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Arab/Muslim couple - husband cuckolds wife to whit

Looking back, I'm in disbelief this actually happened.

My wife and I are quite conservative - I'm 36 and she's 29, we immigrated to Boston from Morocco in 2012.  We follow Islam and my wife, Hayat, wears a hijab most of the time.  Our life in Boston was quiet and simple - nothing extravagant.  I have a good job and Hayat was going to school to become a RN - we planned on having a c***d soon, but weren't sure exactly due to her schooling.

The one thing I must say, once moving to the USA, I began to watch a lot of porn (without my wife's knowledge, of course).  I began to see fetish videos and found threesome videos in particular really excited me.  Of course, being a guy, the thought of two women at the same time sounded amazing; but to my shock, the idea of two guys with one woman excited me, particularly when I thought of the woman being my wife.

I felt ashamed and embarrassed, and I tried to remove that idea from my head.

Anyway, my sex life is good - my wife and I make love often, though admittedly, it was quite vanilla.  But that didn't matter much, she's a beautiful woman - 5'9" and slim with feminine curves (very nice breasts and curvy, round ass); she has big, dark Arab eyes and long black hair.  Quite a stunning middle eastern woman.

Here's where the back story gets interesting.

We had a neighbor who lived with his girlfriend, whom always seemed to be either outside of the house or walking around aimlessly.  It was inevitable that we'd meet, and we did.  His name was Chuck - white American and 50 years old.  Though he could communicate fine, it was obvious he had a bit of a mental handicap - his voice was a bit "different", never had a job it seemed and his girlfriend was also similar -  but her speech problems were much more pronounced.

After our initial introduction, we would often stop and chat if we crossed paths - small talk only. One evening in early summer, I was sitting outside, while my wife was out shopping.  Chuck and I began to chat - he offered me a beer, but I turned it down, as I don't drink.  He seemed a bit buzzed as we began to talk.  Not sure how the conversation took this direction, but we started talking about how Boston was such a big city, with tons of people (Chuck was originally from Iowa) and how beautiful and diverse the women are here.  He began to tell me how he had no real experience with women and how his long term girlfriend of 15 years, was really his only experience.  He went as far as to say how he'd secretly watch porn and fantasy about beautiful, women; which he claimed was impossible for him to experience in real life.

Anyway - I didn't know what to think at the time.  I felt odd for talking to a pretty random guy about sex and fantasy and even weirder that he seemed to vent about the struggles of sexual conquest as an adult with disabilities.  As I'm sitting there, my wife pulls up and I walk down to help carry groceries.  Looking at her figure and beautiful face, I suddenly get a desire to fuck her as soon as possible.  We carry the groceries into the kitchen, and I push her down on the sofa; I begin to kiss her deeply and my hands run all over her body, squeezing her tits and ass.  She's a bit shocked and asks me in Arabic - what are you doing?  I've been out all day, I'm dirty and sweaty!  

I respond that I don't care.

I peel her panties off and forcefully shove my throbbing cock in her sweaty pussy.  Oh my God - I can't remember the last time sex felt this primal and intoxicating.  

And the reason?

I began to think about Chuck fucking her tight Moroccan pussy.  It's like that single conversation planted a seed in my mind.  

I began thrusting harder and harder - she began to moan loudly as she wrapped her legs around my waist, tightly.  Her pussy was so wet and squishy at this point.  Here I am, fucking my beautiful wife, and all I can imagine is how much my disabled neighbor would love her pussy.

I came the hardest in my life - holding her in place, flooding Hayat's pussy with my seed.

I was completely drained - physically and mentally.  I couldn't believe these thoughts created on of the most intense sexual experiences in years.

This was a catalyst.

This idea brought so much excitement to me, I needed to find a way to make this a reality.  I imagined it wouldn't be too hard convincing Chuck, but Hayat was a totally different story.  She is very conservative and couldn't even begin to imagine randomly bringing up such a taboo subject.

I even tried to just forget about it - but I couldn't.

I thought of a new approach - figuring exposing her to porn, then niche porn like threesome, etc. would maybe make her let down her guard and be more open minded to possibilities.  

It was really the only angle I had to work with.

Finally, the perfect opportunity arose!  My wife had a few girlfriends over from work and one of them brought a Sangria like wine.  To my surprise, she had a few glasses, which she never does!  Being a nondrinker, she has no tolerance and was buzzed.  When her friends left, I made my move - I began to kiss her, caress her body and get her in the mood.  I led her to the bedroom and told her to lay down and relax.  I grabbed the laptop and streamed videos from the site xHamster - at first she seemed really awkward and shy, like she wasn't interested in even watching, then I began rubbing her body - massaging her breasts and pussy while a video of a white, amateur couple fucking, streamed on the laptop.  I noticed her watching more closely as I massaged her body and kissed her.  

