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This is a print version of story Butt Stuff: Part One by abby_vista from

Butt Stuff: Part One

What is a bottom? That’s a good question. A bottom (and I don’t mean the body part you sit on), in part, is a person who tends to give control of the sexual circumstance over to their partner in some way. Some people prefer to be a top, and are mostly in control of the encounter. Some people like to switch. Think of it like a dance. Someone must lead, someone must follow that lead. The person leading would be the top, the person following would be the bottom. For me at least, it’s really as simple as that. So I like to follow. I want to be seduced, kissed, and felt up. I want a man to take me to bed and do me. Most of all, I want him to please himself with my body. I’ve always felt that way. I love to please my man in the bedroom. For me, getting my man off, is a very erotic thing.

I’m a bottom. I’m not a top, and I’m not a switch. I love to give blowjobs and get fucked. Let’s face it, I love the D! That doesn’t mean I like to have sex with no consideration for my own gratification. Sex is a mutual intimate exchange, and I want my orgasm too. Am I OK if I don’t get it? Yeah. Would I rather I did? Ummm, YEAH! DUH! However, I’m not really into fucking. I mean I know I have the equipment for it, but it’s just not my thing. I like to receive a nice blowjob and to have my ass played with, but that’s really all it takes. So it can get a little confusing when a full time bottom is asked to take the lead, but if you change roles and just let the action take you where you want to go, everything will be just fine….

Paul’s house a few days after my birthday:

I had just finished jacking off and cumming all over Paul’s bathroom rug. I was on my knees and elbows, my head was turned sideways on the rug with my hair still soaking wet from the shower, covering part of my face, and my ass was up in the air with a beautiful cock in it. My wonderful, muscular man, Paul, was standing behind me, knees bent fucking me deep, his powerful hands gripping my waist holding me firmly as he finished himself off in me. I moaned furiously calling for him to cum in me. He pounded my ass hard, as I grabbed up handfuls of his bathroom rug in my hands. Then rammed his cock all the way in. Groaning with pleasure, I felt his throbbing man sword filling me up. “OH FUCK YES!” I shouted.

He slapped my ass with his hand as he pulled out of me, and I felt some of his cum dripping down my taint and run down my balls. I looked back just in time to see a nice dollop of creaminess drip onto the rug, right next to where I had just finished cumming myself. I stayed like that for just a moment, catching my breath as Paul walked past me, still dripping wet from our shower together. He opened the door to his shower and turned the water back on. I pushed up on my hands and got to my feet. I could feel some more of his cum run out of my slippery ass and down my leg. I walked over to the shower and he put his hand on my ass pulling me close and kissed me. Then he let me go and we got back into the shower to clean up.

Paul had thrown a nice birthday party for me a few days before. He had invited our friends over to his house and he grilled burgers for everyone. He had my favorite cheesecake for me. The works! He gave me a beautiful silver bracelet and matching ring. It was so sweet of him. I did so want to do something special for him in return. When I got out of the shower I dried off, put my hair up in a towel, and tucked a towel around my boobs. I was checking my skin in the mirror, and I told him again how much I loved the party and the gift, then I asked, “Babe, is there anything special I can do for you?”

I was sexually pleased at this point, my ass had that nice freshly-fucked feeling and I was still high on my orgasm. So when I asked I was thinking, I can make him breakfast in bed, or give him a massage, or something like that, but without hesitation, Paul zipped up his pants and said, “Yes, I want you to fuck me some time.”

I literally thought “…………..”. Because at first I had no idea what to say. I always knew that was something that might come up. I mean I’d had guys who knew I was trans try to pick me up and tell me they wanted me to fuck them. I always told them I wasn’t into that, mostly because it’s true, but also because, at the time, I really just wanted them to leave me alone. Now here was, my man asking me to do something sexually for him, and what he wanted was for me to fuck him……

I screwed a sexy playful look onto my face to try and cover for the mild surprise of the moment, “What did you have in mind?” I asked, while turning to look at him. He explained that he had been wanting me to fuck him for a few weeks now. We had talked about sex a lot, and he had told me that no one had ever fucked him before. So I asked, “Are you sure you want to do that? I mean you have to get your butt ready and everything.” He went to his closet and pulled a box down off the top shelf and brought it to me.

He was so fucking sweet. He had gone and bought an enema kit, a butt plug (Smallest one I’d ever seen. It looked like a pencil eraser.) and some anal-ese. I took his box from him and put my arms around his neck, looking him in the eyes. “You really want this?” I asked. He gave me a soft sweet nod, told me he did, and he kissed me. Ok, how the fuck can you resist that? We talked for a little while longer and decided that this evening we’d do some light butt play and see how it goes. He was really excited. Though I don’t think he’d really thought it through, because I told him you need to eat really light this morning and don’t eat much the rest of the day.

