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Massage for fat old lady


Over his 30 years as an NHS specialist in the****utic massage Harvey had often been very tempted to take things to the ‘next level’ with old plump female patients , who through various actions, had got his cock really hard , but had dared not. Now being retired he felt that all his and their pent up perverted desire could be happily catered for. He had kept a contacts book of the ladies that had made it evident to him that they wanted a more personal service so he decided to put it to good use. Now 65, he selected his ladies on… Read more

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Swamiji Devours me – Part 1


My name is Amulya age 24. Surprisingly, according to all Indian mothers they think 24 – 26 is the ideal age for all girls to get married. And my mom thought so too. She is a very religious woman and can go to any extent to “Please” God. My father passed away when I was 8 years old. So me, my mom and my little sister live together in the house. Talking… Read more

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Getting Hoodwinked by two Girls

AnalFirst TimeTaboo

Getting hoodwinked and sodomised having my innocence brutally taken from me There was nothing really untoward or special about the rainy Saturday evening in question, it started like many other before it, but ended like no other since! I was out for an evening on the town, specifically looking to find a nice young woman and to get laid before the end of the night. I was sitting in a night club surveying the "talent" when I noticed not one but two lovely specimens looking over to me and then whispering to each other on the opposite side of the bar. I was still contemplating my next move (a… Read more

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My Driver And His Monster Cock!

HardcoreFirst TimeAnal

I AM 25year old married lady, live in Pitampura, New Delhi. It’s been 4 years since I got married. I have one c***d. My husband’s name is Aditya, he is an industrialist and have his industry in Delhi only. He is a nice but remains busy with his meetings, clients etc. He is very good looking and great in bed. But due to work load he comes late at night and sometimes remains out of town. Our family consist of my Father-in-law, my husband, me and my s… Read more

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Andy and Angela Plan to visit Grandpa

BDSMAnalFirst Time

Andy and Angela were lying in bed with their lap top. This is something new they’ve been doing to spice things up. They’d take turns finding hot pictures or videos and use them to get the other hot and bothered. This particular night Andy stumbled across posts and they took turns randomly choosing users and showing them to one another. Andy is a handsome man but hasn't any daughters of his own. He has accepted Angela’s Idea to adopt daughters as his own so they have two twins, Debbie and Amy that are 18 years old. Debbie is a very shy teenager; it’s very difficult for her to make friends beca… Read more

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It started with a strip club

First TimeGay MaleAnal

My first time having sex with a man all started with a work friend asking if I wanted to go to the titty bar with him. I of course accepted the invite, I mean who doesn't like a titty bar? We get seats up at the stage and order drinks. After the third round my buddy started to pat my thigh with his hand and a few times squeezed it. I put it off as excitement of the girls dancing. We had another round and decided to head over to his house as he had beer in the frig. We sat on the couch, and he asked if I wanted to watch a porn tape, sure why not I said. He went and got us another beer, and sat… Read more

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Rakesh Fulfilled My Husband Absence

HardcoreFirst TimeAnal

this is Amulya age 26 new to this site. I am 5’4 and fair in color and hot married girl with good structure 36-24-36 and everyone fall for my ass. this incident happened few days back. Hope you love my story and add comments tooo... My hero name is Rakesh age 21 he is tall and athletic with good cock size. Coming to story we both are neighbors. My husband is working in MNC and he left for U.S for some work. I stayed with my in-laws in Vizag. Rakes… Read more

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Lost My Virginity At Woods

HardcoreFirst TimeAnal

I was a very reserve girl in the village and I will not talk much with anyone I have a dusty color complexion and had a size of 34-32-36. This is my experience of losing my virginity to my uncle’s son when I was 18. One day while going to take bath I heard some sound in the woods nearby when I went there I saw a couple having sex the guy was pushing his penis into the women’s pussy and… Read more

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Group SexHardcoreAnal

I feeling very much relived after this incident. Let me tell you some history which is essential to understand this event my hubby Manish and Virendera {Vinu} were very good friends from schooling but when I joined them in college they have become number one enemy of each other, because of me as both wanted to marry me but I fell in love with Manish and got married to him. But from then they are enemy of each other and don’t loose any opportunity to hurt each othe… Read more

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How I Got My Shy Girlfriend Hot Threesome – Part

Group SexMatureAnal

I am in a relationship with Neha for more than past 6 years. Neha was not much familiar with all those crazy sex stuff going on nowadays. She was not that much into watching porn stuff. On the other hand, I always had crazy fantasies for Neha, like room service dares, seeing her in slutty dresses, threesome, gangbang etc. One day she took leave from her office and we decided to spend the whole day in a hotel room. We had spent days in a hotel r… Read more

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Fucking A Mature Lady And Satisfying Her


there were many emails that I had received and one such email was of a lady barely 27 years of age. She had written that she loved my story and also wanted to have some fun. She had just broken up with her boyfriend and was craving for sex for a long time, and that she wanted to have a fuck the whole night. Soon after some chit chat we exchanged our phone number, some pics and decided to meet that night as she was so desperate for having sex. So I booked a hotel room and asked her to come at 11 pm. She re… Read more

