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Carol and 1 No 5

Story 5

Chapter 1

There was a knock on the door just as Carol was settling down for a relaxing afternoon with a book. She had just showered and was relaxed in casual gear and was going to ignore the door. The bell rang again so she put the book down and went to see who it was. She was not expecting anybody and the girls were away again for the weekend. Under her breath she cursed the caller as Carol was looking forward to peace and quiet.

Rudeolph had decided he was fed up and wanted to spend some quality time, and this had resulted in his getting into the car and driving some 90 miles, each mile spent on the road had served to highlight just how he would spend the time. The traffic was relatively light and he arrived at his destination some 90 minutes later. When he arrived he was regretting mot making enquiries first as it seemed a long way if his host was not at home. He was about to ring the bell for a third and final time when the door opened.

Carol’s jaw dropped, she was not expecting Rudeolph, and although he had seen her naked on a few occasions she was not happy at her current attire and unkempt look. To Rudeolph the sight before his eyes was the usually attractive female who did not require makeup to look gorgeous. “Well are you inviting me in” he asked. “Oh my, you could have told me you were coming” she stuttered, and Rudeolph retorted “I will later” with a smile.

Rudeolph crossed the threshold, put his bag down and took hold of Carol placing his arm around her and guiding her towards him, he kissed her on the lips, and was pleased she responded, and within seconds the wrestling match between tongues had begun.

Carol had stepped back and let Rudeolph in, she would have worn different clothes and prepared a meal had she known, however she was glad even if her plans had gone by the board. She felt his arm around her waist and she leant forward so their lips met and she kissed him passionately and then engaged his tongue in the best of three rounds.

As they embraced Carol’s hand dropped to feel Rudeolph’s manhood and was pleased to notice that it was already partly primed for action and responded to her touch with a little jerk. Carol had her other hand around Rudeolphs neck and could feel his hands now firmly holding her buttocks as he held her close trapping her other arm between their bodies.

Rudeolph had continued to hold Carol and positioned his hands on her firm buttocks and was feeling the urgent need to partake of her fabulous body, but in accordance with his thoughts in the car he was going to take things nice and easy and seduce Carol rather than just thrust into her body in a lustful way. To his delight and surprise Carol’s hand was now holding his penis albeit through his trousers, but he felt the twinge and could see Carol’s eyes light up as she was re acquainted with her old friend.

Carol was now enjoying feeling his cock and when Rudeolph put his leg between her knees she wanted to rub her pussy against him, she could feel the dampness in her crotch and knew she needed to have him soon. Rudeolph had realised that Carol had moved and he also removed his right hand and was now holding her breast which was being delicately covered by the slightly tight “t” shirt, The shirt had the effect of showing of the swollen nipples to magnificent effect, As Rudeolph felt her breast so she felt his cock, fair was fair. So far they had not broken from the wrestling that their tongues where engaged in.

Rudeolph now moved his head, breaking the kiss so he could nuzzle Carol’s neck and ear lobes, and as he did he also moved his hand which was now hauling up the skirt she was wearing and the fingers heading deep into the forest that was soaking under the gusset. The palm of his hand now rested flat on her stomach and was sliding under the elastic of her knickers and the finger tips traced a route through to the pink area that was awaiting its arrival with as much enthusiasm as the hand itself.

Carol was enjoying the nuzzling on her neck and was wishing Rudeolph would quickly sort out the itch between her legs and was glad when she felt her dress being raised and the hand sliding under the elastic She knew her pussy and clit were about to feel fresh air. Rudeolph whispered to Carol “I think you might just want to go to bed,” “or do you have other plans”. Carol laughed at him “You know full well how wet I am and I need this” as she squeezed his cock again “right where your middle finger is right now”.

They separated and made there way to Carol’s bedroom.

Chapter 2

They entered Carol’s bedroom and she realised that she had only thrown the duvet back and not yet remade the bed. Rudeolph smiled and said “don’t worry, it will only get messed up anyway”, and with that he unbuckled the belt of his trousers and Carol kneeled down before him.

Rudeolph spread his feet to ensure he held his balance and also to ensure the object of activity was at the ideal height for Carol to make the most of the offering. He felt the zip slide open and the button holding his trousers was released. Carol tugged at the material and it fell to Rudeolph’s ankles, leaving only his underwear which has a rather large swelling straining for release.

Carol looked at the sight before her and licked her lips, she did enjoy playing with Rudeolph’s manhood, and she deftly put her left hand under his testicles and with the right hand she opened the material to allow the head to pop out into the open air. Carol looked at the object before her and opened her mouth as she moved forward to take the organ between her now parted lips. As she moved forward she gently squeezed the orbs in her left hand and instantly felt the response from the tool as it headed into the cavity of her mouth. Carol used her tongue to tease the tip and she felt the little slit as it continued to twitch under her caresses. She held the outer skin between her teeth as she moved downwards and could feel the inner flesh expand to its full length deep into her mouth.