By the time I slid my hand down her panties I was shocked!  Her pussy was soaked - wetter than I've ever seen her get in our entire marriage!  This in turn put my hormones in hyper drive, and I wanted to fuck her so bad - feeling her tight, dripping wet pussy wrapped around my cock.  

In a frenzy, I jump between her legs, pressed my cock against her slit and thrust.  I'm shocked yet again, she is so wet, there is no friction, just a wet warm hole; in fact, she doesn't even feel tight!  I looked down at her facial expressions and moans and noticed she was still glancing at the porn video.  This made me even more excited and I began to pick up my pace, thrusting deeper; I'm not sure what made me say it, but I told her in the pure heat of the moment - "I see you watching that big white cock fuck that pussy" - she didn't respond, just closed her eyes and moaned loudly, I could feel her pussy muscles begin to spasm a bit, I knew she was getting close to orgasm.  I became even more bold and said, "tell me how bad you want a big, white, American cock to stretch your tight Arab pussy" her moans became more intense as did her pussy muscle spasms - to my utter shock she blurted out as she was moaning - "yes, I want a big white cock in my pussy - I want to cum on it" she immediately came, hard, her pussy was convulsing around my cock; I came so hard I nearly screamed.

We both were totally spent and collapse on each other - definitely the most intense and erotic fuck we've ever had!  I was in awe realizing the progress that I made - not only her watching porn, but her getting extremely wet and actually saying what she said!

The next day was a little awkward though, I must admit.  But that night was a turning point in our marriage.  We were more open and adventurous - at least in fantasy.  We would now often watch porn together, then fuck - I would always try to put on at least one video about wife sharing/mmf threesomes; figuring I'd subconsciously plant a seed in her brain.

Several months after that first porn experience I thought it was time to take it to the next level.  I ended up buying that sangria that loosened her up for that first night of porn.  She was a bit shocked to see me come home with it, and even more surprised that I was willing to have a little wine too.  We both had a few cups - I never drink either, but needed some liquid courage that night.  

We were both a bit buzzed - I told her that I wanted to go to the room and lick her pussy as she watched porn.  She bashfully agreed.  I sat her down on the bed and again put on xHamster videos.  I had her lay on her back and spread her beautiful legs.  I moved in between her thighs and got a really good close up view of her Moroccan pussy.  Her pussy mound was much darker than her skin tone and had black stubble on her pubic area.  I spread her lips and my mouth watered at the sight of the contrast between her red/pink inner pussy and the dark tone of her outer lips and skin.  I began to suck her clit - she squirmed; I ran my tongue up and down the length of her slit, penetrating her pussy with two of my fingers.  She instantly became soaked - her pussy was literally dripping.  Between her watching porn, my tongue and fingers, she wasn't going to last long - she began to cum hard, humping my face as she came all over my mouth.

I crawled up beside her and lay right next to her.  She looked so relieved and content after that intense orgasm.  She looked so beautiful laying there - so peaceful.  I began to rub her belly - and started chatting with her.  I told her I noticed how excited watching porn got her, more than I've ever seen her get before.  She seemed too prude to really respond - so my hands went from her belly, up to her sensitive nipples.  

Her body responded instantly.

I told her that she didn't need to be shy, that we were both happily married and trusted each other.  I continued to tell her that I had a fantasy too - I wanted to watch another man massage her body.  She was horny again from me teasing her nipples and her response was "oh, really?" - she asked why?  I simply told her that seeing another man touch her body, that only I have touched, would make me jealous and want her even more.  I told her I was fine with having her blindfolded, so she could simply enjoy the sensations of being touched.

I moved my hand down to her drench pussy and she jumped as my fingers hit her clit. 

"What are your thoughts?" I asked her, as I began to rub her clit furiously - her hips beginning to buck again.  She began to moan - "yes, I'll let a man worship and massage my body!"

Truthfully, I was in shock.  I didn't really think I'd EVER get to this point.

After she came for a second time we cuddled, and I told her leave the planning to me, but wanted to try to make it happen next Saturday.  She said she did agree on the blindfold, since it would make her a lot less nervous and even more mysterious; I told her that's fine and if she grew more comfortable she could take it off.

I intentionally wanted to run into Chuck.  I knew it being Sunday afternoon, I'd see him grilling food on his porch.  Sure enough, I did.  My wife, Hayat, was out doing errands, so I secretly had a glass of the sangria and approached him in a friendly, neighborly manner.  

As usual, it started with small talk.  We were alone and I felt like it was now or never.  I brought up how he mentioned he had really no experience with women and always fantasied about it?  He said yes, he remembered.  I then began to tell him, rather timidly, the story of the past month or so and how I was wondering if he'd be interested in rubbing her body on Saturday.  Then I really went out of character and showed him a picture I took on my phone of her that she was totally unaware of - it was her asleep one night after we fucked, showing her naked body.

