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Anita passed out at the adult theater

That Saturday night Anita and I met some friends at the local bar to celebrate their engagement. After a few hours of multiple margarita shots and heavy drinking we decided to head back home by walking.

On our way back, my sexy wife was a little bit groggy after those drinks…
She begged me to enter an adult theater to sit down, because she was feeling her legs weak. I noticed the adult movie was already in progress, but Anita said it was fine foe her; she just wanted to sit down for a while…

We made our way to a row of seats away from a few men sitting by. We sat down and my wife commented that she was really hammered by those nice margaritas…
I convinced her to stay there for a while, until she would be strong enough to get back to our walking home. But soon she passed out, resting her curly haired head on my shoulder.

I kept watching the adult movie for another while, as a stranger sat down beside Anita and slowly unzipped his pants, revealing a huge, thick cock.
I looked briefly and was even impressed at its size just lying on his lap.

He watched the movie in silence, but slowly he moved Anita`s hand over his dick, which instantly began swelling and growing.
My wife was lying on my shoulder with her eyes closed, but suddenly she took this strange cock in her hand and began stroking the long shaft , making it grow and get a rock hard condition.

Then I moved my hand and slowly slid it up Ana`s thigh, pulling her dress up to the point which exposed her dark blue satin thong.

The stranger then pulled Anita`s top dress down, exposing her round boobs. He bent over and started licking her nipples causing them to become hard.

I joined him by licking and biting the other nipple. My sexy wife, still passed out, began to moan and groan with pleasure, while she continued stroking the stranger´s cock.
Then I watched this man sliding his hand up the inside of my wife’s thigh, rubbing his fingers along the side of her dark blue satin thong. He started rubbing faster down over her thong covered slit, causing Ana to loudly moan as she grinded her mound against his fingers.
I heard my wife moan even louder so I looked over and noticed this guy had taken his fingers slightly underneath the edge of her thong. Then he exposed Anita`s nicely trimmed pussy.

I sat there in awe as I watched him slip two of his fingers into her pussy.
Then I decided to let that stranger have his way with my sexy wife.

He took his fingers out of her pussy momentarily so he could move closer and slid her satin thong down her legs until they were off. I knew that man wanted to fuck her as much as I did; so I took one of her thighs and slowly spread her leg exposing her dripping wet, tight pussy lips.

By the size of his cock, I knew my wife was in for the fuck of her life.
The man spread her other leg and got up to get in front of her as my wife laid there, with her pussy open and revealing her boobs and hard nipples.

He took Ana`s legs in each hand and slowly moved his cock closer to her wet slit. It all happened in slow motion as he wrapped her legs around him and he slowly slid his huge cock against her slit, slowly inserting his cock head into her pussy.

After he worked a few inches into her pussy, he slid his cock to the hilt.

As he fucked my wife, her moaning became so loud that another stranger came over, picked up her panties, and wrapped them around his dick. He then grabbed Anita`s boobs and started jerking off.

The first guy drove his cock deep into my wife, unleashing his seed deep inside Ana`s cunt. A few seconds later, the second guy came, saturating Ana`s thong with his sticky semen.

As my wife came with this huge cock in her, the first guy tried to drive his dick deeper into her pussy which only heightened her orgasm.
The stranger then kissed her nipple and then leaned over to me, saying she was the hottest fuck he ever had…
He pulled his huge cock dripping with his cum from her, zipped up his pants; lightly tapped Ana´s stretched pussy and left.

I looked at my wife lying there with cum dripping out her swollen pussy for a few moments, as the other bastard shoved her cum soaked satin thong into her mouth and walked away.
Then I took that dirty thong and put it inside my pocket.

I sat there looking at my wife`s sexy body totally used and abused, wondering what was going to happen when she would wake up...
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passed out but holding cocks an cumming?? weird
11 months ago