Rudeolph was feeling very sensual as his cock entered Carol’s welcoming mouth and as his balls were being teased he could not stop the pulsating effect that was making the tip of his organ search deeper for Carol’s tonsils. Carol was now moving backwards and forwards in a steady rhythm which was being matched by the movement of Rudeolph’s hips. She was enjoying the sensations and could tell Rudeolph was also having the time of his life. Suddenly she stopped the motions and withdrew her mouth leaving the organ throbbing in mid air. She then started to lick down the underside of the shaft and continued until she was able to take the two hanging baskets into her mouth before gently sucking on them. Rudeolph gave a loud moan and juddered as he tried to shaft Carol’s throat from an impossible angle.
Carol inwardly smiled knowing that Rudeolph was having difficulty in controlling himself, however she did not want him to climax too soon otherwise she would be the loser, so she relented and released his balls from the grip of her lips. She leaned back and smiled at Rudeolph.

Rudeolph had been thoroughly enjoying the feeling of Carol’s tongue and mouth sliding all over his manhood and he wondered if she ate her ice cream cornets the same way. She was increasing the pressure and then stopping at just the right point, and each time he was getting closer to filling her mouth with his jism. He had held her head as he tried to take control as he thrust into er welcoming throat. He was caught in two minds as he was enjoying himself but at the same time he wanted to unburden himself when he was deep inside the tight fleshy folds of her pussy. Just as he was thinking he was losing that battle Carol stopped and looked at him with a knowing smile. Yes he knew just what was expected.
Chapter 3

Carol stood up and kissed Rudeolph on the lips, her own lips covered in the substance that had been secreted during her pleasurable experience with his penis. Rudeolph was now ready to reciprocate and immediately helped Carol remove the tee shirt and expose two rather firm tits both with very excited nipples straining to be let out. Once removed Rudeolph then undid Carol’s skirt and gently pushed her backwards onto the bed. Rudeolph knelt down and slowly started to suckle on her left breast as he tweaked the right nipple between his thumb and finger, He hoped that Carol was appreciating the sensation that he was experiencing.

Carol, pleased to be rid of her clothing was lying back and her eyes were closed and she felt both nipples being teased and the feeling in her groin was growing by the minute. She settled back and just imagined what was about to beset her and she was eager for events to roll on.

Rudeolph was suckling and it was noticeable how the nipple in his mouth was swollen and engorged at least two or three times its normal size, and his tongue could feel the rough area where she would discharge her milk. As he continued to tease his right hand was now flat on her stomach and his fingers spread as they moved down towards the hairy area that protected mount Venus. They slid under the elastic of the last vestment that Carol was wearing. Carol in anticipation had already spread her legs wider and as the fingers spread through the velvety down his middle finger found the tell tale groove and slowed in order to appreciate every centimetre.

Carol instinctively knew Rudeolphs hand would wander and she opened her legs as wide as she could, feeling the cool air rush into the damp patch in her knickers, she felt his fingers glide under the elastic into the bush of her pubic hair. The middle finger had located the gash into which it would discover her swollen clit and then onward into the opening that was the cause of the dampness, Carol was in seventh heaven knowing her itch would soon be scratched.

Rudeolph’s fingers made there way either side of her clit, and when at a suitable position the fingers closed to trap the swollen clit and with the clamp in position his palm started to press slightly against the hundreds of nerve ends that caused Carol to be sexually aroused. Rising and falling with increasing pressure Rudeolph’s hand was slowly massaging Carol in the same way her mouth ad tantalised him earlier. After a few minutes his hand again moved along on its way and was soon at the entrance to the tiny spot that lead into the cave of Venus. Two fingers then prepared to enter the cave in search of the famous g spot. Once inside they would explore independently, strumming the sides about an inch and a half inside until they located the rough area, at that point Rudeolph would eject the nipple and use both hands on the task ahead.

Carol was surprised when she felt her clit being trapped between his fingers and was starting to raise her hips to meet the movement of his hand, the pressure applied was making her feel extremely sexy and wanting to be shagged there and then. When the fingers entered her small hole, it soon expanded to allow them access and she was struggling not to close her legs and trap his hand as it was strumming away inside her body. Even worse the pressure of the second hand which was now playing with her clit and pressing against her pubic bone was about to send her totally out of control.

Carol was now rising and dropping her hips in unison with the movement of the invading fingers, and Rudeolph was now ready for the next step. He slowed his movements in order to allow Carol to slow down and then withdrew his hand leaving the pussy gaping in expectation.

Chapter 4

Carol was aware that so far she was feeling very sensual and her loins were aching for the pleasure of Rudeolph’s organ pumping like a trombone however she was not in a hurry as the afternoon had turned out a lot better than she expected. She breasts were rigid with pleasure and the nipples stood to attention and felt very large indeed. Rudeolph was having the time of his life teasing her clit and pussy and whilst he had been delving for the G spot his own organ had swollen again and was now virtually rigid.

