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Another pantyhose fantasy

As usual when left on my own, I had dressed in a pair of my favourite tan, sheer to the waist pantyhose, with the gusset cut out for coolness and ease of access. I had on a loose fitting pair of trousers and a tshirt, slip on shoes and no socks. I was doing my usual tour of the local charity shops looking for pairs of pantyhose, stockings and any other suitable lingerie, either for myself or my wife. If it was for her it had to be new as she didn't like wearing cast offs. As for me I liked to think about who might have previously worn any panties or anything else that I put on. Did she have a shaven pussy? Or a hairy pussy? Had she been fucked while wearing them? The possibilities were endless and it turned me on just thinking about it.
It was a nice day and I was pleased to notice quite a few ladies out in short skirts or dresses, many of them with pantyhose on. I was in my third charity shop and found several suitable pairs of pantyhose and stockings which I gathered up ready to purchase. I was busy studying the baskets of lingerie just next to them and there were quite a lot of sexy things in there. I pulled out several pairs of panties and a couple of suspender belts. It was a good job I was wearing loose fitting trousers as my cock was beginning to stiffen, pushing at the front of my pantyhose. After picking out all the things I wanted I moved on to the book section and selected a couple. I usually try to buy things other than just the lingerie to try and make it look less like that is all I am after.
As I stood looking at the books I felt something touch my leg near the bottom of my trousers. I looked down and saw this woman who I had seen in the other charity shops. I couldn't help notice her as she had on a nice short summer dress and tan pantyhose. I had noticed what nice legs she had. What I hadn't noticed was her follow me into this charity shop. As I looked down at her she smiled up at me and reaching out again she put her hand on my trouser leg and pulled it up slightly while glancing briefly down and then looking me straight in the eyes again. Her look said it all. She knew I was wearing pantyhose. What now I wondered? She continued to squat as if looking at the books on the lower shelf, but opened her legs a little as if inviting me to have a look. I squatted down too to look at the bottom shelf. As I knelt beside her she turned in my direction, opened her legs a bit more and gave me a great view of her pussy through her pantyhose. She wasn't wearing any panties. Then closing her legs again she whispered to me to meet her outside and standing she left the shop. I went straight to the counter and paid for my purchases and hurried from the shop looking for her.
She was waiting outside and as soon as she saw me she turned and began to walk away making sure that I was following her. I didn't need to be asked twice, of course I was following. Who wouldn't follow such a great pair of legs. We came to her car and she unlocked it and climbed in, opening the door for me. I got in too and she turned and kissed me while reaching down and putting her hand on my cock. She seemed pleased to find it hard. Her name was Jill and she told me that she had seen me before in the shops and had suspected from glimpses caught that I wore pantyhose but had never been absolutely certain. She told me how she loved wearing pantyhose without panties and had been hoping to get this chance to confront me as she had wanted to be with a man in pantyhose but had struggled to find one, after all it wasn't something you could just ask someone you had gone on a date with. Today she had been certain that she had seen the sheen of nylon below my trousers and had plucked up the courage to do something about it. I was flattered that she liked me enough even look at me twice let alone do anything more. We drove to her flat which was only ten minutes away and as soon as we were in there she was urging me to get undressed as she pulled off her dress and stood there in just her sheer sexy pantyhose. It wasn't long before I stood beside her in just my pantyhose too. She reached out and stroked my cock through the nylon. It was already hard and precum was spreading on the front of my pantyhose. She pulled me to the bedroom and lying on the bed she begged me to lick her pussy through the nylon. I love licking pussy and dropped to my knees and went straight to work on hers. It was already wet with anticipation and her pantyhose were soaked with pussy juice. It tasted great and after a few minutes of licking her we changed position and I lay on the bed while she got over me in a 69 and lowered her pussy to my mouth again while she began to lick my cock through the nylon. She was moaning with pleasure as she ground her pussy on my mouth and soon I could feel her muscles begin to tense as she reached her orgasm. She came over and over as my tongue rubbed over her nylon covered pussy and I sucked and licked up her juices as they came through the nylon.
As her orgasms subsided she pulled my cock from my pantyhose through the cut away gusset and reaching down she ripped open her own pantyhose and moving down my body she lowered her soaking pussy down onto my hard cock. What a great view I had as my cock slid disappeared into her pussy. Then she began to ride my cock, rising up until it was nearly out of her pussy then dropping down again until her lovely ass hit my belly. Up and down she went, faster and faster until just as I was ready to cum, I felt her pussy muscles tense as she started to cum again. I felt my cum begin to shoot inside her and was thrusting faster and faster as we both came. After several minutes when we were both fully spent my cock slipped out of her and taking hold of it, I wiped it on the nylon of her pantyhose spreading mixed cum and pussy juice on them......... To be continued.
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4 years ago
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I would love to be "discovered" like that!
2 years ago