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Lending a Hand

I stood in my room pleasuring myself, I placed mom's panties to my face and inhaled deeply then moved the panties to my cock and came in them, a large load but not very satisfying. I had this feeling that I was being watched. I looked at the load I just put in the crotch of mom's panties. Not as big as usual I thought to myself. Who would be watching me? I knew mom was deep asleep. I decided to quietly go check. Down the hall and to her room. I pushed the door just enough to see in. A small light was on and I could see the mirror on mom's dresser. Thru the mirror I could mom on the bed pleasur... Continue»
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Sister's First Anal Fuck

It had been a wild night, and morning, but with the coming of the sun, there also came the dread of facing up to what had just happened. I had fucked Alana, my own sister. I had cum on her face. We had pretended to be strangers, but the truth was never forgotten. These explicit details would stay in our memories for the rest of our lives, and I wasn't sure we could handle it.

For my part, I had wanted this, even obsessed about it, for quite a while. And I knew Alana wanted this to some degree even before we got naked together. So separate, left to our own minds, we could survive this and mo... Continue»
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A Favor For Mom

Wow! My mom is one perverted little woman. I'll tell you about something that happened to me when I was 18 and still living at home. Mom was getting out of the shower and I could see her checking herself out with her towel around her breasts. The towel was only long enough to cover the upper half of her ass, and man, I took one look and just couldn't believe that ass belonged to my mom. My dick got hard after a few seconds. My hand gravitated toward it and I started stroking myself.

Just then, my mom turned and saw me. My heart froze and I (nonchalantly as possible) made like I was just pas... Continue»
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Me My Friend And Mare

This Is A Story That Happened When I Was 15 And My Friend 16 My Friend Was Over At My House For A Sleep Over We Played Video Games Watched A Movie And Overall Had A Lot Of Fun When It Came Bed Time We Would Obviously Stay Up And We'd Continue Playing After A Few Hours We Got Bored It Was About 3Am And After Some Discussion We Decided To Sneak Out You See We Lived Out In The Middle Of Nowhere Our Only Neighbour Was A Farm Owner And We Decided To Sneak Around There An Electric Fence Surrounded The Farm And Was The Only Thing Seperating The Farm And Our Garden. There Was A Hole Beneath The Fence ... Continue»
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Meine junge Freundin geht fremd, Teil 4.

Nachdem Andy meine Freundin Paula wunderbar durchgefickt hatte, während ich unter den beiden lag und Andys baumelnde Eier lecken durfte, lagen wir zu dritt erschöpft auf dem Bett. Ich war zu faul, um Andys Sperma, dass er erst in die Mädchenmöse meiner Liebsten gespritzt hatte und dass dann aus ihren gierigen Liebesloch in mein Gesicht getropft war, abzuwaschen. Mit der Lustsahne meines besten Freundes im Gesicht schlummerte ich ein.

Keine Ahnung, wie lange ich geschlafen hatte. Irgendwann hörte ich ein Flüstern neben mir. „Mach leise”, wisperte Paula, „nicht dass mein Freund aufwacht.” Ich ... Continue»
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A slut dill for some Mexican men

That same evening I put a pill on Victor’s wine glass and my loving hubby just passed out in few minutes.
He barely limped to our dormitory and fell on the bed.

Then I went to Watson’s home. He was waiting for me, as he massaged his huge black dick.

Entering the room I could smell fresh paint mixed with the sweat of that black man. He had been working there along with three other Mexican workers, painting several rooms of his house.

After entering that place, Watson grabbed me by the hair and made me bend over a sofa. Then he ragged my thong and shoved two fingers deep in my tight ... Continue»
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Party Games

Kim and I were invited to a party. When we arrived there were three other couples there and we were soon joined by two more couples. We started with drinks and conversation and at one point someone suggested we play games. I thought oh no boring. Sure enough we started out with charades and I will admit it got interesting when one of the ladies acted out, “there is a sucker born every minute”.
I was about to suggest to Kim that we leave early when I heard someone ask if anyone would have any objection to playing strip poker. Kim and I have played it before and she loves to lose. She didn’t ant... Continue»
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The Replacement Maid Ch.04.

I sent both girls home on time that afternoon as jasmine had certainly worked over and above the call of duty two days ago and I wanted some peace and quiet for a change. I then spent the evening trying not to think about the happenings of the day. I tried to read a book but my thoughts kept interrupting me. Eventually I went to bed and thankfully fell asleep due no doubt to the excitement of the past two days.

The next morning I woke just before the scheduled time for my morning cup of tea so I lay back and patiently waited. Right on time jasmine walked in with a cheery “Good morning, Miss,”... Continue»
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My Ribber Latex Suit is a permanent fixture.....

I love wearing latex, black, red, clear etc, doesn't matter what color. My best mate Jason and myself had been looking on the internet for some really good quality, thin but strong waist to toe latex pants with a cock and ball sheath built in. Not had much luck, mist were VERY expensive, until Jase found a site that were experimenting with new latex body spray,,, guaranteed strong, tear proof, rip proof, stain proof, with a full lifetime guarantee. The ad stated that as the latex was applied by spray gun a perfectly smooth gloss finish was also guaranteed. there were no reviews but applicants ... Continue»
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My First Black BJ PT3 GAY

I left James apartment with his words ringing in my head, "Be back here Saturday at 4:00pm sharp." Neither my wife or I usually worked on Saturday and I had no idea of what kind of excuse I could use that would let me get away for a few hours Saturday afternoon.