Rudeolph moved himself so that his knees were astride Carol’s shoulders and gravity pointed his manhood towards her open mouth, surely he was about to enjoy the joys of her tongue once again, Carol had wrapped her arms around his thighs so she could cup his balls as she slurped on the swollen organ. Rudeolph in turn was now directly over Carol’s vagina and using the thumb and finger of each hand was slowly pulling the labia open to reveal the soft pink gulley that led to the caveof Venus. The flesh peeled back and Rudeolph’s tongue moved in to gently lick away at the tender area now being revealed and in particular at the little organ that was the nerve centre of her sexual arousal.

As Rudeolph’s tongue started to pleasure the sensitive spot he was also receiving similar attention as Carol was teasing the tip of his organ with her tongue. Carol felt Rudeolph’s fingers sliding into the crevice and gently fold back her labia and her clit was responding to the sensation as the tip of his tongue ran over it. Both were now embarking upon the task of pleasing the other but at the same time trying to ensure neither climaxed too soon.

Rudeolph was slowly trying to squeeze the tip of his tongue into the dark chamber that had remained open since his fingers had invaded earlier. At the same time the middle finger of his left hand was running around another opening just an inch or two away. Carol twitched as his finger caressed her anus and slowly entered her, the finger continued until the knuckle was now surrounded by her velvet skin, and this coupled with the action of the tongue was taking Carol’s mind away from the sucking and licking of the appendage still in her mouth.

Carol had instinctively known that once his finger found the rim of her bum it would inevitably end up going further. This was an activity she did not really like but then again she did get a very nice feeling when it was only the rim that was being caressed. Her pussy was now getting very wet and she was even more in need of a good shag and wanted Rudeolph to fire into her pussy rather than her mouth. Likewise she was ready to explode and would prefer it to happen with his cock deep inside her. They continued for a further five minutes and the sexual desire in both continued to rise and both organs had been leaking their juices into the welcoming mouths working away on each other.

Simultaneously, they stopped each aware that the other was now struggling to contain themselves and both needed to move to the next stage. Rudeolph stood up and told Carol to stay where she was. I then pulled two pillows over to the side of the bed and told Carol to move so her bum was on the pillows and then to put her feet up onto his shoulders.

Chapter 5

With Carol’s feet on his shoulders Rudeolph could clearly see the gaping hole awaiting his attention and he took hold of the swollen penis and slid it along the pink fleshy area and over Carol’s clit, she smiled tried to push her pussy forward to be satisfied by the throbbing member. Rudeolph teased her clit an then positioned the purple headed snake so that it could easily disappear from view and into the waiting crevice which was moist enough to ensure it slide smoothly right into the full length of her tube.

Carol was delighted as she felt his shaft spread her lips and slide slowly deep inside the waiting womanhood, she felt the tip hit the top and new is was currently as far as it could go. Using her talent to clamp her muscles sufficiently to restrict its withdrawal she new that she was not going to be able to restrain herself for long but she would do her best to last as long as possible,

Rudeolph felt Carol’s muscles clamp his cock and the pressure was holing him where he was, this made the organ start to throb and the swelling sensation as it expanded outwards made him want to get deeper inside this beautiful woman who had offered herself for his total pleasure and satisfaction. He leaned back and thrust forward and felt the relaxation of the muscles that allowed him to penetrate even further. Rudeolph was deliberately going slowly in order to maximise the time he could spend spreading Carol’s thighs.

Carol was enjoying the moment when she felt the organ retreat slightly and thrust once again deep inside her and she felt as though she would be split open, but the pleasure outweighed everything else. Carol was now holding an elongated nipple in one hand and was caressing her own clit and pressing on the pubic area with the palm of her hand. The sensations from all those nerve ending where slowly taking there toll, and she could feel the pleasure rising inside her and she raised her bottom to ensure the invader was given every opportunity to get as far as possible inside the devouring vagina.

Rudeolph could feel Carol tensing up as he continued with his relatively slow stroking movement, but as the swelling at the bottom of his shaft started to pulse so the movements increased. Carol had raised her bum and he was now as deep as it was possible to be, and the speed was mow building up as he struggled to keep control. Carol was now contorting her body trying to get the tip of his snake to bite her tonsils.

Carol was about to release an almighty great flood. Of love juice and the swelling in Rudeolphs cock reached a crescendo and she felt the tip pulsating out of control as the sperm rose from the testicles up the shaft and spat out with great force against the walls of Carol’s innards. Rudeolph could also feel a warm spray of liquid against the base of his penis and he knew Carol had offloaded her juices as he had just done. With his organ still inside her he leaned forward and started to gently kiss Carol, they lay together for a few minutes until with a plop the sex organs said bye to each other. They both knew it would not be long before they met again.
After they regained their composure Carol said that the snake needed to be cleaned up, and she lent down and took the limp organ in her mouth and started to slowly lick away at the mixture of juices that had started to dry. During te course of her devouring and cleaning activities she became aware of a twitching movement as she knew that it would not be long before she was called into action again, however that’s another story.

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