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A night to remember.

I was stationed along the gulf coast while in the military. I was 24 and at the Navy base. A road led south from it to a Air force base. It was a training base so there was a lot of hot young cock. Out side the gate was a row of establishments which included 3 or 4 ABS stores on both sides of the street. When I had a need for seed ,this is where I headed.

I would go from one store to the other looking for young meat to suck on. They all had booths with doors and glory holes cut in the booth walls. The holes were just door knob sized holes so you could not see much more than a cock coming through the hole.

I would if a place was busy service 4 or 5 young guys cocks a nice. If the action slowed down to nothing after a period I would move on to the next ABS in search of cock. One place in particular was my favorite place. It had large rooms and there was over 40 individual booths most having two holes cut in to either wall.

One night I had been of partying at the beach bar, after smoking pot and drinking beers, I was hurting for some seed. I cruised over to this ABS and it was hopping because it was payday. I went into the place, got 20 dollars were of tokens and went through the curtain into the arcade. There was young meat loitering every where.

I never made eye contact in these place because I was shy but I knew these were all really young guys. I needed to suck cock and lot of it. I knew which of the booths had double holes and I went to find one of them. I found one that I used and went inside locking the door behind me.

I sat down in the chair and be came I level with the holes looking to see in to the other booths. Soon the person there left after shooting his cum into the napkin and he zipped up and left. Within a moment a guy entered and dropped tokens. He unzipped and took out his cock and began stroking it hard.

I reached over and put my fingers on the hole and slowly circled the hole to draw his attention and hopefully his cock to it. I was rewarded with a nice hard cock throbbing through the hole .Isucked that nice young cock down my throat and used my tongue and throat muscles on it keeping it buried down my throat.

Within moments this young man was to realize, he had one of the best deep throat cock suckers attached to his cock, as he moaned and delivered a steady stream of hot jizz down my throat. He quickly withdrew ,zipped up and let the booth.

Shortly another young man took his place. I repeated my fishing signal and was again rewarded with a hard young cock presented to me for sucking. I wondered if that first guy was just trigger happy or if I could make these young guys shoot their loads quickly. And if they did, how many cocks could I suck off before my 20 dollars in tokens ran out?

I took his cock in my mouth and deep down my throat burying my lips into his this pubic hair and smelling his face soap scent. Again I just used my tongue tickling the underside of his shaft and my throat muscles milking his head. This young buck started stroking his cock down my throat. A nice face fuck pursued, but my suckling and tongue work cause him too, to quickly shoot his load down my throat. He quickly zipped up and before leaving hand me through the hole his tokens.

He left and again another young man took his place. I stayed on my knees for another hour sucking cock and swallowing sperm. I sucked over 40 young guys cocks. White black and even small Asian cock came through the hole for my pleasure. I assume the word was spread about my cock sucking skills and a line so to speak had formed to use the booth next to mine.

Many of them gave me their tokens so I could continue my servicing them. My throat was getting a little sore but I was loving every minute of it! You never know when the next time you are going to suck a cock so you must suck as much as possible.

I got interested in to seeing which way they curved if they were cut and the different lengths and thickness. I had never sucked a uncircumcised cock until that night and sucked a few. They go down and taste the same as regular cut cock. I realized that sperm tasted different from each person. Some were slightly sour and others slightly sweet. I don't know why, probably diet.

About 1 AM the crowd dwindled out and I was sitting there jacking off looking at gay porn. The door to the booth opened and I saw some one enter. He was an older man maybe in his late 40's early 50's. He was well dressed had expensive loafers on and smelled on Aramis. He unzipped his pants and reached in a pulled out a nice large cock.

He immediately presented it through the hole and I took the soft cock in to my mouth and started sucking on it. It slowly began to get engorged and a it did I knew this pecker was huge. It was thick as my wrist and nearly 12 inches long as measured by my hand. I began to deep throat it and he moaned softly. This was the best cock I had sucked on all night.

I suddenly felt sweat run down my ass crack and knew that for me to leave here truly satisfied, I needed to bury this horse cock up my ass. I stood up keeping my hand on his cock. I dropped my shorts,stepped out of them and turned and backed up to the wall. He understood what I was doing and slowly withdrew until just his large bulbous head poked through the hole.

I found his cock head with my asshole and push the tip inside until my as was against the plywood wall. He then shoved his large cock deep in to my ass ass I moaned in response. Damn that felt so good! He slowly began to stroke my asshole and I began to stoke his cock in response. Together for a long time we just did just that. I was dropping all my tokens and I could hear him dropping his. A fucking with a cock this nice comes around rarely. I was going to enjoy it as long as I could. I could tell ,because he would stop for a moment, he was trying to prevent from ejaculating to soon. How considerate of him!

Finally I felt I should be getting out of there and get some coffee some where I began tightening up my ass muscles and milking his cock to get him to cum. He moaned and soon was pumping my ass full of hot sperm. I just love the feel of hot cu up my ass. My asshole quivering. I withdrew off his cock and grabbed some of the paper provided there and plugged up my leaking ass. I pulled up my underwear and shorts and quickly departed the booth and out the door to the outside.

I got into the car and drove off thinking about the night of multiple cock sucking and the great ass fucking that ended it. I drove to the 24 hour diner at the beach and went in and took a booth. I ordered breakfast and coffee. I was exhausted and mentally spent from all the sexual activity I had endured. But I was also sexually satisfied. At least until the next day.

As I sat there many people came in as the clubs closed. The place began to fill up. After a while a man came in that I knew from the base. He was the Sargent Major from the Marine barracks A tall well muscled tough as nails man always yelling at his men. He told the hostess he would take a seat at the counter. As he walked by me, I could do nothing but laugh as I recognized his loafers, and the smell of Aramis.
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Great story; thank God no CD's trannies or Bi's--all have their place but give me a good cock sucking & fucking story anytime.
3 years ago
Hot story
3 years ago
fantastic story sometime we get very lucky
3 years ago