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First time with a guy

So after my first time tasting my cum I progressed into tasting it more and more often to the point where it was part of my routine. Only a month afterwards did I start watching porn and trading mags with my best friend Mat. At first we just traded and I remember a conversation about masturbation where I was embarrassed to admit that I did masturbate regularly. Mat made fun of me but after about a week he admitted he masturbated regularly too. This lead to us not only trading mags but also looking at them and together. Often what we would do is shut ourselves in either person's room, pull... Continue»
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Linda Can't Hold Her Liquor

I am NOT putting these stories in any particular, but am posting them as I am reminded of them by people concerned. Linda, herself, reminded me of this story just last night.

I had been in Vung Tau for about a month by this time. I had been working the night shift, (1800-0600) which I preferred, for the whole time. The only time I had any problem was when I was trying to get some sl**p. Trying to sl**p in the barracks, with the normal coming and going, was near impossible. Many times the only way to get some sl**p was to find a quit place away from other people, which was nearly imposs... Continue»
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Soft Kisses

The tips of our tongues barely graze the each other as I explore the softness of your lips, breathing in your breath as you breathe out. You then, in perfect sync breathe me back in as I exhale. There is slow, steady gentleness of our breath that carries with it a faintness of the wine we savored earlier.

As I run my tongue over the smooth polished surface of your teeth, I take my hand and lay it flat across the width of your belly. With gentle pressure I push in against your abdomen and then start to slide my hand down toward the bulge of your pubic mound. Just as I reach the place where... Continue»
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blind date and tongue bath

Dinner was fantastic, my date Dan was gorgeous and I loved his apartment. The evening passed quickly and the conversation fairly sparkled, Dan was both interesting and interested in me.
I had never done a blind date before but Sally had recommended Dan very highly, apparently he was just back from a period travelling the world and would soon be snapped up, me being single Sally had done some manoeuvring and here I was. I was nervous but Dan's attentions were getting me quite excited, he was quite special and my skin tingled and my breathing was slightly heavy as I tried to impress , sittin... Continue»
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BtVS: Buffy's Secret Fantasy

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy's Secret Fantasy

Buffy Summers came home from school one fine day without her usual sidekicks in "evils of the night" eliminating, Xander and Willow. She had just got in the front door and realized that her mom was not home yet, so she took advantage of the opportunity to be alone for a change by bolting up to her room and locking herself in.

Buffy recalled that earlier that morning her mom said she was working a little overtime on this particular day and Dawn was staying over at her friend’s, Janice, for the night. She could now relax for a... Continue»
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The Student House

As Louise sat on the sofa, she really had no idea how she'd found herself in this predicament, although to say that she regretted it would be stretching the truth. The plan for that evening was for her and Claire to meet up in Reading where Claire had recently been undertaking a study course, and they were to have a quiet dinner out where they could catch up, perhaps get a bit tipsy and just talk and talk and talk until they fell asl**p, just like they'd so commonly done in college. Now it was one o'clock in the morning and she was in a house in the Reading suburbs with Claire and five young g... Continue»
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Sharing the wife

For a long time I have always wanted to see my wife, Anne, fuck other men, or more to the point, be fucked by other men, used like a slut etc. It had to be whilst I watched or took part as I didn’t get off on her doing it whilst I wasn’t there.

Unfortunately she didn’t want to do it. The main reason was that she didn’t really buy into the idea of having more than one man at a time, but she wasn’t comfortable with her body anyway. I believed she said she wasn’t comfortable with the way she looked as a cover for not wanting to come across prudish, which she had been accused of by her female f... Continue»
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Wife share fantasy

This story starts with me and my wife, m28 f26, both quite open and willing to a degree but sex has somewhat died off and become routine.
In an attempt to spice things up we recently began to explore toys and roleplay. My wife being into vibrators and f***ed scenarios. When we first met sex was always great and frequent and she told me often she watched porn her choices were mainly cumshots, dp and threesomes. At first i was a little freaked out by this but as time has gone on ive really begun to grow fond of the thought of her getting off to it.
One sunday afternoon recently the topic of n... Continue»
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(not based on entirely true events)

My body was speaking to me for years, from puberty and possibly before that. I was different. I longed for feminine things and all that encompassed.
Including men.
I was finally old enough to drink and that helped lower my inhibitions.
I found a guy in his thirties online and he was not creepy or brash as the others.
He was a nice guy.
He was a nice guy that talked dirty, about things I had imagined for such a long time.
I was thinking of the touch of another cock against my own the first time I came.
I squirted my ow... Continue»
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Wife Training : Chapter Three - Second Day

I had a restless nights sl**p in the spare room - awoken numerous times by the sounds through the wall of cries, and mumbled groans from my wife.

At some point in the early hours there was the unmistakable sound of my wife tearfully pleading but to no avail and of then receiving four savage swishes of the cane as she was disciplined yet again for some unknown reason. Her cries were heart rendering - but I felt little sympathy for her: - We'd only had sex once in the five weeks prior to Jim arriving, and I couldn't help thinking about how - in the space of the last 24 hours - she'd mastur... Continue»
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Polishing Mr. Cleans pole..

