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Private Parking (Nooph part one)

I'm a conductor on a commuter railroad in North Jersey. You get to meet a lot of people. Some of them young ladies. I met a real winner years ago from Bangladesh. Spoke with a slight, almost English sounding accent. In that brash, English girl who swears a lot way. She went by the name Nooph. Regular rider from out in Hackensack. She was flirty with me. Still I was a little surprised when she slipped me her phone number. It was printed out on register tape. I knew from chatting with her that she was going to collage and helping out at her uncle's f****y store. What I didn't know was that she w... Continue»
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A Thanks Giving Pie

"Fuck me harder" she said as she grabbed my balls and pulled me in deeper inside her creamy pussy...

It all started in school…

There I was, sitting in class, by the door, when I saw her passed by in the hallway; 5'8", tanned, beautiful oval face, long fake blonde hair, slim figure, with a fitted pair of white pants squeezing her beautiful set of tight ass cheeks. As she walked by, I couldn't help but stare at her ass in them jeans! The swing of her hips only put me into a trance deeper and deeper.
All I could hear was a distant "yo LP...LP!" as my friend tapped my shoulder - "sorry man... Continue»
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A chance meeting.

I had just finished work after a long and headed to my oh so lonely hotel again. Another week and I will be going back home to my wife.
I went into my room and had a shower to refresh myself. I got out of the shower and dried myself..
Sat on the edge of the bed put the TV on. Aggghh no fucking soaps need to do something else.
So I got dressed and went down to the bar. Got myself a beer.
It was quite in there another man and his " girlfriend maybe. I liked to people watch and thought he was the boss and she the secretary and they was having an affair.
I was sat at the bar the 1st beer ... Continue»
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The Taylor's Chapter 2

The Taylors Chapter 2

Hop in baby lets go we need to get dinner. Beth jumped in the shotgun seat of my SUV

"Daddy?" Beth said you were the special person I always wanted to pop my cherry and now you have and I am so happy.

Beth you have no idea how long I have wanted you and now my beautiful girl you are my secret lover forever and ever.


Yes baby?

Can I suck your cock on the way to the store? Before I could answer Beth took out my hard cock and started sucking me like a pro, baby I said unless you stop your going to me cum again.

OOOhh she said.

... Continue»
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First time being cuckolded

This is a story of my cheating ex-girlfriend (gallery on my page "cheating ex girlfriend" is of her) that turned me onto the cuckold lifestyle. It is 100% true, with only the boring extra details left out:

It started when I was dating a girl about 2 years ago. She was 22 and I was 21. We had been dating about a year when I discovered that I was her cuckold.

To give some background, I was off at college at the time and she had decided to take a year off out of college and got an apartment on her own. We would spend most weekends together, but we were both very busy during the week to see... Continue»
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First time cheating .. (nearly...)

I am going to share my experience with my friend (Rashida) and……..
Rashida is not only my colleague but a very good friend with whom I can freely open my heart (and.. ). Although she if from Pakistan and I am an Indian, with both of us from the same religion background help us understand each other better. We know ALL our personal details. She is aware that I am not fully satisfy with my husband and even though her husband is satisfying, she is not getting enough from her hubby.

One day at work, she told me about a new toy she bought for herself, which provides double satisfaction (front... Continue»
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Cheating on my girlfriend in college

It was back in college when I was a senior. I had been dating a girl for more than three years but her parents absolutely despised me for messing around on her when we were freshamen. They finally had enough and pulled her from school and made her go somewhere closer to home. We were used to fucking every day multiple times and suddenly I had nothing to go home to. About this time I started working with a fellow student at my job who was 100% Mexican and had just recently broke up with her boyfriend who was a mutual friend of ours. She was small, only about 105 pounds and had a little bubble o... Continue»
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xmas stockings

my gf worked as a hostess in a big fancy disco, they were short a hostess that night and it was going to be a busy one like all saturday nights, especially around the holidays. i'd been there many times so i knew what hostesses did, basically, look real pretty and make people feel welcome, show them around if needed, etc. so when she called and said, please, please could i fill in, and, to expect good money, i said sure, besides, i was planning on going there that night anyway, might as well make a little extra cash... and then there were all the hot guys that go there! i thought it'd be fun t... Continue»
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Summer after College

His hand stroked furiously. The pressure was building and he began to feel the tingles deep in his chest. He clenched his jaw and his ass cheeks. Tight. His left hand held the windowsill for support. The only way to keep upright. A small grunt escaped his lips and he f***ed his mouth closed. He continued to pump is turgid cock with all he had. In the garden below he watched the two young women, oblivious to him watching their every beat.
Flowing hair. PumpPump. Round shoulders. PumpPump. Pale legs. PumpPump. Uncovered feat. PumpPump. So tight. So hot… Almost…
His right hand arm was burning,... Continue»
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A Nice Surprise

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My name is Karen and I am guilty.

Completely and without a doubt, I am guilty of seducing my father-in-law, Tom.

This September, we had a f****y reunion, of sorts, in northern Vermont. Tom's father (my husband's grandfather) had rented out an entire wing of a small Inn nestled on the slope of a plush green mountain. Most of the f****y arrived on Friday night. My husband, Rich, tried to keep me up to date on who was there and who wasn't, but even he got lost in some of the names. All in all, there were over 20 people there all related in o... Continue»
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I was happily married, 2 k**s 2 dogs living the American dream. She was in a relationship. I was a truck driver that made deliveries to Naval base where she worked. The first time I saw her, she smiled shyly. I knew I had to crack her.