He looked at me kind of confused, then I put my finger up and pointed to his mouth. “Whatever goes in there,” Then I reached around him and put my hand between his legs, then pushed it up into his ass, making him standup on his toes. “comes out here.” That got the point across. “You’ll need to get some distilled water for that thing too by the way.” I said, pointing to his enema kit. “We can get it while we’re out today.” We were going shopping for a bed. This was another thing that was going on. We’d been together for about three months and had made the decision that I would move into his place after my birthday, he didn’t like sleeping on my mattress, too soft, his bed was as hard as his bathroom floor…….Goldilocks, you get the idea. So that was another big deal that was happening. We had already brought a lot of my things over and I was spending less and less time at my apartment. My cats had already made the back of his hideous Ikea sofa their home anyway. So I did my hair and makeup, got dressed and we left for the day.

As we went about the day, my thoughts would occasionally drift to what would happen that evening. I had no intention of fucking him tonight, but I ran though my mind what I might do. I had a few ideas. Just things to make the play more interesting. It’s funny looking back on it now, because I still don’t really enjoy the role of fucking another person, but ass play is still something that I’ve done with every sex partner since. It’s like handjobs and blowjobs, its just part of the sexual experience. It’s just with Paul, who was my very first male lover, I had just assumed that this was the role I would play. My ass was the one that would be getting fingered and fucked, and he was the one that would be doing it. That was the seating assignment. (So don’t ever feel too guilty about having unrealistic expectations about sex with a particular person or type of person, I’m guilty of it too.)

Later that evening…

Paul had been living alone in a 3-bedroom 2-bath house. He had a study in one of the bedrooms, the other was used for storage. Now that some of my things were occupying space there, we had to shift things around a bit. For example, this evening he had some work to do to get ready, so I sent him to the spare bathroom where I usually do that kind of preparation on my own butt. I gave him instructions and a little ointment to help him out.

After he left to take care of his cleansing. I put a few things in his nightstand drawer that we would need for the night. Then I went into the master bathroom and shut the door. I did a little work to freshen up my makeup, and we had gone by my apartment to bring over a few more boxes of stuff. One of the boxes, I packed while I was there. Part of that was the lingerie I had been saving. I’d gone to Victoria’s Secret and gotten it, not too long after Paul and I started having sex. This seemed like the perfect night. A black lace halter with a matching thong panty. I put on my new sexy play clothes, then I got my hair fixed and touched up my makeup one last time as I heard Paul come into the bedroom. I checked the mirror one last time, turned around to make sure my butt looked nice and sexy in the mirror, then I turned off the light and opened the door.

Paul was laying in the bed wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. I locked on his eyes as I came into the room to see his reaction. His eyes got wide, his gaze went up and down as I crossed the room never taking my eyes off his. I lit three scented candles I had brought and placed them around the room. Then I went to the door and shut it. I whipped my hair around, turning my head to look at him. I saw him checking out my ass, and I noticed a bulge starting to form under his towel as I turned off the light, leaving us in the soft light of candle flicker.

I slowly walked over to my man, giving a nice sexy gate to my walk. When I got to the bed I bent all the way over and kissed my man on his chest feeling his broad shoulders and his arms. “You look so fucking sexy Abby.” He said, as I was kissing him, and I couldn’t help but have a huge smile run across my face.

Then I moved up and kissed him gently for a moment. “Thank you.” I whispered, as I reached down and pulled the towel loose from where he had tucked it around his waist. Then I uncovered him, exposing his full manly body and a now stiff cock. It was difficult. I’m very greedy sexually. I wanted so bad to abandon the original plan, tease him till he turned into a wild man and jumped me, but this night was for him.

Now Paul was not girly by any stretch of the imagination. In a lot of ways he was your typical brutish man. So I was just playing it by ear here, because I knew the way I liked to have my ass played with, but that’s me being girly. Up until now I would have called a few friends who had experience doing this, but I had gotten comfortable with sex play by this time, and I wanted to make my own intimacy with Paul. “Scoot over.” I said. He was on the side of the bed next to the drawer with the lube in it and I needed to be next to that. While he was moving over I slid into bed next to him and started kissing his chest as he put his arm around me. Then I moved my body up and started gently kissing his lips. I felt his hand go up my back and into my hair as we slowly went from soft kisses to romantically playing with our tongues.

