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Gus was seventy two and still love pussy. Only he loved a nice hairy puss. The hairier the better. His wife was so beautiful and her pussy had long curly hair that he loved to play with. He used to lick it and suck on it and wash it and dry it and comb it. When he fucked her he used to pull his cock out and cover her hairy pussy with his cum then lick it off. He was a freak for a hairy cunt.

Today he found a site of just women with hairy cunts. His cock got hard as he looked each lady over. He printed one picture and jerked his cock till he covered her with cum. He thought about sucking on her huge tits as he ran his fingers through the hair on her pussy. He loved to finger fuck them till his fingers were so wet and then wipe them off on the hair covering that sexy pussy. When he had the bush wet enough he would suck and lick till he had them clean again. He loved sucking the cum off them.

Today he found three dark skinned women that were very hairy. He emailed each one to talk about meeting. One lady answered right back and was free that afternoon. He made arrangements to have her take a taxi to his house. He then showered and washed his nice long cock and waited for her arrival. When she arrived he took her coat and hung it up then pulled her to him and kissed her tonguing her mouth. She responded rubbing her tongue against his. He then rubbed her full tits as the kisses got more intense. She made it clear she was there to fuck and have a good time. He pulled her top off and then her bra and began kissing her full set of tits. As he sucked on her nipples he put his hand under her skirt and inside her panties and rubbed her hairy cunt. She was so bushy and he grabbed a handful of the long bush. He played with her clit and then finger fucked her till she was cumming fast. He quickly finished undressing her and laid her on the settee as he stripped naked. He looked at her great body with the big full tits and that hairy pussy. His cock was rock hard sticking straight out towards the lady. He laid beside her and kept kissing her mouth and tits as he finger fucked her very wet cunt.

He sucked on her hard nipples as his fingers ran through her moist pussy hair. She was cumming fast and he then kissed down to her pussy and spread her legs wide and began sucking her clit and licking her hair. He had two fingers in her cunt fucking her hard as he licked and sucked on the bushy fur covering her sweet pussy. The hair covering her pussy was long and curly and he twirled it around a finger as he sucked on more of it. He spit on it getting it wet so he could either lay it flat or make it stand up. It was so thick and curly and he loved playing with it. He wanted to mix his cum in it so he got on top of her and pushed his cock in her wet cunt. He began fucking her shoving his cock in deep and really humping her hard. She was moaning and lifting her hips to meet his cock and get every inch of meat in her throbbing fuck hole. She was cumming fast and her cum was running out of her hole as he banged her cunt hard. She was so busy he could feel the thick hair against him as he fucked this lady hard. She begged for more cock and deeper and harder. She was wild beneath him as he ravaged her sex hole hard as he could. It was plain she loved to fuck and wanted it deep with no mercy. His balls were slapping against her as he fucked her pounding that sexy hole. Later he would fuck her ass and her throat. He loved a willing horny nympho. She was about forty five and seemed to not care that he was in his seventies. He could still fuck like a teen ager. He was long and thick and had great control and a hairy pussy turned him on.

He fucked this horny woman for a long time then he filled her with a big load of cum. He kept his cock in her a few minutes as he sucked and pulled on her hard nipples. She had great tits so round and firm and he loved pulling the big nips with his teeth. He then pulled his cock out of her wet filled cunt and rubbed it through her pussy hair wiping his cock clean. Then he put two fingers in her hole and used them to scoop out the cum and cover her bush till it was soaking with his cum. He put his face in her cunt and began sucking the cum from her hair. As he sucked the hair and licked it he shoved a finger in her ass and heard her moan. She had the tightest ass he had ever fingered before. He finger fucked her asshole as he used his tongue and other fingers to play with the hair covering her pussy. She sucked on it and got it real wet then wrapped it around his finger to make the curls. The long hair curled and he loved playing with it. He managed to get another finger in her tight ass and was now really pounding her asshole as he grabbed some hair with his teeth and pulled on it making her moan out loud. The harder he fucked her ass the harder he pulled on the hair hiding her pussy.

He was working the third finger in her ass and fucking her hole with no mercy as she moaned and wiggled her ass showing that she loved the finger in that tight ass. His teeth were grabbing hair and tugging hard as he fingered her ass harder. Cum was leaking from her cunt and he took a finger and rubbed her cum through her pussy hair using it like a gel to style it. Then he would suck it clean and start again. He also would tongue fuck her cunt keeping the cum flowing from this extremely horny woman. He had been fucking and sucking and fingering her for over two hours and she still was pumping out the cum. As he fucked both holes with three fingers she let out a scream and begged for more. She was not close to being satisfied. He then pulled his fingers out of her holes and spread her legs wide and pushed them forward and then shoved his cock in her asshole and began fucking her hard as she moaned letting him know she loved the ass fucking with his cock. He pounded her ass as he fingered her cunt and clit. The hair covering her pussy was wet and matted and he grabbed a handful and tugged on it as he fucked her ass harder and shoving every inch of his cock in her. He wrapped the hair around his finger and pulled it hard as his cock ****d her tight ass and she begged for more. She loved the rough sex and he was willing to give it as rough as she now wanted it.

He fucked her ass and played with her pussy hair for over an hour before he filled her with cum. He asked her how long she wanted to stay and she said as long as you want to fuck me. He sucked a tit and grabbed her and headed for the shower. He decided to bathe her and douched her ass and cunt and then he was going to wash her pussy hair and dry it and comb it for her. After the shower they ate dinner naked and he rubbed and played with her pussy all through the meal. He then bent her over the table and fucked her ass one more time. It was clear she was not going home that night and he was glad. He still planned to fuck her throat.

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Nothing beats a hairy pussy.
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