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A Day at the Beach

The beach is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the sunshine on your skin. Feeling the surf brush against your toes as you lie out on the sand. This is the life. She thought to herself about the work she had in store when she got home and almost grimaced before realizing this was exactly why she had needed this day away from it all. She could hear the gulls above her and was glad for the lack of company. Coming during the off season was perfect. No lifeguards on duty and no fussing c***dren running past her today. Nope. A mid-week trip in early September was just what she needed to unwind. Alexis closed her eyes and allowed herself to slip into a quick nap.

The man who stood over the sleeping beauty didn't quite know what to think. He always came here because it was so quiet this time of year. It was like his own private sanctuary. Now there was a trespasser. Granted, it was actually a public beach and it wasn't yet sunset. But to him this was an invasion. He was still so angry from his day and he just couldn't go home yet. The quiet would drive him mad. However, the crashing surf, the gulls overhead and the wind blowing past him normally would calm him like nothing else.

Alexis opened her eyes and was startled to see what appeared to be a very angry man glaring down at her in her beach chair. She licked her lips and looked up at him trying to figure out how to ask what he thought he was doing invading her personal space this way. "Um, can I help you?"

Adam looked down at the woman more closely now that she was awake. "You're in my way," was all he said to her in short terse words.

Alexis looked around her at the otherwise deserted beach. Obvious confusion was written all over her face.

"Look," the man said, "I come here to be alone. You're here. I'm not alone. You need to go." He knew he was being unfair but damn he didn't need anyone else here right now.

"Mister you got a problem then. I came here to get away and there's no one here but me & you so you can just go to the other side of the beach!" She had tried to get up from her chair while stating this but being awoken and startled by this harsh man had thrown her off balance and made the workings of getting her feet back under her a bit more difficult than normal. Her plunge into the sand at his feet had him quirking a brow at her dilemma.

"If you laugh after you just insulted me I swear I'll deck you."

When she managed to get herself up off the ground and brushed off the worst of the sand he got his first real look at the intruder. She stood all of five foot with an amazingly petite body. Her curves were fairly subtle but they were certainly there. And the top of her bikini was filled out very nicely as well. His mouth went dry as he looked down on her and the jiggling breasts before him.

"Are you leaving yet?" She all but yelled up into his face. Her only answer at first was a quick flash of a smile followed by "I'm Adam."

Sarcasm dripped from her tone as she said "So very nice to meet you." He liked her gusto and nearly forgot why he'd been upset to find her there. Maybe this wasn't so bad after all.

"And your name....."

"Why do you want to know?"

"Come on. I'm sorry, ok? I just didn't expect to find anyone here. As you said it's just the two of us here. Maybe we can at least get to know each other a little better." Adam tried to flash a winning smile but she just frowned back at him. "Let's start over. I'll walk over again like a normal human being and introduce myself. Then you can tell me your name." Without waiting for an answer he turned and jogged about 10 feet away. He then turned, plastered on a huge fake smile and walked towards her. "Friend! I'm Adam. Who is the fair maiden I'm to share my space with this lovely evening!"

Ok, she thought. He's got a sense of humor. Giving in she replied "I'm Alexis. I came here to be alone for the day. But... I guess I could share my space with someone so friendly." Sensing that each had given some ground they actually smiled at each other.

Alexis finally really took his measure. She was quite a bit shorter than him but she was shorter than most men. The sculpted look of his muscles was noticeable under his shirt and his face looked like it belonged on the big screen. Maybe her luck was changing after all. Maybe she'd meet a nice guy.

That her mind was on the nice guy line should have worried her after the way he'd started this encounter but instead she felt suddenly oddly comfortable. While she was thinking "nice guy" thoughts he was thinking "bad girl" thoughts. He sat in the sand and motioned for her to sit next to him. He smiled at her again and took her hand when she sat. She started to ask what brought him here but somehow sensed this wasn't a good time for that. Instead she just leaned over and rested her head on his shoulder.

Adam leaned down and kissed the top of her head. She looked up at him and felt drawn into his gaze as their eyes locked. His lips came down on hers suddenly and without resistance she kissed him back. The thoughts of this being crazy and dangerous only began to surface before all thoughts ran away.

Adam tugged her toward him until she was straddling his lap. His hands ran up and down her back as he plundered her mouth. One of his hands gripped the back of her head and held her where he could get the best angle. He pulled her head back savagely and worked his mouth down her neck and back up again sucking and biting her along the way.

Normally she hated the idea of being taken or of rough sex but suddenly she was as ravenous as he. With her head back in his grip she reached behind him and tried to pry up his shirt. Her finger nails dug into his back as she grabbed hold and he bit down on her bottom lip hard.

