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An appointment at the dentist

Just a quick note that I plan to write stories like this where part of the story is factual such as what they look like and what they're wearing, but we never actually hooked up. However we did flirt and I'm sure we would of on a different day.

It was late in the afternoon and I was sat in the waiting room at the dentist waiting to be called in for my dental appointment. It was just a routine check up, so I wasn't going to be long at all, usually about 5-10 minutes. I was sat down peering away into my phone like us young ones do, when the dentist's door opened and in stepped a woman with a young guy about my age who was clearly her son. You could see the resemblance, they both had thick brown hair, her hair was shoulder length and she was wearing a lovely purple flowery dress with thin straps over her shoulders holding the flimsy dress up. As she entered her gaze locked onto me and she smiled at me when I gleamed up from looking texting my friend.

Her smile was certainly infectious as I smiled back and showed my interest in her. She went to reception and then came over to the waiting area with her son behind her. It wasn't too long before she started up a conversation with me telling me about her son and his wisdom tooth playing up and that he would be in there for ages. She seemed like a nice woman, wearing bright red lipstick and she was privileged to have some big boobs which were almost pushed in my face as she sat down next to me and turned to talk to me.

Her son got up to walk over and look at the magazines, while his mum turned to me once again and whispered: "You know, we could have some fun of our own while I wait for him." And she gave out a cheeky smile and brushed her hand quickly along my right thigh just before her son came back with a magazine. I just said yes and her son thought nothing of it. It was then my turn to go upstairs to see my dentist, my name was read out and I proceeded forward through the door. I could feel my cock growing hard at the thought of her proposition and thought that there couldn't be a more awkward situation to have a hard on. I laid back in the dentist chair and exchanged all the usual pleasantries you receive when going to see your dentist. By this time my cock was bulging under my boxers and I managed to tuck in under my leg. It felt so good but painful at the same time and by this time I knew that I was going to take her up on her offer.

The dentist said everything was okay, just the usual "make sure you brush more thoroughly" and I just agreed with everything he said. My mind was lost undressing the complete stranger downstairs who was getting horny for me in the waiting room. I came down into the waiting room and both of them were gone. I paid for my check up and left through the front door, only to find her waiting for me by her red family car in the car park. She was leaning up against the car and luckily she was parked in concealment by the trees in the shade.

It was a hot day outside and I was beginning to sweat with excitement. I walked over to her and said: "Let's have a little inspection of our own shall we?" She replied and said "Mmm, yes, let's see where shall we start," as she opened the back car door and entered on all fours onto the seat. She had been shopping as there were a few bags in the back which I offered to move to the front for her. The next minute I turn around she was laying on her back in her summery dress with the straps pulled down revealing her gorgeous boobs and her nipples were already hard as she had been anticipating my arrival from the dentist. I then stared further down and noticed she wasn't wearing any underwear and a pleasant sight of her pussy hit me and made me smile. She had a nice trimmed line of hair above her pussy and asked whether I liked it. I told her I loved it and couldn't wait to inspect it further.

I pushed her legs apart and stood over her. Luckily, she had a lot of leg room in the back for our fun to take place. As her legs parted I pushed my head between her thighs and she closed her legs back up again, providing a comfy cushion for my head to rest and inspect her pussy closer. I licked her clit and she left out a shuddering moan, which for some reason I wasn't expecting. It turned me on even further and I started to build up a rhythm with my licking, which was long and consistent as I loved the taste of her. She was like sweet nectar plucked out just for me. I literally couldn't stop inhaling her heavenly scent and the more I did, the more I just wanted to fill her pussy my bulging hard cock in my boxers.

She noticed that I was ever so hard for her and told me to pull it out. I unbuckled my belt and pulled down my chinos with my boxers. She stroked along my thighs towards my balls and grabbed them in her hand and said she wants them to slap her pussy lips so hard so she can hear it. I nodded with a moan accompanying it because her hands felt so soft and gentle and she knew her way around my cock like it was her own home.

She knew I was throbbing so she didn't stroke my cock anymore because she wanted the mess all to herself. She took my cock and guide it over to her pussy and I took over with my firm hands, giving it a rub against my pussy lips just before going in nice and deep. As I pushed it in she moaned for me again and I looked into her deep blue eyes and kissed down her belly to her pussy, feeling her boobs as I did so. I began to thrust with my arms pinned down either side of her and she grabbed hold around my wrists. Tightening with every thrust into her delicious pussy which was refusing to let go of my cock when I tried to pull back. She was so tight and my foreskin was being ripped back causing me to go weak at the knees.

After about ten minutes of intense pleasure from us both, I could feel my cock ready to shoot cum straight inside her. I knew she wanted it so badly as she told me to "cum baby." Those words were all I needed, as I let out a loud heavy moan and slowed my thrusting down to shoot a large load straight into her pussy while my cock was buried balls deep inside it. She licked her lips as she could almost taste it and I told her "You will in a minute sexy."

I withdraw my cock and she straightened her dress up, pulling the purple straps back over her shoulders and hiding away her perky nipples which were still pointing through her dress. I jokily told her that she better hide them going back inside and she laughed. As I exited the car she rubbed my ass and I helped her get out of the back seat. She looked even more beautiful in the summer sun now with the rays creeping through the tree onto her face and illuminating it.

I noticed there were some cum dripping down her leg and pointed it out, before using my fingers to wipe it off and then fed it into her mouth. She engulfed my entire cum covered finger into her mouth and sucked hard, I then told her to share the love and I placed my arms around her hips and went in for a long passionate kiss. Our tongues entering one another's mouths and I could taste my own cum and her juices mixed. It tasted good, just like her pussy smelt so good.

She walked away into the dentist, smiling back and saying goodbye. We never did meet again, but I still go to the same dentist, so one day, you never know when that sweet purple summery dress woman might just walk through the doors.
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4 years ago
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Very hot. Loved it
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