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PART 1 As a young boy at school I found it very embarasing going for a piss in the toilet with other boys staring at my huge young prick. When I reached puberty it was many times bigger when erect . As I was always randy I used to go into a cubicle in the school toilet to have a horny wank . I soon found that the adjoining cubicles all having big peepholes had young boys wanking while watching me wank. I loved the idea of the boys watching me wanking my big cock through the peep holes When I felt my hard erect prick tingling ready to cum. I wriggled over to the peep hole and inserted m… Read more

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I love black cocks in my asshole

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Last Saturday I was home alone and very, very horny… Then I decided to go out, alone by myself. I took a shower; put some cream in my long legs and black stockings. It matched with a tiny black thong string, high stilettos and a very tight black lace mini dress. Then I completed my make-up and put some dirty perfume… Lastly, I inserted my small anal plug; I should be ready if any man wanted to fuck me in my ass… Before leaving, I decided to have some chat with men in the net. I opened a bottle of good red wine and started chatting with some guys. After I had a couple of glasses of wine, I… Read more

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A Concert Surprise

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A CONCERT SURPRISE As the opening act came on, the crowd began their usual push towards the stage. I stayed where I was and began to dance. These guys were actually pretty good. As the space around me cleared I noticed dancing next to me a hot young thing – couldn’t be more than 19! She gave me a shy smile and I noticed for the first time she was wearing a halter top that was almost see through and way too small. Her tender little nipples were poking out like arrows that seemed to be pointing right at me. Her long brown hair flowed down around her trapped titties in waves. She had on a… Read more

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A high-school education.

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This is an old story that got deleted for some reason. I tried out for the swim team every year in high-school and made it at the start of my junior year. I'd always been pretty fast in all the strokes and they needed an IM guy so I finally made the squad. Everyone made me welcome because nobody else relished the extra training the Individual Medley requires. I was the only Junior there and coach asked John, one of the Seniors, to mentor me. He was really cool and didn't seem to mind hanging with a younger teammate. He set up a training schedule for me and we spent a lot of time together… Read more

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The next few months after Addison and Adam’s first encounter, the two would get together a couple of times a week to have sex. Addison was always amazed how great Adam performed in bed, and she never got bored with his lovemaking. At work their fellow co-workers started to notice how much time they spent together and some of the women would tease Addison by congratulating her on such a great catch. “We’re just friends”, Addison would insist, but even she noticed that Adam’s sexual trysts with the women of the station had stopped and he was only with her on their free time. One day Addison spo… Read more

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Before using a Vacuum Pump, read instructions=CARE

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enis Pumping-Read Instructions First !!! Wish I had!!! My mate Billy suggested having a bit of fun and trying out the Penis Pumps advertised in one of the on line ads we had been reading. We were not sure how well they would work so sent for 2 small cylinders and a manual hand pump. Two medium with hand pumps, and two large cylinders which were 15” long, extra thick, and with a hefty girth to get your balls in as well, which the smaller ones did not. We got excited waiting for them and as we live together anyway, spent the evening sucking and fucking and thinking what it would be like to h… Read more

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The Making Of An Amateur Strapon DVD

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This trip wasn't all that different so far from other typical business trips. I was stuck at a hotel near the airport for several weeks while I served my client. I was terribly bored, although this time I had rented a car so I wasn't entirely stuck using the hotel shuttle or the public bus line. To ease my boredom, I had rented a couple DVD's from a local store, watched them, and was now returning them. The differences that did occur on this trip were quite a bit different than my usual stay in this miserable city. Instead of being stuck in the usual budget hotel near the freeway, I was in a… Read more

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Enjoying Robby's tongue and cock in me


Two days after watching our nice dog Robby fucking my sexy wife; Ana and I had a funny night at bed; in a great sex session. As we were catching our breath back, Ana told me to stay there and she went to the bathroom. She returned minutes later, smiling as she showed me she was wearing a strap on around her waist. We started playing again with no mention of that huge toy. Anita turned me over and started licking my arse. Then she fingered me; as I relaxed first one, then two and finally three fingers were shoved into my very tight ring. Ana asked me if I was ready, as she moved behind me an… Read more

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Jane's Step Brother 2


Jane’s story of losing her virginity and the taboo and wrong nature of it had me rock hard. She continued to tell me how things progressed. Three days after my ordeal I had not seen Nigel and Jim (her step dad) had stayed away apart from a grope of my tits as i washed up one night. I had frigged my cunt so many times thinking of the events of that afternoon. I knew it was wrong, but I had loved it and my sexual being and had been released. On the fourth day I was walking home from school ready to frig myself and find out what it felt like putting my deodorant can inside myself. A car pul… Read more

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Sex with security guard in the apartment..!


