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First Time in the ASS Gay

It was a late Monday night, and I was reminiscing of the last few day. I had just spent the whole weekend with my girlfriend, and it was an adventure of uninhibited sex of a magnitude I have never experienced with another girl. My girlfriend and I love to play with toys, and we have an 8" thick black dildo that she loves me to fuck her pussy with, while I am pounding her thick ass. It drives her fucking nuts. Well this past Saturday, when I removed the black monster from her pussy, which was soaking wet of her juices, she asked me to lick her juices off it. I can't begin to tell you the amazem... Continue»
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Sharing with his girlfriend

I had just started working in a new town and didn't know anyone. I was bored, horny and curious. So I checked out one of those online personal ad websites. I found a guy who was looking for exactly what I wanted: a no-strings attached purely sexual relationship with another guy. Most of these ads were guys wanting a lot of kissing and things I had no interest in.

I told him upfront I wanted to find a guy to fuck me in the ass and maybe watch gay and straight porn while we jacked off or sucked each other. He was cool with all of that and we set up a time to meet at his place. He was tall ... Continue»
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Part 2 - Taking my first 'monster' black

Part 2 - Taking my first 'monster' black cock.

I posted this story a while back. This is what happened after the first session was over. That was 2 days of really getting my cunt stretched to the limit and left raw.

When he was finished wrecking my cunt and, he’d done a very good job of it, we just lay there side by side for a while. I was gaping like never before and leaking his cum. My little cunt wasn’t little anymore and was still burning from the good hard fucking I’d been given. My guts were rolling and there were cramps off and on but I was still glowing all over. I’d taken h... Continue»
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Does He Remember Me?

I still dream of him and wonder how and where he is today. Does he remember me? Does he remember the joy we shared when we lay together? I was a young man, all of 22, when he took me into his home and bed...

I had been out of the service for a year and back in circulation. 22. Long haired and free, money in my pocket and nothing but sex on my mind...and I wanted a man so bad, it hurt...

We worked together that winter and he was so much fun. I liked looking at him and would fantasize about fucking him and being his boyfriend. So, when i sent the Christmas Card to him, he would have been a... Continue»
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That day in clinic

I don’t know why I forgot to wear men’s briefs that day, perhaps I was just so used to the comfortable feel of silk panties I didn’t even think about it when I got dressed. Maybe I had an u*********s desire to be caught; literally to have my little secret uncovered. So here I was at the walk-in clinic, with no desire to go home and change, just on the off chance I might be caught wearing women’s underwear. Surely, if I had to disrobe they would give me one of those gowns to wear.
It was the end of the day, and I could see from the full waiting room at that it had been a busy one. After nearly... Continue»
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Masochist s*s

Joe gazed in disbelief at what he held in his hands.

It was a book. Nothing special, just a small, black, hardback book.

What was special about it was that it had /Fantasies/ written on it, and
more significantly, the book belonged to Joe's younger s****r, Crystal.

Joe looked around his s****r's room in case anyone saw him. Not that
they could. Joe was all alone in the house. His parents were out
shopping and Crystal was out with a friend.

Joe was sitting on his s****r's bed and had come prowling around her
room hunting for a CD he had leant to Crystal a year ago but had not
s... Continue»
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The Meet

I arrange to come to meet you, All the way up to you im excited but nervous. The anticipation is palpable. We arrange to meet in a pub local to you. I walk in to the bar a little early and get myself a drink and find a table. Every time the door to the bar opens my butterflies intensify. After about 10 minutes the door opens and in you walk. You look stunning, you are wearing a tight black top, short skirt and those black boots. Im not the only one who has noticed you come in as most of the men in the bar stop what they are doing to look at you.
I rise to meet you , i give you a quick hug hel... Continue»
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Stella' s Daddy

Your really have to believe me. I never wanted to become involved in such an illicit relationship. I know that you are going to say: "You were the adult. You should have prevented this from happening!" OK, I accept your judgment; I am truly a worthless piece of trash... but at least one person loves me... You know who she is.
My daughter's name is Stella, and this story began when she was f******n. Stella was young and innocent then, not only socially, but physically. She still had the slim pre-pubescent shape of a young girl. Most girls that age had already become little ladies with swellin... Continue»
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Anal Threesome

Christmas 1980
It was not a white Christmas, alas, but a grey one. The heavy, bloated clouds in the sky above the village showered the place with rain throughout the day.
In the small detached house down the leafy street, Claire was sitting in her bedroom at her dressing table, looking at her favourite present of the day. It was a make up kit; not just a cheap one for girlies who wanted to look like mummy, but a proper set up with foundation of all shades, lipstick, brushes, mascara in every colour one could imagine, and a couple of small bottles of fine perfume.
Claire was sixteen and pre... Continue»
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The Lookout: Part 2

I slip fingers out of your soaking pussy, you moan as I pinch your clit between thumb and forefinger, before lifting my soaked hand to my mouth, tasting you on my fingers.

"God, you taste good"

Bending to kiss you again, your mouth hot, lips slightly swollen, open for my tongue...kisses deeper and slower tasting yourself on me.

My hands at your breasts, roaming slowly over you, the initial urgency gone, pulling you closer to me... my cock hard between us, pressing against you through the material of my jeans.

Without a word, you drop your hand to my belt, fumbling the bu... Continue»
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Wife's first time threesome...