Finally his shirt was free but that was not enough. Fair was fair. Adam untied the back of her top and flung it across the beach. Neither one of them saw it float away in the water behind her. With her perfect breasts free he pulled a nipple into his mouth and sucked hard. Alexis almost came on the spot. Grabbing his head she held him first to one breast and then tugged him to suck on the other as well. She cried out with each tug and he knew he had to hear the cries she would make as he pounded into her.

Adam suddenly pushed her off of him and onto the towel she had had laid next to her beach chair. She pouted for only a moment before she realized he was taking off his shorts. She immediately reached down and slithered out of her bikini bottoms.

Seeing her there, naked in all her beautiful glory, on his private beach made him harder than he'd ever been in his life. It was like she had been sent there just for this. He moved towards her and kissed her inner thigh. She let her head fall back as he moved closer and closer to her now throbbing center.

Adam pushed her legs further apart and saw her glistening juices flowing freely already. He made one slow, long lick up before pulling back to savor the first taste of her. She was sweet and tangy and just what he needed. Before she knew what he meant to do he yanked her hard so she fell completely onto her back with her legs over his shoulders and dove into her. His tongue pushed in and out like no one else's ever had. This man knew what he was doing.

Alexis cried out over and over in words that made no sense and in half sentences. Words like "more", "just there" and "yes" made their way through the convoluted sounds coming from her sexy mouth. Adam would have smiled if he wasn't so busy. Sensing she was getting close to cumming for him and feeling her tightening already around his busy tongue he bit down hard on her clit. The sudden pain released her orgasm and Adam worked hard to suck all the juices streaming freely from her body. She sagged down onto the towel and appeared to have nearly passed out. After a moment though her eyes flickered open and he felt himself swell even more knowing this woman was his for the taking.

Adam moved up the sand beside her so that he was kneeling in front of her face. His penis was already engorged and was at least 9 inches. Alexis hadn't remembered ever seeing a penis this long before. That he was thick as well did not miss her notice. "Suck it," Adam said to her in a guttural voice. She looked at him but didn't move to do his bidding. Not waiting for her any longer he grabbed her head again and forced his length into her mouth.

As Alexis choked on the sudden invasion of her mouth Adam pushed in and out of her for a moment. He then pulled out enough for her to stop fighting him and again told her "Suck it." Realizing that she wouldn't have a choice, and seriously after what he just did to her didn't he have the right to demand such a thing, she began to work him up and down. Adam loosened the hold on her head but did not release her. He continued to hold her steady with one hand but reached to grab on of her hands and led it to his testicles. "These need attention too."

She began to move her mouth off of his penis but he kept his hand in her hair. "No, play with them at the same time." Alexis stopped movement. She really didn't know what to do with testicles. She wasn't even good at sucking cock! But Adam would have none of that. He forced himself deeper in her throat again and nearly yelled "You fucking suck my cock and squeeze my balls, bitch!" Again his forcefulness that would normally horrify her pushed her to new heights of arousal.

She began to work him up and down in her mouth with earnest and fingered his hanging sack at the same time. The feel of her hot, wet mouth and cool fingers together nearly brought him off. Realizing his mistake he pulled out of her and again pushed her down onto the towel.

Alexis looked very put out at first. But she was learning she didn't want to provoke him. Adam knelt at the end of the towel again and pushed her legs wide. Seeing her still wet and dripping made him smile. She looked frightened but she didn't say no and she was obviously still hot for him.

"I'm going to fuck you hard and fast now baby doll. I hope you're not disappointed."

She licked her lips again as she did whenever she was uncertain but he didn't give her time to change her mind. As soon as the words had left his lips he crushed them against hers roughly. As with that first kiss she surrendered and threw her arms around his neck. This was all the invitation he needed. With one thrust he was balls deep into her tight snatch.

He pushed up onto his hands and began to pound into her quickly just as he'd promised. Over and over, faster and faster. He watched her eyes begin to go wide and glazed. Her cries again became loud and incoherent. She began to claw at his back and with a vengeance she came.

Alexis screamed his name into the wind as she convulsed around him over and over again. Adam couldn't wait any more and filled her with his own juice. The warm filling feeling was lost on Alexis as she was still trying to fight her way to the surface again. But Adam knew this meant he'd have to see her again. He could tell her he was concerned about their error in judgment. But really he knew this meant there would be at least one more chance to fuck the Alexis and hopefully a lot more after that. He also noticed he wasn't angry any more.

Amazing what sex on the beach can do for the perspective.
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6 years ago
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