I always fantasize about exploring the unlimited possibilities of cross-dressing and exposing myself in public such as dressing up and clicking hot pics in public places, seducing men and get picked up from pubs, having sex in car and on the roadside, etc., and some of my fantasies have already come true such as my sexual encounter experience in a moving train with a middle-aged man on my train journey to Delhi. When I was staying in an upscale apartment in Bangalore, I used to hit the gym every day in the… Read more

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President Trump's Surprise Party. Part 6

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President Trump's Surprise Party. Part 6 Kelly and her brother both agreed not to tell them about being related in case they refused to let Kelly be with the First Lady. Gorge knew that his sister wouldn’t say anything but he had his own reasons why he didn’t want them to know. He knew Kelly didn’t want this chance to go by but his main concern was what Melania would get her to do if she found out. He never asked his sister what she would do if Trump wanted to fuck her because he didn’t want to know. If Melania ever found out then there was no way that crazy slut wouldn’t want her husband to… Read more

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True Story, next day at "John's" co

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Well , I did not sleep much last night, I kept waking up to visions of John's cock right in my face , and me covered in his cum, when I got in from helping John with his toileting problem last night, the first thing I did was look at my face in the toilet, glasses , nose and mouth covered in cum and that was starting to run down my face, part of me said taste it and part of me was reviled, but the taste test won and I licked my lips and tasted a mans cum for the first time, it wasn't too bad, salty and slightly metallic and I felt my cock get real erect and my heart started to run faster. Wel… Read more

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AMULYA Part 2 (Fucked By Mr Rawal)

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After having that pill, the resistance in me was fading slowly. I just fell back on his arms and let my head fall back. Mr.Rawal held me really tight now and started kissing my neck. I could feel his wet tongue licking my neck and his lips kissing my neck and shoulder. He turned my face towards him and started chewing my lips. The pill seemed to push me more towards him and I just let him suck my lips. Mr. Rawal thrust his tongue in my mouth and I started to suck his tongue. He slowly brought his hands cu… Read more

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A letter to my daddy

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I don't know if you'll ever read this, but if you remember, and you think of me, please tell me!!! I loved hanging out with you all the time when we were younger. You were the male figure in my life that i never had and needed. I always felt safe when I was with you and you were always fun, nice, and caring. Even though you didn't have to be there for me in hard times, you always made sure i was okay. And thank you for not treating me different because you were older than me. That's why I decided to make a move on you and told you I wanted you when I felt ready. I trusted you, felt safe and l… Read more

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The Sensual Bus Journey-1

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I work for an event management company. We had gone to organize an event to Chennai. We were supposed to return in the company car, but the car broke down and we had to reach Bangalore by morning. So my colleague and I decided to return to Bangalore via the Volvo bus. I was all dressed up and felt a bit weird to travel by bus. My colleague said it would be fine so I agreed. I am around 5’7 with fair complexion. I have a black shoulder-length hair. My stats ar… Read more

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Acquaintance by correspondence

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On Dating sites. Maybe it could be on xHamster. Herman: - " Hello» Marie: - " Hi» Herman: - " You look great» Marie: - " Thanks, I try» Herman: - " You have a cool image. And anyone in the real world sees such beauty?» Marie: "Well... Who I trust, he sees» Herman:- " That's lucky someone. Is there any hope of being elected? I'm good.» Marie: - "To speak Beautifully a can, but seem shy.» Herman: - " I threw the pictures, look» Marie: - " Wow ... Impressive, ... and higher show shy of? I mean face» Herman: - " Apparently half interested. And the person you like, I guarantee. Especially a… Read more

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Nurse, the SCREENS!

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I haven't written anything for a long time, I am now qualified as a nurse, and I work at a local hospital, looking after the c***dren. One particular lad, Jack, was on the c***dren's ward even though he was 18, his parents had taken that option, not wanting him to be with adults and their ailments. He was suffering from a back injury, he'd fallen off a skateboard or bike, and was very bruised and had difficulty walking for a time. He was six foot, and very VERY good looking, but painfully shy. When it came to us giving him a wash this was of course a problem. You might have "Carry On"… Read more

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Nicole is reborn


As some of you liked my story (my first time as a sissy) I thought I would follow it up with my next encounter. Some 10 years had passed since my affair with Andy and I was now happily married with a family although I used to sometimes reflect on the lovely times I had with him but had decided that my bi crossdressing side was firmly locked away and that Nicole, my alter ego, was locked away with it. The only thing that remained from that era was my dislike of body hair so I was super smooth all over and my love of using a butt plug or dildo on myself. I was now employed as a sales representat… Read more

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Naughty Nici! Part 2.


The Party at the Club house! We were finally arriving at the party I'd been warned about. To raise money for the charity she was helping, my girlfriend had agreed to show some style for a night. The club members had demanded she wear a short leather mini skirt with thong panties underneath, and her soft beige boots. She wore a fishnet top with just black tape in X shapes to cover her nipples. She had made me help her dress, helping her put on her slave collar with studs in, and teased me, asking if I thought the guys in the bike club would really like her tonight. I was hard already as… Read more

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Life Changing Pantyhose

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I have bit of a fetish which involves going to my normal day job wearing a small amount of lingerie under my suits, or whatever I wear during the day. It was not a problem until I found that the expenses on my home were getting a little out of hand and decided to take in a home sharer to assist with the running costs. Luckily he was a gay guy like myself so we got a on pretty well, actually very well and with two days of moving in he ended up giving me a right seeing too, his cock was a big bastard and I could hardly walk properly for three hours afterwards. Eventually Roy said “Charlie wher… Read more

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