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The First Time - A Hot Wife Shared

Story First TimeInterracial Sex

My wife Liz and me are in our late 20s, we have been married for 5 years and her beauty, sexuality and hot dress sense always attracts lots of male attention, I am always on edge, but also a little excited about who is staring at her and who was going to try and hit on her. I have a fairly small dick myself, only about 4 inches and quite thin, so I am always on edge, especially when Liz and her friends joke about guys with big dicks, it makes me feel nervous, less masculine and inadequate. I do manage to satisfy Liz sexually though and we enjoy a lot of rewarding sex, even if I often have to b… Read more

Posted by brouwer 3 days ago 2,339 75%

Submissive S!sters #6: Both Bred

Story AnalBDSMFirst Time

b]I position the purple head of my Priests Pope's Pole at awesome Anne's sexy sphincter I push a bit, Anne's ass gives in graciously & gratefully, tries to milk my wooden manhood I hold her clit in a firm grip, so she can not escape coming on my order in her tough training I spank her boyish bottoms before I spunk a lovely long load all along her hot lusty love lips I push my sperm into her longing love locus, after her first ever anal assault from a real Priest I pretend I am just fingering her inside, to give her another awesome orgasm for her initiation I push her head up by her hai… Read more

Posted by petdyke 3 days ago 1 13,827 50%

The Guitarist – First days on the Road

Story First TimeSex HumorVoyeur

The Guitarist – First days on the Road Hi I’m Steve. I’ve just turns 18, well educated, hansom, a lean six footer, clean shaven, short dark brown hair, and dark hazel eyes. I’m very innocent only having had one girlfriend. She’s just dumped me! The reason I’m girl less is that my guitar is my life; sad but true. While playing in a bar in the West Midlands (UK) a rugged bearded long haired fat ‘rock’ type man, late twenties, about 5ft 7 bought me a drink followed by searching personal questions. Wary, as I’m as straight as a rod, until his attractive big busted and shapely girlfriend latches… Read more

Posted by CanoePirate 3 days ago 510 100%

Tante Rosi

Story Taboo

Tante Rosie Hallo erst einmal ich will euch mal eine Geschichte erzählen die Wahr ist…und sich so vor einigen Jahren Ereignet hat. Ich bin der Manfred, ich war damals 22 Jahre und gerade aus der Bundeswehr ausgeschieden wie man so sagt, nach 12 Monate ….ohne Job und mit viel Freizeit. Zuhause war meine Mutter, mein Vater die mich in allen Lagen unterstützten, dass ich wieder in Brot und Arbeit komme. Mein erlernter Beruf ist Maler und Lackierer…und ich wollte mich bei großen Firmen Bewerben und auf Montage gehen, wie man so sagt, da man hier am besten Verdienen konnte. Meine Mutter meinte:“… Read more

Posted by Conradie 3 days ago 619 100%

lost bet dare for real

Story First Time

My story (or better our) is 100% true. The first pictures are in my gallery. If they are liked enough then there will be more. Read the story below. This story triggered my first exhibitionist try out. Wanna see my pictures? I sat at my desk while waiting for my boss to let me know that the letter I drafted for him was okay and that I could finally leave. I dangled my heel off of my toes as I bounced my foot anxiously while sitting with my legs crossed. I looked at the clock and saw that it almost 3:30. He announced summer hours a few weeks ago which allowed us to leave at 3:00 every Fr… Read more

Posted by lostbetdare 3 days ago 1 2,314 83%

Chloe Grace Moretz - Massage

Story Celebrities

I'd been running my own masseuse business for a while now, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine someone like her would walk in asking for a massage. Usually I'd turn away walk-ins as my sessions were usually for pre-booked appointments only. But when Chloe Grace Moretz of all people showed up just as I was about to close for the day, I found it impossible to resist attending to her needs. "Hi! I'm so sorry to drop in so late in the day, I just wondered if there's any chance I could trouble you for a massage for an hour or so? I'd be happy to compensate you for the trouble" she a… Read more

Posted by horstista 3 days ago 991 100%

Submissive S!sters #5: Anne Analysed

Story BDSMFirst TimeMasturbation

Awesome Anne has tiny tits, even smaller than Louisa-love. She is a lot less hairy at her legs than her hot elder sexy s!ster. Big bush of blond hair, curly all around her head, as it is below. Beautifully blonde below her belly and little bits in her armpits. Highest time for a more accurate probe of physical intimate inspection. Of all her outer and inner beauties, so I tap her at her boyish bottom. Order her to get up and stand legs wide spread at either side of mine. Right in front of me and very close to my nose, her bums towards me. ----------------------------------… Read more