As I kissed him I started to move my hand down his chest, dragging my nails and then taking his cock in my hand to stroke for a moment. I gave a slight twisting motion to my handjob which Paul liked. This made him go from running his fingers through my hair to grasping at it. So I used the palm of my hand instead and just began lightly running it back and forth over his hard rod so he wouldn’t get carried away. Then I pulled away for a second and smiled at him. I turned around and opened the drawer. I pulled out some lube that I had picked up discreetly on the way home (I like Astroglide), and some baby wipes.

I put a few drops in my hand and got it nice and slippery. Then I played with his cock for just a minute longer…..I’m kind of greedy about cock, so sue me. I want my fun time. Anyway, I stroked his cock for a little bit getting him really excited, but never close enough to cum. Then I put another few drops on my fingers and started to run my hand from his balls and down his taint until I felt the first part of his ass. “Bend your knees and spread your legs a little.” I whispered in his ear, and I felt his ass spread open as he did so. I cupped my hand and ran my fingers over my palm to make sure they were nice and slick. Then I pushed the tips of my index finger and middle finger in a little so I could feel his hole. As soon as I touched it I felt him squeeze it tight. So I kissed him very gently and put my other hand on his shoulder, lightly rubbing his skin, until I felt him relax. Then I just rubbed my fingers around the outside of his butt for a minute to get the lube spread around and to get him used to having me explore.

His body had become very tense at first. I guess he might have thought I would just pop my finger into him. When I know I’m going to be with a man I’ll prepare myself. I try to set dates for ass play so my man doesn’t get excited and accidentally hurt me. It has happened. I just wear a good sized butt plug for a couple of hours a night a few days before, to get my butt used to having something in there. Even then I want him to go kind of slow at first, but at least it’s not as bad as no prep and a dry cock! **cringe**

I just kept running my fingers around and I brought my hand up for a little more lube. Just a few drops to continue. I kissed his neck and felt his muscular arm as I played with his tiny pucker. I felt around the edges, moving in smaller and smaller circles until I got to the center. When I did I pressed gently against his hole to see if it would give, and he didn’t tense up this time. I just heard him take a deep breath. So I ran my fingers over my palm one more time as he let out his breath, and I kissed him on his cheek as I whispered, “Take one more deep breath for me babe.”

I heard him breath in as I placed the tip of my finger against his hole again and pressed gently. When he had finished breathing in I pressed in until I felt my finger go past and inside him. He exhaled quickly and I kept my finger still. “Ok?” I questioned, and he nodded. I started moving my finger inside him for a little bit and slowly I felt him relax. Then I pressed deeper until my finger was as far in as I could go. I felt around inside him until I found the little prize every man has, just a small little lump inside him, but I knew what that was. If women have a g-spot, then this is it for males. The glorious prostate. I massaged it gently as I sat up.

When I got to my knees, my finger still inside him, I started pressing against his prostate with a little more pressure and I could see some precum starting to leak out of his cock. That wasn’t going to waste! I took his cock in my other hand and licked him clean as I pressed and rubbed on his lovely man spot inside him, fingering him and taking his cock in my hand as I felt him start to move. His pelvis began to raise up a little and I had to be careful, so my finger wouldn’t pop out. He was watching me now and I looked in his eyes as I felt his cock throb in my hand and his ass tighten up a little around my finger. “Cum for me babe.” I called to him, and I kept stroking.

He tilted his head back and his body became tight as my man was about to orgasm. I put just a little more pressure on his man button and he exclaimed “Aw fuck, I’m gonna cum.” Just as he finished saying this, cum exploded like a volcano from his cock. I quickly leaned over getting the rest of his load in my mouth. I could feel his orgasm reflected in muscular contractions in his ass squeezing my finger with every squirt of cum from his cock. When he finished, I sat up again and slowly pulled my finger out of his butt while I swallowed his load. I took a baby wipe, cleaned my finger, and kissed him. His body still shaking. “Was that fun?” I asked, and he sat up grabbed the back of my head and kissed me deeply.

He let me out of his grasp, “I’ve never cum that hard in my life.” He said, making me smile back at him. I told him, that he’d need some more stretching before we could have sex though. I instructed him to play with inserting his butt plug for a few nights and try to leave it in for a little while each night. I also told him I’d get him a little bit bigger one that would do better for getting him ready for a cock. My cock is smaller than his, but pretty average, still “One finger and a quick prostate massage is a long way from getting ass fucked unless you want to see blood when you wipe.” I told him.

We kissed and cuddled and fooled around a little more. That night, before we went to sleep, we set a date. The new bed would be delivered two weeks. So the weekend after that we would christen our new bed by fucking on it. Only this time he would be taking the D!

…To be continued
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to 2566Ben: LOL, I bet you would! Glad you liked the story.
Mmmm nice bb, would love to have a prostate massage...
7 days ago