He eagerly wanted to see the picture and couldn't stop looking at it, which I found exciting.  As he got up out of the patio chair I noticed he had a raging boner through his shorts.  I was a bit surprised that was all it took - he was embarrassed and apologized several times.  Well, there's not going to be an issue with him not getting aroused I thought.

So the plan was in motion - I never really thought this day would come.  It was a bit surreal.

That night I brought up Chuck to her - even told her how just mentioning it gave him a very thick erection.  She laughed a bit but didn't seem very interested, I told her I understand he's not a male model or beautiful, but he's never experienced a beautiful woman before and it would be hot to make his fantasy become a reality.

Our talk got me nowhere.

It didn't take long for a concern that I was afraid of to happen.  Yes, my wife got cold feet and changed her mind  Can't say I was surprised, but it was devastating to me, but ultimately I couldn't and wouldn't force her.

Throughout the week she didn't change her mind.  Fuck - this wasn't going to happen, then I had a sinister idea.  I told her I was fine without the scenario happening, I just wanted a fun weekend to ourselves I told her; drinking sangria, watching porn and fucking.  She gladly agreed and thanked me for not being mad at her, she just couldn't do it on many level - she is married and doesn't believe in it, she was not even attracted to him and felt it was wrong considering he had disabilities, etc. I reassured her it was fine and went on with the week.

Saturday afternoon arrived - Hayat was running her usual errands.  I went to the neighbors, Chucks, house and told him change of plans - BUT it was still on.  I told him she doesn't really drink often and if she has a little too much, she is dead to the world, I can literally fuck her and she won't wake up.  Or that was my plan (don't judge), get her drunk and call Chuck over.  I laughed, Chuck didn't care either way, he just wanted this so bad.

I went back home and waiting for Hayat.  I had butterflies in my stomach and quite a bit of anxiety.  I had already purchased the sangria, plus a few vodka nips to add to Hayats drink to increase the strength.  

It's just a waiting game now.

I heard Hayat come through the door - smiling and looking beautiful, Salam she said as she greeted me. 

The rest of the afternoon we cleaned up and cooked dinner.  It was early evening when we began to drink.  She told me she was going to take a shower after she finished the drink I made her; but as soon as she was done she mentioned "whoa - this drink hit me harder than usual" not knowing I added a vodka nip.  She got silly from the drinks and began listening to music and dancing around the house.

I began watching her and getting very horny - thinking about was she was in for tonight.  I grabbed her by the hand and told her to bring her drink up to the bedroom.  I went ahead and found a hot porno scene to stream.  She came up to the bedroom and jumped in bed.  I was having an issue with the internet streaming and needed to go reset the wireless router.  I told her I'd be right back and I went down stairs to where the router was located.  

By the time I went back upstairs she was sound asleep, snoring.  I thought to myself - maybe I made the drinks too strong?  I began touching her breasts - no response; I began rubbing her pussy and still no response, I even went as far as pressing my finger against her asshole since if she was even a tiny bit aware, she would freak out if she felt that, thinking I was going to try to finger or fuck her ass.

She is out cold - I text Chuck and told him to come over.  Several minutes later, I received a text "@ your door" it read.  I went down and let him in.  

We greeted each other quietly, and I led him upstairs to our bedroom where Hayat slept.  We enter the room and Hayat is sound asleep snoring, wearing only sexy thong panties and a tank top.  At this point - my anxiety is through the roof, wondering if I could even allow it to happen.  

I began to contemplate calling it off - too risky.

Chuck sat on the bed quietly.  At first, he seemed shy and not sure what to do, but after he looked over her a few times, he began by simply touching her leg and thigh, a gentle caress; then he moved up to her belly rubbing it like one would do to a pregnant lady.  He became more bold and moved up to her tits - feeling them over her thin tank top.  Even in her deep sleep, I noticed her nipples getting hard through the fabric.  He began to pinch them, squeezing her breasts deeply.  He finally pulled one of her tits out of her shirt.  His face was in awe looking at her full, tan, Arab tit and very dark nipple.  He began to massage it, closely inspecting by touch her dark areolas and hard nipples; he pulled out her other breast, so both were exposed and starting top explore and rub both breasts and nipples.     

I was still nervous, but very excited at this point - I felt my cock begin to ache.  

Chuck bent over Hayat and began to suck on her hard nipples.  He loved it - he went back and forth, sucking one and then the other, I reached down to touch her nipple and it was rock hard - Chuck looked up and said they taste so good and are so very hard.  I told him yes, her nipples are responding to you sucking for sure, even being passed out.  He was completely content sucking her tits.  I kept looking at my wives face, worried she might wake up.  Chuck was so happy kissing and sucking her nipples, her nipples were getting raw and erect getting sucked so hard.  