I headed home to get cleaned up before my wife got back at her usual 7:00pm time. All during the drive my mind replayed the sex that he and I had. His aggressiveness followed by an explosive orgasm and then his tenderness immediately after. It was mind blowing sex of a kind that I've never experienced before. I realized I wanted it ... Continue»
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Fucking my friends BBW wife - Part 5

I woke up as I heard the bathroom door closing, Linda must have woken up to shower. I looked at the clock next to the bed, it was almost 2pm. We really tired each other out. I heard the shower turn on and Linda was in there for a while. I guessed that she really wanted to clean up after our last fuck which was really intense and messy!

She came out of the bathroom wrapped in just a towel. Her red hair still wet and in contrast to her pale skin. She suggested that I take a shower and that she'd have a surprise for me when I got out. I wasted no time. The hot water felt great against my sk... Continue»
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My Wife's Sister

My Wife’s Sister
About a week ago my wife informed me that her younger sister would be staying with us for a couple of weeks. She had just recently divorced and wanted to get away to relax from all the stress. My wife suggested that she visit us and since we had a pool she could sunbathe and swim while we were at work. My wife and her sister are similar both size and height wise, but my sister in law has larger breast and slightly bigger ass. My wife is more reserved in public, but my sister in law can be somewhat annoying as she says what she wants without thinking. She is also a littl... Continue»
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Out Of Afrika, chapter 3

Out of Afrika – A fantasy by Julie Van and Curt B
Chapter 3
Ian parked up on the drive and carefully stepped out of the car holding the Birthday cake that Simone had ordered from the local bakers. She had called him at his office (despite knowing that he didn’t like to be disturbed by domestic matters when he was so busy) and given implicit instructions for him to do so after finishing work. He had taken the call and attempted to remind her he might have more important things to do. She ignored his protest and reminded him in turn that there was nothing more important than their daug... Continue»
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My First Black BJ PT2 GAY

We drove a couple of miles towards an apartment that he was sharing with his brother. He was 19, in his first year of college working toward an engineering degree. I drove slowly so I could get to know this young black man. We talked and as I drove, I kept glancing down at his full crotch. Even after having his big black cock stuffed into my mouth and throat I couldn't believe his size. He saw where my eyes were going, smiled and slide forward on the seat bringing his crotch up a little more. My right hand reached out on it's own and grabbed the front of his pants. He sighed and leaned back in... Continue»
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My First Black BJ GAY

I had stopped at the sex store that had video booths in the back room late one afternoon. As I was stopping, getting out of my car, I saw a tall young black guy with a medium Afro, that had been walking past, he looked at me and then turned around and went into the sex store ahead of me. I thought, Could this guy read me that well that he immediately understood I was on the prowl for black cock?

Here I was a 40-something married white guy, going into a sex arcade, and this young black guy understood what I was up to.

I shook it off, went inside to find the arcade area was fairly busy, an... Continue»
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I am a CockSucker Cuckold Now

This happened a few years ago while vacationing in Puerto Rico. My wife and I were down for a week getting away from the cold snowy winter up north. It was great to be down in the tropical sun partying and enjoying the beaches and local fun.

Just the standard back story here -- at the time, I was 36 and my wife Donna was 34. We had one k** at home with his grandparents. Donna is a very hot mom too. Thick dark hair, curvy in the right places and a thick, dark hairy bush. Not out of control hairy, trimmed, but thick and womanly. Not huge tits, just right. Like I said -- she is a mom so there ... Continue»
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L is Pettit but an amazing body. Both in our early 30's. My GF and I have been very adventurous as time has gone on. Favoured thing was she loved to just wear a loss dress and boots.

This was just like a normal night texting all day and flirting with pics and me send short stories of getting caught but loveing it. L had never really given a clue to me of what she might do. I offer up a bottle of wine for dinner and bare one glass she had the lot. Hum not the norm! We head to the country side like normal. She starts by get my pants down and play with my cock. I start to play with her puss... Continue»
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ट्रेन से उतरते ही शिप्रा की जान में जान आ गई। वो भगवान का शुक्रिया अदा की। बिहार की ट्रेन में भीड़ ना हो ये कभी हो नहीं सकता। इसी भीड़ में गाँव की बेचारी शिप्रा को अपने पति नवीन के साथ आना पड़ा। नवीन जो कि T.T.E. है। हालाँकि वो भी गाँव का ही है मगर नौकरी लगने के बाद उसे शहर रहना पड़ा। 6 महीने पहले दोनों की शादी हुई थी। शादी के बाद नवीन ज्यादा दिन तक अकेला नहीं रह पाया । काम के दौरान वो काफी थक जाता था। फिर घर आकर खाना बनाने का झंझट। मन नहीं करता खाना बनाने का पर क्या करता? होटल में अच्छा खाना मिलता नहीं । कभी कभी तो भूखा ही रह जाता। ऐसा नहीं है कि वो महँगे होटल में नहीं जा सकता था। मगर सिर्फ पेट क... Continue»
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My first cock

This story is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the other party in the story....

Mark and I had been exchanging pictures and videos for months. We'd known each other for what seemed like forever but only recently had we discussed our "BI" tendencies. I was new to the entire thing though curiosity had presented itself when he brought the subject of past lovers he's had. He encouraged me but never pushed. Leaving notes around when him and his wife would come over to visit. She knew of his past experiments with guys and ahe didn't approve. In fact, she would get pissed and ... Continue»
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Nancy's Trip To the Adult Bookstore

Nancy's trip to the Adult Book Store
Nancy was a middle aged woman, slim well built with short red hair. She kept in shape and was happy with herself when she looked in the mirror without clothes. Her breasts had started to sag, but her nipples were thick and stuck out nicely in a sheer blouse.. Her legs were long and firm.. her ass a little wide. Her thick red pubic hair covered her labia and formed a nice triangle between her legs.
Nancy liked to read , books about women used in harsh ways, Taken by rough men, she frequently masturbated while reading .. thinking about what it would b... Continue»
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