Posted by petdyke 3 days ago 2 15,258 50%

Submissive S!sters #4: Anne Admits

Story BDSMFirst TimeMasturbation

After I carry uncouncious lovely Louise to our big bed, Anne is up for her first ever 'Intimate Inspection': of her beautiful Body, hot Heart, lovely Looks, mighty Mind & sinning Soul, a trade-mark initiation inauguration for any cute candidate submissive slave student. At the start I invite her to sit at my lap from the left at my right leg. So she rests her head at my right shoulder. My right arm around her shoulders, while my left hard comforts her anxiety with caresses, while I whisper my curious questions in her left ear. "I like you to tell me all about your erotic experie… Read more

Posted by petdyke 3 days ago 2 12,992 50%

quasi Cuckold?

Story Mature

Meine Frau überraschte mich vor Wochen damit, ob ich sie gerne mal beim Sex beobachten würde. Im Laufe des Gespräches darüber kam heraus, das sie eine Arbeitskollegin hatte, die ihr vor Wochen davon erzählt, dass sie gerne mal ihren Freund beim Sex mit einer anderen Frau beobachten würde. Das Ganze war etwas überraschend für mich, denn seit wir zusammen waren hatte sie solche Vorschläge immer konsequent und äußerst direkt abgelehnt. Nach diesem Gespräch hatten wir uns so heiß geredet, ob ja oder nein und wenn wie, dass wir uns fast zwei Stunden liebten und sie Dinge zuließ, denen sie bis dato… Read more

Posted by SvenMA 3 days ago 1 329 100%

Bridesmaid in a wedding III

Story Group SexHardcoreLesbian Sex

Bridesmaid in a wedding III I was headed back to the barn when I saw a bookstore. Bookstore? Here? I thought I'd go in and check it out. Although they had books it was more of an adult bookstore. A very young girl greeted me, hi let me know if you need help finding anything. I looked at her and looked again. What is she fif(t)een? She had a b(a)by face, blonde hair, blue eyes, glasses and what a body. 34 D tits that stood straight out, pointy nipples, a 22” waist, a thin line of hair at her pussy and a nice ass. How can such a thin girl grow such big tits? May I ask how old you are?… Read more

Posted by jnthn1 3 days ago 2,336 100%

White privileged teen couple,older black coach

Story First TimeInterracial SexTaboo

Carl was an above white teen. White privilege had given him everything.He had inherited his good looks from his mother ,Good grades in school , a job lined up for when he leaves Lisa the perfect girlfriend. Lisa and Carl loved each other, they had met at church a few years earlier, it was their mothers who introduced them and soon after they started dating , going to movies an studying together. Lisa was hot as fuck ,5ft 1.blonde hair, blue eyes , full lips made for sucking cock ,small b cup boobs, slim waist and an amazing ass , which Lisa believed to be fat because it was just a bit big b… Read more

Posted by flumpermunch 3 days ago 3 2,670 60%

New master 3

Story BDSMGay MaleMature

THE NEW MASTER MEET-3 The bruising took about 5 or 6 days to go. I had enjoyed the tender sore discomfort. Now I was again kneeling in the front room in my usual attire waiting my master's arrival. I had prepared to his instructions much as before and had the same items ready as before. I waited on my knees, taking sniffs of poppers every few minutes. At last, I heard his 4x4 outside! My pulse quickened. Unlike before, this was an evening visit. He had a few hours free! I heard the frontdoor opening and smiled in anticipation and excitement. He walked in and looked at me in my now fam… Read more

Posted by need2bsub 3 days ago 693 100%

White wife goes out dancing

Story First TimeInterracial SexTaboo

This story is true of how I became a cuck. I am a 55y/o white boi who is dedicated to promoting, educating, and encouraging white women and of age girls to breed black. This is how I was cucked when I was married to my beautiful wife. My wife was introduced to her black lover by her best friend in high school. He was a foreign exchange student from Mozambique Africa and was so black that he had shiny ebony skin. She is a beautiful pale white redhead who used to be a department store catalog model. Up to this time I was her first and only lover and she had come to believe that my 4" cock… Read more

Posted by NWO4BBC 3 days ago 2 2,710 86%

Man(n) sollte nie zu früh ...

