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Black Pantyhose Story

I'm laying naked under the comforter in the dark watching tv as you come into the room. You just got back from a girls night out on the town. I watch you as you slowly strip out of your clothes. You take everything off except for your black pantyhose. You sit on the edge of the bed by me and you lean over to give me a kiss. I kiss you back as I wrap my arms around you. You put your hands on the bed as you lean in closer. You feel my tongue slip into your mouth. As we continue to kiss passionately, you slide your hand under the comforter. Your hand slides down my stomach to my cock. You feel that I'm not wearing anything. You grip my cock with your right hand and begin to stroke it. You break our kiss and stand up and pull the comforter back. You let go of my cock and lay down on top of me. You reach back and pull the comforter up over us. I wrap my arms around you as I feel your warm chest against mine. You feel my hard tip poking at the crotch of your pantyhose as you put your tongue inside my mouth. You start to grind your pussy up and down on my hard throbbing shaft. I move my hands down and grab your pantyhose covered ass. I start massaging your ass cheeks as we kiss passionately under the covers. We stop kissing and you get up on your knees and straddle my legs while putting your hands on my torso. You stand up on the bed and look down at me. I watch you as you reach up and pinch both your nipples at the same time. Your left continues to tease your nipples as you slide your right hand down your chest to the waist band of your pantyhose. You tease your pussy through the crotch of your pantyhose as you look down at me. You tell me how hot and wet you are as you slide your right hand inside your pantyhose. You take your left hand off your breasts and take your right hand out of your hose. You put them on the outside of the crotch of your hose. You grip your hose with both hands tear a nice hole in the crotch of your black pantyhose. The hole is big enough to expose your sweet wet pussy. You slide your middle finger along your pussy lips as you look at me. You tell me how wet you are as you push the tip of your finger inside your hot pussy. You slide it all the way in and begin to finger yourself. You look at me as I begin to stroke my cock as I watch you play with your pussy. You take your finger out of your hot wet pussy and bring it up to your mouth. You lick off all your juices. You look down at me and position yourself over my cock. You tilt your head down and let some saliva drool out of your mouth. It lands perfectly on my cock. As you lower yourself to your knees you spit on my hard thick shaft again. You get on your knees and grab the base of my hard shaft as I put my hands on your pantyhose covered thighs.. You let out a moan as you feel the tip of my cock enters your hot, moist pussy. You let go of my cock and slowly lower yourself down onto my cock feeling my hard shaft enter your tight pussy. You straighten up your body as I run my hands up and down your thighs. I watch you as you start to rock back and forth on my cock as you play with your tits. You move your hips in little circles as you feel my hard shaft throbbing inside you. You lean forward a little bit as start to bounce up and down on my hard shaft. I reach up and grab your perfectly shaped breasts. I begin to pinch and tease your nipples. You look at me in the eyes as you ride my hard cock. Every time you bounce up and down, my cock almost slips out of you before you slam back down on it. You start to bounce faster and faster, up and down, you can feel every inch of my hard dick slamming into your hot wet pussy. You take your hands and tease my nipples as you fuck my hard cock. Then you bring your right hand to my mouth. I begin to suck on your fingers as you slam down on my hard cock. I can feel your tight wet pussy gliding up and down on my hard shaft. You start to ride me faster and harder. I grab your ass cheeks and rip your hose even more. I thrust my hips in the air as you slam down my cock. Your hot wet pussy feels so good on my hard shaft. You lean down and press your body against mine as you continue to ride me. We are both close to cumming. We both start to groan and grunt as we begin to orgasm. You feel my hot sticky cum shoot inside you as you begin to cum. You continue to ride me as your orgasm becomes more intense. I can feel the mixture of your cum and my cum dripping down my shaft and to my balls. You finally stop and collapse on top of me. I can feel your pussy pulsating as we lay there with our sweaty torsos pressed against each other.
Published by MrHorny333
3 years ago
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Mmmmm, A great story,xxxx
3 years ago