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Mom & Son, A Wonderful Match

She knew he was there. She had come to expect it, indeed she felt a thrill of anticipation whenever she went to shower. She faced the door as she dried herself giving him a full frontal view. She lifted and caressed her smallish, but plump, breasts as she dried them. They were g****fruit sized with large dark areoles and plump nipples. The nipples were firm and erect now indicating her arousal as did the juiciness of her pussy.

She wondered if he was more attracted to her tits or the full bush that capped her bare pussy, the wild thatch of hair she deliberately displayed to his spying eye. ... Continue»
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Dawn's Night Out


It was Saturday night in Sunnydale. Dawn sat on the edge of her bed in her bedroom. She felt restless and bored. Buffy had told her that she had to stay home tonight. She was mad about some silly incident at school. Dawn had gone to Willow, but she wouldn’t help. So here she sat all alone in the big house. She kept trying to think of things to do, but all she wanted to do was get out of here. No one understood her. She felt like no one paid much attention to her anymore either.

The group of new slayers kept growing, but no one had asked her to join them. An... Continue»
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Stepson losing virginity to new stepmom

Stepson losing virginity to step mum. Pt1

I had just finished dinner with my step mom gale, as my father was still away on a work trip. Dad had just met her a year ago and they quickly got married. Gale was 40, 5-11 brunette with brown eyes and a voluptuous figure. Her ass was round and plump with a slim waist and flat belly, she worked out a lot. Then the tits omg her tits made me so hard, two huge double d's. Ohh how she must of caught me looking every time we talk. She has these beautiful plump lips that would look so good around anyone's cock. I would do anything to see her naked.

... Continue»
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Beach Teens

I was on a holiday in Spain in summer 2017 with my girlfriend, our daughter and my girlfriend's parents. We were staying in a small apartment, so small that it was a bit too awkward to have any sexual activity with my girlfriend. So over the 2 weeks I was getting more and more horny as the cum was building in my balls. Every day we'd go to the beach and I would be surrounded by sexy half naked babes, sunbathing topless, some face down with their sexy asses on display. By the end of the 2 weeks I had a semi every time the wind blew, but as my girlfriends parents were never out of earshot, I had... Continue»
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My New Doctor.

A yearly trip to the gynecologist was never fun. Until the day I met Dr. Ike Okafor. I was on the exam table in the little paper gown when he walked in. My mouth fell open. He stood there, all 6 feet and 3 inches of him. He had black hair, shaggy but neat. His eyes seemed almost silver they were so grey. He was GORGEOUS. He was probably 28 at the most. I realized my mouth was gaping open and I shut it quickly.

"Ngozi, how are you? I'm Dr. Okafor."

I gulped. "I'm okay, it's nice to meet you." My voice was a little unsteady. But my god, he was distracting. Well built from what I could tell... Continue»
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The Hair Salon.

I walked into the hair salon late on a Monday night and was surprised and delighted to find a pretty, obviously pregnant, woman behind the till. I have always had a thing for pregnant women and the thought of having one cut my hair thrilled me. Looking up from her book she smiled and stood, her belly bulging out before her.

"I could use a trim." I told her, smiling inside at my double entendra.

"That is what got me in this condition in the first place." she laughed.

I laughed along with her, thinking, wow she got me, as she asked if I wanted a wash first. I nodded my approval. I wante... Continue»
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Shelia Fucking Flatmates Boyfriend

!!Shelia Fucking Flatmates Boyfriend!!

Hi, Guys, my name is Shelia, this sex story is concerning after I was twenty-five, my stats previously were 34D, 28, thirty-four and honestly I used to be extremely happy and happy with my curves, I wore all types of horny outfits, dresses, shorts, tights, denim and was terribly open for recent sex.

So, recently I had picked up employment in Associate in Nursing Advertising practice in metropolis Associate in Nursingd took up living accommodations in Andheri, a 2BHK that I shared with a woman referred to as Risha. Risha was Associate in a Nursing as... Continue»
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The Stranger.

I met a stranger from the dating site for a date. The chemistry was very intense, I knew the second I laid eyes on him that physically this man did it for me. He was my favourite look.Everything I find desirable physically he was!!! We had supper touched each other far too much, I am sure the people in the restaurant thought we should just get a room.!!! He kissed me so beautifully, his kisses were deep and penetrating, if this is how he kissed, he must fuck up a storm. We parted company, I almost asked him to come home with me but he really was only a stranger, ever though I find him hot, he ... Continue»
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My son's friend


When my son Sydney suddenly moved to Arizona, I I was surprised and opposed to his decision, but what could I say?
He's older than eighteen. For sure I thought I wouldn't see his best friend Clark again, if ever.

I never heard from Jimmy except for a couple of emails saying he was okay.
One day I found a letter with a check for 500 dollars made out to me and a note:
" Dear Dad, Call Clark and tell him I'm repaying him the loan.
Don't tell him where I live or my phone number. But you can tell him I'm with somebody else. All the Best, Sydney"

After cashing the che... Continue»
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Victor shares me at his office

My loving husband called me that evening, telling me that he would be working late overtime during the night.
I said it was a pity, because I was horny that night and waiting for him at home wearing just a brand new black sexy outfit…
Then Victor changed his mind and told me I could join him at the office.
His only condition was I should wear some sexy dress just for him…

Two hours later I was there at the last floor of the building, wearing a short black dress, dark stockings and stiletto heels. I found Victor was not alone at his desk. A new colleague was sitting close to him.
My hus... Continue»
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A "gay" man strikes again

That Friday afternoon I was in my bedroom changing my clothes, when my loving husband said from the alleyway he was home early.
Five minutes later I went outside to enjoy the pool in the back yard, just wearing my new tiny pale blue bikini. The day was hot and I was horny…
There outside I found Victor was not alone, but with one of his work mates.
I recognized him as the young handsome guy that had fingered me during one visit to my husband at his office. However, Victor thought he was gay.
They were chatting by the pool and having some drinks. They stopped talking and just stared at my al... Continue»
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The Skate Park: Yard Job

The Skate Park—The yard job

Jamie and me show up at Mr. Wilson's about 9:00 AM. I had recuited him the day before to help me do his yard. I promised him a mouth full of jizz—lol cheap labor.