Story Mature

Sonntag. Früher Nachmittag. Meine Familie war unterwegs und ich nutzte das herrliche Wetter für einen kurzen Spaziergang. Ein paar hundert Meter von meinem Domizil entfernt, sah ich ein Auto das ich von früher kannte. Es gehörte einer Kollegin und mir fielen beim Nähern viele nette und heiße Momente ein, die sie und ich teilten. Als ich näher kam traf mich beinahe der Schlag. Es war tatsächlich Uli, die dort parkte und offenbar jemanden per Smartphone erreichen wollte. Ich ging auf den Wagen zu und sie bemerkte mich erst, als ich an Ihrem Wagen stand und an der Scheibe klopfte. Sie erschrak u… Read more

Posted by SvenMA 3 days ago 379

New master 2

Story BDSMGay MaleMature

MEET-2 I had the front room ready. Blanket spread out on the floor. The footstool covered with a towel. The leatherette beanbag. A clean towel. The wooden stick, three feet long, two inches wide, varnished and polished with grip handle! Nipple clamps. An elasticated bungy chord (like you use to hook stuff on a bike or roof rack). Poppers. Dildo! And extra lube. I had told him what I was setting out in readiness. He had been evasive as to what he would and wouldn't use, not wanting me too prepared for his plans, to leave him the element of control. I was freshly showered. Cleaned out thoroug… Read more

Posted by need2bsub 3 days ago 235 50%

New master 2

Story BDSMGay MaleMature

MEET-2 I had the front room ready. Blanket spread out on the floor. The footstool covered with a towel. The leatherette beanbag. A clean towel. The wooden stick, three feet long, two inches wide, varnished and polished with grip handle! Nipple clamps. An elasticated bungy chord (like you use to hook stuff on a bike or roof rack). Poppers. Dildo! And extra lube. I had told him what I was setting out in readiness. He had been evasive as to what he would and wouldn't use, not wanting me too prepared for his plans, to leave him the element of control. I was freshly showered. Cleaned out thoroug… Read more

Posted by need2bsub 3 days ago 304 100%

The new master 1

Story BDSMGay MaleMature

THE NEW MASTER Meet-1 The first meeting was arranged pretty fast. Several messages on the contact site then a few texts to arrange the details and the meeting was on. His latest text informed me he was on his way and would arrive in 20 minutes. I had showered and was clean and fresh. I had the front room ready. Blanket laid on the floor. Towel folded on the chair. Poppers ready. All I had on other than my chastity cage was my yellow jockstrap and my nipple clamps. I'd been pumping them for a couple of hours a day they were swollen up nicely, over a half inch long and thicker than a penci… Read more

Posted by need2bsub 3 days ago 765 100%

Masturbation Quiz

Story FetishMasturbationSex Humor

Are you male or female? Male Age? 31 At what age did you start masturbating? 12 or 13. I was in Middle School How many times a week do you masturbate? 3-5 times How many times do you orgasm each time you play with yourself? 99% of the time. The other 1% I fall asl**p before I find the perfect picture or video to finish me off Where do you masturbate: In bed? Yes In the shower? Yes In the bath? I don't take baths. Outdoors? I have before. At work? No Every room in the house? Not yet In a car while traveling along the interstate? No What do you fantasize about when you play:… Read more

Posted by ILikeToFantasize 3 days ago 1,064 100%

Mom liked me to watch (3)

Story First TimeMatureVoyeur

I finished taking care of my mom, because my dad didn't. Mom thanked me and bent over and cleaned my cock with her mouth. Dad came back downstairs all packed and ready to go. He told mom he had called a cab so she wouldn't have to drive him all that way to the airport. He told us he would be gone for at least a week maybe ten days or longer, he didn't really know. Dad asked me to go outside, he wanted to talk to mom alone. I went out back and looked in the window like before. I heard him ask mom if he could lick her beautiful pussy before he left. He told her he wanted to have that as his la… Read more

Posted by deniadaniya10 3 days ago 4 4,790 100%

Garage Spinner

Story MatureTaboo

My woman and I bought a house. We managed to get in right at the right time, before the market came back up. We dumped her 900 square foot 1940 brick ranch and got into a nice big split level. An extra 350 square feet and a huge garage. Natually we had a spare bedroom, and she kicked around the idea of renting out the room just because we didn't need it. My k*** are grown and gone, and she can't have any. Life is good, but later I realized she was setting me up, because her n***** Scotty was having trouble at home and wanted to move out. Naturally before I knew it, this 18 year old shithead… Read more

Posted by badboy4320 3 days ago 2 3,213 100%