Ana having some fun during a business trip

Ana having some fun in a business trip

My loving Victor had to attend a business trip to Las Vegas and he invited me to share a couple of days with him there.
The first afternoon he left me alone in our hotel. It was a nice summer day and from my window I could see that no one was down by the pool at that time. So I decided to go sit out by the pool and enjoy the sun. I slipped into my sexiest bikini, a lime yellow one that really showed off my nice tits.

I grabbed a towel and headed down to the pool to lie out there.
Then a group of four guys came down together, all in their thirties and pretty cute; two of them were black and the other ones seemed to be Latino race.
They were pretty obvious about looking at me and I recognize I minded the attention. Soon one of the black guys came up and introduced himself as Jimmy; we got to chatting and he said that he and his friends were living in San Francisco. The other guys came up when they saw I did not bite their mate and I started talking to all of them. Soon they asked if I wanted a beer.

They brought down some beers and we all started drinking until it started getting dark, I was the center of attention and loving it I must admit. One of the guys said he was starving and I said why not bring the beers over to their room and we could order some pizza and continue partying.
They all agreed and we headed toward my place. I was getting wet just thinking about what might happen, I think we all knew we were not going to order any food…

Once inside their place we all sat down on two couches, Jimmy and his black mate Rufus were on either side of me. They both complimented me on my tits and asked if they were real.
I said of course my tits were real, but then one of the Latino guys, Carlos, asked if he could feel them.
I got up and pulled my bikini top down, letting Carlos come over and squeeze my natural heavy tits.
Now Rufus asked if he could feel them too. A minute later I had both black guys sucking on each tit and I was getting really turned on. As they sucked on my nipples I reached down and could feel their hard cocks through their shorts.
Now Jimmy and Renato, the other Latino guy were taking turns sucking on my nipples which were rock hard, I started moaning as I felt Jimmy huge hand sliding under my bikini bottom and inserting two fingers inside my dripping wet shaved pussy.

I slid down onto my knees and the guys took their cocks out, I started sucking Rufus huge black boner first while stroking off a cock in each hand, then pulled two cocks into my mouth at the same time, I stayed on my knees like that for a bit, sucking on all their cocks and feeling like the biggest slut and loving it.

I soon felt a tugging on the side of my bikini bottom and leaned forward as Jimmy entered my pussy with his rock hard black cock. He started pounding my tight wet cunt as I sucked off his friends.
After Jimmy finally came inside me, they all took turns fucking my little pussy like that while I was on my hands and knees; it felt so good handling all those cocks at once and it wasn't long before I came.
As one of the guys was fucking me from behind, I reached back and slid my finger into my asshole and started playing with it. I heard Rufus asking if I liked it that way and the next thing I knew he was pushing his thick head of his black cock into my very tight asshole. I guess I had asked for it!
Now of course they all wanted to fuck my ass and that was exactly what they did, taking turns plowing their big dicks into my now stretched asshole. It felt amazing; I was feeling I was the sluttiest bitch of the city.
They finally made a double penetration on me, Carlos fucking my wet pussy and Renato filling my asshole with his hard Latino dick…

They took turns fucking me like this for about two hours, rotating between my mouth, ass and pussy.

Then there was a knock at the door and a new friend was there.

The new guy, Jonas, was a little rougher, choking me out a bit with his thick cock inside my mouth and pinning my hands behind my back. Then he banged the hell out of my ass as two of his friends pinned my arms back, I could not stop it now if I wanted. Soon the new guy started to tremble and I felt a huge load of cum shoot out and slide inside my now sore anus. Quickly, his cock was replaced by another one, because all they wanted a second round in my asshole.

After all them had a second turn in my sore asshole, they said they were all worn out.
Some of the guys left, but Rufus and Jimmy stayed and we did end up getting that pizza. They joked that they would enjoy watching me fuck the delivery guy and I joked back I was all worn out. We ate then they I went back to my room, before Victor could arrive there.

The next morning Victor left early again and there was a knock at the door, it was Jimmy, telling me in a sad look they were leaving that day. I told him I had fun, even with his friends getting a little rough.

I told him I should give him a last present and knelt down in front of him and unbuttoned his pants.

He got hard quick and I sucked his cock for a little bit; then he bent me over the edge of the bed and started fucking my pussy, before spitting on my ass. Then he easily shoved his cock into my stretched out rear. Soon I felt his muscles tighten as he shot his warm semen cum deep into my ass.

When Jimmy left our room I stayed there, resting on my back in the bed. Five minutes later came Victor, telling me he had forgotten some documents there. He surprised me with my legs spread apart and rubbing my well used pussy lips….

He smiled and said: “Honey, I am in a hurry now, but please, keep warm for me tonight”.
Then he closed the door after him, leaving me even hornier than ever !!!!!.

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Another good one!
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Hot story, thanks for sharing!