It was a big yard, about 1 ½ acre. Lots of trees and bushes, and wood chips. This would be an all day gig, then the “bonus” afterwards for Mr. Wilson and his friend, Johnny.

Took us about 2 hours to do the front. Mow, trim some bushes, and a few bags of mulch. By now we were both pretty pumped up, and dripping in sweat. Mr. Wilson and Johnny would walk around from the back every so often just to cat... Continue»
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Fun in a carpark

My palm rests calmly on your thigh, feeling the texture of your pants as I slowly rub it back and forth to the cue of your head looking around somewhat nervous over the fact that the carpark was the location we've chosen for this encounter. The glow of the the lights inside the multi storey parking lot is glaring into the car through one of the windows, causing your skin to glare. I smile as my hand starts to move closer to your crotch. Your tight jeans against your skin is cuasing my member to somewaht stiffen in my suitpants. But here we are...

I take a grasp of your hair and violently p... Continue»
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Young Tranny Ch2 First BBC Fuck in an Arcade

2. Rebeca”s First BBC Arcade Fuck

Introduction: These stories are about the genesis of Rebeca, my CD slut alter-ego. They are about the same person featured in “My TV Adventures,” but they chronicle the earliest encounters and adventures. Most of the stories in the “My TV Adventures” are about an experienced TV slut in ‘her’ adult life (30’s and older) while these stories are about me/her in the 19-29 years old timeframe. Enjoy, and remember, these are as much fun for me to write as anyone reading them – and they are ‘mostly’ true.

Annabel’s ass-**** of me was the source of endle... Continue»
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Hardwork Pays Off - Cathys time to shine - encount

On the journey back from work all sorts of things were running through my mind. I had built up many feelings, guilt - poor dad had no idea just how much of a naughty women Cathy was. Lust, I kept fantasising about Cathy and her perfect body. Excitement, the chase of of going after an older women and succedding was a big adrenalin rush. Looking out the window gave me time to reflect on what I wanted out of life. People might say why don't you go for someone closer to your own age but women my age are not the same. Most of them are too needy and not mature enough, playing daft little games where... Continue»
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Encuentro en Mallorca

Allí estaba yo, en el aeropuerto de Palma de Mallorca, en pleno agosto esperando que Tmr viniese a recogerme. Después de haber chateado durante más de un año y habernos mandado fotos y videos más que picantes, qué menos que poder pasar un fin de semana juntos. Así que en cuanto me dijo que estaría un fin de semana sin su marido, cogí el primer avión que salía hacia ses illes.

En pleno sol, cociéndome, veía los coches y taxis pasar y recoger gente. En los pocos momentos en los que mi mente no estaba pensando en sus pechos, en su culo o en lo que haríamos estos dos días, me asaltaban las dudas ... Continue»
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My Anna fantasy

Anna, I got so turned on and hard reading your fantasy that I had to respond.
I hope you’re wearing the outfit or at least stockings, no panties, want you to sit back a finger fuck your juicy wet cunt as you read the following story. All I ask is that you tell me, in detail, being as dirty as you want, your thoughts, by the way, difficult to type wanking my cock at the same time, perhaps you could help me!!
I run a topless bar in town, I’ve seen you in the bar a few times with your husband, I’ve seen your tits, groped you as I pass a few times. I’ve had my fingers in your cunt but not actu... Continue»
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TEENAGE MEMORIES - With Nigel & Helen

Two months after Nigel and I had wanked each other off in my bedroom, the whole gang, that’s all the k**s on our street, were playing hide and seek. Our road ran alongside a massive wooded area where we all used to play and hide. Everyone knows how the game works so I won’t explain it all here.

Anyway we were about 10 minutes in when it began to absolutely piss down, everyone ran home but Nigel and I made it to a broken garage, it was only a shell but had a decent roof so we could stay dry. A few minutes of talking and Nigel approached me, his hands around my waist and we started to kiss.
... Continue»
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An old man from the office

I was feeling really horny in the morning when I woke up. But also I was feeling tired and some stressed.
The night before I had been fucking during hours with my loving husband and then we had quarreled about my wishes of fucking a guy at my office…

We continued our discussion during breakfast and finally Victor slammed the door after telling me I could do anything I wanted…

When he left I had a shower and sat down for my makeup. I put on a red silk dress with thigh high boots. I put my hair in bunches because I knew the person that I had my eye on liked younger girls.

I walked int... Continue»
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Trucker & the Tranny

Jermaine Simpson drove his white 2010 Peterbilt raised-roof big rig into the truck stop just outside of the city. He called his friend, Mariah.

“Hey, baby,” the dark-skinned transsexual answered.
“What’s up boo? I’m at the truck stop,” Jermaine shared.
“Okay, oool! I’m on my way.”
“Awesome! Can I get a shower at your house?”
“Of course!”
“See you in a few.”

Jermaine’s nine-and-a-half-incher was already hard. He loved fucking her whenever he was down this way. Once he had taken her on a six-day road trip. The fucked every night. He had made her keep her 34-C fake tits expose... Continue»
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