It was Sunday afternoon almost dark out. I was sitting in a Starbucks enjoying a coffee and thinking about what to do that night. I had not sucked a cock in a while and had a need for seed. I pulled out my iphone and opened my Craigslist app. I had had some luck looking through the personals before maybe this time something would come up.

I saw an ad for someone wanting a full body massage. He said he was 27,single and living alone up in the nearby mountain area. I responded back I would give him a really good massage. I really did not expect him to respond back since I am in my late 50's. ... Continue»
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A Black Cuckold Anthology

esus San Jose is the name and sexual wickedness is the nature of my game. I'm a young Spanish-Canadian man living in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. I stand five feet nine inches tall, slim and fit, with Black hair, light bronze skin and pale green eyes. I recently graduated from La Cite Collegiale with a diploma in Police Foundations, and I'm currently looking for work in my field. In the meantime, I work as a security guard to pay the bills. I have always believed in pushing the envelope when it comes to human sexuality, and I am happy to say that I have met some kindred souls who w... Continue»
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"I am nervous" he said. I said "it is not
needed I am there with you
na. we will bang her hard. now you just
concentrate on a way to her
house". he said "I am nervous because this
is my first time. well,
when she called me to her house, initially I
was in heaven. but
now...... will she feel okay looking both of us.
I said "I know her.
she is very hot & curous about sex. almost all
boys of our class has
touched her whole body. It will be not a
great deal for me to convince
her for sex.
we reached at her door. I knocked it. she
opened the door. she was
suprised looking at me.... Continue»
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The Fort

Growing up me and best bud, Joe always did things together. As we hit that age, our teen years, we started thinking about sex and girls. We really wanted to have sex and started to think of ways we could do that. We built a fort out in the woods near our house. A place we could store our porno mags that we had found and a place we could fuck a girl when that time came up. We built this fort with some scrap lumber we found and put a small couch and some carpet in there. It was not weather tight but enough to give us some privacy. We even stole a bottle of wine and some candles from my kitchen... Continue»
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There was once a boy named Ian lived in a remote town where did nothing. He longed to have her first time, love and conquer the world.

Each passing day makes me very difficult to know if someday my love. Evenings will make me eternal. There used to believe in love until I met Alex an attractive and handsome boy.

I met a very rainy night, that day tried to end my life. I had problems with myself. I feared my f****y. At school everyone hated me for different reasons.

I knew if anyone would know fleeing my home. So one Friday out of school, I was not home. Take the first bus and get ... Continue»
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Mark and Andrea (plus two); One Last Time

It had been days since Mark and Andrea had fucked in the men's room at work. Their days off from work kept them apart. By the time work was starting back up again, the two were horny and ready to fuck at the drop of their clothing. But Mark had time to think about things and knew this little affair was just that and couldn't last. Though Andrea knew how to suck a dick and loved to swallow his cum, he loved his wife and needed to the affair.

He drives over to Andrea's house prior to work. His wife has gone out to a neighboring casino and will be gone all night. This stirs the debate within M... Continue»
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Hot for Teacher - True Story (what really happened

Author's Note: This is the true story of what happened between me and a teacher of mine when I was 18. I plan to follow this story up with a story about what I wished happened instead, a fantasy version.

She was the biggest woman I'd ever seen. In stature and in character. 6'3" on a good day without heels, and completely in control of any situation. A bossy bitch, but just nice enough that you felt compelled to argue and to fight back. A drop-dead gorgeous redhead with skin pale as milk and a pair of mouth watering E-cups beneath a blouse that was just a little too tight. That wa... Continue»
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fucking my dads girlfriend

I've been fucking my dad's girlfriend for a couple months and last night she let me go bare inside her. Her pussy was amazing. For a woman in her late 40s she's still got it going on. My favorite thing about her is the dirty things she says when my cock is inside her.

Last night my dad's girlfriend Elizabeth told my dad she was having a girls night out. I had been home all night and got a knock on my door at 11. It was Elizabeth I didn't have a chance to say anything and she was grabbing my crotch and pushing her way into my apartment. Within seconds we were passionately kissing and... Continue»
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When Fantasy Becomes Reality

This is a true story, with our names left out, his name changed, and it goes long with the pics we shared....

We are finally on the extended part of my business trip when it's our own personal vacation time, and we decide that the first day we'll spend sightseeing in the city. So to get there, we use Uber for the first time. The Uber driver available to us is named Tre and he looks like a young black man on the Uber app. When he arrives at our hotel, he's indeed that, and he seems to be a nice guy. We chat with him on the drive into the city and he gives us some local flavor. I know it... Continue»
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Confessions of a cross dressing slut....1st BBC

So about 6 months after my first taste of cock, i began talking with another man on xhamster. He was dark, handsome and middle-aged.

He told me how much i turned him on with my pictures and how much he'd love to meet. The problem was, he was married and worked as a professional and couldn't be seen for the sake of his marriage and career. No problem. I told him we could be very discreet and no one would find out.

We agreed to meet in Manchester. He booked a hotel near the centre. I thought one outside the city would be better and more discreet but he said this one would be fine.
It wa... Continue»
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