MY FANTASY ABOUT MY WIFE'S FIRST THREESOME (Part 1) - One of my long term fantsies - as with most husbands I suspect.
Sue and I had been married for over 10 years, sex is great and our relationship strong, but I have always wanted to go a bit further in our sexual this is what may have happened..
I have always fantasized about is arranging a meet with another guy or sexy couple in a bar or club...(it's pre-arranged with me and the couple, Sue does not know). I had discussed having a threesome with Sue already and said I wanted to share her...and she has agreed in principle... Continue»
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Enslaved Chapter 2

A short while later, Miss Judith appeared on the deck, carrying two iron collars and chains. She moved to Nadine first, who was slumped lifeless with the scrubbing brush still rammed in her mouth. Miss Judith made a perfunktory inspection of the deck, seemed satisfied, then locked the collar round the girl's neck. She was pulled unceremoniously to her feet, where is stood swaying on rubbery limbs. Focussing his opera glasses, Quentin became aware of the extent of Nadine's distress. Her pretty face was covered in suds, her ripe body was drenched wet with sweat; she staggered wildly as Miss Judi... Continue»
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Muslim whore takes two black cocks

Hafsah had been preparing herself for becoming Cornell's whore. She had started to go to a female only gym and she began to exercise to get her body ready to be in an impeccable condition. Along with this Hafsah had also started to cut down on the unhealthy foods and she began to have a body that was even more beautiful than previously seen by either Cornell or Patrick. Cornell called Hafsah and said 'I have two clients who want to see you next Monday, get ready I will drive you to them.' Hafsah was excited but she also had a few questions and she said 'Shall I wear a nice abayah?' Cornell res... Continue»
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down by the river

There is a park by the river where my parents live that I used to visit in the summertime to walk my dogs. It has a big open area with picnic benches hear the river and a boat launch for people who like to go fishing. Its quiet, and usually pretty empty during the days except over my the boat launch. I usually avoid that part and walk the dogs on the perimeter road around the big open section. Well, I was home for college over the Christmas break, and needed to get out of the house, so I decided to smoke a joint and go for a drive. My parents live in a pretty quiet (meaning dull) area, so... Continue»
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NBWO - 10 Phases

The 10 Phases of BIG BLACK DICK Addiction:
BIG BLACK DICK addiction is an addiction like no other! Once you witness the incredible power of the Big Beautiful BLACK DICK, you just keep craving it more and more! You will become BIG BLACK DICK addicted whether you admit it or not, and it goes exactly the same way for everybody. See for Yourself.
These are the 10 phases of BIG BLACK DICK addiction that every white male goes through once he discovers the power of the BIG BLACK DICK. Check out these phases and you will see exactly what the Power of the BIG BLACK DICK will do to you if it hasn’t do... Continue»
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NBWO - The White Slave

Not long ago it was a straight and stuffy white male. it was arrogant and self-satisfied with its white male social and economic leverage and advantages. In the rat-race of white society it suppressed its submissive white side. But from time to time it would slip into daydreams of having a Black mistress and becoming a white slave for the Black Race.
it had been briefly married to a white trophy wife, but the demands of the rat-race of white society had brought that to an end. Like most white males it was a guilt-ridden closet white racist and it believed in white superiority. But in its more... Continue»
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NBWO - New Rules

Let’s look at the New Society where whites choose to be Black Owned. Where whites asked to be trained to be servants to their Black Masters and Mistresses. If You have ever met, or seen, or heard, or read of an account where a white has become a servant and Black Owned, You will note that NONE, not one, ever complains about it. You will note that each and every one is grateful and content and feels a spiritual awakening. You will note that if they lose their Black Owner they quickly seek a new Black Owner so they can enter back into Black Servitude as quickly as possible.
In the old slave da... Continue»
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First time anal with buck

Well, I always swore I’d never let anyone fuck me in the ass, but I found out that the old saying "Never say Never " is very true. On Tuesday nite, Buck gave me a great back massage with warm sesame seed oil. (I just love the way that kind of oil feels – so smooth and silky.) He rubbed my back for a long time like he always does and then put some of the warm oil on my butt cheeks and thighs. He massaged the oil into my legs and butt cheeks then poured some of the warm oil into the crack of my butt. That felt so good back there. When he slid a finger into my asshole, it was sooo wicked and nas... Continue»
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The Lady Doth Protest Too Much

Back in my e****ting days I had this one client who, whenever we were getting down to it at the end of the evening, made a big thing about how she didn't do anal. About how her arsehole was sacred and no cock was ever going up it. She said anal sex was dirty and only desperate women did it because they couldn't get a man any other way. I'd been seeing her once or twice a month for four or five months by this point. She was in her very late 40s, petite, with bottle blonde hair and a wardrobe that screamed 'mutton dressed as lamb'. She was from the North, with a very broad accent, and earne... Continue»
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Sex at the river.

As a nudist and naturalist I enjoy long summer afternoons nude at the river. I have met women at Collins beach and developed relationships with a few of them. I have also brought dates and girlfriends to the (clothing optional) nude beach. And they all reveled in the freedom they found there.
I met Lisa at the beach several times and we enjoyed floating on her inflatable mattress. Lisa is a voluptuous blond woman with very bouncy tits. Her hair cascaded past her shoulders and she has very chewable tan nipples.
The mattress is a nice queen size platform that anchors from the beach covered wit... Continue»
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