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This is a print version of story Busted by My Wife by cowboywired from

Busted by My Wife

Well the other night I was laying in the bed as my wife did some cleaning in our room. She was walking around in her PJs and even though they are not sexy or anything they fit her well and more so when she bends over. So I grabbed my phone and was snapping pictures of her bending over. She did not know I was doing it at all. She left the room and went into the bathroom. She returned and I had not notice anything different about her until this happen. 

Well she was moving around allot more and bending over at every stop she made. Hell I did not noticed that she pick up the same thin multiple times I was to busy sneaking pictures of her. Then she turned to the side and I noticed her nipples where very hard and that is when I noticed her bra was missing. She never goes with out a bra hell she sleeps in her bra. Well back to cleaning she went and then the biggest surprise happen. She had bent over a few times on my side of the bed and I started noticing a change of color in her PJs crotch. To my surprise she was not wearing her panties and she was getting wet as well. 

I was not sure what was going on at all and did she know I was snapping pictures. But I did not care it was really turning me on so I continued to snap pictures as often as I could. She then sat down on the bench located on her side of the bed. It is where she gets dressed in the mornings. As she sat down she faces the bed, the bench is in front of the window. I then notice how hard her nipples had gotten with in a short time. Then I looked down at her crouch and notice you could see through them with a great view of the outline of her wet pussy. I almost could not control myself. I sat there snapping pictures with my phone.

After a few minutes of her sitting there doing what ever she was doing (I think painting her toenails) she got up and turned away from me and bent over as if to show me her ass. What a lovely sight as her fat little pussy was showing through her soaking wet PJ pants. Damn that looked so good to me and was such a turn on. I snapped a few pictures of her like that. She then turned to her side so I could see how hard her nipples where and what a lovely view they where. They where so hard I think they was sticking out about an inch. I had never seen her nipples so hard before. She then sat back down on the bench as before. This time she leaned back against the window seal. Arching her back so that her breast were pushed up and out. Her feet where up on the bench together and her knees apart to expose her soaking crouch. I knew she knew I was snapping pictures so I moved in for a close up. As I did this she reached out and started playing with her nipples through her shirt. I started snapping picture of her doing this. She then reached out and grabbed her camera and laid it in front of me. She has like a $2,000.00 Cannon that take some of the best pictures I have ever seen.

I grabbed it and started taking some real nice shots with it as she tugged and played with her nipples. Then I watched as her hand moved down to the crouch of her PJ pants. She started playing with her wet spot in her PJs and as she did this she would try and shove her fingers inside her pussy only to shove the fabric inside her making it wetter. Oh what a lovely sight it was to see. I then heard her moans and sighs coming from her throat as to tell me how good she was feeling. I continued to take pictures. 

After just a few minutes of her playing with her pussy she stood up and then started removing her top and then her PJ pants. I could tell she was supper turned on as her entire body was trembling. She stood in front of the window with her back towards me. I could see her reflection in the window and she was playing with her breast again. She reached down with one hand and started playing with her pussy. About that time she leaned over giving me a great view of her ass and fat little pussy hanging there. I could see her fingers working on her swollen clit and then they dart into her pussy. The more she worked on her pussy and nipple the more moans and sighs would escape from her mouth. She was breathing heavy as I snapped away. I started noticing her juices dripping down her inner thighs, I so wanted to lick her juices up for her but I wanted to keep snapping pictures.  

She then turned to face me and sit down on the bench and again her feet together and her knees apart. But this time she reached over in a pile of blankets and pulled out her pink dildo. It is about the same size as me and she has never been that keen on using it but I was very happy to see that it was handy. She rubbed the head of it against her clit and pussy lips making it wet with her juices. Then she slowly eased it in her pussy only to let out more moans and sighs. She slowly eased all of it deep inside her and as soon as she got it all in her she wiggled against it. Then she pulled it almost all the way out of her and then shoved it back in her. She started working it back and forth only to bring herself close to cumming. 

As she got closer to cumming the camera I do not think ever stopped taking pictures I think my finger was holding down the shutter and it was really just going on its own so to speak. She then topped and stood up turned to face the window looking back at me she said "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR FUCK MY ASS" I was up in a flash and had my pants down to my ankles behind her. I looked down and saw how wet her ass was with her pussy juices. I rubbed the head of my dick in her juices and got it as wet as I could. I then started pushing the head into her tight little asshole. She never flinched or seemed to allow it to hurt or show any discomfort. Then she said "FUCK IT BABY FUCK MY TIGHT ASS AND MAKE ME BEG FOR IT BABY" I went straight to drilling her ass hard and deep. I could feel her dildo working in and out of her pussy it was making me feel so good. The tightness of her ass and that dildo working against it too was more than I could stand. I told her "IM GOING TO CUM BABY I CANT CONTROLL IT" Her response to me was "FUCKING FILL MY ASS BABY CUM DEEP IN MY ASS BABY IM GOING TO CUM TOO" I realized I still had the camera in my hand and was still snapping pictures, who knows what pictures I was getting but who cared. 

Just then I knew I could not hold back and I shoved my cock as deep in her ass as I could go and I started shooting my hot load deep in her ass. I felt her drive the dildo deep inside her pussy I could feel her pussy convulses as she let out a scream and I felt her juices flowing from her and onto my balls. I looked down to see my cum pushing out between my cock and her asshole walls. I started to pull out but she pushed back against me and said "NO STAY IN ME PLEASE" I could still feel her pussy and ass convulsing. My cock stated so hard inside her and it felt as if she was milking my cock with her ass muscles. She then pulled her dildo out of her pussy and I started working her ass on my cock. I was shocked by this and I asked "BABY YOU LIKE THAT IN YOUR ASS" She responded "OH YES BABY NOW FUCK IT WITH ME BABY"  I started working my hard cock in and out of her ass to met her rhythm. The harder she pushed back the harder I drove it into her . With every thrust she would let out a little moan. She then started encouraging me by telling me "OH YEA BABY FUCK IT HARD DEEP GIVE IT TO ME, I WANT IT HARD BABY I WANT YOU TO FUCK MY ASS HARD LIKE YOU WANT TO HURT MY ASS WITH YOUR COCK" I looked down to watch my cock going in and out her ass and you could see with every thrust in her cummed filled ass would squirt some of the cum out. Her ass my cock was covered in cum and it was dripping down both our legs. I was ready again to unload in her ass "BABY IM GOING TO CUM BABY" Just then I let out a grunt drove my cock as deep as I could and shot my hot load deep in her ass again. We feel down onto the bed with my dick still in her ass. I am not sure how long we laid there exhausted from all the excitement but we later realized that all my cum in her ass had drained onto the bed. What a mess but it was a good mess.

My wife looked at me and told me "You need to take more pictures of me when I am not looking and when I catch you it will for sure turn me on like tonight" She smiled and then got up to go clean up and then I did and on my return she had cleaned the bed up and was laying there naked and looked at me and said "Just in case you would like to have fun later on in the night less stuff to get in the way" Leaned over kissed me goodnight....
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Great story of two sexy people enjoying themselves!
7 days ago
great story very hot wish you showed some of the pics
7 days ago
We are working on cleaning them up and they will be posted. Thank you for enjoying our story!!!!
7 days ago
That  story had me hard and jerking in no time flat and I'd love to see pictures  of that sometime on here please!!
7 days ago