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Dominated and used as a playtoy by the underwear l


She had gone from being quiet and demure to being outward even forward and engaged. Her awareness of the situation and of her role had changed her. She became more insistent, more demanding. Perhaps even controlling, she had grown a great deal over the years. Controlling him became the center most aspect of their sexuality. They still fucked and made love like a couple, intimate, caring it was always very good. But mostly now her dominant side appeared. Now don't confuse her dominance like a dominatrix, she still had much further to go if that was her path, but it isn't and never will be. A tr… Read more

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My holiday


My holiday was great, I’m not going to bore you with the touristic details, but will keep it to the fun parts :) Except of enjoying the nice weather, sunbathing and eating and drinking, I also looked a bit for relaxation. In the hotel room I dressed up and played with my toys like you can see in my other posts below, but I also got some good massages. One girl asked if I ever tried a prostate massage. I acted like I didn’t knew what it was and we discovered it together. She started slowly with lots of hot oil, she massaged my clitty, but it didn’t went hard because I’m a sissy slut. Then she… Read more

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Sex date with a sexy shemale


For already several weeks I surf through a website that advertises women, men and also shemales. Since my great experience with the other shemale during my holiday (see one of my other posts) the craving grew bigger and bigger to meet up with one again. So last night I decided it was that far. I drove to the address I got from her on WhatsApp and rang at the door. After paying her the agreed amount (love the humiliation factor of this, need to pay someone to fuck my ass) she showed me the bathroom were I could change. Through the half open door I admired her beautifull body while she was smo… Read more

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Polish Princess

AnalShemalesFirst Time

I grew up in Poland with one older and younger sister and older brother. Family was almost poor.We shared clothes as c***dren. I sleeping with my younger sister and 2 older's sleep together. No funny business. I always had long hair.My sister put barrettes in my hair. She was quite jealous at times. I wore her panties and her dress at times.Not enough money to buy new clothes. I never had real friends and usually helped around the house. We all graduated HS then some college .I was 24 yo and still living home.I had part time jo… Read more

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My Favorite Gloryhole Memory

AnalGay MaleGroup Sex

I had been working late on a frustrating building project where I wasn't making any money. The only good thing about it was that it was within easy walking distance of my favorite adult bookstore. I cleaned out my ass with an enema and lubed myself up with Crisco so I'd be ready for anything sexy. When I got to the bookstore I was greeted by the shopkeeper who I'd serviced with my mouth and hot tight ass many times so he clued me in on which booth was out of order and just had a light on constantly and a number of strategically placed glory holes. He enjoyed coming back to the booths to watch… Read more

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Silkie and Casper from the Shamrock Tavern@2018

HardcoreAnalSex Humor

"I got up on a weekday morning, took a long shower, washed my hair, put on a little light lipstick, then changed my mind and put this ugly, really red shade on. It looked terrible against my pale freckled skin.I put a lot of it on my lips. I thought "This is going to be all over some guy's dick pretty soon." "I piled my hair on top of my head, like I was preparing for some kind of stage role. I never used eye shadow or eyeliner, except on stage, but I found some and put that on around my eyes. It was the wrong shade for the lipstick and everything else. Fine. Now I looked crazy and slutty. The… Read more

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fantasy of rich...

Gay MaleAnal

my very first inclination 2ward being gay was always fantasizing about my friend rich, back when we were both very young & chasing girls 2gether, but i never had the nerve 2 do anything about it... even though i always seemed 2 get more women, he always claimed that his cock was a lot bigger than mine, but i had never actually seen it, until i saw a picture that one of my ex-girlfriends had taken & he had not been lying about his impressive endowment !! his cock was a full foot long & almost as thick as a beer can !! i just wish that i would have had the nerve 2 make something… Read more

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Gay MaleInterracial SexAnal

ramon... a beautiful man with bulging muscles who looked like a nubian prince with the most humongous cock i had ever seen. i followed ramon up the stairs & in2 his bedroom. the room was large with a king size bed & was in subdued light. he faced me & put his arms over my shoulders & i felt very submissive. we undressed & got on 2 the bed. his body was well proportioned & with an mahogany shine. as my eyes got used 2 the low lighting i could see his body in more detail. he put his right arm out & i lowered my head on2 it & i turned my body 2wards him & lay m… Read more

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My Mother in Laws Deal


I married my beautiful blonde wife Tina when we were both still fairly young, we fell in love in college, waited until we were living in our own place, and then got married a year or so later. For the next few years we were very happy and things were going well, but then we got busy with work, Tina began to talk about wanting to have c***dren before we were to old, and suddenly there was a lot pressure and issues we had never faced before, and unfortunately that's when I made a mistake. It was a stupid, stupid mistake that happened because I decided one day to try and drink my problems away, t… Read more

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