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Baby Maker 2

"I know what you did!" said Alice
"What?" I asked looking confused.
"I know what you did for Karen" Alice said "She told me how you helped her get pregnant"
"Really?" I replied amazed.
"Yeah, she confided in me and told me everything!"
"So what do you want? Money? a favour? what?" I asked
"I want you to do the same for me!" Alice said eagerly.
"What?!" I said surprised.
"I want a baby Steve! I want a k** and Darrel doesn't right now, but I want a k** and I want it now!" Alice replied.
"Okay!" I said unsure what to say next.
Then Alice stepped past me, locked the door to her office a... Continue»
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Birthday party

Joe strode through the arrivals gate at the airport like a new man. He'd
been in South East Asia for the better part of six months and had the
scruffy long hair to prove it. It flopped down over his still extremely
boyish face in a heavy brown mess. His cute little cheeks still framed his
soft little dimples gaily, he smiled affectionately at his waiting
father. Six months seemed to have changed a lot in Joe, his Dad
thought. Although his shoulders still had the softness that young lads
carry before they turn twenty, Joe now walked with more confidence than he
had when he left.

The two men, ... Continue»
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Der Gärtner

Saskia meine Frau hatte aus alten Zeiten einen jungen selbständigen Gärtner, welche ihr für kleines Geld den Garten machte.

Unser Baum musste nun vor dem Frühjahr geschnitten werden und der Gärtner kam zu einem Termin zu uns.
Es klingelte, ich öffnete die Tür und vor mir stand ein 35 jähriger drahtiger, etwa 170 cm große Mann.
„Ich bin der Daniel“, streckte mir die Hand entgegen. „Ich bin der Martin, komm doch herein.“
Wir setzten und ins Wohnzimmer an den Tisch und warteten auf die Dame des Hauses.
Saskia hatte sich nach der Arbeit geduscht und kam klackernd die Treppe herunter.
Die Tür öff... Continue»
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Her Ass at Last

I was starting to wonder if Effie was ever going to let me fuck her in the ass. For some reason I was getting obsessed with that idea, but she didn’t offer. She insisted that I come over on the 4th of July to join them at the neighborhood party at their community pool. I didn’t want to at first, but she said I had to, and I would be happy if I did, so I went.

When I got their house, Effie was in the kitchen supervising her husband’s work making potato salad, and she was upset that they were running late. She said that she still had to shower and shave her legs and get into her bathi... Continue»
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My birthday nightmare

So yesterday was my 24th birthday and it started off pretty good. I got some nice clothes in the morning from my f****y and they said they were doin a bbq later on so I was pretty happy. I put on some of the new clothes that I got and I noticed that my pants were just a little bit loose, but not like fallin off or anything so they were ok. I went outside where all my friends and f****y were that had come over for the bbq. They decided they wanted to start playing basketball and I decided to go ahead and play too. Well that was my mistake of the day. I got the ball and while I was trying to ... Continue»
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I have been married for over 30yrs to a 62yr wife I love but after our 2nd c***d was born she went off sex which I thought was due to pregnancy and baby but over the years nothing changed and there was always an excuse no matter what I tried ,Flowers , Kissing cuddling, Romantic weekends breaks, Underwear, Sex toys and more .
So it was down to the wrist work and porn and few times got caught and get an earful from the wife usual thing dirty old man pervert etc this didn't help our sexual relationship.#
One day I was browsing the web and wife came in and accused me of watching porn an... Continue»
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Mom liked me to watch (1)

I was at a park one day after school. Playing baseball with a bunch of friends. I sliced open my hand sliding into home plate. I left the game and went to one of the bathrooms to wash the bl**d off my hand. I was almost to the bathroom when I thought I saw my mother in the distance. I thought it couldn't be her, she was at work. As I got closer, sure enough it was my mom.
She was sitting on a bench talking to this black dude that was a bagger at the super market. What was this all about. I didn't want her to see me so I hid in some bushes only ten yards across from where they sat.
My mom i... Continue»
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Humiliated by Lynn 3

I finished washing the dishes and and fed sage
I washed a shaved passing Lynn's room I could hear groaning and the sound of the vibrator buzzing

I took off my bra and knickers and got dressed , sage was sitting by the front door so I got his lead and took him over the park

On the way home , i stopped for a pint and sat outside in the sunshine , thinking how shit my life was , knowing my wife was being pleasured by two strangers to me.

My phone rang ,bit was Lynn asking where I was, and asked for me to bring home two bottles of wine and fags .

Arriving back home I noticed George'... Continue»
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Under the Covers

I was lying in bed waiting impatiently. I was fidgeting and I couldn’t keep still. Davey should have been here ages ago. Or was I just being too impatient?

My heart slipped a beat and my whole body trembled when I heard the door open and close quietly. He came quickly to my bed and slipped under the covers.

I put my arms around him and hugged him tightly as he pulled the covers over us and we wriggled down the bed until we were both completely under the covers.

I wrapped my arms around him tightly and d****d one leg over him, pulling him close to me and kissing his forehead repeatedl... Continue»
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Meeting Jezzabell

Hello, my name's Adam. We've all thought about joining a dating website at one point or another, right? Well, I'm going to tell you a little story about how I met a kitten that changed my life forever because of a dating site. I know, that sounds weird, doesn't it? Well, I assure you, it's worth listening to.

