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He had taken her way passed her comfort zone. But then, strangely enough, she felt safe and scared at the same time. Being an independent dynamic woman if anyone had told her she was to be spanked, slapped, sodomised and generally humiliated by her partner she would have thought them mad. Not that anybody knowing her would have imagined that possible either. Yet here she was, on her knees, her hands kept in her back and tears rolling down her cheeks. She was crying like a little girl no just from the pain of the slapping she had just received but from the humiliation of it all. She had been asked to deepthroat him and slapped to prevent any thought of saying no, to make her docile. And docile she was now, she was about to give him head right the way down her throat and as humiliated as she felt her pussy was very, very, wet. She was by now very subservient to him and didn't require any slapping or spanking to obey, yet it never missed to make her wetter than she already would be. Humiliation in the acts she was to perform and more humiliation in the way she was made to do so. Tenderising her he called it and certainly she was more malleable when he had finished with her. To add insult to the injury he would call her names too: usually his bitch, but also his slut or his dirty little girl. All of it meant to make her feel small and worse. It was working. Despite her having a high ranking position in the local council, managing more than 20 staff he had promised her she would call him Daddy before long. To her own surprise she had done so! He was 8 years her cadet and she had called him Daddy! She had told herself she would not do that again knowing fair well that she was unlikely to stick to that promise... He never missed an opportunity to make her feel little. That was a bit of an understatement as he in fact was going out of his way to make her feel like a little girl.

When he took her into training, as he put it, he had her wearing nappies. She had to wear them until she soiled them and herself in the process. It had been pretty difficult to do. She would hold on for as long as she could but eventually there was no way out, or more exactly no way to keeping her load in... He subsequently would take great pleasure on cleaning her while belittling her, telling her how dirty and smelly she was poohing herself in such an undignified fashion. She was mortified when he did so. She would keep apologising, red with embarrassment, wanting to disappear. There was no getting use to the shame either and it only took three repeats for her to breakdown completely. She was being told how dirty she was and how rotten it all smelt. It was too much for her and she cried, apologising and found herself calling him Daddy, saying how sorry she was Daddy. How “I am going to behave Daddy”. She had known then that there was no way back. Even if what they did happened between four walls and no one else would ever know he now was her superior. She could never be his equal again, what they had done was engraved in both their memories and could not be erased.

After shitting herself, more or less in public, getting sodomised came easy. The shame, the humiliation and the pain were there but it was easier to accept. At first she ended up very sore but the pleasure was there straight away and intense. From it derived the shame. Getting pleasure from such a taboo place! She would never admit to it to anybody. Unfortunately it must have been obvious to him as he started calling her a dirty little bitch for liking it up the ass.
Published by Spip
3 years ago
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