I was getting more and more turned on - then I pushed her legs apart, exposing her pantie covered pussy.  Chucks hand immediately shot down and began rubbing her pussy through her panties - I was so nervous she was going to wake up at this point; but she was still very much asleep.

She didn't.

Chuck decided to move down and taste her pussy.  He kneeled down beside the bed and positioned his head right between her thighs, pulled her panties to the side and began licking.  He was licking like a dog - licking her slit, then sucking on her clit.  Her clit was getting hard too!  I also noticed, Chuck had his cock out and was stroking it as he ate my wife's pussy.  I was surprised how big and thick it was - whoa!  It was very hot watching him spread her pussy lips and lick the pink inner part of her pussy and her pussy hole.

Chuck was doing more than stroking now - he was jerking.  He looked at me and asked if he could rub his cock against Hayat's cunt.  I was a bit shocked and didn't know what to say.  Truthfully, before I could say anything, he was between my wife's legs.  He began running his cock up and down her slit - covering his cock head with her pussy juices.  I wasn't really sure how comfortable I was about him doing this.  He'd press his head on her clit and up and down her cunt - he was in heaven.  His cock was very thick and big and was pink - the color contrast looked hot against my wife's dark pussy.

This is when things got weird.  As he became more and more excited, I noticed Chuck begin to thrust a bit forward as he rubbed his cock against her cunt.  He became bold and would thrust to the point where he timed it right and the head of his cock actually penetrated Hayat's pussy hole; though he immediately pulled out and slid back up towards her clit.  I'm also noticing pre-cum dripping from his cock at this point.  He slid his cock back down and again stuck his head in her pussy, he did this several times until he began to penetrate her deeper - this time, half of his big fat white cock was buried in her pussy and instead of pulling right out, he'd thrust four or five times in her pussy.

I watched frozen - I had a strong desire to jerk off, but was also just a bit shocked as to what I was witnessing.  

I began rubbing my own crotch as I watched - not sure if I was okay with what he was trying to get away with.  At this point - he was essentially fucking her raw.  His bare cock penetrating her pussy.

I could tell by the look on his face that he was really enjoying this - her tight brown pussy, wrapped around his thick, pink cock.  

His thrusts were getting deeper and deeper - stretching Hayat's tight pussy.  I could see how tightly is was wrapped around each time he'd pull out before a thrust, her pussy was wrapped and stretching - like it was holding him inside.  

I should probably stop this - I can see Chuck is getting close and he doesn't seem to care he is in her without protection.  I wasn't worried about Chuck having STD's, its just my wife is fertile if his cum does in fact get shot inside her pussy.  

His speed and momentum are picking up - his dick is bottoming out in her pussy.

He begins to thrust hard, pausing as me moan.  I realize he is cumming - and cumming deep in Hayat's fertile Moroccan pussy.  I feel like hitting him, but I am frozen in place.

He slumps over, totally spent.  Gets up and seemingly in fear, gets dressed quickly and leaves, telling me he's sorry and that he hasn't cum in weeks.  He knows I never gave him permission for this!  At the same time I feel an intense, a****listic desire to fuck my wife.  I NEEDED to mark my territory.  I need to cum as much and as deeply as I can in her.   

My cock is throbbing and aching.  I move into place between Hayat's legs.  I position my cock to penetrate, look down and cant believe my eyes.  Her pussy was gaping and so messy with cum.  A big glob of Chucks seed oozing from her married Moroccan pussy.  Chuck sure was swollen with cum tonight - cumming in Hayat's pussy must've felt beyond amazing - finally releasing in a tight pussy hole of a beautiful woman.

I thrust forward - my cock pressing against her used pussy.  It was so warm and messy as I entered.  Watching Chucks seed squish out as I penetrate MY wife's pussy.  I begin pumping - knowing I'm getting sloppy seconds.  My momentum builds thinking about Chucks huge load inside my wife's unprotected pussy - knowing that his sperm is trying to make my beautiful wife's belly swell with his baby.  I'm in a frenzy - hoping I can force my seed into my wife's pussy before Chucks.  I can't have his white American seed breed my wife!

Fuck - I'm going to cum quick!  My cock explodes deep in Hayat's pussy.  

I'm drained - I slip out and my cock is so messy with a mix of mine and Chucks seed. I'm beyond spent and pass out.

I wake up on Sunday morning.  Noticing my wife isn't in bed - I go downstairs and she is cooking breakfast.  She smiles at me with a big grin and glowing eyes.  She says  "wow, I woke up so messy this morning - you sure had fun with me while drunk!"  I was shocked at first, thinking she knew, but she didn't.  Then she tells me - I feel different, I think I may finally be pregnant after last night, I feel so full and satisfied this time, like I never have before.

I froze...

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10 months ago
well written...nice twist at the end.
10 months ago