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At Night Before My Husband Gets Home

I work days, and my husband works 2nd shift at the same place. I sometimes see him during the day, but for the most part, we are in different areas of the company. Often before I go home for the night, I will stop and see him and ask if there is anything he wants or needs and elude that I will be "ready" for him when he gets home.
When I get home, I pour myself a glass of wine and run a bath. I shave my pussy bald and then when I get out I go into our bedroom and get out the laptop. I'll surf my usual porn sites for a bit or read a magazine. The whole time fantisizing that it is my husband doing all those things I'm looking at or reading. I get myself so worked up I can't stand it. I start rubbing my tits and pulling at the nipples. This is always a huge turn on for me. Then I'll grab a couple toys out of the drawer and play. I have a big vibrating dildo that I shove up my pussy. It has ridges that hit exactly on my g-spot. In addition, I grab one of my vibrating eggs and rub it on my clit. I'll start slow and work myself up into such a frenzy that I'm rolling around on the bed fucking myself silly. Eventually, I'll quiet down, clean up, put on one of my sexy play outfits and lay in wait for my husband.
On the nights he knows I'm waiting for him, he gets home as quick as he can. I can hear him come in the house and already my pussy starts to get wet again. He'll come upstairs in his uniform and I nearly tear it off him I want his cock so bad. I drop down and start sucking his big 10 inch cock. It is so thick I can hardly get my mouth around it, so I suck and lick around the tip while stroking the shaft and playing with his balls. He loves this and will start to moan and tell me what a naughty girl I am and how good I am at sucking his cock. Then, it's his turn to tease me. First he'll kiss me deep and run his thumbs over my nipples. Then he pulls the the lace of my bra aside to start sucking on the nipples of my big 36DD titties. This drives me wild. I always start moaning and telling him I love how he sucks my big juicy tits and how wet it makes my pussy. I'll beg for his cock, but instead he always licks my pussy next. Our 4 poster bed is perfect for this. He'll lean me up agains one of the posts and put one of my heels on the footboard. Then he kneels down and starts licking my pussy. My pussy is so wet I can hear the wet slurping sounds as I feel his tongue flick over my clit. Then he'll take and put 2 fingers up my pussy and play with my g-spot. About this time, I'm getting weak in the knees from such hard, hot, intense orgasms I can hardly stand. Then he'll take and turn me around and bend me over the bed and run his hard cock up and down my wet slit to lube it up. Sometimes he'll smack my ass a little and tell me what a naughty girl I was for playing with myself before he got home. Then he'll thrust his big cock in my pussy. It glides in and out easily from my hot juices coating his cock. I tell him all about how I just had to play with my pussy because I wanted his cock so bad and I love it when he fucks his naughty little slut of a wife. That only gets both of us even hotter. He'll contort me into all kinds of positions, always making sure to stay deep in my pussy. When I reach down and start fingering my clit, he knows I want to start coming hard again and again. My tight little pussy clamps down so tight on his cock when I come he can hardly move. I'm moaning like crazy and I beg him to come in me. He grabs hold of my hips and trusts deep and hard until I see him tense up. I'm still squeezing his cock with the walls of my pussy and I milk that cock out of every drop of come I can. We'll collapse on a sweaty heap on the bed and I feel the walls of my pussy still contracting. It feels so fucking good.
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not too many husband and wife stories on here. That one is prob one of the better ones though. Did you show this to him? If my wife did that i prob wouldnt be on here looking for freaks like me.
6 years ago
thats really hot!
6 years ago