tits hung free. She climbed a ladder near Nick making sure that her ass cheeks were in his view. Reaching, she flexed her cheeks, tightened them and slacked them. She knew her pantie lines were cutting into each cheek as she had put on a very tight pair this morning. As she cl… Read more

Posted by GurlTown 2 days ago 583 100%

Dee lets Ben choose a special partner


So tonight things were going to change. Rather than Dee calling all the shots, I had done a little research for myself and searched through my hamster friends to find someone to join me for the night. Dee was happy to go along with it all, I had thought about another couple but we’d done that. I fancied a sissy, but they had to be fairly convincing and I thought that Alicia fitted the bill. We had talked on hamster for a while, sharing pictures and had once had a c2c with me coming very quickly at the sight of her gorgeous cock in red panties and stockings and suspenders, completely shaved,… Read more

Posted by bendee555 2 days ago 4 638 100%

Sex Club stage 4 (gang bang)

AnalFirst TimeGroup Sex

Stage 4 (Gang Bang Club) Dave was given a private house address to go to two nights later. Same time, 8pm. He didn’t know the address so it took a while for him to find, so he was a little late. A young man answered the door and asked him in. He was shown into the living room where the fat man and the five men from the Carlton hotel were seated. The young man looked ashen, he knew something terrible was going to happen but not quite sure what. The fat man stood up and said, ‘good evening again everybody I hope you have been enjoying your little adventures’ all six men nodded with a wry smile.… Read more

Posted by nanplabwern 2 days ago 2 1,479 60%

Lizvette On The Beach


Lizvette On The Beach (This is part of a series of stories collectively titled "Loving Lizvette," told by a man of 50 or so who has fallen in love with, impregnated, and married (though not quite legally) the beautiful and quite young Lizvette, who likes to call him Daddy. It takes place not long after Lizvette has given birth to her and Daddy's baby during a summer getaway at the beach. It is told in a single scene. . . . . . Her bottom was covered with sand where the bikini had not protected her, and the grains pressed into my palms as I lifted her onto me. Still her suppleness filled my… Read more

Posted by Stiffenpurple 2 days ago 935 100%

Duval & Big Booty Boi

AnalGay MaleShemales

Duval Gates decided that he wanted to fuck new femboi so he got on the chat line. His greeting stated, “Older dominant nigga lookin’ to fuck a phat booty faggit. I’m six-three and two-hundred-pounds. Eight inches of dick. Dark-skinned. Hit daddy up.” He browsed the messages for about five minutes before he got private one from Mouse. The soft voice said, “You can fuck my faggot ass, Daddy! I’m five-ten and weigh about one-seventy. I have a 48-inch ass, with a 32 waist. I’m brown-skinned. Horny and live alone.” Duval got hard instantly. He pressed the button to speak live with the sissy.… Read more

Posted by faggyboi 2 days ago 1 615 100%

Von einem perversen Arzt benutzt und zum Sklaven


Vor einiger Zeit erhielt ich von einen geilen Kerl eine Anfrage zu einem Date. Er schrieb mir, das er ein aktiver Kerl sei und mein Profil sehr geil findet. Er würde mich gerne zu sich einladen würde, wo er mir dann mit Dildos und seinen Fäusten gerne mein Loch dehnen und fisten würde. Mir gefiel diese Einladung, da ich sehr gerne passiv bin und mir gerne mein Loch bearbeiten lasse. Also verabredeten wir uns für den Abend um 19 Uhr. Ich sollte aber pünktlich um 19 Uhr, mit gespültem Loch, bei ihm sein. Er legte mir noch nahe, wirklich PUNKT 19 Uhr da zu sein und er duldet keine Minute später.… Read more

Posted by FFistMaleBLN 2 days ago 255 50%

Sex Club stage 3 (massage club)

AnalMasturbationFirst Time

Sex Club Stage 3 (Massage Club) Dave only had to wait one day for the next message, he had to go to a massage parlour in the town centre. He knew where it was but had never been there, it was part of a ladies hairdressing salon so felt embarrassed to go. He was there at the usual time, 8pm. the shop was closed but there was a separate door to the side that was open so he went in. A very nice lady saw him and said that he was expected and showed him to a cubicle where she asked him to undress and lay on the massage table with a towel over his middle. Dave did as she asked and stripped off and… Read more

Posted by nanplabwern 3 days ago 2 1,072 100%

Holiday, fucking strangers


We decided to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary by going on holiday to the Greek Island Rhodes. I wasn't expecting much on the sex scene as Jane seemed to have gone off the boil recently. She'd been a bit subdued, perhaps she was beginning to realise she wasn't as young and attractive as she had been, she was 36, her tits and ass weren't as firm as they used to be and she didn't get eyed up as much as she used to but, she was still attractive and guys certainly wanted to fuck her! We were comfortable with our relationship, Jane like to have sex with other guys and I liked to be told all… Read more

Posted by Cymro1 3 days ago 1 2,394 100%

Die Gummi Lesben Teil 6

AnalLesbian SexFetish

Als sich mich dann um Dreiviertel sieben auf den Weg zu Anna machte freute ich mich schon auf unser Anal Spiel. Angezogen hatte ich meine Latex Leggings, darüber den Keuschheitsgürtel und darüber eine Jeans damit keiner sah was ich wirklich darunter trug. Als ich bei ihr ankam klingelte ich. Kurze Zeit später kam Anna dann zur Tür und öffnete mir, im Vergleich zu mir war sie komplett nackt. Sie sagte mir, dass wir jetzt in den Keller gehen und zeigte mir den Weg. Als wir im Keller ankamen stellte ich fest, dass dieser ausgestattet war wie ein Domina Studio. Wir redeten erst mal über belanglose… Read more

Posted by Das-gummiluder 3 days ago 258 40%

Theater sissy

AnalGay MaleMature

This is a true story. No exaggeration, no BS. Hope you enjoy it. My ex girlfriend Tori and I had lived together for sometime. Our schedules were such that we had one day off together and one day off alone. I loved our together days but my alone days were porn days. And I LOOOVE porn. I would grab my case of beer, pack of smokes, a towel and head for the computer room. I would look up pics, vids, hop in and out of chat rooms. The whole nine. I was really getting into crossdresser vids at this time. I loved watching nearly passable cd's. I was also watching more and more gay porn. I was no… Read more

Posted by kreacher0 3 days ago 4 2,402 90%

Butt Stuff: Part 2

ShemalesAnalFirst Time

Fuck you, asshole! Think about that the next time you say it. Men are naturally tops, meaning they do the fucking most of the time. Some of you genetic ladies are tops, and even strap a cock on occasionally to make it clear, but where does that leave those of us who are anatomically predisposed to be a top but are bottoms, meaning we prefer to be getting fucked…like me. I have a cock, but I like to be fucked, I don't like doing it. So sure, I’ve gotten angry on the road, rolled down the window, given the finger, and yelled “Fuck you, asshole!” Even though I didn’t think about it literally at t… Read more

Posted by abby_vista 3 days ago 7 750 100%