I made my move after several weeks. I found her social media page. From there, I found a common interest, an rpg. I sent her a message and asked her about her gaming style. Her answers were detailed, she definitely knew how to play. I couldn't keep talking to her. The thought of her body sitting in front of mine, my hands reaching around her as she played. Th... Continue»
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Beach Foursome

Beach Foursome
by lstorywriter©

I was on a trip to the Caribbean on business and made arrangements to stay in a very cozy cabin on the beach. The weather was fabulous with 85 degree days, low humidity and a steady tropical breeze that blew out of the west. I was walking along the beach one afternoon and about a mile up from where I was staying there was a secluded cove...turquoise water out to a barrier reef some 1000 feet or so off shore; and then a deepening blue that stretched on as far as the eye could see. Coral reefs spattered the cove out to the barrier and I knew it would be a grea... Continue»
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Mina's Muse - A Companion Story to Ethan'

Mina's Muse
MINA's MUSE – by lstorywriter

A companion story to ETHAN's RELUCTANT JOURNEY – by Mina24


I'm Ethan and this story is about my relationship with my friend Mina from my point of view. She told her story through her eyes in the audio version of Ethan's Reluctant Journey. If you haven't listened to that story I highly recommend you do so before reading further. In her sultry and erotic way she includes all the proper disclaimers and warnings and if you're not at least hot to the touch by halfway through then this story may not be for you.

I'm writing... Continue»
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Bah Humbug

Bah Humbug

Nikkie Silk

Ben wasn't sure if he had heard the first knock on the door as he was
concentrating so hard on what he was doing. It was probably only the
second knock which penetrated his thoughts, making him sit back and sigh
in frustration. Shit, he thought, I don't need this interruption. His
research paper was due in a few weeks and he needed to focus on it.
He pushed back the chair from the table and with a frown on his face,
walked to the front door. As he passed the hall window, he saw the long
predicted rain had arrived. It was already mixed with sleet, and snow
... Continue»
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Court Ordered Spankings

Growing up in a small town you know everyone and everyone knows you. I started a summer job at the local diner as a waitress to earn a little extra money between school terms. The local Sheriff, John Stone and my good friend Judge Bob Mahoney eat breakfast every morning at the diner and were pleased to see me serving them. Mrs. Martins that owns the restaurant supplies us girls with a simple uniform dress. The dress fits me real tight around my hips since my measurements are 35-22-37, a fact that does not go unnoticed by the patrons. Mrs. Martin watches as the men are always looking at my ... Continue»
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Under the Deck

The phone in my pocket vibrated softly as I sat in my living room. I fished it out of my pocket and looked down to read the incoming text, which simply said “here”. The house was quiet and every step I took toward the back door seemed louder than a jackhammer. I slowly unlocked the door and headed out into the cool night. My eyes took a few minutes to adjust to the dark before I spotted a shadowy figure coming up the street. It looked to be him, so I waved and started walking toward the deck. I could see Jim’s face clearly as I headed under the structure and behind an old canoe that hadn... Continue»
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Another Draining For Dylan

"You spend way too much cooped up in there, Dylan," his mother said, and pointing behind him at the trailer house he lived in his parents back yard.

"Mom," he began to say, but was cut-off by her adding another piece of motherly advice.

"I just think that you need to get out more! That's all. You come home from work, and then you never seem to come out again till you go back to work the next morning! I simply don't understand why that is. Okay? I'm your mother, Dylan. I just worry about you. What you need is a girlfriend. A nice, Southern girl. I know I'm butting into your personal life,... Continue»
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The college jock came into my office for a physical exam. The exam was
required for him to play football. I proceeded to have him strip to the waist
while i marked his chart- blond hair, 5' 11'', white, 161 pounds. He was very
friendly, great looking and wore a handsome smile. I took his bl**d pressure
reading and found it slightly high. Everything else seemed normal at this

I told the stud, Tom Farrell, to strip to his shorts. He sat down on a chair
and removed his shoes and socks. He stood and opened the belt of his tight
blue jeans. He unbuttoned the top butt... Continue»
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Break from the studying

I was laying in bed one evening studying my school lessons for the
next day. My mother had been in the hospital for two weeks for a major
operation. My door opened and my dad walked in with not a stitch of
clothing on. His dick was hard and standing straight out. I was really
stunned, since I had never seen my dad with no clothes, much less with
his dick showing and at full erection. I often had erections and often
fondled my dick and the dicks of my school friends and they often
fondled my stiff dick. However, none of us could cum yet.

Dad came over and sat down on the side o... Continue»
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Amanda our Cleaner

I did promise I would let you know how my regular sessions with Amanda came about. She and her mother are our regular cleaners coming in once a fortnight to clean through. We are about equal in height standing around 5 10 in our stocking feet, Amanda is a lovely slim girl and very easy going, cheeky as well. With the Emerald Green eyes and light blond hair tied up in a bun. Sadly, she has not got a lot of bust but little is plenty as they say. My girlfriend has been around when the cleaners are in so our patter never raises a concern for jealously although I have to say I we are alone even f... Continue»
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