So, there I was one night after a long evening of playing videogames online with my friends. I decided to scroll through some adult websites and forums to see if anything caught my attention. That's where I came across a website that boasted that it could find the perfect match for you... Continue»
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Her “dark side”... His “favorite side”

1- I want you to blind fold me... Have the music on (the "dark" music;)... I want you to tease me with your mouth and hands until I can hardly stand it anymore... A touch here, squeeze there, pinch my nipples... Slide a finger inside me real quick... Suck my nipple... I never know where or what you're gonna be doing... Different positions... On my back, legs spread, leg cocked up, on my side, doggy style... Your mouth on my pussy, your fingers inside me... Your tongue in my ass... Mmmmmm.... Your finger fucking my pussy while your tongue fucks my ass!!! YES!!!! Then I want you to fuck me in ev... Continue»
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Transition to Vikki, part 4

Next part of how Steven Jennings became Vikki.

Daylight flowed in through the still open curtains and I was slowly woken by early morning traffic outside in the town centre, wind through the trees and birds calling. I checked my watch for the time, 6:30 A.M.!. Realising I'd not get back to sl**p now I decided to get out of bed and grab a coffee to wake myself up properly.

My first task however was to try and get out from Gina's grasp. We'd fallen asl**p last night with her spooning me, her right arm wrapped around my chest for comfort. This was how I found the pair of us still entangled as ... Continue»
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Trumped Up Punishments - Chapter 8: Fundraiser I

Acing Your Punishments – Chapter 8: An unusual fund-raiser, Part I

The ‘Friends of Millennium High’ (‘FoMH’) was the fundraising organization of the school. Its chairman was Mr. Witner. The FoMH had hitherto confined themselves to cake sales and Christmas Bazaars to help raise money for the school, but when young Kevin Witner told his father all about the September punishment assembly over dinner, the latter immediately appreciated the fund-raising potential of Mr. Barton’s latest innovation. He also saw a chance of being able to attend one of the punishment assemblies himself – just thinki... Continue»
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The peak hour rush.

6.30pm. Peak hour rush.

It was the end of a long working day.

Getting into the train, all she wanted was to reach home quickly.

As there was no seat on the train, she resigned herself to having stand throughout her journey.

Pushing her way through, she went into the middle of the train carriage to stand.

“Excuse me sorry.” She muttered as she f***ed her way in, her 34c chest brushing against people.

He was one of those she brushed against.

He was standing there, minding his own business when he felt someone pushing against his back.Turning around and wanting to give the person a piece o... Continue»
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The author kindly advises that this story and its characters are fictitious. It describes exhibitionist situations and hardcore sex. It contains graphic language and is only suitable for persons over 18 years old.

An image gallery on aristidis500 accompanies this scenario.


(A junior reporter discovers the real story behind the sudden dismissal of a female business executive.)

Late Tuesday afternoon, Keystone building, downtown Boston. The newsroom of The Atlantic Observer. I’m frantically working on my laptop. The article deadline is looming. The ‘print shop’ is waiting. Last ... Continue»
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Trumped Up Punishments - Chapter 5: Rebecca's

Rebecca has been caught in a compromising situation with one of her teachers and been awarded 50 demerits. She is about to be punished in front of the teaching staff and pupils of Millennium High at the monthly ‘Punishment Assembly’ (made possible because President Ace recently signed an executive order reinstating corporal punishment in US public schools). After an elaborate quiz on Romeo and Juliet, which decided which one of three of her fellow students were to be subjected to a rather less serious punishment, it is now her turn to be punished. The headmaster, Mr. Barton, has asked her t... Continue»
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Trumped Up Punishments - Chapter 6: Sex Ed

Trumped Up Punishments – Chapter 6

Sex Ed Classes

“Mummy, please, don’t make me go to school! I just cannot face any more of this. Just look what they did to me!”

Rebecca pointed to her red, sore breasts and angry welts on her upper thighs, the result of brutal punishment inflicted during an assembly of her whole school.

“If you don’t go, they will kick you out. They should not have that satisfaction. We are going to deal with this the right way. I have reported Mr. Warner to the police and we will get Mr. Barton to apologize before the end of the month, never you fear. For now, you ju... Continue»
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Trumped Up Punishments - Chapter 7: Art Class

Trumped Up Punishments – Chapter 7

Art Classes

The next morning, Rebecca was intercepted at the school gate by Carl and asked to report to Mr. Barton’s office. She found Alison, Eloise and Peter already there. All four were understandably apprehensive.

Mr. Barton entered the room and told them that they were all to act as live models in two art classes during the day – Rebecca and Alison with Mrs. Lockwood in the second and third period, Eloise and Peter with Mr. Hubermayer in the third and fourth. He then dismissed them. Although they had been expecting this, all four were rather nervou... Continue»
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Trumped Up Punishments - Chapter 3

Acing Your Punishments, Chapter 3

Teacher’s Meeting at Millennium High

The day after the first ‘special assembly’, at which the new discipline regime at Millennium High had been demonstrated to the students, Headmaster Barton called an afternoon meeting of the teaching staff in order to update them on the new regime and brief them on how the demerit system was to be operated from now on.

“The first thing I’d like to say”, Barton started, “is that I was sorry not to see more of you at the assembly yesterday. The punishment regime is now an integral part of our school’s cu... Continue»
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Trumped-Up Punishments - Chapter 2: Executions

Trumped-Up Punishments – Chapter 2: Executions

A large punishment horse was wheeled onto the stage by one of the security guards. This had been specifically manufactured to Mr. Barton’s specifications: it allowed the culprit to be firmly secured in any position desired. There were Velcro straps all over it, allowing endless possibilities.
While one of the guards took Burt’s arm and moved him over to the contraption, the voice warned that the use of video equipment was strictly prohibited and would be punished by 20 demerits.
Burt was somewhat relieved to hear this! Relief was, al... Continue»
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